Thermochimica Acta

Thermochimica Acta, Vol.575 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0040-6031 (Print) 

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1 - 11 TG/DTA study on the carbon monoxide and graphite thermal reduction of a high-grade iron nickel oxide residue with the presence of siliceous gangue
Yu DW, Zhu MQ, Utigard TA, Barati M
12 - 16 Thermodynamic properties of vitamin B-2
Knyazev AV, Letyanina IA, Plesovskikh AS, Smirnova NN, Knyazeva SS
17 - 20 Thermochemical investigation of delta-Bi2O3 doped by Re2O7 and Sm2O3
Matskevich NI, Wolf T, Bryzgalova AN, Chupakhina TI, Zolotova ES, Matskevich MY, Bespyatov MA
21 - 28 Curing behavior and thermal properties of TGDDM copolymerized with a new pyridine-containing diamine and with DDM or DDS
Mustafa MF, Cook WD, Schiller TL, Siddiqi HM
29 - 33 Preformulation studies of itraconazole associated with benznidazole and pharmaceutical excipients
Alves-Silva I, Sa-Barreto LCL, Lima EM, Cunha-Filho MSS
34 - 39 Molar heat capacities of diethylenetriamine and 3-(methylamino)propylamine, their aqueous binaries, and aqueous ternaries with piperazine
Lin SY, Leron RB, Li MH
40 - 44 Application of the Eotvos and Guggenheim empirical rules for predicting the density and surface tension of ionic liquids analogues
Mjalli FS, Vakili-Nezhaad G, Shahbaz K, AINashef IM
45 - 54 Study on the crystallization of poly(butylene azelate-co-butylene succinate) copolymers
Diaz A, Franco L, Puiggali J
55 - 63 Thermal decomposition mechanism of p-tert-butyl-calix[n]arenes
Chennakesavulu K, Sreedevi P, Basaria MR, Reddy GR, Sasipraba T, Raju GB, Prabhakar S
64 - 69 Nanocrystallization kinetics and magnetic properties of the melt spun amorphous (Fe0.5Co0.5)(77)Si11B9Cu0.6Nb2.4 alloy
Shivaee HA, Samadi M, Alihosseini H, Hosseini HRM
70 - 80 Studies on thermal degradation kinetics of thermal and UV cured N-(4-hydroxy phenyl) maleimide derivatives
Pitchaimari G, Vijayakumar CT
81 - 89 Thermal properties and structural characterizations of new types of phase change material: Anhydrous and hydrated palmitic acid/camphene solid dispersions
Lee T, Chiu YH, Lee Y, Lee HL
90 - 96 Thermodynamic properties of solid solutions in the system Ag2S-Ag2Se
Pal'yanova GA, Chudnenko KV, Zhuravkova TV
97 - 113 Experimental study of the isochoric heat capacity and liquid-gas coexistence-curve properties of sec-butanol in the near- and supercritical regions
Radzhabova LM, Stepanov GV, Abdulagatov IM, Shakhbanov KA
114 - 121 Thermoanalytical study of linkage isomerism in coordination compounds. Part III: A DSC study on the effect of counterion on the solid state isomerization of nitro and nitrito linkage isomers of pentaamminecobalt(III) complexes
Eslami A, Hasani N
122 - 128 Mesophase behavior of binary and ternary mixtures of benzoic acids bearing terminal substituents of different polarity and chain-lengths
Ahmed HA, Naoum MM
129 - 134 Thermodynamic analyses of structural phase transition of Pr2NiO4+delta involving variation of oxygen content
Niwa E, Wakai K, Hori T, Yashiro K, Mizusaki J, Hashimoto T
135 - 143 Ionic liquids analogues based on potassium carbonate
Mjalli FS, Naser J, Jibril B, Al-Hatmi SS, Gano ZS
144 - 150 Polymerization kinetics of boron carbide/epoxy composites
Abenojar J, Encinas N, del Real JC, Martinez MA
151 - 158 Pb-free solders: Experimental and calculated enthalpy of mixing of the liquid Au-In-Sn-Zn quaternary system
Boulouiz A, Sabbar A
159 - 166 Prediction of thermal stability, crystallinity and thermomechanical properties of poly(ethylene oxide)/clay nanocomposites with artificial neural networks
Burgaz E, Yazici M, Kapusuz M, Alisir SH, Ozcan H
167 - 172 Heat capacity, enthalpy and entropy of Sr14Co11O33 and Sr6Co5O15
Jankovsky O, Sedmidubsky D, Sofer Z, Leitner J, Ruzicka K, Svoboda P
173 - 178 Synthesis, crystal structure and thermochemistry of the coordination compound of pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid with barium ion
Zhang YH, Di YY, Tan ZC, Dou JM
179 - 187 A new approach to assess the effects of Sr and Bi interaction in ADC12 Al-Si die casting alloy
Farahany S, Ourdjini A, Abu Bakar TA, Idris MH
188 - 194 Analysis of unburned carbon in industrial ashes from biomass combustion by thermogravimetric method using Boudouard reaction
Straka P, Nahunkova J, Zaloudkova M
195 - 205 Study of glass transition phenomena in the supercooled liquid phase of methocarbamol, acetaminophen and mephenesin
Saini MK, Murthy SSN
206 - 211 Effect of carbon on the beneficiation of OSCOM ilmenite by carbonitrothermy
Mukherjee A, Raje N, Krishnamurthy N
212 - 218 Thermal behaviour of nicotinic acid, sodium nicotinate and its compounds with some bivalent transition metal ions
do Nascimento ALCS, Caires FJ, Gomes DJC, Gigante AC, Ionashiro M
219 - 225 Utilization of a waste from titanium oxide industry for the synthesis of sodium ferrate by gas-solid reactions
Kanari N, Filippova I, Diot F, Mochon J, Ruiz-Bustinza I, Allaina E, Yvon J
226 - 232 Thermal and spectroscopic studies on solid ibuprofen complexes of lighter trivalent lanthanides
Galico DA, Holanda BBC, Guerra RB, Legendre AO, Rinaldo D, Treu-Filho O, Bannach G
233 - 237 Accounting for the thickness dependence of the T-g in supported PS films via the volume holes diffusion model
Boucher VM, Cangialosi D, Alegria A, Colmenero J
238 - 243 Crystallization of zirconia doped basalt fibers
Lipatov YV, Arkhangelsky IV, Dunaev AV, Gutnikov SI, Manylov MS, Lazoryak BI
244 - 253 Novel silicon-modified phenolic novolac resins: Non-isothermal curing kinetics, and mechanical and thermal properties of their biofiber-reinforced composites
Bu ZY, Hu JJ, Li BG
254 - 261 Investigation of potassium sulphate-calcium sulphate binary system by Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry
Armatys K, Bencze L, Miller M, Wolter A
262 - 268 Miscibility and crystallization behavior of biodegradable poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene carbonate) and tannic acid blends
Weng MT, Qiu ZB
269 - 275 Dilution thermodynamics of the biologically relevant cation mixtures
Kaczynski M, Borowik T, Przybylo M, Langner M
276 - 278 Development of salt hydrate eutectics as latent heat storage for air conditioning and cooling
Efimova A, Pinnau S, Mischke M, Breitkopf C, Ruck M, Schmidt P
279 - 284 Crystallization and degradation behaviors of poly(butylene succinate)/poly(Z-L-lysine) composites
Tan LC, Hu J, Ye SW, Wei JC, Chen YW
285 - 290 Structural characterizations and thermal analyses of Se70Te30 chalcogenide glassy alloy
Abd-Elrahman MI, Khafagy RM, Zaki SA, Hafiz MM
291 - 299 Synthesis, thermodynamic properties and BSA interaction of a new Valen Shiff base derived from o-vanillin and trimethoprim
Li X, Jiang JH, Xiao SX, Gu HW, Li CH, Ye LJ, Li X, He DG, Yao FH, Li QG
300 - 304 Investigation of thermoluminescence characteristics of Li2B4O7: Mn (TLD-800)
Kafadar VE, Yildirim RG, Zebari H, Zebari D
305 - 312 Thermophysical properties of lactates
Lomba L, Giner B, Zuriaga E, Gascon I, Lafuente C
313 - 321 Screening and characterization of cocrystal formation of metaxalone with short-chain dicarboxylic acids induced by solvent-assisted grinding approach
Lin HL, Wu TK, Lin SY
322 - 330 Shrinkage prediction during non-isothermal sintering in the presence liquid phase: New kinetic model, Part I
Salem S, Salem A
331 - 335 Effects of concentration and temperature on interactions in (L-alanine/L-threonine/glycylglycine plus aqueous D-glucose/aqueous sucrose) systems: Insights from viscosity measurements
Riyazuddeen, Usmani MA
336 - 342 Enthalpy of mixing of liquid Ag-Bi-Cu alloys at 1073 K
Fima P, Flandorfer H