Thin Solid Films

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1 - 2 Special issue on "Current Trends in Optical and X-Ray Metrology of Advanced Materials for Nanoscale Devices III", E-MRS Spring 2012-Symposium W, held in Strasbourg, France, May 14-18, 2012
Modreanu M, Durand O, Jellison GE, Salviati G, Fried M
3 - 8 M-line spectroscopic, spectroscopic ellipsometric and microscopic measurements of optical waveguides fabricated by MeV-energy N+ ion irradiation for telecom applications
Banyasz I, Berneschi S, Fried M, Lohner T, Conti GN, Righini GC, Pelli S, Zolnai Z
9 - 11 Vibrational properties of 2H-PbI2 semiconductors studied via Density Functional Theory calculations
Pedesseau L, Even J, Katan C, Raouafi F, Wei Y, Deleporte E, Jancu JM
12 - 16 Advanced modeling for optical characterization of amorphous hydrogenated silicon films
Franta D, Necas D, Zajickova L, Ohlidal I, Stuchlik J
17 - 20 CoSi2 ultra-thin layer formation kinetics and texture from X-ray diffraction
Delattre R, Simola R, Rivero C, Serradeil V, Perrin-Pellegrino C, Thomas O
21 - 27 Combined in situ x-ray scattering and electrical measurements for characterizing phase transformations in nanometric functional films
Putero M, Duployer B, Blum I, Ouled-Khachroum T, Coulet MV, Perrin C, Ziegler E, Muller C, Mangelinck D
28 - 31 Determination of nanoscale heat conductivity by time-resolved X-ray scattering
Issenmann D, Wehmeier N, Eon S, Bracht H, Buth G, Ibrahimkutty S, Plech A
32 - 35 Optical spectroscopy used to investigate water evaporation rate from aqueous solutions
Tomozeiu N
36 - 40 Synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis for quantitative defect evaluation in GaP/Si nanolayers
Thanh TN, Robert C, Letoublon A, Cornet C, Quinci T, Giudicelli E, Almosni S, Boudet N, Ponchet A, Kuyyalil J, Danila M, Durand O, Bertru N, Le Corre A
41 - 45 In-situ characterization of the temperature-sensitive swelling behavior of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) brushes by infrared and visible ellipsometry
Furchner A, Bittrich E, Uhlmann P, Eichhorn KJ, Hinrichs K
46 - 50 Nondestructive mapping of chemical composition and structural qualities of group III-nitride nanowires using submicron beam synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction
Bonanno PL, Gautier S, El Gmili Y, Moudakir T, Sirenko AA, Kazimirov A, Cai ZH, Martin J, Goh WH, Martinez A, Ramdane A, Le Gratiet L, Maloufi N, Assouar MB, Ougazzaden A
51 - 56 An efficient rough-interface scattering model for embedded nano-structures
Karamehmedovic M, Hansen PE, Wriedt T
57 - 61 Strain characterization of FinFETs using Raman spectroscopy
Kaleli B, van Hemert T, Hueting RJE, Wolters RAM
62 - 67 Subtle Raman signals from nano-diamond and beta-SiC thin films
Kuntumalla MK, Ojha H, Srikanth VVSS
68 - 71 Bimodal luminescence behavior of spatially-ordered seven-stacked InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dots
Oh JW, Ryu MY, Jo B, Kim JS, Harris TR, Yeo YK
72 - 75 Raman investigation of GaP-Si interfaces grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Bondi A, Cornet C, Boyer S, Thanh TN, Letoublon A, Pedesseau L, Durand O, Moreac A, Ponchet A, Le Corre A, Even J
76 - 78 Investigation of germanium implanted with aluminum by multi-laser micro-Raman spectroscopy
Sanson A, Napolitani E, Impellizzeri G, Giarola M, De Salvador D, Privitera V, Priolo F, Mariotto G, Carnera A
79 - 82 Monitoring of incorporation of magnetic ions into II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals by optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy
Savchuk AI, Stolyarchuk ID, Savchuk TA, Smolinsky MM, Shporta OA, Shynkura LM
83 - 86 Model dielectric function analysis of the critical point features of silicon nanocrystal films in a broad parameter range
Agocs E, Nassiopoulou AG, Milita S, Petrik P
87 - 91 Structural and optical properties of AlGaP confinement layers and InGaAs quantum dot light emitters onto GaP substrate: Towards photonics on silicon applications
Robert C, Thanh TN, Letoublon A, Perrin M, Cornet C, Levallois C, Jancu JM, Even J, Turban P, Balocchi A, Marie X, Durand O, Le Corre A
92 - 96 Optical studies of amorphous Ge nanostructures in Al2O3 produced by pulsed laser deposition
Martin-Sanchez J, Toudert J, Serna R, de Andres A, Garcia-Lopez J
97 - 101 Determination of small tilt angles of short GaSb nanopillars using UV-visible Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Aas LMS, Kildemo M, Cohin Y, Sondergard E
102 - 106 Optical investigations of the effect of solvent and thermal annealing on the optoelectronic properties of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrenesulfonate) films
Laskarakis A, Karagiannidis PG, Georgiou D, Nikolaidou DM, Logothetidis S
107 - 112 Assessment of the out-plane and in-plane ordering of high quality ZnO nanorods by X-ray multiple diffraction
Martinez-Tomas MC, Montenegro DN, Agouram S, Sallet V, Munoz-Sanjose V
113 - 116 Vibrational properties of SrCu2O2 studied via Density Functional Theory calculations and compared to Raman and infrared spectroscopy measurements
Even J, Pedesseau L, Durand O, Modreanu M, Huyberechts G, Servet B, Chaix-Pluchery O
117 - 120 Effect of processing options on ultra-low-loss lead-magnesium-niobium titanate thin films for high density capacitors
Chen WB, McCarthy KG, O'Brien S, Copuroglu M, Cai M, Winfield R, Mathewson A
121 - 126 Influence of thermal treatment in N-2 atmosphere on chemical, microstructural and optical properties of indium tin oxide and nitrogen doped indium tin oxide rf-sputtered thin films
Stroescu H, Anastasescu M, Preda S, Nicolescu M, Stoica M, Stefan N, Kampylafka V, Aperathitis E, Modreanu M, Zaharescu M, Gartner M
127 - 130 Electro-optic and dielectric properties of epitaxial Ph1-3X/2LaxZr0.2Ti0.8O3 thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Scarisoreanu ND, Craciun F, Andrei A, Ion V, Birjega R, Moldovan A, Dinescu M, Galassi C
131 - 135 Comparative measurements on atomic layer deposited Al2O3 thin films using ex situ table top and mapping ellipsometry, as well as X-ray and VUV reflectometry
Petrik P, Gumprecht T, Nutsch A, Roeder G, Lemberger M, Juhasz G, Polgar O, Major C, Kozma P, Janosov M, Fodor B, Agocs E, Fried M
136 - 141 In-situ Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction studies of the structural transformations leading to the SrCu2O2 phase from strontium copper oxide thin films deposited by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Khan A, Jimenez C, Chaix-Pluchery O, Roussel H, Deschanvres JL