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ISSN: 0040-6031 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Influence of acids and alkalis on transglycosylation and beta-elimination pathway kinetics during cellulose pyrolysis
Shaik SM, Koh CY, Sharratt PN, Tan RBH
10 - 14 Enthalpy relaxation of the glassy matrix in vanadium-molybdenum-tellurite oxide glasses
Cardillo EC, Terny S, Frechero MA
15 - 18 Heat capacities and thermodynamic properties of [Co(AIP)(BPY)(0.5)center dot H2O](n)center dot 2nH(2)O
Li JJ, Xu F, Si XL, Sun LX, Jiao QZ, Jiao CL, Gu ZZ, Xin H
19 - 23 Amino acid behavior in aqueous amide solutions: Temperature dependence of the L-phenylalanine-N,N-dimethylformamide interaction
Kustov AV
24 - 35 Ultrasound assisted solvent free intercalation of montmorillonite with PEG1000: A new type of organoclay with improved thermal properties
Onder E, Sarier N, Ukuser G, Ozturk M, Arat R
36 - 43 The pyrolysis simulation of five biomass species by hemi-cellulose, cellulose and lignin based on thermogravimetric curves
Zhou H, Long YQ, Meng AH, Li QH, Zhang YG
44 - 49 Thermodynamic assessment of the Bi-Er and the Bi-Dy systems
Wang JS, Li CR, Guo CP, Du ZM, Wu B
50 - 56 Molar heat capacities and electrical conductivities of two ammonium-based deep eutectic solvents and their aqueous solutions
Siongco KR, Leron RB, Caparanga AR, Li MH
57 - 70 Crystallization kinetics and melting behaviors of poly(L-lactide)/graphene oxides composites
Chen HM, Zhang WB, Du XC, Yang JH, Zhang N, Huang T, Wang Y
71 - 76 Optimization of DSC calibration procedure
Shimkin A
77 - 83 Apparent molar volume and apparent molar isentropic compressibility for the binary systems {methyltrioctylammoniumbis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imide plus ethyl acetate or ethanol} at different temperatures under atmospheric pressure
Bahadur I, Deenadayalu N
84 - 91 Thermally conductive composites obtained by flake graphite filling immiscible Polyamide 6/Polycarbonate blends
Zhou ST, Chen Y, Zou HW, Liang M
92 - 99 Thermal co-decomposition of silver acetylacetonate and tin(II) hexafluoroacetylacetonate: Formation of carbonaceous Ag/AgxSn(x=4 and 6.7)/SnO2 composites
Krenek T, Duchek P, Urbanova M, Pokorna D, Bezdicka P, Jakubec I, Pola M, Cerstvy R, Kovarik T, Pola J
100 - 104 [Pd(NH3)(4)]MoO4 as a precursor for Pd-Mo-containing catalysts: Thermal behavior, X-ray analysis of the thermolysis products and related catalytic studies
Gubanov AI, Filatov EY, Semitut EY, Smolentsev AI, Snytnikov PV, Potemkin DI, Korenev SV
105 - 111 Effect of Grubbs' catalysts on cure kinetics of endo-dicyclopentadiene
Yang G, Lee JK
112 - 117 Thermal decomposition of lanthanum(III) butyrate in argon atmosphere
Grivel JC, Zhao Y, Tang X, Pallewatta PGPA, Watenphul A, Zimmermann MV
118 - 123 On the use of a reduced model for the simulation of melting of solutions in DSC experiments
Gibout S, Franquet E, Marechal W, Dumas JP
124 - 129 Partial molar volume, Jones-Dole coefficient, and limiting molar isentropic compressibility of sodium ibuprofen in water and its hydration number and hydration free energy
Kharat SJ
130 - 136 Dielectric and excess dielectric constants in non polar plus polar binary liquid mixtures of toluene with alcohols at 303, 313 and 323 K
Ramana CVV, Kumar ABVK, Kumar AS, Kumar MA, Moodley MK
137 - 148 The effect of molecular structure on thermal stability, decomposition kinetics and reaction models of nitric esters
Yan QL, Kunzel M, Zeman S, Svoboda R, Bartoskova M
149 - 154 Phase behavior of aqueous two-phase systems composed of 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide + Rb2CO3/Cs2CO3 + water
Yin GW, Li SN, Zhai QG, Jiang YC, Hu MC
155 - 161 Thermo-acoustic investigation in alcohol-water mixtures: Impact of lipophilic antioxidant on anionic surfactant properties for potential cosmeceutical application
Bhardwaj V, Sharma P, Chauhan S
162 - 168 Thermogravimetric study on the hydration of reactive magnesia and silica mixture at room temperature
Jin F, Ai-Tabbaa A
169 - 174 Study of the In-S phase diagram using spectrophotometric characterization of equilibria between hydrogen and indium sulfides
Zavrazhnov AY, Kosyakov AV, Naumov AV, Sergeeva AV, Berezin SS
175 - 180 Thermodynamic properties of Au-Hg binary solid solution
Chudnenko K, Pal'yanova G
181 - 185 Study of the gamma -> delta phase transformation kinetics and reaction mechanism in plutonium
Ennaceur SM
186 - 192 Glass transition and segmental dynamics in thin supported polystyrene films: The role of molecular weight and annealing
Yin H, Cangialosi D, Schonhals A
193 - 202 Thermodynamics for proton binding of phytate in KNO3(aq) at different temperatures and ionic strengths
Bretti C, De Stefano C, Lando G, Sammartano S
203 - 210 Impact of lattice distortions on elastic and thermal behavior of La doped YVO3
Parveen A, Gaur NK
211 - 213 Kinetics and enthalpy of crystallization of uric acid dihydrate
Sadovska G, Honcova P, Sadovsky Z
214 - 217 An extended Kissinger equation for near equilibrium solid-gas heterogeneous transformations
Agresti F
218 - 225 Study of the reactions between tetrabromobisphenol A and PbO and Fe2O3 in inert and oxidizing atmospheres by various thermal methods
Oleszek S, Grabda M, Shibata E, Nakamura T
226 - 232 Effects of thermal runaway hazard for three organic peroxides conducted by acids and alkalines with DSC, VSP2, and TAM III
Liu SH, Hou HY, Chen JW, Weng SY, Lin YC, Shu CM
233 - 237 A correlation of maximum attainable superheat and acentric factor of alkali metals
Balasubramanian R
238 - 248 Cure kinetic and network structure of NR/SBR composites reinforced by multiwalled carbon nanotube and carbon blacks
Ahmadi M, Shojaei A
249 - 256 Functional form of the Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami kinetics for non-isothermal phase transformations at constant heating rate
Tomellini M
257 - 260 Thermal analysis and safety information for metal nanopowders by DSC
Tseng JM, Huang ST, Duh YS, Hsieh TY, Sun YY, Lin JZ, Wu HC, Kao CS
261 - 267 Liquid-liquid equilibria of hydrophilic alcohol plus sodium hydroxide plus water systems: Experimental and correlation
Han J, Wu YC, Xiang YY, Wang Y, Ma JJ, Hu YT
268 - 273 Probing solute-solvent interactions of some bio-active solutes in aqueous barium nitrate solution on the basis of physicochemical contrivances
Roy MN, De P, Sikdar PS
274 - 280 Crystallization study of Sn additive Se-Te chalcogenide alloys
Abdel-Rahim MA, Gaber A, Abu-Sehly AA, Abdelazim NM
281 - 291 Accurate and direct quantification of native brucite in serpentine ores-New methodology and implications for CO2 sequestration by mining residues
Assima GP, Larachi F, Molson J, Beaudoin G
292 - 297 Efflorescence on the surface of beeswax seals: A calorimetric study
Bartl B, Havlin J, Trejbal J, Durovic M
298 - 304 Non-isothermal kinetics study on synthesis of LiFePO4 via carbothermal reduction method
He LH, Liu XH, Zhao ZW
305 - 313 Comparison dielectric and thermal properties of polyurethane/organoclay nanocomposites
Baysal G, Aydin H, Koytepe S, Seckin T
314 - 315 Lattice energies and polarizabilities of lanthanide gallium garnets (Ln(3)Ga(5)O(12)) (vol 557, pg 20, 2013)
Petrov D