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1 - 8 Measurement and correlation of phase diagram data for polyoxyethylene (10) lauryl ether and potassium hydroxide/potassium carbonate/potassium phosphate aqueous two-phase systems at 298.15 K
Lu Y, Han J, Sheng CZ, Yu P, Tan ZJ, Yan YS
9 - 17 Simultaneous DSC-FTIR spectroscopy: Comparison of cross-linking kinetics of an epoxy/amine resin system
Pandita SD, Wang LW, Mahendran RS, Machavaram VR, Irfan MS, Harris D, Fernando GF
18 - 23 Heterogeneous reaction kinetics of epoxide-functionalized regenerated cellulose membrane and aliphatic amine
Koh YP, Karim MN, Simon SL
24 - 31 Solubility of 1,3-dimethyl-1,1,3,3-tetraphenyldisiloxane in different solvents from (288.15 to 313.15) K
Wu C, Li J, Dong H, Jiang JX
32 - 36 Solid-liquid equilibria of three binary systems of anthracene with 2-phenylimidazole, 4,5-diphenylimidazole and 2,4,5-triphenylimidazole
Sifaoui H, Rogalski M
37 - 58 The manufacturing of polyamide- and polypropylene-organoclay nanocomposite filaments and their suitability for textile applications
Onder E, Sarier N, Ersoy MS
59 - 65 The effect of thermal history of polyamide 6 on the crystallization and melting behavior of beta-nucleated polypropylene/polyamide 6 blends
Lin ZD, Guan ZX, Zhang ZS, Mai KC
66 - 73 Volumetric properties of binary liquid mixtures of alcohols with 1,2-dichloroethane at different temperatures and atmospheric pressure
Daoudi H, Kaci AA, Tafat-Igoudjilene O
74 - 81 Amorphous/crystal and polymer/filler interphases in biocomposites from poly(butylene succinate)
Signori F, Pelagaggi M, Bronco S, Righetti MC
82 - 87 Comparative study on the effects of two antifungal drugs against Candida albicans by microcalorimetry and transmission electron microscopy
Guo QL, Zhang J, Xu ZQ, Li R, Jiang FL, Xiao Q, Liu Y
88 - 95 Determination of the glass transition temperature of ionic liquids: A molecular approach
Mirkhani SA, Gharagheizi F, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Farahani N
96 - 106 Simple yet accurate prediction method for sublimation enthalpies of organic contaminants using their molecular structure
Bagheri M, Bagheri M, Gandomi AH, Golbraikh A
107 - 112 Electrical conductivity of CaCl2-KCl-NaCl system at 1080 K
Chen ZY, Liu JH, Yu ZY, Chou KC
113 - 117 Kinetic analysis of the thermal decomposition of Zn(II) 2-chlorobenzoate complex with caffeine
Findorakova L, Svoboda R
118 - 124 Low-temperature heat capacity and the standard molar enthalpy of formation of compound chromium(III) tri(pyrazine-2-carboxylate)
Gao SL, Zhang S, Chen SP, Yang DS
125 - 129 Hydration heat development in blended cements containing fine-ground ceramics
Tydlitat V, Zakoutsky J, Volfova P, Cerny R
130 - 136 Synthesis and carbonization chemistry of a phosphorous-nitrogen based intumescent flame retardant
Ma HY, Fang ZP
137 - 141 A novel coulometric titration setup Principals, design and leakage minimization
Pishahang M, Bakken E, Stolen S
142 - 149 Calorimetric sensitivity and thermal resolution of a novel miniaturized ceramic DSC chip in LTCC technology
Missal W, Kita J, Wappler E, Bechtold F, Moos R
150 - 155 Use of an integrated approach to characterize the physicochemical properties of foundry green sands
Carnin RLP, Folgueras MV, Luvizao RR, Correia SL, da Cunha CJ, Dungan RS
156 - 164 Comparative study on the synergistic effect of PUSS and graphene with melamine phosphate on the flame retardance of poly(butylene succinate)
Wang X, Hu Y, Song L, Yang HY, Yu B, Kandola B, Deli D
165 - 171 Development of a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) method for quantitative analysis of wood flour and polypropylene in wood plastic composites (WPC)
Jeske H, Schirp A, Cornelius F
172 - 177 Gelling and curing behaviors of benzoxazine/epoxy formulations containing 4,4'-thiodiphenol accelerator
Chow WS, Grishchuk S, Burkhart T, Karger-Kocsis J
178 - 182 Enthalpies of formation of the AgCs(NO3)(2) and Ag3Cs(NO3)(4) compounds
Hellali D, Zoro E, Boa D, Zamali H, Rogez J, Jemal M
183 - 187 TG-MS and TG-FTIR studies of imidazole-substituted coordination compounds: Co(II) and Ni(II)-complexes of bis(1-methylimidazol-2-yl)ketone
Materazzi S, Vecchio S, Wo LW, Curtis SD
188 - 196 Ytterbium triflate as a new catalyst on the curing of epoxy-isocyanate based thermosets
Flores M, Fernandez-Francos X, Morancho JM, Serra A, Ramis X
197 - 204 Weak interactions in clobazam-lactose mixtures examined by differential scanning calorimetry: Comparison with the captopril-lactose system
Toscani S, Cornevin L, Burgot G
205 - 210 Application of isoconversional calculation procedure to non-isothermal kinetic study: III. Thermal decomposition of ammonium cobalt phosphate hydrate
Chen ZP, Chai Q, Liao S, He Y, Li Y, Bo XH, Wu WW, Li B
211 - 217 Determination of intrinsic kinetics parameters for MoO3 chlorination with Cl-2 gas between 798 and 873 K
De Micco G, Carignan M, Canavesio CA, Bohe AE
218 - 225 Volumetric properties, viscosities, refractive indices and surface tensions for (dimethylpropanolamine (DMPA) plus water) mixtures from 298.15 K to 343.15 K
Narayanaswamy K, Rayer AV, Kadiwala S, Henni A
226 - 231 Effect of the addition of organically modified nanofiller on the relaxation behavior of a thermoplastic amorphous matrix
Greco A, Rizzo M, Maffezzoli A
232 - 238 Investigation of thermal instability of benzoyl peroxide in the presence of carbazole and its derivatives
Zhao BD, Wan PY, Liu JQ, Wang JG, Wang T
239 - 245 Modeling of phenomenological mechanisms during thermal formation and degradation of an epoxy-based nanocomposite
Zabihi O
246 - 253 Dielectric and refractive index measurements for the systems 1-pentanol + octane, or plus dibutyl ether or for dibutyl ether plus octane at different temperatures
Alonso V, Gonzalez JA, de la Fuente IG, Cobos JC
254 - 259 A calorimetric study of the interactions in the aqueous solutions of lysozyme in the presence of denaturing cosolvents
Castronuovo G, Niccoli M
260 - 266 Origin of excess heat generated during loading Pd-impregnated alumina powder with deuterium and hydrogen
Dmitriyeva O, Cantwell R, McConnell M, Moddel G
267 - 272 Synthesis and thermal decomposition of scandium hydrogenphosphite Sc-2(HPO3)(3)
Chen S, Carrillo-Cabrera W, Prots Y, Kniep R, Hoffmann S
273 - 280 Rapid analysis of bacterial contamination of tap water using isothermal calorimetry
Maskow T, Wolf K, Kunze W, Enders S, Harms H
281 - 287 Studies on the thermal stability of polyurethanes containing pyridine: Thermogravimetric analysis
Chen SJ, Zhuo HT, Chen SG, Ge ZC, Yuan HM, Luo JL
288 - 294 Effect of crystalline structure of polypropylene random copolymers on mechanical properties and thermal degradation kinetics
Papageorgiou DG, Bikiaris DN, Chrissafis K
295 - 303 The comparative kinetic analysis of non-isothermal degradation process of acrylonitrile-butadiene and ethylene-propylene-diene rubber compounds. Part I
Jankovic B, Marinovic-Cincovic M, Jovanovic V, Samarzija-Jovanovic S, Markovic G
304 - 312 The comparative kinetic analysis of non-isothermal degradation process of acrylonitrile-butadiene/ethylene-propylene-diene rubber blends reinforced with carbon black/silica fillers. Part II
Jankovic B, Marinovic-Cincovic M, Jovanovic V, Samarzija-Jovanovic S, Markovic G
313 - 317 Interactions in L-histidine/L-glutamic acid/L-tryptophan/glycylglycine +2molL(-1) aqueous KCl/KNO3 systems at different temperatures: An isothermal compressibility study
Riyazuddeen, Altamash T, Coronas A
318 - 319 Obituary: Prof. Andres Ortega
Luque JMC, Martinez FJG, Azana MM, Perez CR