Thin Solid Films

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ISSN: 0040-6090 (Print) 

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E5 - E8 Enhancement of magnetization and dielectric properties of chromium-doped BiFeO3 with tunable morphologies
Du Y, Cheng ZX, Dou SX, Shahbazi M, Wang XL
E9 - E11 Photoluminescence of Manganese-doped ZnAl2O4 nanophosphors
Tsai MT, Chen YX, Tsai PJ, Wang YK
E12 - E15 Multiferroicity and magnetoelectric coupling in polycrystalline Y-doped EuMnO3
Wang KF, Liu QM, Luo SJ, Wang Y, Liu JM
E16 - E23 Influence of soluble polymers on the formation of ZnO films from aqueous solutions
Shen Q, Gao YF, Miao HY, Luo HJ, Nagai M
E24 - E27 Structures, and far-infrared and Raman spectra of GdMn1-xCoxO3 (x=0-1.0)
Gao F, Chen J, Farhoudi MM, Wang XL, Dou SX
E28 - E30 Thermal conductivity of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductors
Ashokan V, Indu BD
E31 - E33 In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of HfO2 gate dielectric on SiC
Chen Q, Feng YP, Chai JW, Zhang Z, Pan JS, Wang SJ
E34 - E37 Pre-curing of supramolecular-templated mesoporous TiO2 films for dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang Y, Xie ZB, Wang J
E38 - E41 The A-site disorder effects and enhanced magnetoresistance in La0.55Sr0.45MnO3
Wang KF, Luo WZ, Dong S, Li D, Zhang ZD, Ren ZF, Liu JM
E42 - E45 Superconductivity and critical current density in LaFeAsO1-xFx compounds
Shahbazi M, Shekhar C, Srivastava ON, Attard D, Peleckis G, Du Y, Cheng ZX, Dou SX, Wang XL
E46 - E49 Structure and properties of zinc bismuth phosphate glass
Im SH, Na YH, Kim NJ, Kim DH, Hwang CW, Ryu BK
E50 - E53 Enhanced magnetic and ferroelectric properties of multiferroic CuCrO2 by Ni-doping
Luo SJ, Li L, Wang KF, Li SZ, Dong XW, Yan ZB, Liu JM
E54 - E56 Co-sensitization of TiO2 by PbS quantum dots and dye N719 in dye-sensitized solar cells
Liu YQ, Wang J
E57 - E60 Electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 crystals and graphene-doped Bi2Te3
Li AH, Shahbazi M, Zhou SH, Wang GX, Zhang C, Jood P, Peleckis G, Du Y, Cheng ZX, Wang XL, Kuo YK
E61 - E64 Fabrication of ZnO/alpha-NPD:F-4-TCNQ based inorganic-organic hybrid junction: Effect of doping of organic layer on the diode like characteristics
Kumar R, Khare N, Bhalla GL, Kamalasanan MN
E65 - E67 Charge order and its destruction effects on magnetocaloric properties of manganites
Krishnamoorthi C, Siu Z, Kumar VS, Mahendiran R
E68 - E71 The effects of ethyl cellulose on PV performance of DSSC made of nanostructured ZnO pastes
Li H, Xie ZB, Zhang Y, Wang J
E72 - E74 Synthesis and luminescence of YNbO4:Eu3+, Tb3+ by a flux method
Lee EY, Kim YJ
E75 - E77 Ferroelectric properties study for nanocgrain barium titanate ceramics
Deng XY, Guan XF, Chen P, Lu C, Tan ZW, Li DJ, Li JB, Wang XH, Li LT
E78 - E81 Electrical transport of Ce doped La-Ca-Mn-O system
Khare A, Choudhary RJ, Sanyal SP
E82 - E84 Preparation and characterizations of Ba(Zr,Ti)O-3/(Ba,Sr)TiO3 heterostructures grown on (LaAlO3)(0.3)(Sr2AlTaO6)(0.35) single crystal substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Chan NY, Gao GY, Wang Y, Chan HLW
E85 - E88 Preparation of epitaxial Eu0.65Y0.35MnO3 thin film on Nb:SrTiO3(111) substrate
Li SZ, Wang KF, Luo SJ, Wei T, Guo YY, Liu JM
E89 - E92 Enhanced dielectric property from highly (100)-oriented barium zirconate titanate compositional gradient films
Jia QP, Shen B, Hao XH, Zhai JW, Yao X
E93 - E97 Comparative study of aluminium-doped zinc oxide and ruthenium-aluminium co-doped zinc oxide by magnetron co-sputtering
Wong LM, Wang SJ, Chim WK
E98 - E100 Formation of cuprous oxide films via oxygen plasma
Ooi C, Goh GKL
7183 - 7184 Special Issue: Taiwan Association for Coatings and Thin Films Technology (TACT 2009) Preface
Kuo CT, Angus JC, Chu JP, Feng ZC, Huang JH, Hsieh JH
7185 - 7190 Properties of one-step synthesized Pt nanoparticle-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxy thiophen):poly(styrenesulfonate) hybrid films
Wang SJ, Park HH
7191 - 7195 Effect of annealing on the electrodeposited Cu2O films for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation
Liang RM, Chang YM, Wu PW, Lin P
7196 - 7198 Effect of porosity on the Seebeck coefficient of mesoporous TiO2 thin films
Ha TJ, Park HH, Jung SY, Yoon SJ, Kim JS, Jang HW
7199 - 7203 Effects of CdCl2 treatment and annealing on CdS/SnO2/glass heterostructures for solar cells
Feng ZC, Wei CC, Wee ATS, Rohatgi A, Lu WJ
7204 - 7208 Finite element analysis of antireflective silicon nitride sub-wavelength structures for solar cell applications
Lee HM, Sahoo KC, Li YM, Wu JC, Chang EY
7209 - 7212 Rapid thermal melted TiO2 nano-particles into ZnO nano-rod and its application for dye sensitized solar cells
Chao CH, Chang CL, Chan CH, Lien SY, Weng KW, Yao KS
7213 - 7217 Effect of GaAs substrate misorientation on InxGa1-xAs crystalline quality and photovoltaic performance
Tseng MC, Horng RH, Wuu DS, Tsai YL, Kuo CH, Lin SN, Yu HH
7218 - 7221 Single-step sputtered Cu2SnSe3 films using the targets composed of Cu2Se and SnSe2
Kuo DH, Haung WD, Huang YS, Wu JD, Lin YJ
7222 - 7224 Electrochemical deposition of CdSe/CdTe multilayer nanorods for hybrid solar cell
Kim SH, Lee JY, Han WK, Lee JH
7225 - 7228 Electrical enhancement of DMFC by Pt-M/C catalyst-assisted PVD
Yao KS, Chen YC, Chao CH, Wang WF, Lien SY, Shih HC, Chen TL, Weng KW
7229 - 7232 Characterization of electrolyte films deposited by using RF magnetron sputtering a 20 mol% gadolinia-doped ceria target
Lin SE, Kuo YL, Chou CH, Wei WCJ
7233 - 7235 Effects of RF power and pressure on performance of HF-PECVD silicon thin-film solar cells
Lien SY, Wang CC, Shen CT, Ou YC, Cho YS, Weng KW, Chao CH, Chen CF, Wuu DS
7236 - 7239 Effect of pressure on the electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Ni-C in supercritical CO2 fluid
Chung ST, Tsai WT
7240 - 7244 Influence of RF power on the electrical and mechanical properties of nano-structured carbon nitride thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Banerjee I, Kumari N, Singh AK, Kumar M, Laha P, Panda AB, Pabi SK, Barhai PK, Mahapatra SK
7245 - 7248 Preparation and characterization of ruthenium films via an electroless deposition route
Chen JY, Wang LY, Wu PW
7249 - 7252 Nitridation and contrast of B4C/La interfaces and X-ray multilayer optics
Tsarfati T, van de Kruijs RWE, Zoethout E, Louis E, Bijkerk F
7253 - 7257 Etching processes of transparent carbon nanotube thin films using laser technologies
Lin HK, Lin RC, Li CH
7258 - 7262 Effect of sputtering pressure and post-annealing on hydrophilicity of TiO2 thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Liao MC, Niu H, Chen GS
7263 - 7266 Photocatalytic and antibacterial properties of TaON-Ag nanocomposite thin films
Hsieh JH, Chang CC, Chang YK, Cherng JS
7267 - 7270 Effects of different acetylene/nitrogen ratios on characteristics of carbon coatings on optical fibers prepared by thermal chemical vapor deposition
Lee RH, Lai LH, Shiue ST
7271 - 7274 Coercivity variation in exchange-coupled Fe/FePt bilayer with perpendicular magnetization
Tsai JL, Tzeng HT, Liu BF
7275 - 7278 The preparation of Zn-ferrite epitaxial thin film from epitaxial Fe3O4/ZnO multilayers by ion beam sputtering deposition
Su HC, Dai JY, Liao YF, Wu YH, Huang JCA, Lee CH
7279 - 7282 Enhanced growth of low-resistivity titanium silicides on epitaxial Si0.7Ge0.3 on (001)Si with a sacrificial amorphous Si interlayer
Wu WW, Wang CW, Chen KN, Cheng SL, Lee SW
7283 - 7286 Size-dependent field-emission characteristics of ZnO nanowires grown by porous anodic aluminum oxide templates assistance
Lai CH, Chang CW, Tseng TY
7287 - 7290 Charge storage characteristics of iridium silicide nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix for nonvolatile memory application
Wang TTJ, Hung SW, Chuang PK, Kuo CT
7291 - 7294 Carrier dynamics in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells based on different polishing processes of sapphire substrate
Wang HC, Feng SW, Malinauskas T, Jarasiunas K, Ting CC, Liu S, Tsai CY
7295 - 7299 Microscale deformation behavior of amorphous/nanocrystalline multilayered pillars
Liu MC, Lee CJ, Lai YH, Huang JC
7300 - 7303 Preparation of ZrNxOy films by magnetron sputtering using air as a reactive gas
Chan MH, Wu PL, Lu FH
7304 - 7307 Formation of the distributed NiSiGe nanocrystals nonvolatile memory formed by rapidly annealing in N-2 and O-2 ambient
Hu CW, Chang TC, Tu CH, Chiang CN, Lin CC, Chen MC, Chang CY, Sze SM, Tseng TY
7308 - 7311 Effect of nitrogen flow rate on properties of nanostructured TiZrN thin films produced by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Lin YW, Huang JH, Yu GP
7312 - 7315 Effect of grain size on mechanical properties in CrAlN/SiNx multilayer coatings
Lin CH, Tsai YZ, Duh JG
7316 - 7319 Thermal properties and structure of TeGa2Sb7 thin films for phase-change memory
Chu YC, Chang PC, Kao KF, Chang SC, Chin TS
7320 - 7323 Synthesis of functional diamond-like carbon nanocomposite films containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles
Chen KC, Hong FCN
7324 - 7327 Formation of NiSi2/SiNX compound nanocrystal for nonvolatile memory application
Chen YT, Chang TC, Lu J, Huang JJ, Yang PC, Chen SC, Chu AK, Huang HC, Gan DS, Ho NJ, Shi Y
7328 - 7332 Photoresponse of hydrothermally grown lateral ZnO nanowires
Yang PY, Wang JL, Tsai WC, Wang SJ, Lin JC, Lee IC, Chang CT, Cheng HC
7333 - 7338 Nanostructured leaf like hydroxyapatite/TiO2 composite coatings by simple sol-gel method
Nathanael AJ, Arul NS, Ponpandian N, Mangalaraj D, Chen PC
7339 - 7342 Nonvolatile memory effect of tungsten nanocrystals under oxygen plasma treatments
Chen SC, Chang TC, Chen WR, Lo YC, Wu KT, Sze SM, Chen J, Liao IH, Yeh FS
7343 - 7347 Flexible strain sensors fabricated with carbon nano-tube and carbon nano-fiber composite thin films
Chang FY, Wang RH, Yang H, Lin YH, Chen TM, Huang SJ
7348 - 7351 Laser, buffer layer and CoCrPtOx-assisted low temperature fabrication process of a small-sized-CNT pattern by MPCVD
Teng IJ, Hong TH, Hsu HL, Jian SR, Wang WH, Kuo CT
7352 - 7355 Electrode effect on resistive switching of Ti-added amorphous SiOx films
Chen LM, Lin TY, Chang CC, Chang SC, Chin TS
7356 - 7359 Thickness dependence of microstructures and magnetic properties for CoPt/Ag nanocomposite thin films
Shen CL, Kuo PC, Li YS, Lin GP, Ou SL, Huang KT, Chen SC
7360 - 7365 Carbothermal reduction process for synthesis of nanosized chromium carbide via metal-organic vapor deposition
Wang SC, Lin HT, Nayak PK, Chang SY, Huang JL
7366 - 7371 Formation and transformation of ZnTiO3 prepared by sputtering process
Lee YC, Huang YL, Lee WH, Shieu FS
7372 - 7376 Properties of amorphous silicon thin films synthesized by reactive particle beam assisted chemical vapor deposition
Choi SG, Wang SJ, Park HH, Jang JN, Hong MP, Kwon KH, Park HH
7377 - 7380 InGaN-based light-emitting solar cells with a pattern-nanoporous p-type GaN/Mg layer
Chen KT, Lin CF, Lin CM, Yang CC, Jiang RH
7381 - 7384 Oligomer semiconductor/dielectric interface modification for organic thin film transistor hysteresis reduction
Huang TH, Pei Z, Lin WK, Chang ST, Liu KC
7385 - 7389 Double-gate organic thin-film transistor using a photosensitive polymer as the dielectric layer
Wang CC, Lee WH, Liu CT
7390 - 7393 Preparation of amorphous FexSi(1-x) film using unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Li XN, Li SB, Nie LF, Li H, Dong C, Jiang X
7394 - 7397 Ni silicide formation on epitaxial Si1-yCy/(001) layers
Lee SW, Huang SH, Cheng SL, Chen PS, Wu WW
7398 - 7402 Fabrication of the selective-growth ZnO nanorods with a hole-array pattern on a p-type GaN/Mg layer through a chemical bath deposition process
Lin MS, Chen CC, Wang WC, Lin CF, Chang SY
7403 - 7406 Phase transformation in Mg-Sb thin films
Chang CC, Hung CY, Kao KF, Tsai MJ, Yew TR, Chin TS
7407 - 7411 Influence of gamma irradiation on the refractive index of Fe-doped barium titanate thin films
Kongwut O, Kornduangkeaw A, Jangsawang N, Hodak SK
7412 - 7415 Characteristics of highly orientated BiFeO3 thin films on a LaNiO3-coated Si substrate by RF sputtering
Liu YT, Chen SY, Lee HY
7416 - 7420 Electrochromic performance of NiVxOy thin films deposited onto flexible PET/ITO substrates by reactive plasma sputtering for flexible electrochromic devices
Lin YS, Chen PW, Lin DJ
7421 - 7424 Design and fabrication of thin film optical filters to replace fiber Bragg grating in Yb-doped fiber laser
Hsiao CN, Chiu PK, Cho WH, Chen HB, Chen FZ, Huang CL
7425 - 7428 Investigations for InAs/GaAs multilayered quantum-dot structure treated by high energy proton irradiation
Tang SF, Hsieh HH, Tu HY, You TH, Lin SY, Wang LC, Chiang CD
7429 - 7432 Low temperature Ni-nanocrystals-assisted hybrid polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor for non-volatile memory applications
Wang TTJ, Ma WCY, Hung SW, Kuo CT
7433 - 7436 Effect of processing temperature on characteristics of metal-ferroelectric (BiFeO3)-insulator (HfLaO)-silicon capacitors
Sun CL, Juan TPC, Hsu YW, Liu YW
7437 - 7440 Thermal effect of multi-quantum barriers within InGaN/GaN multi-quantum well light-emitting diodes
Lee JC, Wu YF
7441 - 7444 Influence of oxygen pressure on the structural, electrical and optical properties of VO2 thin films deposited on ZnO/glass substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Chiu TW, Tonooka K, Kikuchi N
7445 - 7449 Enhanced conductivity of aluminum doped ZnO films by hydrogen plasma treatment
Chang HP, Wang FH, Wu JY, Kung CY, Liu HW
7450 - 7454 Exploiting optical properties of P3HT:PCBM films for organic solar cells with semitransparent anode
Lee WH, Chuang SY, Chen HL, Su WF, Lin CH
7455 - 7459 The influence of lanthanum doping position in ultra-thin HfO2 films for high-k gate dielectrics
Liu CH, Juan PC, Lin JY
7460 - 7463 Effect of ultraviolet light exposure on a HfOx RRAM device
Liu KC, Tzeng WH, Chang KM, Chan YC, Kuo CC
7464 - 7467 Influence of cobalt ion implantation on optical properties of titanium dioxide thin films
Shieh YN, Chang YY
7468 - 7474 Effects of direct current and pulse-reverse copper plating incubation behavior of self-annealing
Cheng MY, Chen KW, Liu TF, Wang YL, Feng HP
7475 - 7479 X-ray absorption and Raman study of GaN films grown on different substrates by different techniques
Wu YL, Feng ZC, Lee JF, Tong W, Wagner BK, Ferguson I, Lu WJ
7480 - 7482 Boron induced recrystallization of amorphous silicon film by a rapid thermal process
Chao CH, Weng KW, Cheng HL, Chan CH, Lien SY
7483 - 7486 Cathodic arc plasma deposited TiAlSiN thin films using an Al-15 at.% Si cathode
Kim SK, Van Le V
7487 - 7491 CVD-diamond technologies for dry drilling applications
Chou YK, Thompson RG, Kumar A
7492 - 7496 Characteristics of carbon coatings on optical fibers prepared by radio-frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition with different H-2/C2H2 ratios
Lin HC, Yu JF, Shiue ST, Lin HY
7497 - 7500 Modeling of relaxation of viscoelastic stresses in multi-layered thin films/substrate systems due to thermal mismatch
Hsueh HC, Chiang DY, Lee S
7501 - 7504 A study of atomic layer deposited LiAlxOy films on Mg-Li alloys
Wang PC, Shih YT, Lin MC, Lin HC, Chen MJ, Lin KM
7505 - 7508 Electroless Ni-B deposition from an emulsified supercritical carbon dioxide bath
Wang HY, Chung ST, Chuang YC, Tsai WT
7509 - 7514 Tribological properties of Cr-Si-N nanocomposite film adherent silicon under various environments
Lin HH, Chou CC, Lee JW
7515 - 7518 Preparation and tribological properties of polyurethane/alpha-aluminum oxide hybrid films
Chen CH, Wang JJ, Yen FS
7519 - 7522 Analysis on microstructure and characteristics of TiAlN/CrN nano-multilayer films deposited by cathodic arc deposition
Sun PL, Hsu CH, Liu SH, Su CY, Lin CK
7523 - 7526 Tribological behavior of CrAlSiN/W2N multilayer coatings deposited by DC magnetron sputtering
Tsai YZ, Duh JG
7527 - 7531 Microstructure and corrosion characteristics of CrN/NiP sputtering thin films
Li YY, Wu FB
7532 - 7534 Tribological behaviour of MoS2/Au coatings
Chien HH, Ma KJ, Vattikuti SVP, Kuo CH, Huo CB, Chao CL
7535 - 7540 The heat treatment effect on the structure and mechanical properties of electrodeposited nano grain size Ni-W alloy coatings
Hou KH, Chang YF, Chang SM, Chang CH
7541 - 7544 The influence on immersion time of titanium conversion coatings on electrogalvanized steel
Tsai YT, Hou KH, Bai CY, Lee JL, Ger MD
7545 - 7550 Improving the biocompatibility of titanium surface through formation of a TiO2 nano-mesh layer
Yang WE, Huang HH
7551 - 7556 Evaluation of antimicrobial abilities of Cr2N/Cu multilayered thin films
Chang YJ, Li CL, Lee JW, Wu FB, Chang LC
7557 - 7562 Preparation of thermosensitive gold nanoparticles by plasma pretreatment and UV grafted polymerization
Chen KS, Hung TS, Wu HM, Wu JY, Lin MT, Feng CK
7563 - 7567 Surface coatings for improving the corrosion resistance and cell adhesion of AZ91D magnesium alloy through environmentally clean methods
Uan JY, Lin JK, Sun YS, Yang WE, Chen LK, Huang HH
7568 - 7573 Atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment on polystyrene for the photo-induced grafting polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide
Kuo YL, Chang KH, Hung TS, Chen KS, Inagaki N
E101 - E103 Photonic crystal cavity embedded barium strontium titanate thin-film rib waveguide prepared by focused ion beam etching
Jim KL, Leung W, Chan HLW
E104 - E106 Reduction of threading dislocations in hydrothermally grown ZnO films by lateral epitaxial overgrowth
Zhang YB, Goh GKL, Li S
E107 - E110 Electronic structure and crystallinity of the HfO2-TiO2 thin films
Von Lim Y, Wong TI, Wang SJ
E111 - E113 Effect of the interface glass on electrical performance of screen printed Ag thick-film contacts of Si solar cells
Zhang YP, Yang YX, Zheng JH, Chen GR, Cheng C, Hwang JCM, Ooi BS, Kovalskiy A, Jain H
E114 - E117 Synthesis of highly-textured ZnO films on different substrates by hydrothermal route
Li T, Fan HM, Xue JM, Ding J
E118 - E120 Oxide film assisted dopant diffusion in silicon carbide
Tin CC, Mendis S, Chew K, Atabaev I, Saliev T, Bakhranov E, Atabaev B, Adedeji V, Rusli
E121 - E124 Physical and electrical characteristics of hafnium oxide films on AlGaN/GaN heterostructure grown by pulsed laser deposition
Tian F, Chor EF
E125 - E128 Reducing gas response kinetics of nanostructured indium oxide thin films
Seetha M, Bharathi S, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D
E129 - E135 Transparent conducting oxide layers for thin film silicon solar cells
Rath JK, Liu Y, de Jong MM, de Wild J, Schuttauf JA, Brinza M, Schropp REI
E136 - E138 Growth control of ZnO nanorod density by sol-gel method
Prabakar K, Kim H
E139 - E142 Synthesis and field emission properties of well-aligned ZnO nanowires on buffer layer
Ong WL, Lim SX, Sow CH, Zhang C, Ho GW
E143 - E145 Study of ferroelectric properties of spray pyrolysis deposited cesium nitrate films
Nautiyal A, Sekhar KC, Pathak NP, Nath R
E146 - E148 Effect of Fe diffusion in MgO/Fe seedlayers to attain (100) oriented Pt underlayer for perovskite films with c-axis orientation
Matsumoto T, Tamai K, Murashima Y, Komaki K, Nakagawa S
E149 - E151 The deposition and the photoluminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu2+ thin films
Lee JS, Kim YJ
E152 - E155 Novel ferroelectric capacitor for non-volatile memory storage and biomedical tactile sensor applications
Liu SY, Chua L, Tan KC, Valavan SE
E156 - E160 Optical and structural properties of Fe-TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel dip coating
Kim NJ, La YH, Im SH, Ryu BK
E161 - E164 Synthesis and characterization of DC magnetron sputtered ZnO thin films under high working pressures
Hezam M, Tabet N, Mekki A
E165 - E168 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of continuous freestanding SiC(Al) films derived from aluminum-containing polycarbosilane
Yao RQ, Feng ZD, Zhang BJ, Yu YX, Chen LF
E169 - E173 Nanoscale polarization relaxation of epitaxial BiFeO3 thin film
Chen WG, You L, Chen GF, Chua NT, Guan OH, Zou X, Wang JL, Chen L
E174 - E180 Influence of post-annealing temperature on the properties exhibited by nanostructured In doped ZnO thin films
Abdullah H, Norazia MN, Shaari S, Mandeep JS
E181 - E182 Comparison of H2S sensing response of hetero-structure sensor (CuO-SnO2) prepared by rf sputtering and pulsed laser deposition
Verma M, Chowdhuri A, Sreenivas K, Gupta V
E183 - E186 Hydrophobic ZnO nanostructured thin films on glass substrate by simple successive ionic layer absorption and reaction (SILAR) method
Kumar PS, Raj AD, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D