Thin Solid Films

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5529 - 5531 Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Surface X-ray and Neutton Scattering Taipei, Taiwan, July 16-20, 2006 - Preface
Hsu CH, Liang KS, Felcher GP, Noh DY, Sinha SK
5532 - 5535 Surface XPCS on nanometer length scales - What can we expect from an X-ray free electron laser?
Gutt C, Leupold O, Grubel G
5536 - 5540 Hydrodynamic surface fluctuations of polymer films by coherent X-ray scattering
Kim H, Jiang Z, Lee H, Lee YJ, Jiao XS, Li CH, Lurio L, Rafailovich M, Sinha SK
5541 - 5545 Dynamic scaling in sputter grown tungsten thin films
Peverini L, Ziegler E, Kozhevnikov I
5546 - 5552 Coherent X-ray imaging of individual islands in GISAXS geometry
Vartanyants IA, Grigoniev D, Zozulya AV
5553 - 5556 Curved beam coherent diffractive imaging
Williams GJ, Quiney HM, Dahl BB, Tran CQ, Peele AG, Nugent KA, De Jonge MD, Paterson D
5557 - 5562 Local strain in a 3D nano-crystal revealed by 2D coherent X-ray diffraction imaging
Labat S, Chamard V, Thomas O
5563 - 5567 Coherence experiments at the white-beam beamline of BESSYII
Panzner T, Gleber G, Sant T, Leitenberger W, Pietsch U
5568 - 5573 Phase retrieval from diffraction data utilizing pre-determined partial infon-nation
Kim SS, Marathe S, Kim SN, Kang HC, Noh DY
5574 - 5580 In-situ X-ray diffraction study of the initial dealloying of Cu3Au(001) and Cu0.83Pd0.17(001)
Renner FU, Grunder Y, Lyman PF, Zegenhagen J
5581 - 5586 Defining new frontiers in electronic devices with high kappa dielectrics and interfacial engineering
Hong M, Lee WC, Huang ML, Chang YC, Lin TD, Lee YJ, Kwo J, Hsu CH, Lee HY
5587 - 5592 Composition and atomic ordering of Ge/Si(001) wetting layers
Malachias A, Metzger TH, Stoffel M, Schmidt OG, Holy V
5593 - 5596 In situ X-ray studies of metal organic chemical vapor deposition of PbZ(x)Ti(1-x)O(3)
Wang RV, Jiang F, Fong DD, Stephenson GB, Fuoss PH, Eastman JA, Streiffer SK, Latifi K, Thompson C
5597 - 5600 In-situ investigations of magnetron sputtering processes with laboratory X-ray equipment
Ringpfeil C, Lutzenkirchen-Flecht D, Frahm R
5601 - 5605 Temperature treatment of semiconducting polymers: An X-ray reflectivity study
Werzer O, Matoy K, Strohriegl P, Resel R
5606 - 5610 Energy-dispersive X-ray reflectivity and GID for real-time growth studies of pentacene thin films
Kowarik S, Gerlach A, Leitenberger W, Hu J, Witte G, Woll C, Pietsch U, Schreiber F
5611 - 5614 Layer-by-layer growth of thin epitaxial Fe3Si films on GaAs(001)
Jenichen B, Kaganer VM, Braun W, Herfort J, Shayduk R, Ploog KH
5615 - 5619 The influence of substrate morphology on the growth of thin silicon films: A GISAXS study
Gracin D, Bernstoff S, Dubcek P, Gajovic A, Juraic K
5620 - 5623 Structural characterization of thin amorphous Si films
Grozdanic D, Rakvin B, Pivac B, Dubcek P, Radic N, Bernstorff S
5624 - 5626 Nanostructured CeO2 thin films: A SAXS study of the interface between grains and pores
Lavcevic ML, Turkovic A, Dubcek P, Bernstorff S
5627 - 5630 Pathways for oriented assembly of inorganic crystals at organic surfaces
Kewalramani S, Kmetko J, Dommett G, Kim K, Evmenenko G, Mo H, Dutta P
5631 - 5636 Langmuir films of polycyclic molecules on mercury
Tamam L, Kraack H, Sloutskin E, Ocko BM, Pershan PS, Deutsch M
5637 - 5640 Si nanocrystals in SiO2 films analyzed by small angle X-ray scattering
Bernstoff S, Dubcek P, Kovacevic I, Radic N, Pivac B
5641 - 5644 High-Q X-ray scattering study of InxGa1-xN/GaN multi-quantum wells
Lee YJ, Kim SS, Lee SP, Noh DY, Lee HH
5645 - 5653 Theory of X-ray scattering from a complex fluid confined by a nanocavity array
Diaz A, van der Veen JF
5654 - 5659 Resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity as a probe of ion adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces
Fenter P, Park C, Nagy KL, Sturchio NC
5660 - 5663 Adsorption of thin isobutane films on silicon investigated by X-ray reflectivity measurements
Shokuie K, Paulus M, Sternemann C, Fendt R, Tolan M
5664 - 5668 Freezing transition of Langmuir-Gibbs alkane films on water
Sloutskin E, Sapir Z, Tamam L, Ocko BM, Bain CD, Deutsch M
5669 - 5673 Langmuir monolayers of gold nanoparticles
Lin BH, Schultz DG, Lin XM, Li DX, Gebhardt J, Meron M, Viccaro PJ
5674 - 5677 Study of thermal degradation of organic light emitting device structures by X-ray scattering
Lee YJ, Lee H, Byun Y, Song S, Kim JE, Eom D, Cha W, Park SS, Kim J, Kim H
5678 - 5682 X-ray scattering studies of molecular linkages in Zeolite microcrystal monolayers
Lee H, Park JS, Yoon KB, Kim DH, Seo SH, Kang HC, Noh DY, Kim H
5683 - 5686 Additive-induced phase transition of a spin-coated lipid film
Yamada NL, Torikai N
5687 - 5690 Studies of phospholipid monolayer at liquid/liquid interface in presence of an antimicrobial peptide
Saint Martin E, Konovalov O, Daillant J
5691 - 5695 Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study of the tilted phases of Langmuir films: Determination of molecular conformations using simulated annealing
Pignat J, Daillant J, Cantin S, Perrot F, Konovalov O
5696 - 5699 Neutron science and technology on J-PARC
Fujii Y
5700 - 5703 Transformation of X-ray Server from a set of WWW-accessed programs into WWW-based library for remote calls from X-ray data analysis software
Stepanov S
5704 - 5706 Development of neutron supermirrors with large critical angle
Maruyama R, Yamazaki D, Ebisawa T, Hino M, Soyama K
5707 - 5711 The HANARO neutron reflectometer with horizontal sample geometry; engineering designs and performance simulation
Kwon OS, Shin K, Choi DJ, Hong KP, Moon MK, Cho SJ, Choi YH, Lee JS, Lee CH
5712 - 5715 Neutron reflectometery with ADAM at the ILL: Present status and future perspectives
Wolff M, Zhernenkov K, Zabel H
5716 - 5723 Determination of three-dimensional interfacial strain - A novel method of probing interface structure with X-ray Bragg-surface diffraction
Sun WC, Chu CH, Chang HC, Wu BK, Chen YR, Cheng CW, Chiu MS, Shen YC, Wu HH, Hung YS, Chang SL, Hong MH, Tang MT, Stetsko Y
5724 - 5727 NS-SANS for the investigation of micellar systems
Wolff M, Magerl A, Zabel H
5728 - 5731 Monochromatization of characteristic X-rays using stepped X-ray waveguide
Hayashi K, Sakai K, Takenaka H
5732 - 5735 Neutron spin-echo labelling at OffSpec, an ISIS second target station project
Plomp J, de Haan VO, Dalgliesh RM, Langridge S, van Well AA
5736 - 5740 Photochemical wet etching of silicon by synchrotron white X-ray radiation
Cho IH, Kim DH, Ha SB, Noh DY
5741 - 5743 X-ray investigation of cleavage plane of single layered manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4
Wakabayashi Y, Upton MH, Grenier S, Hill JP, Nelson CS, Zheng H, Mitchell JF