Thin Solid Films

Thin Solid Films, Vol.441, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0040-6090 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Electrical and thermoelectrical properties of Bi2Se3 grown by metal organic chemical vapour deposition technique
Al Bayaz A, Giani A, Foucaran A, Pascal-Delannoy E, Boyer A
6 - 12 Anodic oxide film formation on antimony and its currentless dissolution in sulphuric acid containing some monocarboxylic acids
Mogoda AS, Abd El-Haleem TM
13 - 18 Crack alleviation processing of lead zirconate titanate thin films deposited by sol-gel method
Chen BH, Huang CL, Wu L
19 - 24 A nanocrystalline Co3O4 thin film electrode for Li-ion batteries
Wang Y, Fu ZW, Qin QZ
25 - 31 TEM structural characterization of Sn-Te-O thin films on monocrystalline silicon wafers
Popova LI, Peneva SK, Dimitriadis CA, Gueorguiev VK, Andreev SK
32 - 37 Structural morphological and acoustic properties of AlN thick films sputtered on Si(001) and Si(111) substrates at low temperature
Caliendo C, Imperatori P, Cianci E
38 - 43 SrRu1-xFexO3 films coated with SiO2 nano-particles
Park JC, Kim IG, Kim D, Lee CS
44 - 49 Electrochemical and surface structural characterization of chemically and electrochemically synthesized polyaniline coatings
Ivanov S, Mokreva R, Tsakova V, Terlemezyan L
50 - 55 Fabrication of silica-anatase multilayer coating on a K-Ca-Zn-Si glass substrate
Okudera H, Nonami T
56 - 62 Polyaniline-poly(2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanosulfonic acid) composite thin films: structure and properties
Hechavarria L, Hu HL, Rincon ME
63 - 71 Microstructural evolution in Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline thin films
Widjaja EJ, Marks LD
72 - 75 Structure and properties of plasma polymerized and 4-ethylbenzenesulfonic acid-doped polypyrrole films
Hosono K, Matsubara I, Murayama N, Shin W, Izu N, Kanzaki S
76 - 84 Composition and thickness of non-functional organosilane films coated on aluminium studied by means of infra-red spectroscopic ellipsometry
Franquet A, Terryn H, Vereecken J
85 - 95 Transmission electron microscopy studies of atomic layer deposition TiO2 films grown on silicon
Mitchell DRG, Attard DJ, Triani G
96 - 103 The nanostructure evolution during and after magnetron deposition of Au films
Schell N, Jensen T, Petersen JH, Andreasen KP, Bottiger J, Chevallier J
104 - 110 Optical properties of PbS thin films chemically deposited at different temperatures
Valenzuela-Jauregui JJ, Ramirez-Bon R, Mendoza-Galvan A, Sotelo-Lerma M
111 - 114 The optimization of Ta buffer layer in magnetron sputtering IrMn top spinvalve
Liu HR, Ren TL, Qu BJ, Liu LT, Ku WJ, Li W
115 - 120 Antiferroelectric characteristics and low frequency dielectric dispersion of Pb1.075La0.025(Zr0.95Ti0.05)O-3 thin films
Kim IW, Lee DS, Kang SH, Ahn CW
121 - 129 Structural evolution and optical properties of Cd2Nb2O7 films prepared by metallo-organic decomposition
Ronconi CM, Alves OL
130 - 134 Photo-catalytic activity of titanium dioxide thin films prepared by micro-plasma oxidation method
Wu XH, Jiang ZH, Liu HL, Xin SG, Hu XG
135 - 139 On the existence of superstructure in TiNx thin films
Zerkout S, Achour S, Mosser A, Tabet N
140 - 144 A high-resolution transmission electron microscopy investigation of the microstructure of TiO2 anatase film deposited on LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 substrates by laser ablation
Zhu M, Chikyow T, Ahmet P, Naruke T, Murakami M, Matsumoto Y, Koinuma H
145 - 149 Optically induced electron transfer from conjugated organic molecules to charged metal clusters
Koch N, Durr AC, Ghijsen J, Johnson RL, Pireaux JJ, Schwartz J, Schreiber F, Dosch H, Kahn A
150 - 160 Structural and mechanical properties of amorphous W-Si-N sputtered films after thermal annealing
Marques AP, Cavaleiro A
161 - 164 Evaluation of HfO2 film structures deposited by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition using Hf(N(C2H5)(2))(4)/O-2 gas system
Ogura A, Ito K, Ohshita Y, Ishikawa M, Machida H
165 - 171 Mechanical characterization of Ni-P-based ternary coatings by RF magnetron sputtering
Wu FB, Duh JG
172 - 179 A new indentation cracking method for evaluating interfacial adhesion energy of hard films
Kim JJ, Jeong JH, Lee KR, Kwon D
180 - 186 Microstructural characterization and mechanical reliability of interfaces in piezoelectric based microelectromechanical systems
Eakins LMR, Olson BW, Richards CD, Richards RF, Bahr DF
187 - 191 Effect of oxygen on electric conductivities Of C-60 and higher fullerene thin films
Bhuiyan KH, Mieno T
192 - 199 Electrophysical properties of thin germanium/carbon layers produced on silicon using organometallic radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process
Szmidt J, Gazicki-Lipman M, Szymanowski H, Mazurczyk R, Werbowy A, Kudla A
200 - 206 The design of ZnS/Ag/ZnS transparent conductive multilayer films
Liu XJ, Cai X, Qiao JS, Mao HF, Jiang N
207 - 213 Influence of oxygen doping on the electrical and photovoltaic properties of Schottky type solar cells based on alpha-nickel phthalocyanine
Anthopoulos TD, Shafal TS
214 - 222 Photoinduced phase transformations in amorphous ZnSe thin films: amorphous-to-amorphous and amorphous-to-nanocrystalline transitions
Lee HY, Kim SJ, Kim JW, Chung HB
223 - 227 4-(Dicyanomethylene)-2-t-butyl-6-(1,1,7,7-tetramethyljulolidyl-9-enyl)-4H-pyran doped red emitters in organic light-emitting devices
Liu TH, Iou CY, Wen SW, Chen CH
228 - 237 Tailoring of room temperature excitonic luminescence in sol-gel zinc oxide-silica nanocomposite films
Chakrabarti S, Das D, Ganguli D, Chaudhuri S
238 - 242 Investigations on the physical properties of the SnO2-ZnO transparent conducting binary-binary system deposited by spray pyrolysis technique
Bagheri-Mohagheghi MM, Shokooh-Saremi M
243 - 247 Bright-orange organic light emitting diodes fabricated using benzene-naphthalene co-polymer
Kumar L, Dhawan SK, Kamalasanan MN, Chandra S
248 - 254 Surface modification on low dielectric constant material - methylsilsesquioxane
Chen CH, Huang FS
255 - 260 Microstructure and magnetic, transport, and optical properties of ordered and disordered Ni-25Al alloy thin films
Banerjee R, Ayyub P, Thompson GB, Chandra R, Taneja P, Fraser HL
261 - 270 Influence of multilayer nanostructures on photoisomerization and photoorientation of azobenzene
Jung BD, Stumpe J, Hong JD
271 - 276 In vitro apatite deposition on titania film derived from chemical treatment of Ti substrates with an oxysulfate solution containing hydrogen peroxide at low temperature
Xiao F, Tsuru K, Hayakawa S, Osaka A
277 - 283 Photoelectric properties based on photo-induced electron transfer processes in flavin-porphyrin hetero-type Langmuir-Blodgett films
Isoda S, Hanazato Y, Akiyama K, Nishikawa S, Ueyama S
284 - 286 Organic thin-film transistors with ODPA-ODA polyimide as a gate insulator through vapor deposition polymerization
Shim JH, Jung LY, Pyo SW, Kim YK
287 - 291 Piezoelectric coefficient of InN thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Cao CB, Chan HLW, Choy CL
292 - 297 Theoretical explanation of different crystallization processes between as-deposited and melt-quenched amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films
Wei JS, Gan FX
298 - 306 Temperature-coefficient-of-resistance characteristics of sputter-deposited NixAl1-x thin films for 0.5 < x < 1
Anand TJS, Ng HP, Ngan AHW, Meng XK
307 - 310 Interfacial reactions inY(2)O(3) thin films deposited on Si(100)
Paumier E, Gaboriaud RJ
311 - 316 Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of tantalum thin films: the growth and film properties
Kim H, Rossnagel SM
317 - 320 Anisotropic growth of Cr Ad-layer: a one-dimensional nanostructure
Kim EP, Kim TH, Kim ST, Kuk Y, Kahng SJ