Thin Solid Films

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1 - 1 Proceedings of the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2005) Symposium H: Silicon Microelectronics: Processing to Packaging Singapore, July 3-8, 2005 - Preface
Mhaisalkar SG, Yeo YC, Balasubramanian N, Lu TM, Zschech E
2 - 6 Excimer laser annealing for shallow junction formation in SI power MOS devices
Fortunato G, Privitera V, La Magna A, Mariucci L, Cuscuna M, Svensson BG, Monakhov E, Camalleri M, Magri A, Salinas D, Simon F
7 - 10 Stressing effects on the charge trapping of silicon oxynitride prepared by thermal oxidation of LPCVD Si-rich silicon nitride
Choi HY, Wong H, Filip V, Sen B, Kok CW, Chan M, Poon MC
11 - 14 Study of pinholes in ultrathin SiO2 by C-AFM technique
Marathe VG, Stefanov Y, Schwalke U, DasGupta N
15 - 19 Performance evaluation of a newly developed electrolytic system for stable thinning of silicon wafers
Islam MM, Kumar AS, Balakumar S, Lim HS, Rahman M
20 - 24 Effect of Ti-rich TiN as a Co-salicide capping layer for 0.15 um embedded flash memory devices and beyond
Kim NS, Mukhopadhyay M, Wong WY, You YS, Zhao J, Lim B, Lee KS, Shukla D, Goh IS
25 - 27 Silicon nanocrystal-based non-volatile memory devices
Ng CY, Chen TP, Sreeduth D, Chen Q, Ding L, Du A
28 - 31 Metal-germanide Schottky source/drain transistor on germanium substrate for future CMOS technology
Li R, Yao HB, Lee SJ, Chi DZ, Yu MB, Lo GQ, Kwong DL
32 - 35 An electrical study of behaviors of Si nanocrystals distributed in the gate oxide near the oxide/substrate interface of a MOS structure
Ng CY, Lum GS, Tan SC, Chen TP, Ding L, Tan OK, Du A
36 - 40 Boron engineered dislocation loops for efficient room temperature silicon light emitting diodes
Lourenco MA, Milosavljevic M, Shao G, Gwilliam RM, Homewood KP
41 - 44 Coating process of ZnO thin film on macroporous silica periodic array
Cheng YH, Teh LK, Tay YY, Park HS, Wong CC, Li S
45 - 49 High-thermal-stability (HfO2)(1-x) (Al2O3)(x) film fabricated by dual-beam laser ablation
Li Q, Wang SJ, Ng TH, Chim WK, Huan ACH, Ong CK
50 - 54 Carbon nanotubes growing on rapid thermal annealed Ni and their application to a triode-type field emission device
Uh HS, Park SS
55 - 58 Enhancement in performance of poly-crystalline thin film transistors with gate dielectric and work-function
Sehgal A, Mangla T, Chopra S, Gupta M, Gupta RS
59 - 63 On the mobility, turn-on characteristics and activation energy of polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors
Gupta N, Tyagi BP
64 - 68 A novel electrostatic microactuator for large deflections in MEMS applications
Singh J, Agarwal A, Soundarapandian M
69 - 72 Ge diffusion and solid phase epitaxy growth to form Si1-xGex/Si and Ge on insulator structure
Gao F, Lee SJ, Balakumar S, Du AY, Foo YL, Kwong DL
73 - 76 Determination of the valence band offset and minority carrier lifetime in Ge-rich layers on relaxed-SiGe
Chakraborty S, Bera MK, Bhattacharya S, Bose PK, Maiti CK
77 - 80 Localized germanium-on-insulator patterns on Si by novel etching scheme in CF4/O-2 plasma
Murthy BR, Balasubramanian N, Balakumar S, Mukherjee-Roy M, Trigg A, Kumar R, Kwong DL
81 - 85 Growth of high quality Er-Ge films on Ge(001) substrates by suppressing oxygen contamination during germanidation annealing
Liew SL, Balakrisnan B, Chow SY, Lai MY, Wang WD, Lee KY, Ho CS, Osipowicz T, Chi DZ
86 - 90 Effect of silicidation on the electrical characteristics of polycrystalline-SiGe Schottky diode
Saha AR, Chattopadhyay S, Bose C, Maiti CK
91 - 94 Erbium silicidation on SiGe for advanced MOS application
Yiew QFD, Setiawan Y, Lee PS, Chi DZ
95 - 100 A study of Si/SiGe selective epitaxial growth by experimental design approach
Tan BL, Tan TL
101 - 103 Effects of hollow cathode and Ar/H-2 ratio on plasma cleaning of Cu leadframe
Hsieh JH, Li C
104 - 107 Enhanced morphological stability of NiGe films formed using Ni(Zr) alloy
Liew SL, Lee RTP, Lee KY, Balakrisnan B, Chow SY, Lai MY, Chi DZ
108 - 112 Grain boundary structures of atomic layer deposited TiN
Li S, Sun CQ, Park HS
113 - 116 Characterization of chemically amplified resist for X-ray lithography by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Tan TL, Wong D, Lee P, Rawat RS, Springham S, Patran A
117 - 120 Integrated process of photoresist trimming and dielectric hard mask etching for sub-50 nm gate patterning
Bliznetsov V, Kumar R, Lin HZ, Ang KW, Yoo WJ, Du AY
121 - 125 Molecular dynamics with phase-shift-based electronic stopping for calibration of ion implantation profiles in crystalline silicon
Chan HY, Nordlund K, Gossmann HJL, Harris M, Montgomery NJ, Mulcahy CPA, Biswas S, Srinivasan MP, Benistant F, Ng CM, Chan L
126 - 128 Effect of oxidation temperature on the quality and reliability of ultrathin gate oxide
Marathe VG, Chandani N, DasGupta N
129 - 131 Enhancement of minority-carrier lifetime by an advanced high temperature annealing method
Pan H, Tong LY, Feng YP, Lin JY
132 - 135 Defect suppression of indium end-of-range during solid phase epitaxy annealing using Si1-yCy in silicon
Tan CF, Chor EF, Lee H, Liu J, Quek E, Chan L
136 - 139 A method for reducing surface roughness during the thermal desorption of silicon
Pun AF, Wang X, Durbin SM, Zheng JP
140 - 144 Development of plasma etching process for sub-50 nm TaN gate
Bliznetsov V, Kumar R, Bera LK, Yip LW, Du AY, Hui TE
145 - 148 Thermal effects on LPCVD amorphous silicon
Lai MZ, Lee PS, Agarwal A
149 - 152 Electrical characterization of platinum and palladium effects in nickel monosilicide/n-Si Schottky contacts
Jin LJ, Pey KL, Choi WK, Antoniadis DA, Fitzgerald EA, Chi DZ
153 - 156 Effect of Ti alloying in nickel silicide formation
Setiawan Y, Lee PS, Tan CW, Pey KL
157 - 160 Effects of Si(001) surface amorphization on ErSi2 thin film
Tan EJ, Kon ML, Pey KL, Lee PS, Zhang YW, Wang WD, Chi DZ
161 - 165 The influence of temperature and dielectric materials on stress induced voiding in Cu dual damascene interconnects
Gan ZG, Shao W, Mhaisalkar SG, Chen Z, Li HY
166 - 169 Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) mechanisms of thermal SiO2 film after high-temperature pad conditioning
Kim NH, Ko PJ, Choi GW, Seo YJ, Lee WS
170 - 173 Integration issues of high-k and metal gate into conventional CMOS technology
Song SC, Zhang Z, Huffman C, Bae SH, Sim JH, Kirsch P, Majhi P, Moumen N, Lee BH
174 - 177 Work function tuning of metal nitride electrodes for advanced CMOS devices
Ren C, Faizhal BB, Chan DSH, Li MF, Yeo YC, Trigg AD, Balasubramanian N, Kwong DL
178 - 182 Parameter extraction using novel phenomena in nano-MOSFETs with ultra-thin (EOT=0.46-1.93 nm) high-K gate dielectrics
Kar S
183 - 187 High frequency characterization and continuum modeling of ultrathin high-k (ZrO2) gate dielectrics on strained-Si
Bera MK, Chakraborty S, Saha S, Paramanik D, Varma S, Bhattacharya S, Maiti CK
188 - 191 Interface control in the laser MBE growth of hafnium oxide
Lu YK, Zhu W, Chen XF, Gopalkrishnan R
192 - 196 Material properties of interfacial silicate layer and its influence on the electrical characteristics of MOS devices using hafnia as the gate dielectric
Wong H, Sen B, Filip V, Poon MC
197 - 200 Micro structure-dependent band structure of HfO2 thin films
Zheng YB, Wang SJ, Huan CHA
201 - 204 Electrical properties of low temperature deposited amorphous barium titanate thin films as dielectrics for integrated capacitors
El Kamel F, Gonon P, Jomni F
205 - 208 Effects of the wet air on the properties of the lanthanum oxide and lanthanum aluminate thin films
Jun JH, Choi DJ
209 - 212 Simulation of trapping properties of high kappa material as the charge storage layer for flash memory application
Yeo YN, Wang YQ, Samanta SK, Yoo WJ, Samudra G, Gao DY, Chong CC
213 - 217 Effect of porosity and adhesion promoter layer on adhesion energy of nanoporous inorganic low-kappa
Damayanti M, Gan ZH, Sritharan T, Mhaisalkar SG, Naman A, Widodo J, Tan HS
218 - 222 Formation and characterization of Ti-Si-N-O barrier films
Ee YC, Chen Z, Law SB, Xu S
223 - 226 Characterization and reliability measurement issues in devices with novel gate stack devices
Choi R, Young CD, Bersuker G, Lee BH, Zhao YG
227 - 230 Characterization of copper chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) in nitric acid-hydrazine based slurry for microelectronic fabrication
Sekhar MS, Ramanathan S
231 - 234 The properties of Ru on Ta-based barriers
Tan JJ, Qu XP, Xie Q, Zhou Y, Ru GP
235 - 238 Ta/SiCN bilayer barrier for Cu-ultra low k integration
Zhang DH, Yang LY, Li CY, Lu PW, Foo PD
239 - 242 Dielectric barriers, pore sealing, and metallization
Juneja JS, Wang PI, Karabacak T, Lu TM
243 - 247 Characterization of spin-on-glass very-low-k polymethylsiloxane with copper metallization
Aw KC, Salim NT, Gao W, Li Z
248 - 251 Effect of plasma process on low-k material and barrier layer performance
Chen XT, Gui D, Mo ZQ, Du AY, Chi DZ, Wang WD, Wang YH, Lu D, Tang LJ, Li WH, Wong LY
252 - 256 Etching control of benzocyclobutene in CF4/O-2 and SF6/O-2 plasmas with thick photoresist and titanium masks
Liao EB, Teh WH, Teoh KW, Tay AAO, Feng HH, Kumar R
257 - 260 A method of fabricating metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor in Cu/low-k backend interconnection process for RF application
Yu MB, Ning J, Balakumar S, Bliznetsov VN, Lo GQ, Balasubramanian N, Kwong DL
261 - 264 Chemical mechanical polishing of BTO thin film for vertical sidewall patterning of high-density memory capacitor
Kim NH, Ko PJ, Seo YJ, Lee WS
265 - 268 Comparative investigation of TaN and SiCN barrier layer for Cu/ultra low k integration
Yang LY, Zhang DH, Li CY, Liu R, Lu PW, Foo PD, Wee ATS
269 - 273 Continuum modeling of post-implantation damage and the effective plus factor in crystalline silicon at room temperature
Chan HY, Srinivasan MP, Benistant F, Mok KR, Chan L, Jin HM
274 - 278 Electromigration cu mass flow in cu interconnections
Hu CK, Canaperi D, Chen ST, Gignac LM, Kaldor S, Krishnan M, Malhotra SG, Liniger E, Lloyd JR, Rath DL, Restaino D, Rosenberg R, Rubino J, Seo SC, Simon A, Smith S, Tseng WT
279 - 283 Effect of interface modification on EM-induced degradation mechanisms in copper interconnects
Zschech E, Meyer MA, Mhaisalkar SG, Vairagar AV, Krishnamoorthy A, Engelmann HJ, Sukharev V
284 - 287 Effect of grain growth stress and stress gradient on stress-induced voiding in damascene Cu/low-k interconnects for ULSI
Paik JM, Park IM, Joo YC
288 - 293 Investigation of the effect of temperature and stress gradients on accelerated EM test for Cu narrow interconnects
Tan CM, Roy A
294 - 297 Electrochemical migration characteristics of eutectic SnPb solder alloy in printed circuit board
Lee SB, Yoo YR, Jung JY, Park YB, Kim YS, Joo YC
298 - 301 The effect of line width on stress-induced voiding in Cu dual damascene interconnects
Shao W, Gan ZH, Mhaisalkar SG, Chen Z, Li HY
302 - 306 Fowler-Nordheim and hot carrier reliabilities of U-shaped trench-gated transistors studied by three terminal charge pumping
Passmore LJ, Sarpatwari K, Suliman SA, Awadelkarim OO, Ridley R, Dolny G, Michalowicz J, Wu CT
307 - 311 Interface defect generation probed by low voltage stress induced leakage current
Yu YJ, Guo Q, Zeng X, Li H, Liu SH, Zou SC
312 - 316 Current transport and high-field reliability of aluminum/hafnium oxide/silicon structure
Sen B, Wong H, Filip V, Choi HY, Sarkar CK, Chan M, Kok CW, Poon MC
317 - 320 Study of gate leakage current in symmetric double gate MOSFETs with high-kappa/stacked dielectrics
Nagaraju PV, DasGupta A
321 - 324 Thermal fatigue as a possible failure mechanism in copper interconnects
Park YB, Monig R, Volkert CA
325 - 330 Vapor pressure and voiding effects on thin film damage
Chew HB, Guo TF, Cheng L
331 - 335 Time-temperature transformation (TTT) cure diagram of a fast cure non-conductive adhesive
Yu H, Mhaisalkar SG, Wong EH, Khoo GY
336 - 340 Fabrication of buried hybrid sol-gel optical waveguides by femtosecond laser direct writing
Pani SK, Quiling Y, Wong CC, Low DKY, Zhang X, Iyer MK
341 - 345 Misalignment of the optical fibers in multi-channel V-grooves
Priyadarshi A, Fen LH, Asundi AK, Mhaisalkar SG, Ramana PV, Kripesh V
346 - 349 Effects of Ca on grain boundary cohesion in Au ballbonding wire
Chew YH, Wong CC, Breach CD, Wulff F, Lin TT, He CB
350 - 354 Behavior of tin whisker formation and growth on lead-free solder finish
Kim KS, Yu CH, Yang JM
355 - 361 Numerical and experimental correlation of high temperature reliability of gold wire bonding to intermetallics (Au/Al) uniformity
Zhang XR, Tee TY
362 - 366 Nano-indentation characterization of Ni-Cu-SnIMC layer subject to isothermal aging
Xu LH, Pang JHL
367 - 370 Enhancing direct metal bonding with self-assembled monolayers
Chin LC, Ang XF, Wei J, Chen Z, Wong CC
371 - 378 Study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a novel SWCNT-reinforced solder alloy for ultra-fine pitch applications
Kumar KM, Kripesh V, Shen L, Tay AAO
379 - 383 Temperature and pressure dependence in thermocompression gold stud bonding
Ang XF, Zhang GG, Wei J, Chen Z, Wong CC
384 - 390 Mechanical properties of UV-curable polyurethane acrylate used in packaging of MEMS devices
Tey JN, Soutar AM, Mhaisalkar SG, Yu H, Hew KM
391 - 396 Passive and heterogeneous integration towards a Si-based System-in-Package concept
Roozeboom F, Kemmeren ALAM, Verhoeven JFC, van den Heuvel FC, Klootwijk J, Kretschman H, Fric T, van Grunsven ECE, Bardy S, Bunel C, Chevrie D, LeCornec F, Ledain S, Murray F, Philippe P
397 - 400 Adhesion improvement of EMC-leadframe interface using brown oxide promoters
Srikanth N, Chan L, Vath CJ
401 - 404 Influence of ceramic reinforcements on the wettability and mechanical properties of novel lead-free solder composites
Nai SML, Wei J, Gupta M
405 - 409 Investigations of the test parameters and bump structures in the shear test of flip chip solder bump
Kim JW, Kim DG, Jung SB
410 - 415 Effect of Ni-P thickness on solid-state interfacial reactions between Sn-3.5Ag solder and electroless Ni-P metallization on Cu substrate
Kumar A, Chen Z, Mhaisalkar SG, Wong CC, Teo PS, Kripesh V
416 - 420 The effect of annealing on the morphologies and conductivities of sub-micrometer sized nickel particles used for electrically conductive adhesive
Goh CF, Yu H, Yong SS, Mhaisalkar SG, Boey FY, Teo PS
421 - 425 Effects of Sb addition on tensile strength of Sn-15Ag-0.7Cu solder alloy and joint
Li GY, Chen BL, Shi XQ, Wong SCK, Wang ZF
426 - 430 Evaluation of solder joint reliability in flip chip package under thermal shock test
Kim DG, Kim JW, Jung SB
431 - 435 Liquid and solid state interfacial reactions of Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-In-Ag-Cu solders with Ni-P under bump metallization
Sharif A, Chan YC
436 - 440 Fluxless flip chip bonding with joint-in-via architecture
Lee TK, Zhang S, Wong CC, Tan AC
441 - 445 Interfacial microstructures and kinetics of Au/SnAgCu
Lee TK, Zhang S, Wong CC, Tan AC, Hadikusuma D