Thin Solid Films

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ISSN: 0040-6090 (Print) 

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4617 - 4617 Editorial to the Special Issue of Thin Solid Films
Zhang S, Goh GKL, Cheong WC, Chen Z, Qi GJ, Liu EJ
4618 - 4622 Histomorphometric study of bone reactions with different hydroxyapatite coating thickness on dental implants in dogs
Lee JH, Kim SG, Lim SC
4623 - 4628 Characteristics and in vitro biological assessment of (Ti, O, N)/Ti composite coating formed on NiTi shape memory alloy
Sun T, Wang LP, Wang M, Tong HW, Lu WW
4629 - 4633 Interfacial study of magnesium-containing fluoridated hydroxyapatite coatings
Cai YL, Zhang S, Zeng XT, Qian M, Sun DE, Weng WJ
4634 - 4640 Hydrothermal growth of rutile TiO2 nanorod films on titanium substrates
Dong LQ, Cheng K, Weng WJ, Song CL, Du PY, Shen G, Han GR
4641 - 4646 Low temperature preparation of TiO2 nanodot film on substrates
Hong Y, Cheng K, Weng WJ, Song CL, Du PY, Shen G, Han GR
4647 - 4651 Composite calcium phosphate coatings with sustained Zn release
Cheng K, Zhou JB, Weng WJ, Zhang S, Shen G, Du PY, Han GR
4652 - 4657 Nanotubular surface and morphology of Ti-binary and Ti-ternary alloys for biocompatibility
Choe HC
4658 - 4662 Release behaviors of drug loaded chitosan/calcium phosphate coatings on titanium
Zhou JB, Cai XW, Cheng K, Weng WJ, Song CL, Du PY, Shen G, Han GR
4663 - 4667 Nanostructured surface changes of Ti-35Ta-xZr alloys with changes in anodization factors
Kim WG, Choe HC, Brantley WA
4668 - 4675 Nanostructured thin film formation on femtosecond laser-textured Ti-35Nb-xZr alloy for biomedical applications
Jeong YH, Choe HC, Brantley WA
4676 - 4680 Nitrogen and europium doped TiO2 anodized films with applications in photocatalysis
Chi CS, Choi J, Jeong Y, Lee OY, Oh HJ
4681 - 4686 Synthesis and characterization of CuO/ZnO-Al2O3 catalyst washcoat thin films with ZrO2 sols for steam reforming of methanol in a microreactor
Lin KS, Pan CY, Chowdhury S, Lu W, Yeh CT
4687 - 4693 Design and fabrication of a piezoelectric transducer for wind-power generator
Chang WT, Chen YC, Lin RC, Cheng CC, Kao KS, Wu BR, Huang YC
4694 - 4698 A Two-step anodization to grow high-aspect-ratio TiO2 nanotubes
Wang XY, Zhang S, Sun LD
4699 - 4704 Structures and photocatalytic behavior of tantalum-oxynitride thin films
Hsieh JH, Li C, Liang HC
4705 - 4708 Plasma assisted and manipulated deposition of thin film electrodes for micro batteries
Chiu KF, Chen CL
4709 - 4713 Influence of gas flow during vacuum cold spraying of nano-porous TiO2 film by using strengthened nanostructured powder on performance of dye-sensitized solar cell
Yang GJ, Li CJ, Liao KX, He XL, Li S, Fan SQ
4714 - 4716 One step sol-gel method for the formation of etch free texturing, anti-reflection coatings, and p-n junction for silicon solar cells
Bae HJ, Kang SM, Kim TS, Yoon DH
4717 - 4720 Improving conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by metal plasma ion implantation of ruthenium ions
Yen CC, Wang DY, Chang LS, Shih MH, Shih HC
4721 - 4730 Preparation and characterization of regioregular poly(3-octylthiophene-2,5-diyl)/copper indium disenillide/titania heterojunction polymer solar cells
Yu YY, Chien WC, Ciou CY, Wu HC
4731 - 4736 High transparent polyimide/titania multi-layer anti-reflective hybrid films
Yu YY, Chien WC, Lin JM, Yu HH
4737 - 4741 Electron exchange between atomic particle and thin metal island films
Amanbaev ER, Gainullin IK, Zykova EK, Urazgildin IF
4742 - 4748 Development of a low-cost composite film technique for functional micro-tools
Chen ST
4749 - 4753 Growth kinetics of electroless NixCo1-x deposition
Liu WL, Hsieh SH, Chen WJ
4754 - 4758 Effect of pulse voltage and aluminum purity on the characteristics of anodic aluminum oxide using hybrid pulse anodization at room temperature
Chung CK, Chang WT, Liao MW, Chang HC
4759 - 4764 Corrosion protection and formation mechanism of anodic coating on SiCp/Al metal matrix composite
He CL, Lou DY, Wang JM, Cai QK
4765 - 4773 The manufacture and investigation of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polypyrrole/EVA nano-polymeric composites for electromagnetic interference shielding
Huang CY, Wu JY, Tsao KY, Lin CL, Chang CP, Tsai CS, Chen YH, Yeh JT, Chen KN
4774 - 4780 The corrosion and wear resistances of magnesium alloy (LZ91) electroplated with copper and followed by 1 mu m-thick chromium deposits
Huang CA, Lin CK, Yeh YH
4781 - 4787 The electrochemical corrosion behavior of K38G nanocrystalline thin film in 3.5% NaCl solution
Pan C, Liu L, Li Y, Wang FH
4788 - 4792 Galvanic deposition of ZnO using mixed electrolyte and their photoluminescence properties
Wang LD, Liu GC, Zou LJ, Xue DF
4793 - 4797 Structural and electrical properties of BiFeO3 thin films by solution deposition and microwave annealing
Huang A, Shannigrahi SR
4798 - 4803 Effect of Na/K excess on the electrical properties of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 thin films prepared by sol-gel processing
Wu YY, Wang XH, Zhong CF, Li LT
4804 - 4808 Wear behaviors of an (TiB plus TiC)/Ti composite coating fabricated on Ti6Al4V by laser cladding
Li J, Yu ZS, Wang HP
4809 - 4817 Tribaloy alloy reinforced tin-bronze composite coating for journal bearing applications
Gao F, Liu R, Wu XJ
4818 - 4823 Effects of bias voltage on the microstructure and mechanical properties of (Ti,Al,Cr)N hard films with N-gradient distributions
Zhang J, Lv HM, Cui GY, Jing Z, Wang C
4824 - 4829 SiOx plasma thin film deposition using a low-temperature cascade arc torch
Ritts AC, Liu CH, Yu QS
4830 - 4841 Friction and wear properties of TiCN coatings sliding against SiC and steel balls in air and water
Wang QZ, Zhou F, Chen KM, Wang ML, Qian T
4842 - 4848 Tribological and mechanical behaviors of TiN/CNx multilayer films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Liu DG, Tu JP, Gu CD, Chen R, Hong CF
4849 - 4854 Investigations on B-doped SiO2 thermal protective coatings by hybrid sol-gel method
Zhao X, He XD, Zhang S, Wang LD, Li MW, Li YB
4855 - 4859 Effects of low-temperature duplex coatings on the abrasive and erosive behavior of ADI
Hsu CH, Chen KL, Lu KC
4860 - 4864 Magnetron sputtered TiO2 films on a stainless steel substrate: Selective rutile phase formation and its tribological and anti-corrosion performance
Krishna DSR, Sun Y, Chen Z
4865 - 4869 Microstructures and mechanical properties of multi-component (AlCrTaTiZr)NxCy nanocomposite coatings
Chang SY, Lin SY, Huang YC
4870 - 4873 Surface characterization and nanomechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films synthesized by RF plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Tzeng SS, Fang YL, Chih YK, Hu YG, Hsu JS, Wu CL, Wu GJ
4874 - 4879 Passivation layer effect on surface integrity induced by Cu-CMP
Fu WE, Chen CCA, Lin YD, Chang YQ, Huang YH
4880 - 4883 Microstructure and nano-scratch behaviors of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films
Jiang SQ, Ma XX, Tang GZ, Wang G, Wang ZH, Zhou ZH
4884 - 4888 Cyclic oxidation behavior of glass-ceramic composite coatings on superalloy K38G at 1100 degrees C
Shen ML, Zhu SL, Wang FH
4889 - 4893 Deter mining buckling strain energy release rate through indentation-induced delamination
Wei PJ, Bin Chio S, Liang WL, Lin JF
4894 - 4898 Growth and characterization of yttrium oxide films by reactive magnetron sputtering
Zhu JQ, Zhu YK, Shen WX, Wang YJ, Han JC, Tian G, Lei P, Dai B
4899 - 4905 Mechanical and hydrophobic properties of chromium carbide films via a multi-objective optimization approach
Yang YS, Huang W, Huang WY
4906 - 4909 Raman spectroscopy and mechanical properties of multilayer tetrahedral amorphous carbon films
Wang S, Zhu JQ, Wang JZ, Yin XB, Han X
4910 - 4916 Multilayer DLC coatings via alternating bias during magnetron sputtering
Li FJ, Zhang S, Kong JH, Zhang YJ, Zhang WL
4917 - 4922 Effect of temperature and deposition time on the optical properties of chemically deposited nanostructure PbS thin films
Abbas MM, Shehab AAM, Hassan NA, Al-Samuraee AK
4923 - 4927 Effect of bias voltage on microstructure, mechanical and wear properties of Al-Si-N coatings deposited by cathodic arc evaporation
Chang CL, Huang CS
4928 - 4932 Bias effects on microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of arc-evaporated CrTiAlN nanocomposite films on AISI 304 stainless steel
Hsu CH, Lee CY, Lin ZH, Ho WY, Lin CK
4933 - 4939 Effect of rf power on the growth of silicon nanowires by hot-wire assisted plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (HW-PECVD) technique
Chong SK, Goh BT, Aspanut Z, Muhamad MR, Dee CF, Rahman SA
4940 - 4943 Influences of process parameters on texture and microstructure of NiO films
Kuo TY, Chen SC, Peng WC, Lin YC, Lin HC
4944 - 4947 Preparation and properties of p-type transparent conductive Cu-doped NiO films
Chen SC, Kuo TY, Lin YC, Lin HC
4948 - 4951 Effect of N-2/H-2 plasma treatment on the moisture adsorption of MOCVD-TiN films
Huang JK, Huang CL, Chang SC, Cheng YL, Wang YL
4952 - 4957 Formation of gold nanoparticles in silicon suboxide films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Chan K, Aspanut Z, Goh B, Muhamad MR, Rahman SA
4958 - 4962 Effect of phosphorus on the copper diffusion barrier properties of electroless CoWP films
Tsai TK, Wu SS, Hsu CS, Fang JS
4963 - 4968 The effect of titanium current on structure and hardness of aluminium titanium nitride deposited by reactive unbalanced magnetron co-sputtering
Buranawong A, Witit-anun N, Chaiyakun S, Pokaipisit A, Limsuwan P
4969 - 4973 Properties of polyimide/Al2O3 and Si3N4 deposited thin films
Tsai MH, Wang HY, Lu HT, Tseng IH, Lu HH, Huang SL, Yeh JM
4974 - 4980 Internal oxidation mechanism for Ta-Ru and Mo-Ru coatings
Chen YI, Tsai BN
4981 - 4986 Effects of rf power on the structural properties of carbon nitride thin films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Othman M, Ritikos R, Khanis NH, Rashid NMA, Rahman SA, Ab Gani SM, Muhamad MR
4987 - 4991 Effects of the Ta content on the microstructure and electrical property of reactively sputtered TaxZr1-xN thin films
Ruan JL, Huang JL, Lu HH, Chen JS, Lii DF
4992 - 4996 Nano-scratching and nano-machining in different environments on Cr2N/Cu multilayer thin films
Huang JC, Lee JW, Li CL
4997 - 5001 Preparation and characterization of APTES films on modification titanium by SAMs
Tan GX, Zhang L, Ning CY, Liu XJ, Liao JW
5002 - 5006 Bactericidal effect of blue LED light irradiated TiO2/Fe3O4 particles on fish pathogen in seawater
Cheng TC, Yao KS, Yeh N, Chang CI, Hsu HC, Gonzalez F, Chang CY
5007 - 5012 Control of the damage resistance of nanocomposite TiSiN coatings on steels: Roles of residual stress
Ahmed MS, Zhou ZF, Munroe P, Li LKY, Xie ZH
5013 - 5016 Effects of backbone conformation and surface texture of polyimide alignment film on the pretilt angle of liquid crystals
Chang CJ, Chou RL, Lin YC, Liang BJ, Chen JJ
5017 - 5021 Electromechanical stability of semi-crystalline polymer
Kong XH, Li YB, Liu LW, He XD
5022 - 5025 Si/SiGe hetero-junction solar cell with optimization design and theoretical analysis
Chang ST, Liao MH, Lin WK
5026 - 5029 Microstructure, electrical and optical characteristics of Mg(Zr0.05Ti0.95)O-3 thin films grown on Si substrate by sol-gel method
Tseng CF, Chen WS, Lee CW
5030 - 5032 Study and fabrication of ZnNb2O6 thin films by sol-gel method
Hsu CH, Yang PC, Yang HW, Yan SF, Tung HH
5033 - 5037 Optical, electrical properties and reproducible resistance switching of GeO2 thin films by sol-gel process
Hsu CH, Lin JS, He YD, Yang SF, Yang PC, Chen WS
5038 - 5042 Cold deposition of large-area amorphous hydrogenated silicon films by dielectric barrier discharge chemical vapor deposition
He HY, Gao Q, Zhang XW, Han GR
5043 - 5045 The light emission properties of ZnS:Mn nanoparticles
Ma XY, Song JW, Yu ZS
5046 - 5049 Degradation in optical reflectance of Al film mirror induced by proton irradiation
Wei Q, Liu H, Wang D, Liu SX
5050 - 5055 Dielectric polymer matrix composite films of CNT coated with anatase TiO2
Kim JB, Yi JW, Nam JE
5056 - 5060 Inorganic-organic hybrid nonlinear optical films containing thiophene-vinyl conjugated chromophore
Gao JK, Cui YJ, Yu JC, Lin WX, Wang ZY, Qian GD
5061 - 5065 Preparation and nonlinear optical properties of hybrid films containing dicyanomethylenepyran-based chromophores
Yu JC, Cui YJ, Gao JK, Wang ZY, Qian GD
5066 - 5069 Growth of nonpolar m-plane GaN epitaxial film on a lattice-matched (100) beta-LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition
Chou MMC, Chen CL, Hang DR, Yang WT
5070 - 5073 Effect of post-annealing treatment in oxygen on dielectric properties of K0.5Na0.5NbO3 thin films prepared by chemical solution deposition
Li N, Li WL, Zhang SQ, Fei WD
5074 - 5077 Effects of nano-structured photonic crystals on light extraction enhancement of nitride light-emitting diodes
Wu GM, Yen CC, Chien HW, Lu HC, Chang TW, Nee TE
5078 - 5081 Effect of dopant concentration on the structural, electrical and optical properties of Mn-doped ZnO films
Ruan HB, Fang L, Li DC, Saleem M, Qin GP, Kong CY
5082 - 5085 Multi-phase structured silicon carbon nitride thin films prepared by hot-wire chemical vapour deposition
Badaruddin MR, Muhamad MR, Rahman SA
5086 - 5089 Comparison of silicon nanocrystals embedded silicon oxide films by sputtering and PECVD
Hsiao CY, Shih CF, Chen SH, Jiang WT
5090 - 5094 Epitaxial growth of non-polar a-plane AlN films by low temperature sputtering using ZnO buffer layers
Chen HG, Jian SR, Kao HL, Chen MR, Huang GZ
5095 - 5098 Influence of carrier injection on resistive switching of CaCu3Ti4O12 thin films with Ni electrode
Chang LC, Yang CH, Kao HL
5099 - 5102 Effect of reactive gases flow ratios on the microstructure and electrical resistivity of Ta-N-O thin films by reactive co-sputtering
Chung CK, Chen TS, Chang NW
5103 - 5105 Improving the conductance of ZnO thin film doping with Ti by using a cathodic vacuum arc deposition process
Wu CS, Lin BT, Jean MD
5106 - 5109 Structural and optical properties of Ti-doped ZnO thin films prepared by the cathodic vacuum arc technique with different annealing processes
Wu CS, Lin BT, Yang RY
5110 - 5113 Defect passivation by O-2 plasma treatment on high-k dielectric HfO2 films at room temperature
Liu KC, Tsai JR, Lin WK, Li CS, Chen JN
5114 - 5117 Transparent conductive indium-doped zinc oxide films prepared by atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Chang KM, Huang SH, Wu CJ, Lin WL, Chen WC, Chi CW, Lin JW, Chang CC
5118 - 5121 Structure design for single crystalline film Si solar cells
Chang ZM, Lin CH
5122 - 5125 Optical properties and electronic subband structures in InxGa1-xN/GaN multiple quantum wells
Lee DU, Ryu JT, You JH, Kim TW, Jeon MH, Yoo KH, Cho CY, Park SJ
5126 - 5130 The influence of fabrication process on top-gate thin-film transistors
Lin WK, Liu KC, Chen JN, Hu SC, Chang ST
5131 - 5134 Coloring effects of optical antireflective film irradiated by 60 keV protons
Liu H, Liu G, Dong SL, He SY, Yang DZ
5135 - 5138 High protein-adsorption characteristics of acicular crystal assembled TiO2 films and their photoelectric effect
Masuda Y, Ohji T, Kato K, Ajimi M, Bekki M, Sonezaki S
5139 - 5145 Effects of post-deposition annealing temperature and time on physical properties of metal-organic decomposed lanthanum cerium oxide thin film
Lim WF, Cheong KY, Lockman Z
5146 - 5149 Effect of annealing temperature on the electrical performances of solution-processed InGaZnO thin film transistors
Hwang S, Lee JH, Woo CH, Lee JY, Cho HK
5150 - 5155 Study on the formation micromechanism of TiO2 nanotubes on pure titanium and the role of fluoride ions in electrolyte solutions
Liang YQ, Cui ZD, Zhu SL, Yang XJ
5156 - 5160 Hydrothermal synthesis of epitaxial NaxK(1-x)NbO3 solid solution films
Handoko AD, Goh GKL
5161 - 5164 The influence of hafnium doping on bias stability in zinc oxide thin film transistors
Kim WS, Moon YK, Kim KT, Shin SY, Ahn BD, Lee JH, Park JW
5165 - 5168 Vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules on a silicon nitride film treated by ion-beam irradiation
Kim BY, Lee WK, Young-Hwan K, Park HG, Oh BY, Park TK, Han JM, Seo DS
5169 - 5173 Microstructural analysis and optoelectrical properties of Cu2O, Cu2O-Ag, and Cu2O/Ag2O multilayered nanocomposite thin films
Tseng CC, Hsieh JH, Wu W
5174 - 5177 Preparation and band-gap modulation in MgxNi1-xO thin films as a function of Mg contents
Yang ZG, Zhu LP, Guo YM, Ye ZZ, Zhao BH
5178 - 5182 Improved properties of Ti-doped ZnO thin films by hydrogen plasma treatment
Wang FH, Chang HP, Chao JC
5183 - 5187 Laser directed deposition of silver thin films
Deng R, Li J, Kang HK, Zhang HJ, Wong CC
5188 - 5193 Self-formation of single-crystal metal particles driven by inhomogeneous stress in thin films
Ma F, Sun HL, Zhan JM, Xu KW
5194 - 5198 Nanostructured thin films for anti-reflection applications
Chen JY, Sun KW
5199 - 5202 Effect of process parameters on the microstructure and perpendicular magnetic properties of Co3Pt thin films
Shen CL, Kuo PC, Chen SC, Chen CD, Hsu SL, Lin GP, Ou SL, Huang KT, Chen SC
5203 - 5207 Improved self-assembly through UV/ozone surface-modification of colloidal spheres
Ge DT, Li Y, Yang LL, Fan Z, Liu C, Zhang X
5208 - 5211 An organic thin film transistor based non-volatile memory with zinc oxide nanoparticles
Lee WK, Aw KC, Wong HY, Chan KY, Leung M, Salim NT
5212 - 5218 Applications of novel dithienothiophene- and 2,7-carbazole-based conjugated polymers with surface-modified ZnO nanoparticles for organic photovoltaic cells
Fang HP, Chiang IH, Chu CW, Yang CC, Lin HC
5219 - 5222 Electrical conduction and photovoltaic effects of TPA-derivative solar cells
Sulaiman K, Fakir MS
5223 - 5229 Particle lithography with vapor deposition of organosilanes: A molecular toolkit for studying confined surface reactions in nanoscale liquid volumes
Lusker KL, Yu JJ, Garno JC
5230 - 5233 Photovoltaic performance of organic solar cells based on DH6T/PCBM thin film active layers
Muhammad FF, Sulaiman K
5234 - 5237 Study of the charge transport characteristics of dendrimer molecular thin films
Li JC, Han N, Wang SS, Ba DC
5238 - 5242 Thermal and mechanical properties of polyimide/nano-silica hybrid films
Tsai MH, Huang YC, Tseng IH, Yu HP, Lin YK, Huang SL
5243 - 5248 Synthesis and properties of UV-curable hyperbranched polymers for ink-jet printing of color micropatterns on glass
Chang CJ, Lin YH, Tsai HY
5249 - 5252 Enhancement of the luminance efficiency in blue organic light-emitting devices fabricated utilizing a hybrid phosphorescence and fluorescence emitting layer
Bang HS, Jeong HS, Choo DC, Kim TW
5253 - 5256 Luminance and charge transport mechanisms for phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices fabricated utilizing a tris(2-phenylpyridine)iridium-doped N,N'-dicarbazolyl-3,5-benzene emitting layer
Choo DC, Ko YS, Kim TW, Seo JH, Kim YK
5257 - 5259 White organic light-emitting devices with tunable color emission fabricated utilizing exciplex formation at heterointerfaces including m-MDATA
Lee KS, Choo DC, Kim TW
5260 - 5263 Performance improvement of blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes by using hole-buffer structure
Juang FS, Wang SH, Chen CY, Tsai YS, Liao TC, Chou HT, Hsu JS, Hong LA
5264 - 5269 Polythiophene derivative comprising carbazoles as pendant groups for polymer solar cell applications
Wang HJ, Chan LH, Chen CP, Lee RH, Su WC, Jeng RJ
5270 - 5273 Improving efficiency of pentacene/C-60 based solar cells with mixed interlayers
Hung KT, Huang KT, Hsiao CY, Shih CF
5274 - 5279 Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of poly(acrylic)/SiO2-TiO2 core-shell nanoparticle hybrid thin films
Chien WC, Yu YY, Chen PK, Yu HH
5280 - 5284 Glassy carbon electrode coated with polyaniline-functionalized carbon nanotubes for detection of trace lead in acetate solution
Wang ZM, Liu EJ, Gu DH, Wang YS
5285 - 5289 Glassy carbon electrode modified by conductive polyaniline coating for determination of trace lead and cadmium ions in acetate buffer solution
Wang ZM, Liu EJ, Zhao X
5290 - 5296 Stress induced texture and shape memory trench in TiNiCu films
Fu YQ, Huang WM, Du HJ
5297 - 5301 The effect of pore characteristics on Ni suppression of porous NiTi shape memory alloys modified by surface treatment
Yuan B, Lai M, Gao Y, Chung CY, Zhu M
5302 - 5306 Crystallization temperature and activation energy of as-spun Ti52.0Ni38.5Cu9.5 ribbon
Chang KH, Wu SK, Chang SH
5307 - 5309 NiTi shape memory alloy thin film micro-cantilevers array
Chung CY, Chan PM
5310 - 5313 Opto-thermo actuation of multilayered liquid crystal polymer films
Wang BL, You Y, Huo YZ
5314 - 5317 Nanostructured thin ribbons of a shape memory TiNiCu alloy
Shelyakov AV, Sitnikov NN, Menushenkov AP, Koledov VV, Irjak AI