Thin Solid Films

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ISSN: 0040-6090 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Fifth International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures (ICSI-5) Preface
Derrien J, Le Thanh V, Kasper E
2 - 5 The present and the future of spintronics
Fert A
6 - 9 DC and low-frequency-noise characterization of epitaxially grown raised-emitter SiGe HBTs
Washio K
10 - 13 Very low-temperature epitaxial growth of silicon and germanium using plasma-assisted CVD
Sakuraba M, Muto D, Mori M, Sugawara K, Murota J
14 - 16 Application of SiGe bulk crystal as a substrate for strain-controlled heterostructure materials
Usami N, Nihei R, Azuma Y, Yonenaga I, Nakajima K, Sawano K, Shiraki Y
17 - 19 Evaluation of relaxation and misfit dislocation blocking in strained silicon on virtual substrates
Parsons J, Beer CS, Leadley DR, Capewell AD, Grasby TJ
20 - 22 Ion-assisted MBE for misfit-dislocation templates serving ordered growth of SiGe islands
Lyutovich K, Oehme M, Werner J, Bahouchi B, Kasper E, Hofer C, Teichert C
23 - 26 High Ge content SGOI substrates obtained by the Ge condensation technique: A template for growth of strained epitaxial Ge
Souriau L, Terzieva V, Vandervorst W, Clemente F, Brijs B, Moussa A, Meuris M, Loo R, Caymax M
27 - 30 Reliability of ultra-thin titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) films on strained-Si
Bera MK, Mahata C, Maiti CX
31 - 33 Local strain evaluation of single crystal Si pillar by micro Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence
Wang D, Nakashima H, Tanaka M, Sadoh T, Miyao M, Morioka J, Kitarnura T
34 - 37 Molecular beam epitaxy growth of Si/SiGe bound-to-continuum quantum cascade structures for THz emission
Zhao M, Karim A, Hansson GV, Ni WX, Townsend P, Lynch SA, Paul DJ
38 - 40 Microstructural change of dislocation structure around SiGe/Si interface in SGOI wafer with ramping process
Ii S, Takaki Y, Ikeda K, Nakashima H, Nakashima H
41 - 44 Control of electronic charged states of Si-based quantum dots for floating gate application
Miyazaki S, Makihara K, Ikeda M
45 - 49 Epitaxial growth of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in strained silicon for research on ultra-low energy electronic processes
Liu J, Kim JH, Xie YH, Lu TM, Lai K
50 - 54 Photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals formed by the photosynthesis
Nozaki S, Chen CY, Kimura S, Ono H, Uchida K
55 - 56 Exciton condensation in the compressively strained SiGe layers of Si/SiGe/Si heterostructures
Burbaev TM, Bagaev VS, Bobrik EA, Kurbatov VA, Novikov AV, Rzaev MM, Sibeldin NN, Schaffler F, Tsvetkov VA, Tarakanov AG, Zaitsev VV
57 - 61 Growth and characterization of Ge nanostructures selectively grown on patterned Si
Cheng MH, Ni WX, Luo GL, Huang SC, Chang JJ, Lee CY
62 - 64 MBE growth conditions for Si island formation on Ge (001) substrates
Pachinger D, Lichtenberger H, Chen G, Stangl J, Hesser G, Schaffler F
65 - 68 Anisotropy of the surface thermodynamic properties of silicon
Muller P, Metois JJ
69 - 70 The influence of elastic strains on the growth and properties of vertically ordered Ge "hut"-clusters
Nikiforov AI, Ulyanov VV, Teys SA, Gutakovsky AK, Pchelyakov OP
71 - 74 Impact of emitter fabrication on the yield of SiGe HBTs
Heinemann B, Rucker H, Tillack B
75 - 79 Highly doped Si and Ge formed by GILD (gas immersion laser doping); from GILD to superconducting silicon
Cammilleri D, Fossard F, Debarre D, Manh CT, Dubois C, Bustarret E, Marcenat C, Achatz P, Bouchier D, Boulmer J
80 - 83 Silicide and germanide technology for contacts and gates in MOSFET applications
Zaima S, Nakatsuka O, Kondo H, Sakashita M, Sakai A, Ogawa M
84 - 86 Selective epitaxial growth of B-doped SiGe and HCl etch Si for the formation of SiGe:B recessed source and drain (pMOS transistors)
Radamson HH, Kolahdouz M, Ghandi R, Hallstedt J
87 - 89 Fabrication of high quality SiGe relaxed thin layers by ion implantation technique with Ar, Si and Ge ions
Sawano K, Fukumoto A, Hoshi Y, Yamanaka J, Nakagawa K, Shiraki Y
90 - 92 Selective vapor phase etching of SiGe versus Si by HCl
Yamamoto Y, Kopke K, Tillack B
93 - 97 Selective etching of Si(1-x)Ge(x) versus Si with gaseous HCl for the formation of advanced CMOS devices
Loubet N, Kormann T, Chabanne G, Denorme S, Dutartre D
98 - 100 Precise control of doping profile and crystal quality improvement of SiGe HBTs using continuous epitaxial growth technology
Oda K, Miura M, Shimamoto H, Washio K
101 - 104 Multi-gate devices for the 32 nm technology node and beyond: Challenges for Selective Epitaxial Growth
Collaert N, Rooyackers R, Hikavyy A, Dixit A, Leys F, Verheyen P, Loo R, Jurczak M, Biesemans S
105 - 109 Studying the impact of carbon on device performance for strained-Si MOSFETs
Lee MH, Chang ST, Peng CY, Hsieh BF, Maikap S, Liao SH
110 - 112 Impact of Ge fraction modulation upon electrical characteristics of hole resonant tunneling diodes with Si/Strained Si(1-x)Ge(x)/Si(100) heterostructure
Seo T, Sakuraba M, Murota J
113 - 116 pMOS transistor with embedded SiGe: Elastic and plastic relaxation issues
Hikavyy A, Bhouri N, Loo R, Verheyen P, Clemente F, Hopkins J, Trussell R, Caymax M
117 - 120 Sidewall transfer lithography for reliable fabrication of nanowires and deca-nanometer MOSFETs
Hallstedt J, Hellstrom PE, Radamson HH
121 - 124 Germanium-based nanophotonic devices: Two-dimensional photonic crystals and cavities
Boucaud P, El Kurdi M, David S, Checoury X, Li X, Ngo TP, Sauvage S, Bouchier D, Fishman G, Kermarrec O, Campidelli Y, Bensahel D, Akatsu T, Richtarch C, Ghyselen B
125 - 127 Room-temperature light-emission from Ge quantum dots in photonic crystals
Xia J, Nemoto K, Ikegami Y, Usami N, Nakata Y, Shiraki Y
128 - 131 Photoluminescence of strained Si(1-x-y)Ge(x)C(y) epilayers on Si(100)
Rowell NL, Lockwood DJ, Baribeau JM
132 - 133 Performance and reliability of SiGe photodetectors
Sarid G, Ginsburg E, Dosunmu F, Morse M
134 - 136 Infrared absorption, multiphonon processes and time reversal effect on Si and Ge band structure
Kunert HW, Machatine AGJ, Malherbe JB, Barnas J, Hoffmann A, Wagner MR
137 - 139 Germanium waveguide photodetectors integrated on silicon with MBE
Oehme M, Werner J, Kaschel M, Kirfel O, Kasper E
140 - 143 Si (001) surface preparation for the antiphase domain free heteroepitaxial growth of GaP on Si substrate
Kunert B, Nemeth I, Reinhard S, Volz K, Stolz W
144 - 147 Role of hydrogen at germanium/dielectric interfaces
Van de Walle CG, Weber JR, Janotti A
148 - 151 GaAs on Ge for CMOS
Brammertz G, Caymax M, Meuris M, Heyns M, Mols Y, Degroote S, Leys M
152 - 154 Implantation defects and n-type doping in Ge and Ge rich SiGe
Peaker AR, Markevich VP, Hamilton B, Hawkins ID, Slotte J, Kuitunen K, Tuomisto F, Satta A, Simoen E, Abrosimov NV
155 - 158 Suppression of Ge-O and Ge-N bonding at Ge-HfO(2) and Ge-TiO(2) interfaces by deposition onto plasma-nitrided passivated Ge substrates
Lee S, Long JP, Lucovsky G, Luning J
159 - 162 Tensile strained Ge layers on strain-relaxed Ge(1-x)Sn(x)/virtual Ge substrates
Takeuchi S, Sakai A, Nakatsuka O, Ogawa M, Zaima S
163 - 166 Charge trapping characteristics in high-k gate dielectrics on germanium
Mahata C, Bera MK, Bose PK, Maiti CK
167 - 169 Ge wire MOSFETs fabricated by three-dimensional Ge condensation technique
Irisawa T, Numata T, Hirashita N, Moriyama Y, Nakaharai S, Tezuka T, Sugiyama N, Takagi S
170 - 171 Photoelectric method for non-contact characterization of SiGe
Tsidilkovski E, Steeples K
172 - 177 Benefits and side effects of high temperature anneal used to reduce threading dislocation defects in epitaxial Ge layers on Si substrates
Terzieva V, Souriau L, Caymax M, Brunco DP, Moussa A, Van Elshocht S, Loo R, Clemente F, Satta A, Meuris M
178 - 180 (110) Ultrathin GOI layers fabricated by Ge condensation method
Dissanayake S, Shuto Y, Sugahara S, Takenaka M, Takagi S
181 - 183 Atomically controlled hetero-epitaxy of Fe(3)Si/SiGe for spintronics application
Miyao M, Ueda K, Ando YI, Kumano M, Sadoh T, Narumi K, Maeda Y
184 - 190 Spintronics for nanoelectronics and nanosystems
Wang KL, Zhao ZM, Khitun A
191 - 196 Epitaxial growth of Mn(5)Ge(3)/Ge(111) heterostructures for spin injection
Olive-Mendez S, Spiesser A, Michez LA, Le Thanh V, Glachant A, Derrien J, Devillers T, Barski A, Jamet M
197 - 200 Epitaxial growth of high-kappa oxides on silicon
Merckling C, Saint-Girons G, Delhaye G, Patriarche G, Largeau L, Favre-Nicollin V, El-Kazzi M, Regreny P, Vilquin B, Marty O, Botella C, Gendry M, Grenet G, Robach Y, Hollinger G
201 - 203 Characterization of lanthanum lutetium oxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposition as an alternative gate dielectric
Roeckerath M, Heeg T, Lopes JMJ, Schubert J, Mantl S, Besmehn A, Myllymaki P, Niinisto L
204 - 206 Dependences of effective work functions of TaN on HfO(2) and SiO(2) on post-metallization anneal
Sugimoto Y, Kajiwara M, Yamamoto K, Suehiro Y, Wang D, Nakashima H
207 - 208 Reliability degradation of thin HfO(2)/SiO(2) gate stacks by remote RF hydrogen and deuterium plasma treatment
Efthymiou E, Bernardini S, Zhang JF, Volkos SN, Hamilton B, Peaker AR
209 - 212 Initial oxidation of HF-acid treated SiGe(100) surfaces under air exposure investigated by synchrotron radiation X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and IR absorption spectroscopy
Narita Y, Hirose F, Nagato M, Kinoshita Y
213 - 215 Thermal stability improvement of Si(1-y)C(y) layers by SiO(2) cap layers
Ishihara H, Inoue K, Yamada A, Konagai M
216 - 218 Low temperature high-rate growth of crystalline Ge films on quartz and crystalline Si substrates from VHF inductively-coupled plasma of GeH(4)
Sakata T, Makihara K, Deki H, Higashi S, Miyazaki S
219 - 221 Structural change of atomic-order nitride formed on Si(1-x)Ge(x)(100) and Ge(100) by heat treatment
Akiyama N, Sakuraba M, Tillack B, Murota J
222 - 226 Numerical simulation of the UV-excimer laser assisted modification of amorphous hydrogenated Si/Ge bilayers to graded epitaxial heterostructures
Conde JC, Fornarini L, Chiussi S, Gontad F, Gonzalez P, Leon B, Martelli S
227 - 228 MBE growth of low-defect Si layers highly doped with Sb
Werner J, Oehme M, Kirfel O, Lyutovich K, Kasper E
229 - 231 Si epitaxial growth on self-limitedly B adsorbed Si(1-x)Ge(x)(100) by ultraclean low-pressure CVD system
Ishibashi K, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Inokuchi Y, Kunii Y, Kurokawa H
232 - 234 Microstructure difference of Ni induced poly-crystallized SiGe by changing the annealing atmosphere
Yamanaka J, Horie T, Mitsui M, Arimoto K, Nakagawa K, Sato T, Sawano K, Shiraki Y, Moritani T, Doi M
235 - 238 Growth temperature dependence of the crystalline morphology of SiGe films grown on Si(110) substrates with compositionally step-graded buffer
Arimoto K, Watanabe M, Yamanaka J, Nakagawa K, Sawano K, Shiraki Y, Usami N, Nakajima K
239 - 241 Investigations of hydrogen sensors made of porous silicon
Galstyan VE, Martirosyan KS, Aroutiounian VM, Arakelyan VM, Arakelyan AH, Soukiassian PG
242 - 244 High-quality epitaxial Si growth at low temperatures by atmospheric pressure plasma CVD
Yasutake K, Ohmi H, Kirihata Y, Kakiuchi H
245 - 247 Charge traps and interface traps in non-volatile memory device with Oxide-Nitride-Oxide structures
Seo MW, Kwak DW, Cho WS, Park CJ, Kim WS, Cho HY
248 - 250 Stress-relaxation mechanism in ultra-thin SiGe on insulator formed by H(+) irradiation-assisted Ge condensation method
Tanaka M, Kenjo A, Sadoh T, Miyao M
251 - 253 Comprehensive study of low temperature (< 1000 degrees C) oxidation process in SiGe/SOI structures
Tanaka M, Ohka T, Sadoh T, Miyao M
254 - 256 Characterizations of polycrystalline SiGe films on SiO(2) grown by gas-source molecular beam deposition
Mitsui M, Tamoto M, Arimoto K, Yamanaka J, Nakagawa K, Sato T, Usami N, Sawano K, Shiraki Y
257 - 258 The influence of Si coverage in a chip on layer profile of selectively grown Si(1-x)Ge(x) layers using RPCVD technique
Kolahdouz M, Ghandi R, Hallstedt J, Osling M, Wise R, Wejtmans H, Radamson HH
259 - 261 Doping concentration control of SiGe layers by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Fursenko O, Bauer J, Zaumseil P, Yamamoto Y, Tillack B
262 - 264 Numerical simulations of the anisotropic elastic field of screw dislocation networks in twist boundaries
Madani S, Outtas T, Adami L
265 - 268 Strain, composition and crystalline perfection in thin SiGe layers studied by Raman spectroscopy
Perova TS, Moore RA, Lyutovich K, Oehme M, Kasper E
269 - 271 Ex-situ wet clean and in-situ hydrogen clean for Si and SiGe epitaxy
Kormann T, Garnier P, Chabanne G, Fortuin A
272 - 274 Relaxed germanium films on silicon (110)
Wietler TF, Bugiel E, Hofmann KR
275 - 277 Free surface nanopaterning with burried hexagonal dislocations array. Simulation of anisotropic elastic fields
Outtas T, Madani S, Adami L
278 - 280 Misfit dislocation generation in SiGe epitaxial layers supersaturated with intrinsic point defects
Vdovin VI, Zakharov ND
281 - 284 Observation of in-plane strain fluctuation in relaxed SiGe virtual substrate
Huang WP, Cheng HH, Sun G, Lou RF, Yeh JH, Shen TM
285 - 288 Characterization of anisotropic relaxation rate of SGOI (110) substrates
Moriyama Y, Hirashita N, Sugiyama N, Takagi S
289 - 292 Single swift heavy ion-induced trail of discontinuous nanostructures on SiO(2) surface under grazing incidence
Carvalho AMJF, Touboul AD, Marinoni M, Guasch C, Ramonda M, Lebius H, Saigne F, Bonnet J
293 - 296 In situ scanning tunnelling microscopy investigations of Si epitaxial growth on pit-patterned Si (001) substrates
Sanduijav B, Matei D, Chen G, Schaffler F, Bauer G, Springholz G
297 - 299 Formation of high-density Si nanodots by agglomeration of ultra-thin amorphous Si films
Kondo H, Ueyama T, Ikenaga E, Kobayashi K, Sakai A, Ogawa M, Zaima S
300 - 302 Local strain in Si/Si(0.6)Ge(0.4)/Si(100) heterostructures by stripe-shape patterning
Uhm J, Sakuraba M, Murota J
303 - 305 Electronic properties of Ge islands embedded in multilayer and superlattice structures
Leitao JP, Sobolev NA, Correia MR, Carmo MC, Stepina N, Yakimov A, Nikiforov A, Magalhaes S, Alves E
306 - 308 Impact of impurity doping into Si quantum dots with Ge core on their electrical charging characteristics
Makihara K, Ikeda M, Higashi S, Miyazaki S
309 - 312 MBE growth of Ge/Si quantum dots upon low-energy pulsed ion irradiation
Stepina NP, Dvurechenskii AV, Ambrister VA, Smagina JV, Volodin VA, Nenashev AV, Leitao JP, do Carmo MC, Sobolev NA
313 - 316 Pulsed ion-beam assisted deposition of Ge nanocrystals on SiO(2) for non-volatile memory device
Stepina NP, Dvurechenskii AV, Armbrister VA, Kirienko VV, Novikov PL, Kesler VG, Gutakovskii AK, Smagina ZV, Spesivtzev EV
317 - 319 Influence of the crystal orientation of substrate on low temperature synthesis of silicon nanowires from Si(2)H(6)
Akhtar S, Tanaka A, Usami K, Tsuchiya Y, Oda S
320 - 322 Fabrication of uniaxially strained silicon nanowires
Feste SF, Knoch J, Buca D, Mantl S
323 - 326 Characterization of bonding structures of directly bonded hybrid crystal orientation substrates
Toyoda E, Sakai A, Nakatsuka O, Isogai H, Senda T, Izunome K, Ogawa M, Zaima S
327 - 330 Localized laser thermal annealing of nanometric SiGe layers protected by a dielectric Bragg mirror
Cammilleri D, Fossard F, Halbwax M, Manh CT, Yam N, Debarre D, Boulmer J, Bouchier D
331 - 333 Enhanced n-type dopant solubility in tensile-strained Si
Bennett NS, Radamson HH, Beer CS, Smith AJ, Gwilliam RM, Cowern NEB, Sealy BJ
334 - 336 Effect of strain, substrate surface and growth rate on B-doping in selectively grown SiGe layers
Ghandi R, Kolahdouz M, Hallstedt J, Wise R, Wejtmans H, Radamson HH
337 - 339 SiGe quantum well thermistor materials
Wissmar SGE, Radamsson HH, Yamamoto Y, Tillack B, Vieider C, Andersson JY
340 - 342 Investigation of strain states and thermal stability of strained-Si-on-Insulator (sSOI) structures
Hoshi Y, Fukumoto A, Sawano K, Cayrefourcq I, Yoshimi M, Shiraki Y
343 - 345 Chemical bonding and graded interfacial transition regions at transition metal, Hf(Zr),/high-k gate dielectric, Hf(Zr)O(2), interfaces
Lucovsky G, Whitten JL
346 - 349 High Ge fraction intrinsic SiGe-heterochannel MOSFETs with embedded SiGe source/drain electrode formed by in-situ doped selective CVD epitaxial growth
Takehiro S, Sakuraba M, Tsuchiya T, Murota J
350 - 352 Influence of thermal processing on the electrical characteristics of MOS capacitors on strained-silicon substrates
Kelaidis N, Ioannou-Sougleridis V, Skarlatos D, Tsamis C, Krontiras CA, Georga SN, Kellerman B, Seacrist M
353 - 355 Strained-Si nMOSFET formed on very thin SiGe buffer layer fabricated by ion implantation technique
Sawano K, Fukumoto A, Hoshi Y, Nakagawa K, Shiraki Y
356 - 358 The impact of uniaxial stress on subband structure and mobility of strain Si NMOSFETs
Chang ST, Liao SH, Lin CY
359 - 361 Enhancement of room-temperature 2DHG conductivity in narrow and strained double-sides modulation doped Ge quantum well
Myronov M, Shiraki Y, Mouri T, Itoh KM
362 - 364 Memory properties of oxide-nitride-oxynitride stack structure using ultra-thin oxynitrided film as tunneling layer for nonvolatile memory device on glass
Jung S, Hwang S, Yi J
365 - 368 Epitaxy - A way to novel field effect devices
Sulima T, Abelein U, Eisele I
369 - 371 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon deposited by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering. Deposition temperature effect
Ben Abdelmournen A, Cherfi R, Kechoune M, Aoucher M
372 - 375 Elementary excitations in Si, Ge, and diamond time reversal affected
Kunert HW, Machatine AGJ, Malherbe JB, Barnas J, Hoffmann A, Wagner MR
376 - 379 Polarization memory of blue and red luminescence from nanocrystalline porous silicon treated by high-pressure water vapor annealing
Geoz B, Koyama H, Koshida N
380 - 382 Ge/Si (100) heterojunction photodiodes fabricated from material grown by low-energy plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Osmond J, Isella G, Chrastina D, Kaufmann R, von Kanel H
383 - 384 Epitaxially grown emitters for thin film crystalline silicon solar cells
Van Nieuwenhuysen K, Duerinckx F, Kuzma I, Payo MR, Beaucarne G, Poortmans J
385 - 387 Effect of growth temperature on photoluminescence of Ge(Si) self-assembled islands embedded in a tensile-strained Si layer
Shaleev MV, Novikov AV, Yablonskiy AN, Drozdov YN, Kuznetsov OA, Lobanov DN, Krasilnik ZF
388 - 390 Simulation of p-i-n heterojunctions built on strain-compensated Si/Si(0.40)Ge(0.60)/Si multiple quantum wells for photodetection near 1.55 mu m
Sfina N, Lazzari JL, Cuminal Y, Christol P, Said M
391 - 394 Tuning the luminescence emission of {105}-faceted Ge QDs superlattice using proton implantation and thermal annealing
Moutanabbir O, Miyamoto S, Sagara A, Oshikawa H, Roh KM
395 - 397 Ab-initio vibrational properties of SiGe alloys
Torres VJB, Coutinho J, Briddon PR, Barroso M
398 - 400 Comparative analysis of photo- and electroluminescence of multilayer structures with Ge(Si)/Si(001) self-assembled islands
Drozdov YN, Krasilnik ZF, Kudryavtsev KE, Lobanov DN, Novikov AV, Shaleev MV, Shengurov DV, Shmagin VB, Yablonskiy AN
401 - 403 Ge growth over thin SiO(2) by UHV-CVD for MOSFET applications
Renard C, Halbwax M, Cammilleri D, Fossard F, Yam V, Bouchier D, Zheng Y
404 - 406 Homo and hetero epitaxy of Germanium using isobutylgermane
Attolini G, Bosi M, Musayeva N, Peosi C, Ferrari C, Arumainathan S, Timo G
407 - 411 Planar defect formation mechanism in Ge-rich SiGe-on-insulator substrates during Ge condensation process
Hirashita N, Nakaharai S, Moriyama Y, Usuda K, Tezuka T, Sugiyama N, Takagi SI
412 - 415 SO-limited mobility in a germanium inversion channel with non-ideal metal gate
Shah R, De Souza MM
416 - 418 Low temperature epitaxy and the importance of moisture control
Leys FE, Hikavyy A, Machkaoutsan V, De Vos B, Geenen L, Van Daele B, Loo R, Caymax M
419 - 421 Electrically active hydrogen-implantation-induced defects in Ge crystals and SiGe alloys
Markevich VP, Dobaczewski L, Nielsen KB, Litvinov VV, Petukh AN, Pokotilo YM, Abrosimov NV, Peaker AR
422 - 424 Temperature dependent epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic silicide Fe(3)Si on Ge substrate
Ueda K, Sadoh T, Ando Y, Jonishi T, Narumi K, Maeda Y, Miyao M
425 - 427 Low temperature epitaxial growth of Fe(3)Si on Si(111) substrate through ultra-thin SiO(2) films
Ueda K, Kumano M, Sadoh T, Miyao M
428 - 429 Resonant magnetic scattering of polarized X-rays at the Mn 2p edge from Mn(0.06)Ge(0.94) diluted magnetic semiconductor
De Padova P, Perfetti P, Quaresima C, Zema N, Grazioli C, Spezzani C, Testa AM, Fiorani D, Olivieri B, Mariot JM, Taleb-Ibrahimi A, Richter MC, Heckmann O, Hricovini K
430 - 433 Low-temperature oriented growth in [CoPt/MgO](n) multi-layer
Sadoh T, Kurosawa M, Kimura M, Ueda K, Koyanagi M, Miyao M
434 - 436 ALD growth, thermal treatments and characterisation of Al(2)O(3) layers
Ghiraldelli E, Pelosi C, Gombia E, Chiavarotti G, Vanzetti L
437 - 440 Bulk defects in nano-crystalline and in non-crystalline HfO(2)-based thin film dielectrics
Lee S, Seo H, Lucovsky G, Fleming LB, Ulrich MD, Luning J
441 - 443 Structural investigation of the LaAlO(3)(110) surface
Mortada H, Derivaz M, Dentel D, Bischoff JL
444 - 446 Optical and electrical properties of negatively charged aluminium oxynitride films
Jang K, Jung S, Lee J, Lee K, Kim J, Son H, Yi J
447 - 449 Study of silicon/oxides interfaces by means of Si2p resonant photoemission
Tallarida M, Schmeisser D
450 - 452 Growth and structural characterization of cerium oxide thin films realized on Si(111) substrates by on-axis r.f. magnetron sputtering
Ta MT, Briand D, Guhel Y, Bernard J, Pesant JC, Boudart B
453 - 455 Ellipsometric analysis of mixed metal oxides thin films
Buiu O, Davey W, Lu Y, Mitrovic IZ, Hall S
456 - 458 Gate leakage properties in (Al(2)O(3)/HfO(2)/Al(2)O(3)) dielectric of MOS devices
Nasrallah SAB, Bouazra A, Poncet A, Said M
459 - 461 Chemical and optical profiling of ultra thin high-k dielectrics on silicon
Bernardini S, MacKenzie M, Buiu O, Bailey P, Noakes TCQ, Davey WM, Hamilton B, Hall S
462 - 464 Engineering of interfacial layer between HfAl(2)O(5) dielectric film and Si with a Ti-capping layer
Cheng XH, Song ZR, Xing YM, Yu YH, Shen DS
465 - 467 Influence of preparing process on total-dose radiation response of high-k Hf-based gate dielectrics
Song ZR, Cheng XH, Zhang EX, Xing YM, Yu YH, Zhang ZX, Wang X, Shen DS