Thin Solid Films

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1 - 8 Wide gap chalcopyrites: material properties and solar cells
Siebentritt S
9 - 12 Ammonia-free method for preparation of CdS nanocrystalline films by chemical bath deposition technique
Nemec P, Nemec I, Nahalkova P, Nemcova Y, Trojanek F, Maly P
13 - 16 Hetero-epitaxial growth of Cu(In,Ga)S-2 on Si substrates
Metzner H, Reislohner U, Cieslak J, Witthuhn W, Hahn T, Krausslich J
17 - 25 Advances in solar cells made with hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD): superior films and devices at low equipment cost
Schropp REI
26 - 29 High quality a-Si : H films for MIS device applications
Aguas H, Fortunato E, Silva V, Pereira L, Martins R
30 - 33 Photoconductivity techniques for defect spectroscopy of photovoltaic materials
Bruggemann R, Kleider JP
34 - 38 Transfer of a thin silicon film on to a ceramic substrate
Solanki CS, Bilyalov RR, Poortmans J, Nijs J
39 - 46 Growth and optoelectronic properties of polymorphous silicon thin films
Cabarrocas PRI, Morral AFI, Poissant Y
47 - 51 Band tail states and free electrons in phosphorus doped microcrystalline silicon studied by ESR
Lips K, Kanschat R, Brehme S, Fuhs W
52 - 56 Photo-induced electron transfer from a dithieno thiophene-based polymer to TiO2
Luzzati S, Basso M, Catellani M, Brabec CJ, Gebeyehu D, Sariciftci NS
57 - 61 Electrochemical interface modification of CuInS2 thin films
Aggour M, Storkel U, Murrell C, Campbell SA, Jungblut H, Hoffmann P, Mikalo R, Schmeisser D, Lewerenz HJ
62 - 65 Structural and optical characterization of RF reactively sputtered CuInS2 thin films
He YB, Polity A, Alves HR, Osterreicher I, Kriegseis W, Pfisterer D, Meyer BK, Hardt M
66 - 70 Dithienothiophene and dithienothiophene-S,S-dioxide copolymers for photovoltaics
Catellani M, Boselli B, Luzzati S, Tripodi C
71 - 75 Composition of CuInS2 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
Krunks M, Kijatkina O, Rebane H, Oja I, Mikli V, Mere A
76 - 80 Thin ZnS : Cu,Ga and ZnO : Cu,Ga film phosphors
Kryshtab TG, Khomchenko VS, Papusha VP, Mazin MO, Tzyrkunov YA
81 - 85 Onset of microcrystallinity in silicon thin films
Das C, Ray S
86 - 90 Pulsed dc magnetron-sputtering of microcrystalline silicon
Reinig P, Alex V, Fenske F, Fuhs W, Selle B
91 - 96 Nanocrystalline silicon thin films prepared by radiofrequency magnetron sputtering
Goncalves C, Charvet S, Zeinert A, Clin M, Zellama K
97 - 101 Metallo-supramolecular oligo(p-phenylene vinylene)/[60] fullerene architectures: towards functional materials
El-ghayoury A, Schenning APHJ, van Hal PA, Weidl CH, van Dongen JLJ, Janssen RAJ, Schubert US, Meijer EW
IX - IX Proceeding of Symposium P on Thin Film Materials for Photovoltaics, E-MRS Spring Conference, Strasbourg, France, June 5-8, 2001. Preface
102 - 106 Chemical bath deposition of zinc sulfide based buffer layers using low toxicity materials
Johnston DA, Carletto MH, Reddy KTR, Forbes I, Miles RW
107 - 111 Comparative studies between Cu-Ga-Se and Cu-In-Se thin film systems
Caballero R, Guillen C
112 - 115 In flight treatment of metallurgical silicon powder by RF thermal plasma: elaboration of hydrogenated silicon deposit on a substrate
Benmansour M, Francke E, Morvan D, Amouroux J, Ballutaud D
116 - 119 Formation of polycrystalline SnS layers by a two-step process
Reddy KTR, Reddy PP, Datta R, Miles RW
120 - 125 Study of the conversion process of sulfinyl-OC1C10-PPV precursor polymers with different analytical techniques
Kesters E, Lutsen L, Vanderzande D, Gelan J, Nguyen TP, Molinie P
126 - 129 Properties of zinc sulfur selenide deposited using a close-spaced sublimation method
Armstrong S, Datta PK, Miles RW
130 - 134 Influence of molecule dwell time on mu c-Si : H properties
Coscia U, Ambrosone G, Maddalena P, Lettieri S, Ambrico M, Minarini C
135 - 138 Amorphous silicon deposited by hot-wire CVD for application in dual junction solar cells
van Veen MK, Schropp REI
139 - 143 Temperature improvement of the optical and electrical properties of hydrogenated nanostructured silicon thin films
Hadjadj A, Beorchia A, Cabarrocas PR, Boufendi L
144 - 147 Controlled arsenic diffusion in epitaxial CdxHg1-xTe layers in the evaporation-condensation-diffusion process
Vlasov A, Pysarevsky V, Storchun O, Shevchenko A, Bonchyk A, Pokhmurska H, Barcz A, Swiatek Z
148 - 152 US and CdTe large area thin films processed by radio-frequency planar-magnetron sputtering
Hernandez-Contreras H, Contreras-Puente G, Aguilar-Hernandez J, Morales-Acevedo A, Vidal-Larramendi J, Vigil-Galan O
153 - 156 Influence of the substrate temperature on the structure and the optical properties of amorphous Si : H thin films prepared by reactive evaporation
Rinnert H, Vergnat M
157 - 161 Growth of organic semiconductors for hybrid solar cell application
Ackermann J, Videlot C, El Kassmi A
162 - 169 The future of crystalline silicon films on foreign substrates
Bergmann RB, Werner JH
170 - 174 Crystalline silicon thin films with porous Si backside reflector
Bilyalov R, Solanki CS, Poortmans J, Richard O, Bender H, Kummer M, von Kanel H
175 - 178 Microwave mobility in profiled poly-Si thin films deposited on glass by hot-wire CVD
van Veenendaal PATT, Savenije TJ, Rath JK, Schropp REI
179 - 187 Microcrystalline silicon and'micromorph' tandem solar cells
Shah A, Meier J, Vallat-Sauvain E, Droz C, Kroll U, Wyrsch N, Guillet J, Graf U
188 - 192 Spectral photoresponses and transport properties of polymorphous silicon thin films
Kleider JP, Gauthier M, Longeaud C, Roy D, Saadane O, Bruggemann R
193 - 196 Effect of small crystal size and surface temperature on the Raman spectra of amorphous and nanostructured Si thin films deposited by radiofrequency plasmas
Huet S, Viera G, Boufendi L
197 - 203 Production technology for CIGS thin film solar cells
Negami T, Satoh T, Hashimoto Y, Shimakawa S, Hayashi S, Muro M, Inoue H, Kitagawa M
204 - 211 Optimization of CBD CdS process in high-efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se-2-based solar cells
Contreras MA, Romero MJ, Hasoon BTE, Noufi R, Ward S, Ramanathan K
212 - 215 Ga2O3 segregation in Cu(In, Ga)Se-2/ZnO superstrate solar cells and its impact on their photovoltaic properties
Terheggen M, Heinrich H, Kostorz G, Haug FJ, Zogg H, Tiwari AN
216 - 222 Sputtered Mo/Sb2Te3 and Ni/Sb2Te3 layers as back contacts for CdTe/CdS solar cells
Abken AE, Bartelt OJ
223 - 228 Accurate efficiency determination and stability studies of conjugated polymer/fullerene solar cells
Kroon JM, Wienk MM, Verhees WJH, Hummelen JC
229 - 237 Thin-film polysilicon solar cells on foreign substrates using direct thermal CVD: material and solar cell design
Beaucarne G, Bourdais S, Slaoui A, Poortmans J
238 - 241 Influence of interface treatments on the performance of silicon heterojunction solar cells
Carabe J, Gandia JJ
242 - 246 Electrical characterisation of dye sensitised nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells with liquid electrolyte and solid-state organic hole conductor
Kron G, Egerter T, Nelles G, Yasuda A, Werner JH, Rau U
247 - 251 A comparison between state-of-the-art'gilch' and'sulphinyl' synthesised MDMO-PPV/PCBM bulk hetero-junction solar cells
Munters T, Martens T, Goris L, Vrindts V, Manca J, Lutsen L, De Ceuninck W, Vanderzande D, De Schepper L, Gelan J, Sariciftci NS, Brabec CJ
252 - 257 Band energy diagram of CdTe thin film solar cells
Fritsche J, Kraft D, Thissen A, Mayer T, Klein A, Jaegermann W
258 - 262 A two-dimensional modeling of the fine-grained polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells
Christoffel E, Rusu M, Zerga A, Bourdais S, Noel S, Slaoui A
263 - 266 Photoelements based on CdTe diodes with a surface barrier
Gorley PM, Demych MV, Horley PP, Makhniy VP, Ciach R, Beltowska-Lehman E, Swiatek Z
267 - 270 Photoelectric properties of cadmium-zinc telluride heterojunctions
Gorley PM, Demych MV, Horley PP, Makhniy VP, Ciach R, Beltowska-Lehman E, Swiatek Z
271 - 274 Solid-state organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells based on conjugated polymers and dye-sensitized TiO2 electrodes
Gebeyehu D, Brabec CJ, Sariciftci NS
275 - 279 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon films with low defect density prepared by argon dilution: application to solar cells
Ray PP, Chaudhuri P, Chatterjee R
280 - 286 Light induced changes in the electrical behavior of CdTe and Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Kontges M, Reineke-Koch R, Nollet P, Beier J, Schaffler R, Parisi J
287 - 292 Design considerations for thin-film silicon solar cells from the porous silicon (PSI) process
Scholten D, Horbelt R, Kintzel W, Brendel R
293 - 296 Comparison of structural and electrical properties of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 for substrate and superstrate solar cells
Haug FJ, Rudmann D, Bilger G, Zogg H, Tiwari AN
297 - 301 Extraction of bulk and contact components of the series resistance in organic bulk donor-acceptor-heterojunctions
Aernouts T, Geens W, Poortmans J, Heremans P, Borghs S, Mertens R
302 - 306 Laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition of thick poly-Si layers for solar cells
Della Sala D, Loreti S, Fornarini L, Menicucci I, Santoni A, Delli Veneri P, Minarini C, Privato C, Lancock J
307 - 311 Dry cleaning process of crystalline silicon surface in a-Si : H/c-Si heterojunction for photovoltaic applications
Tucci M, Salurso E, Roca E, Palma F
312 - 319 Comparison of optical and electrochemical properties of anatase and brookite TiO2 synthesized by the sol-gel method
Koelsch M, Cassaignon S, Guillemoles JF, Jolivet JR
320 - 324 The change of the electronic properties of CIGS devices induced by the'damp heat' treatment
Igalson M, Wimbor M, Wennerberg J
325 - 330 Influence of damp heat testing on the electrical characteristics of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)(2) solar cells
Deibel C, Dyakonov V, Parisi J, Palm J, Zweigart S, Karg F
331 - 334 Structural, optical and electrical properties of beta-In2S3-3xO3x thin films obtained by PVD
Barreau N, Marsillac S, Albertini D, Bernede JC
335 - 338 Sol-gel TiO2 antireflective films for textured monocrystalline silicon solar cells
San Vicente S, Morales A, Gutierrez MT
339 - 343 Study of CIGS/In(OH)(x)S-y heterojunctions
Bayon R, Maffiotte C, Herrero J
344 - 348 Contribution of the ZnSe/CuGaSe2 heterojunction in photovoltaic performances of chalcopyrite-based solar cells
Rusu M, Sadewasser S, Glatzel T, Gashin P, Simashkevich A, Jager-Waldau A
349 - 353 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon alloys for solar cells
Ambrosone G, Coscia U, Lettieri S, Maddalena P, Privato C, Ferrero S
354 - 358 Modelling a-Si : H based p-i-n structures for optical sensor applications
Vygranenko Y, Fernandes M, Louro P, Vieira M
359 - 362 The influence of the amorphous silicon deposition temperature on the efficiency of the ITO/A-Si : H/C-Si heterojunction (HJ) solar cells and properties of interfaces
Ulyashin AG, Job R, Scherff M, Gao MZ, Fahrner WR, Lyebyedyev D, Roos N, Scheer HC
363 - 367 Memory effects in highly resistive p-i-n heterojunctions for optical applications
Schwarz R, Louro P, Vygranenko Y, Fernandes M, Vieira M, Schubert M
368 - 372 The influence of materials work function on the open circuit voltage of plastic solar cells
Brabec CJ, Cravino A, Meissner D, Sariciftci NS, Rispens MT, Sanchez L, Hummelen JC, Fromherz T
373 - 379 Sensitization of low bandgap polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
Winder C, Matt G, Hummelen JC, Janssen RAJ, Sariciftci NS, Brabec CJ
380 - 383 Morphology and structure of organic thin films for solar cells and transistors application
Videlot C, Ackermann J, El Kassmi A, Raynal P
384 - 389 Dielectric barriers for flexible CIGS solar modules
Herz K, Kessler E, Wachter R, Powalla M, Schneider J, Schulz A, Schumacher U
390 - 395 Facile modulation of single source precursors: the synthesis and characterization of single source precursors for deposition of ternary chalcopyrite materials
Banger KK, Harris JD, Cowen JE, Hepp AF
396 - 404 Grain boundaries and impurities in CdTe/CdS solar cells
Durose K, Cousins MA, Boyle DS, Beier J, Bonnet D
405 - 409 The puzzle of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 (CIGS) solar cells stability
Guillemoles JF
410 - 414 Quantitative study of electron transport in nanostructured materials by means of transient absorption spectroscopy
van 't Spijker H, Goossens A
415 - 418 Charge transport in pi-conjugated polymers from extraction current transients
Genevicius K, Osterbacka R, Juska G, Arlauskas K, Stubb H
419 - 424 Optical and electrooptical absorption in conducting polymers
Kirova N, Brazovskii S
425 - 431 XPS and electrical studies of buried interfaces in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Canava B, Vigneron J, Etcheberry A, Guimard D, Guillemoles JF, Lincot D, Hamatly SOS, Djebbour Z, Mencaraglia A
432 - 437 Investigations of atomic diffusion at CIGSSe/ZnSe interfaces with heavy ion elastic recoil detection analysis (HI-ERDA)
Lindner S, Bohne W, Jager-Waldau A, Lux-Steiner MC, Rohrich J, Vogl G
438 - 443 Organic co-evaporated films of a PPV-pentamer and C-60: model systems for donor/acceptor polymer blends
Geens W, Aernouts T, Poortmans J, Hadziioannou G
444 - 448 Highly ordered anisotropic nano-needles in para-sexiphenyl films
Andreev A, Sitter H, Sariciftci NS, Brabec CJ, Springholz G, Hinterdorfer P, Plank H, Resel R, Thierry A, Lotz B
449 - 452 Contactless characterization of a-Si : H films on crystalline silicon substrates
von Aichberger S, Wunsch F, Kunst M
453 - 456 Spatially resolved photoluminescence measurements on Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films
Bothe K, Bauer GH, Unold T
457 - 461 Growth of PbS thin films on silicon substrate by SILAR technique
Puiso J, Tamulevicius S, Laukaitis G, Lindroos S, Leskela M, Snitka V
462 - 466 Ultrafast carrier dynamics in CdSe nanocrystalline films on crystalline silicon substrate
Maly P, Trojanek F, Miyoshi T, Yamanaka K, Luterova K, Pelant I, Nemec P
467 - 470 Electron diffraction and high-resolution transmission microscopy studies of nanostructured Si thin films deposited by radiofrequency dusty plasmas
Viera G, Huet S, Mikikian M, Boufendi L
471 - 475 X-Ray, kinetic and optical properties of thin CuInS2 films
Gonzalez-Hernandez J, Gorley PM, Horley PP, Vartsabyuk OM, Vorobiev YV
476 - 479 Characterization and application of a-SiCx : H films for the passivation of the c-Si surface
Martin I, Vetter M, Orpella A, Puigdollers J, Voz C, Marsal LF, Pallares J, Alcubilla R
480 - 484 Optical switching in thin film electrochemical cells employing hydrogenated Pd/Y cathode
Parkhutik V, Matveeva E
485 - 488 Optical and structural investigation of ZnO thin films prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Purica M, Budianu E, Rusu E, Danila M, Gavrila R
489 - 494 Morphological characterization of poly(3-octylthiophene): plasticizer : C-60 blends
Camaioni N, Catellani M, Luzzati S, Migliori A
495 - 499 Photoluminescence and sub band gap absorption of CuGaSe2 thin films
Meeder A, Marron DF, Chu V, Conde JP, Jager-Waldau A, Rumberg A, Lux-Steiner MC
500 - 504 Properties of silicon oversaturated with implanted hydrogen
Popov VP, Tyschenko IE, Safronov LN, Naumova OV, Antonova IV, Gutakovsky AK, Talochkin AB
505 - 509 Low-temperature preparation of MoS2 thin films on glass substrate with NaF additive
Barreau N, Bernede JC
510 - 512 Recombination of electronic excitations in regioregular poly(3-dodecylthiophene)
Westerling M, Osterbacka R, Stubb H
513 - 516 Defects induced in amorphous silicon thin films by light soaking
Pivac B, Kovacevic I, Zulim I
517 - 521 Calculations of the reflectance of porous silicon and other antireflection coating to silicon solar cells
Aroutiounian VM, Maroutyan KR, Zatikyan AL, Touryan KJ
522 - 525 Microstructural changes of CdTe during the annealing process
Chapman AJ, Lane DW, Rogers KD, Ozsan ME
526 - 529 Optoelectronic properties of microcrystalline silicon films
Wunsch F, Citarella G, Kunst M
530 - 534 Raman study of Zn1-xBexSe/GaAs systems with low Be-content (x <= 0.31)
Ajjoun M, Pages O, Laurenti JP, Bormann D, Chauvet C, Tournie E, Faurie JP, Gorochov O
535 - 538 LO phonon-plasmon coupling in N-doped Zn1-xBexSe/GaAs (x <= 0.15)
Ajjoun M, Pages O, Laurenti JP, Bormann D, Chauvet C, Tournie E, Faurie JP
539 - 542 Influence of the a-Si : H structural defects studied by positron annihilation on the solar cells characteristics
Amaral A, Lavareda G, de Carvalho CN, Brogueira P, Gordo PM, Subrahmanyam VS, Gil CL, Naia MD, de Lima AP
543 - 548 Electron microscopic characterization of microcrystalline silicon thin films deposited by ECR-CVD
Sieber I, Wanderka N, Kaiser I, Fuhs W
549 - 552 EBIC technique applied to polycrystalline silicon thin films: minority carrier diffusion length improvement by hydrogenation
Ballutaud D, Riviere A, Rusu M, Bourdais S, Slaoui A
553 - 557 Optimizing n-ZnnO/p-Si heterojunctions for photodiode applications
Lee JY, Choi YS, Kim JH, Park MO, Im S
558 - 562 Ge layer transfer to Si for photovoltaic applications
Zahler JM, Ahn CG, Zaghi S, Atwater HA, Chu C, Iles P