Thin Solid Films

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ISSN: 0040-6090 (Print) 

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1259 - 1265 Electroless deposition of CoPtWP magnetic thin films
Wei GY, Jin YB, Yu YD, Ge HL, Wang XY, Jiang L, Sun LX
1266 - 1271 Investigation of the tribological behavior and its relationship to the microstructure and mechanical properties of a-SiC:H films elaborated by low frequency plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition
Soum-Glaude A, Rambaud G, Grillo SE, Thomas L
1272 - 1276 Raman scattering studies of Mn-doped ZnO thin films deposited under pure Ar or Ar + N-2 sputtering atmosphere
Hu YM, Wang CY, Lee SS, Han TC, Chou WY
1277 - 1284 Texture of CoSi2 films on Si(111), (110) and (001) substrates
De Keyser K, Detavernier C, Jordan-Sweet J, Lavoie C
1285 - 1292 Thin polymerized C-60 coatings deposited in electrostatic field via electron-beam dispersion of fullerite
Razanau L, Mieno T, Kazachenko V
1293 - 1299 Structure, properties and gas sensing behavior of Cr2-xTixO3 films fabricated by electrostatic spray assisted vapour deposition
Du J, Wu YQ, Choy KL, Shipway PH
1300 - 1306 Apatite formation from simulated body fluid on various phases of TiO2 thin films prepared by filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition
Amin MS, Randeniya LK, Bendavid A, Martin PJ, Preston EW
1307 - 1313 Properties of fluorinated silica glass deposited at low temperature by atmospheric plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Barankin MD, Williams TS, Gonzalez E, Hicks RF
1314 - 1318 Superhydrophobicity and surface enhanced Raman scattering activity of dendritic silver layers
Hu YW, Liu S, Huang SY, Pan W
1319 - 1324 Sol-gel preparation of near-infrared broadband emitting Er3+-doped SiO2-Ta2O5 nanocomposite films
Ferrari JL, Lima KO, Maia LJQ, Goncalves RR
1325 - 1333 Optical and structural properties of silicon oxynitride deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Dupuis J, Fourmond E, Ballutaud D, Bererd N, Lemiti M
1334 - 1340 Control of tin oxide film morphology by addition of hydrocarbons to the chemical vapour deposition process
Yates HM, Evans P, Sheel DW, Remes Z, Vanecek M
1341 - 1345 Pulsed laser deposited alumino-silicate thin films and amorphous chalcogenide/alumino-silicate structures
Nemec P, Nazabal V, Vavra J, Guin JP, Vesely D, Kalendova A, Allix M, Zhang S, Drasar C
1346 - 1350 Optical nonlinearities of Au/TiO2 films excited by high-repetition-rate femtosecond laser
Long H, Fu M, Li YH, Yang GA, Lu PX
1351 - 1355 Annealing behaviors of SnO2-ZnO coaxial nanowires
Jin C, Hong C, Park S, Lee C
1356 - 1360 Film morphology modification in ion-assisted glancing angle deposition
Sorge JB, Brett MJ
1361 - 1366 Organic coatings silane-based for AZ91D magnesium alloy
Hu JY, Li Q, Zhong XK, Li LQ, Zhang LA
1367 - 1370 Study on W/SiC interface of SiC fiber fabricated by chemical vapor deposition on tungsten filament
Zhang RJ, Yang YQ, Shen WT, Wang C
1371 - 1374 Preferential adsorption followed by spontaneous desorption of 1-octadecanol at a solution/graphite interface
Takajo D, Inaba A, Isoda S
1375 - 1379 Two-dimensional vacancy islands induced by the growth of Cr on Cu(111)
Yoon JK, Jung GE, Kim H, Chung KH, Kahng SJ
1380 - 1386 Orientation relationships, interfaces, and microstructure of eta-Cu6Sn5 formed in the early-stage reaction between Cu and molten Sn
Wang KK, Gan DS, Hsieh KC
1387 - 1390 Analytical modeling of wetting dependence on surface nanotopography
Tang ZR, Malik R, Shi TL, Wang XT, Peng P, Li XP, Lai WX, Liu SY
1391 - 1396 Interface controlled current injection in hydrazone doped polyesters
Goldie DM
1397 - 1403 Microstructure evolution and age hardening in (Ti,Si)(C,N) thin films deposited by cathodic arc evaporation
Johnson LJS, Rogstrom L, Johansson MP, Oden M, Hultman L
1404 - 1415 Mechanisms of hardening, wear and corrosion improvement of 316 L stainless steel by low energy high current pulsed electron beam surface treatment
Zou JX, Zhang KM, Hao SZ, Dong C, Grosdidier T
1416 - 1420 Morphology characterization and friction coefficient determination of sputtered V2O5 films
Klunsner T, Shen Q, Hlawacek G, Teichert C, Fateh N, Fontalvo GA, Mitterer C
1421 - 1430 A finite element model to predict the ablation depth in pulsed laser ablation
Vasantgadkar NA, Bhandarkar UV, Joshi SS
1431 - 1434 Fabrication of highly oriented (002) ZnO film on glass by sol-gel method
Ho YS, Lee KY
1435 - 1440 Electronic and optical properties of the group IV doped copper gallium chalcopyrites
Tablero C
1441 - 1444 Residual stress in piezoelectric poly(vinylidene-fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) thin films deposited on silicon substrates
Oh SR, Yao K, Chow CL, Tay FEH
1445 - 1451 Fabrication of Langmuir-Blodgett film from Polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilized NiCo alloy nanoparticles
Kumar M, Pathak A, Singh M, Singla ML
1452 - 1457 Preparation of rib channel waveguides on polymer in electric field
Lyutakov O, Tuma J, Prajzler V, Huttel I, Hnatowicz V, Svorcik V
1458 - 1463 Synthesis and electrochromic properties of a highly water-soluble hyperbranched polymer viologen
Sakano T, Ito F, Ono T, Hirata O, Ozawa M, Nagamura T
1464 - 1469 Growth and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Sauthier G, Ferrer FJ, Figueras A, Gyorgy E
1470 - 1474 Characterization of ZnO:Al/Au/ZnO:Al trilayers for high performance transparent conducting electrodes
Dimopoulos T, Radnoczi GZ, Pecz B, Bruckl H
1475 - 1485 Ellipsometric studies on ZnO:Al thin films: Refinement of dispersion theories
Ehrmann N, Reineke-Koch R
1486 - 1486 Influence of nitrogen incorporation on the electrical properties of MPCVD diamond films growth in CH4-CO2-N-2 and CH4-H-2-N-2 gas mixtures (vol 374, pg 27, 2000)
Elmazria O, Bougdira J, Chatei H, De Poucques L, Remy M, Alnot P
1487 - 1487 High-resolution X-ray photoemission spectroscopy study of AlN nano-columns grown by nitridation of Al nano-squares on Si(111) substrates with ammonia (vol 518, pg 3632, 2010)
Qi B, Agnarsson B, Gothelid M, Olafsson S, Gislason HP