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ISSN: 0040-6031 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of residue from China Shenhua industrial direct coal liquefaction plant
Xu L, Tang MC, Duan L, Liu BL, Ma XX, Zhang YL, Argyle MD, Fan MH
11 - 18 Thermal risk evaluation on decomposition processes for four organic peroxides
Lv JY, Chen WH, Chen LP, Tian YT, Yan JJ
19 - 24 Polymorphic and pressure-induced phase transformations of malonamide system
Espeau P
25 - 30 Role of Nb2O5 phase in the formation of piezoelectric PbNb2O6
Sahu KR, De U
31 - 36 Composition and thermal stability of bis(dipyrrolylmethenato)zinc(II) crystal solvates with N,N-dimethylformamide
Guseva GB, Antina EV, Ksenofontov AA, Barannikov VP, Vyugin AI
37 - 46 Thermal gradients in thermal analysis experiments: Criterions to prevent inaccuracies when determining sample temperature and kinetic parameters
Sanchez-Rodriguez D, Eloussifi H, Farjas J, Roura P, Dammak M
47 - 55 Theoretical prediction of thermodynamic activities of all components in the Bi-Sb-Sn ternary lead-free solder system and Pb-Bi-Sb-Sn quaternary system
Awe OE, Oshakuade OM
56 - 62 A new method of application of hydrated salts on textiles to achieve thermoregulating properties
Kazemi Z, Mortazavi SM
63 - 69 Kinetic analysis of the non-isothermal decomposition of carbon monofluoride
Chen G, Shi ZN, Yu JY, Wang ZW, Xu JL, Gao BL, Hu XW
70 - 75 Accelerated testing of thermo-oxidative degradation of polyvinyl butyral
Ivanov VB, Zavodchikova AA, Popova EI, Lazareva OL, Belova OA, Kryuchkov IA, Bykov EV
76 - 84 Comment on: "Relaxation time of high-density amorphous ice, by P. H. Handle, M. Seidl, T. Loerting; Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 225901". The alpha-relaxation time of strained state of high-density amorphous ice at T < T-g, its Tg, and its transformations
Johari GP
85 - 89 The solid-liquid interfacial energy for solid Zn solution at the eutectic Zn-Sn-Mg ternary alloy
Billur CA, Saatci B
90 - 99 Dynamic and kinematic viscosities, excess volumes and excess Gibbs energies of activation for viscous flow in the ternary mixture {1-propanol+N,N-dimethylformamide plus chloroform} at temperatures between 293.15 K and 323.15 K
Hassein-bey-Larouci A, Igoujilen O, Aitkaci A, Segovia JJ, Villamanan MA
100 - 106 Kinetic analysis of nicotine desorption from silicon dioxide under non-isothermal conditions
Lazarevic N, Adnadjevic B, Jovanovic J
107 - 113 Thermodynamics of the nickel, cobalt and zinc removal from ethanolic solution by p-aminobenzoic acid intercalated on layered calcium phosphate
de Souza FM, Dias APB, Babeto B, Pelisson S, Lazarin AM, Sernaglia RL, Andreotti EIS, Airoldi C
114 - 122 Study of the heat-induced denaturation and water state of hybrid hydrogels based on collagen and poly (N-isopropyl acrylamide) in hydrated conditions
Nistor MT, Pamfil D, Schick C, Vasile C
123 - 130 Volumetric and ultrasonic studies of solute-solute and solute-solvent interactions of N-acetyl glycine in aqueous sucrose solutions at different temperatures
Sharma SK, Singh G, Kataria R, Kumar H
131 - 136 Structural factors controlling thermal stability of imidazolium ionic liquids with 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium cation on gamma-Al2O3
Akcay A, Balci V, Uzun A
137 - 147 On the solid-liquid phase diagrams of binary mixtures of even saturated fatty alcohols: Systems exhibiting peritectic reaction
Carareto NDD, dos Santos AO, Rolemberg MP, Cardoso LP, Costa MC, Meirelles AJA
148 - 157 Physicochemical and thermodynamic characterization of N-alkyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bromides and its aqueous solutions
Zawadzki M, Krolikowska M, Lipinski P
158 - 163 Methods of PCM microcapsules application and the thermal properties of modified knitted fabric
Nejman A, Cieslak M, Gajdzicki B, Goetzendorf-Grabowska B, Karaszewska A
164 - 173 Solution calorimetry as a complementary tool for the determination of enthalpies of vaporization and sublimation of low, volatile compounds at 298.151 K
Solomonov BN, Varfolomeev MA, Nagrimanov RN, Novikov VB, Zaitsau DH, Verevkin SP
174 - 182 Evaluation of formation of intermetallic compounds in Al2024 alloy using thermal analysis technique
Shabestari SG, Ghoncheh MH, Momeni H
183 - 196 Heat capacity and transition behavior of sucrose by standard, fast scanning and temperature-modulated calorimetry
Magon A, Wurm A, Schick C, Pangloli P, Zivanoyic S, Skotnicki M, Pyda M
197 - 206 Preparation, curing kinetic and properties of a novel amine with flexible polyoxypropylene side chain curing agent for epoxy resin
Wang GY, Jiang GL, Zhang J
207 - 214 Investigation of combustion and co-combustion characteristics of raw and thermal treated bamboo with thermal gravimetric analysis
Bada SO, Falcon RMS, Falcon LM
215 - 225 A preliminary study of the influence of ions in the pore solution of hardened cement pastes on the porosity determination by low temperature calorimetry
Wu M, Johannesson B, Geiker M
226 - 234 Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of high density polyethylene/graphene nanocomposites prepared by in-situ polymerization
Shehzad F, Thomas SP, Al-Harthi MA
235 - 240 Solubility of N-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(pyridin-4-ylcarbonyl) hydrazinecarbothioamide in PEG 400+water co-solvent mixtures at 298.15 K to 338.15 K
Bhat MA, Haq N, Shakeel F
241 - 246 The reaction kinetics of cyclopentadiene dimerization using differential scanning calorimetry: Experiments and modelling
Gao SY, Simon SL
247 - 251 Calorimetric study of solvation of low polar solutes in propylene glycol and methyl cellosolve at 298 K
Sedov IA, Stolov MA, Solornonov BN
252 - 261 Thermal degradation studies of poly(urethane-siloxane) thermosets based on co-poly(dimethyl)(methyl, hydroxypolyoxyethylenepropyl) siloxane
Byczynski L, Dutkiewicz M, Maciejewski H
262 - 269 An evaluation of thermal lags of fast-scan microchip DSC with polymer film samples
Toda A, Konishi M
270 - 277 Thermal decomposition kinetic of 1,1-di(tert-butylperoxy)cyclohexane in organic solvents
Ben Talouba I, Bensahlam N, Medjkoune H, Mouhab N, Balland L, Abdelghani-Idrissi MA
278 - 283 Heat dissipation performance of metal-core printed circuit board prepared by anodic oxidation and electroless deposition
Lee J, Kim J, Kim D, Chung W
284 - 294 Relaxation in rotationally disordered phase of hexa-substituted benzenes
Murthy SSN, Singh AK
295 - 296 Professor Syuzo Seki (1915-2013), Emeritus Professor, Osaka University Obituary
Matsuo T, Suga H