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1 - 1 The 18th International Conference on Solid State Ionics (SSI-18) Preface
Krok F, Whittingham S
6 - 17 Thermodynamic and SIMS analyses on the role of proton/water in oxygen reduction process and related degradations in solid oxide fuel cells
Yokokawa H
18 - 21 Inter-atomic force constants of Ag2O from diffuse neutron scattering measurement
Wada T, Sakuma T, Sakai R, Uehara H, Xianglian, Takahashi H, Kamishima O, Igawa N, Danilkin SA
22 - 25 Electronic structure calculations and quantum molecular dynamics simulations of the ionic liquid PP13-TFSI
Nishino S, Fujiwara T, Yamasaki H, Yamamoto S, Hoshi T
26 - 29 Electrical and electromechanical properties of stoichiometric lithium niobate at high-temperatures
Weidenfelder A, Shi J, Fielitz P, Borchardt G, Becker KD, Fritze H
30 - 39 Three-dimensional non-isothermal modeling of a phosphoric acid-doped polybenzimidazole (PBI) membrane fuel cell
Chippar P, Ju H
40 - 42 Scaling of superionic transition temperature in M3D(XO4)(2)
Matsuo Y, Hatori J, Kamazawa K, Sugiyama J, Yoshida Y, Ikehata S
43 - 46 Screening of the alkali-metal ion containing materials from the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) for high ionic conductivity pathways using the bond valence method
Avdeev M, Sale M, Adams S, Rao RP
47 - 49 A partial ordering of Ag and ionic diffusion in Ag beta-alumina by MD calculation
Kamishima O, Kawamura K, Hattori T, Kawamura J
50 - 54 Anode microstructural change upon long-term operation for the cathode-supported tubular-type SOFC
Matsui T, Kim JY, Muroyama H, Shimazu M, Abe T, Miyao M, Eguchi K
55 - 60 Comparison of oxygen exchange kinetics of the IT-SOFC cathode materials La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 (- delta) and La0.6Sr0.4CoO3 (-) (delta)
Egger A, Bucher E, Yang M, Sitte W
61 - 64 Electronic conductivity of Ni-doped yttria-stabilized zirconia
Shimonosono T, Kishimoto H, Yamaji K, Brito ME, Horita T, Yokokawa H
65 - 68 Agglomeration behavior of nickel particles on YSZ electrolyte
Kishimoto H, Suzuki A, Shimonosono T, Brito ME, Yamaji K, Horita T, Munakata F, Yokokawa H
69 - 72 Phase transformation related electrical conductivity degradation of NiO doped YSZ
Shimonosono T, Kishimoto H, Brito ME, Yamaji K, Horita T, Yokokawa H
73 - 76 Synthesis of YSZ thin films by the novel aqueous sol-gel citrate-precursor method
Abakeviciene B, Zalga A, Tautkus S, Pilipavicius J, Navickas E, Kareiva A, Tamulevicius S
77 - 80 Intermediate temperature solid oxide electrolysis cell using LaGaO3-base oxide
Ishihara T, Matsushita S, Sakai T, Matsumoto H
81 - 84 Performance of Ce0.85Sm0.15O1.9-La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.85 composite electrolytes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Hao GY, Liu XM, Wang HP, Be HL, Pei L, Su WH
85 - 91 Evaluating cold-start behaviors of end and intermediate cells in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) stack
Chippar P, Ju H
92 - 98 Nanostructured Pt/SnO2-SbOx-RuO2 electrocatalysts for direct alcohol fuel cells
Frolova L, Lyskov N, Dobrovolsky Y
99 - 103 Study of Raman peak shift under applied isostatic pressure in rare-earth-doped ceria for evaluation of quantitative stress conditions in SOFCs
Iguchi F, Onodera S, Sata N, Yugami H
104 - 107 Stability and performance of SOFC with SrTiO3-based anode in CH4 fuel
Yoo KB, Park BH, Choi GM
108 - 112 Comparison of Y and La-substituted SrTiO3 as the anode materials for SOFCs
Ma QL, Tietz F
113 - 117 Thermo-mechanical reliability and catalytic activity of Ni-Zirconia anode supports in internal reforming SOFC running on biogas
Takahashi Y, Shiratori Y, Furuta S, Sasaki K
118 - 123 Donor-substituted SrTi1+xO3-delta anodes for SOFC
Bochentyn B, Karczewski J, Miruszewski T, Krupa A, Gazda M, Jasinski P, Kusz B
124 - 130 Performance and long term stability of large area anode supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)
Lim HT, Hwang SC, Park YM, Lee IS
131 - 135 (La,Sr)(Cr,Mn)O-3/GDC cathode for high temperature steam electrolysis and steam-carbon dioxide co-electrolysis
Yue XL, Irvine JTS
136 - 140 Impact of Cr-poisoning on the conductivity of different LaNi0.6Fe0.4O3 cathode microstructures
Stodolny MK, Boukamp BA, Blank DHA, van Berkel FPF
141 - 145 Oxygen ionization and diffusion at SOFC cathode/electrolyte interface under cathodic polarization
Horita T, Shimonosono T, Kishimoto H, Yamaji K, Brito ME, Yokokawa H
146 - 150 Evidence of surface-reaction rate limitations in SOFC composite cathodes
Kungas R, Bidrawn F, Mahmoud E, Vohs JM, Gorte RJ
151 - 156 Correlation between degradation of cathode performance and chromium concentration in (La,Sr)MnO3 cathode
Horita T, Cho DH, Wang F, Shimonosono T, Kishimoto H, Yamaji K, Brito ME, Yokokawa H
157 - 160 Effect of strontium concentration on sulfur poisoning of LSCF cathodes
Wang FF, Yamaji K, Cho DH, Shimonosono T, Kishimoto H, Brito ME, Horita T, Yokokawa H
161 - 165 Odd rectification, hysteresis and quasi switching in solid state devices based on mixed ionic electronic conductors
Riess I, Leshem A
166 - 171 Complete representation of isothermal mass and charge transport properties of mixed ionic electronic conductors
Yoo HI, Kim HS
172 - 175 Pronounced impact of atmospheric conditions on Ba4Nb2O9 and Ba4Ta2O9
Dunstan MT, Kimpton JA, Kharton VV, Ling CD
176 - 181 A combinatorial nanoprecursor route for direct solid state chemistry: Discovery and electronic properties of new iron-doped lanthanum nickelates up to La4Ni2FeO10-delta
Alexander SJ, Lin T, Brett DJL, Evans JRG, Cibin G, Dent A, Sankar G, Darr JA
182 - 185 A combinatorial approach to synthesis of the La0.8Sr0.2Co1-yMnyO3 (+/-) (delta) family of perovskite-type mixed conducting metal oxides and characterisation of the surface, oxygen mobility
Thursfield A, Rossiny JCH, Fearn S, Kilner JA, Metcalfe IS
186 - 189 Effect of B-site substitution on the stability of La0.2Sr0.8Fe0.8B0.2O3-delta, B = Al, Ga, Cr, Ti, Ta, Nb
Lohne OF, Gurauskis J, Phung TN, Einarsrud MA, Grande T, Bouwmeester HJM, Wiik K
190 - 193 Neutron scattering study of ionic diffusion in Cu-Se superionic compounds
Danilkin SA, Avdeev M, Sale M, Sakuma T
194 - 197 Praseodymium doped ceria: Model mixed ionic electronic conductor with coupled electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical properties
Tuller HL, Bishop SR, Chen D, Kuru Y, Kim JJ, Stefanik TS
198 - 200 Optically derived energy band gap states of Pr in ceria
Kim JJ, Bishop SR, Thompson N, Kuru Y, Tuller HL
201 - 205 Magnetic dilution method upon solving the problem of electron structure of lanthanum gallate doped with chromium, strontium, and magnesium
Chezhina NV, Korolev DA
206 - 210 Redox behavior and transport properties of brownmillerite Ca-2(Fe,M)(2)O-5 +/-delta (M = Mn, Co)
Shaula AL, Markov AA, Naumovich EN, Waerenborgh JC, Pivak YV, Kharton VV
211 - 213 Phonon spectra of superionic sodium and potassium oxides
Sinha MM, Sharma A
214 - 218 Structural modifications induced by free protons in proton conducting perovskite zirconate membrane
Slodczyk A, Colomban P, Andre G, Zaafrani O, Grasset F, Lacroix O, Sala B
219 - 222 Production of C-2 hydrocarbons and H-2 from CH4 in a proton conducting cell
Kyriakou V, Athanasiou C, Garagounis I, Skodra A, Stoukides M
223 - 227 Mechanochemical synthesis of proton conductive composites derived from cesium dihydrogen phosphate and guanine
Oh SY, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsuda A
228 - 231 Increasing the permanent conductivity of PBI membranes for HT-PEMs
Mustarelli P, Quartarone E, Grandi S, Angioni S, Magistris A
232 - 235 Preparation of proton-conductive organic-inorganic hybrid titanophosphite membranes
Tokuda Y, Nishioka S, Ueda Y, Koyanaka H, Masai H, Takahashi M, Yoko T
236 - 240 Double salts Cs-1 (-) xMxH2PO4 (M = Na, K, Rb) as proton conductors
Martsinkevich VV, Ponomareva VG
241 - 244 Dehydration kinetics of nano-YSZ ceramics monitored by in-situ infrared spectroscopy
Pietrowski MJ, De Souza RA, Kim S, Munir ZA, Martin M
245 - 249 Optimization of microstructure and properties of acceptor-doped barium cerate
Gdula-Kasica K, Mielewczyk-Gryn A, Molin S, Jasinski P, Krupa A, Kusz B, Gazda M
250 - 254 Transport and structural properties of (1-x)CsHSO4-xKH(2)PO(4) mixed compounds
Bagryantseva IN, Ponomareva VG
255 - 259 Sulfonated aromatic ionomers: Analysis of proton conductivity and proton mobility
Knauth P, Di Vona ML
260 - 267 Impact of metallic bipolar plates on cold-start behaviors of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFCs)
Ko J, Kim W, Hong T, Kim D, Ju H
268 - 271 Electric conductivity of benzimidazolium azelate as a function of competitive variables: Temperature and hydrostatic pressure
Lawniczak P, Zdanowska-Fraczek M, Fraczek ZJ, Pogorzelec-Glaser K, Pawlaczyk C
272 - 276 Triode operation of CO poisoned PEM fuel cells: Fixed and cyclic potential triode operation
Tsampas MN, Sapountzi FM, Divane S, Papaioannou EI, Vayenas CG
277 - 281 Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)s containing DHTPE for PEMFC
Lim Y, Seo D, Lee S, Jang H, Lee H, Hong T, Kim D, Ju H, Kim W
282 - 285 Electrochemical property of proton-conductive manganese dioxide for sensoring hydrogen gas concentration
Ueda Y, Tokuda Y, Yoko T, Takeuchi K, Kolesnikov AI, Koyanaka H
286 - 290 High-temperature plastic deformation mechanisms of ytterbium-doped barium cerate proton conductor
Jimenez-Melendo M
291 - 296 Proton conducting CaZr0.9In0.1O3-delta ceramic membrane prepared by tape casting
Zhang JC, Wen ZY, Chi XW, Han JD, Wu XW, Wen TL
297 - 303 Nd-doped Ba(Ce,Zr)O-3 (-) (delta) proton conductors for application in conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels
Zajac W, Hanc E, Gorzkowska-Sobas A, Swierczek K, Molenda J
304 - 307 Space charge depletion in grain boundaries of BaZrO3 proton conductors
Shirpour M, Merkle R, Maier J
308 - 311 Acid-functionalised periodic mesoporous benzenosilica proton conductors
Domingues EM, Salvador MA, Ferreira P, Figueiredo FM
312 - 316 In-situ conductivity and hydration studies of proton conductors using neutron powder diffraction
Kinyanjui FG, Norberg ST, Ahmed I, Eriksson SG, Hull S
317 - 323 The electrical properties of NOx-storing carbonates during NOx exposure
Gross A, Bishop SR, Yang DJ, Tuller HL, Moos R
324 - 327 Application of anion-conducting lanthanum oxychloride for potentiometric chlorine gas sensors
Dziubaniuk M, Trzesiec M, Pasierb P, Rekas M
328 - 331 Ammonia sensors based on stabilized zirconia and CoWO4 sensing electrode
Diao Q, Yang FS, Yin CG, Li JG, Yang SQ, Liang XS, Lu GY
332 - 336 Oxygen partial pressure control for microgravity experiments
Schulz M, Brillo J, Stenzel C, Fritze H
337 - 341 Polymer based materials for solid electrolyte sensors
Vonau C, Zosel J, Paramasivam M, Ahlborn K, Gerlach F, Vashook V, Guth U
342 - 345 Superionic glasses and glass-ceramics in the Li2S-P2S5 system for all-solid-state lithium secondary batteries
Tatsumisago M, Hayashi A
346 - 349 A dielectric relaxation study of nanocomposite polymer electrolytes
Money BK, Hariharan K, Swenson J
350 - 353 Electrochemical properties of the amorphous solid electrolytes in the system Li2S-Al2S3-P2S5
Ooura Y, Machida N, Naito M, Shigematsu T
354 - 358 Electrochemical properties of all-solid-state batteries with ZrO2-coated LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 as cathode materials
Machida N, Kashiwagi J, Naito M, Shigematsu T
359 - 362 Nonlinear impedance in oxide glasses containing single and mixed alkali ions
Barczynski RJ, Murawski L
363 - 366 Electrical, structural and thermal characterization of Cu2O substituted AgI-(Cu2O)(x) (Ag2O)(1-x)-V2O5 glassy superionic system
Gupta N, Dalvi A
367 - 370 Synthesis and Na (+) conduction properties of Nasicon-type glass-ceramics in the system Na2O-Y2O3-X2O3-SiO2 (X = B, Al, Ga) and effect of Si substitution
Okura T, Kawada K, Yoshida N, Monma H, Yamashita K
371 - 375 Pulsed polarization of platinum electrodes on YSZ
Fischer S, Pohle R, Magori E, Schonauer-Kamin D, Fleischer M, Moos R
376 - 381 Methane oxidation on Pd/YSZ by electrochemical promotion
Jimenez-Borja C, Brosda S, Makri M, Sapountzi F, Dorado F, Valverde JL, Vayenas CG
382 - 385 Electrochemical promotion of a Pt catalyst supported on La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta hollow fibre membranes
Poulidi D, Rivas ME, Zydorczak B, Wu ZT, Li K, Metcalfe IS
386 - 389 The role of low coverage sodium surface species on electrochemical promotion in a Pt/YSZ system
Ibrahim N, Jalil MR, Poulidi D, Metcalfe IS
390 - 394 Influence of impurities and catalyst surface characteristics on the oxygen charge transfer reaction in the Pt/YSZ system
Jalil MR, Ibrahim N, Poulidi D, Metcalfe IS
395 - 397 The catalytic activities of sputtered cobalt metal electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Lee KS, Jang C, Kim D, Ju H, Hong TW, Kim W, Kim D
398 - 407 Direct electro-oxidation of acetic acid in a solid oxide fuel cell
Kaklidis N, Pekridis G, Besikiotis V, Athanasiou C, Marnellos GE
408 - 411 Ionic space charge effects in lithium fluoride thin films
Li CL, Maier J
412 - 415 Transport properties in bulk nanocrystalline Sm-doped ceria with doping content between 2 and 30 at.%
Maglia F, Farina F, Dapiaggi M, Tredici IG, Anselmi-Tamburini U
416 - 419 Mass transport properties in quasi-solidified lithium-ion conducting ionic liquids at oxide particle surfaces
Unemoto A, Iwai Y, Mitani S, Baek SW, Ito S, Tomai T, Kawamura J, Honma I
420 - 423 CsHSO4 - Proton conduction in a crystalline metal-organic framework
Ponomareva VG, Kovalenko KA, Chupakhin AP, Shutova ES, Fedin VP
424 - 427 Electrical properties of sub-micrometric ceria-based electrolytes
Lapa CM, Figueiredo FMLR, Marques FMB, de Souza DPF
428 - 431 Microstructural and electrical characterizations of chemically prepared Ce0.8Gd0.2-x(Ag, Sr)(x)O-1.9 (0 <= x <= 0.03)
Horovistiz AL, Muccillo ENS
432 - 436 Floating-zone growth of brownmillerite Sr2Fe2O5 and the observation of a chain-ordered superstructure by single-crystal neutron diffraction
Auckett JE, Studer AJ, Sharma N, Ling CD
437 - 442 La1-xBaxCo0.2Fe0.8O3-delta perovskites for application in intermediate temperature SOFCs
Gedziorowski B, Swierczek K, Molenda J
443 - 447 Electrical conductivity and X-ray diffraction analysis of oxyapatite-type lanthanum silicate and neodymium silicate solid solution
Kobayashi K, Matsushita Y, Tanaka M, Katsuya Y, Nishimura C, Sakka Y
448 - 452 Scandia-stabilized zirconia doped with yttria: Synthesis, properties, and ageing behavior
Spirin A, Ivanov V, Nikonov A, Lipilin A, Paranin S, Khrustov V, Spirina A
453 - 456 Electrochemical characterization of gadolinia-doped ceria using impedance spectroscopy and dc-polarization
Waldhausl J, Preis W, Sitte W
457 - 463 Stability of (Ln(0.8)Ca(0.1)Ln'(0.1))(2)Ti2O7-delta (Ln=Dy, Yb; Ln'=Ce, Tb) and (Tb0.9Ca0.1)(2)Ti2O7-delta pyrochlores under redox conditions
Savvin SN, Shlyakhtina AV, Belov DA, Ruiz-Morales JC, Shcherbakova LG, Nunez P
464 - 470 Bismuth manganese titanate: Crystal structure and properties
Piir IV, Sekushin NA, Grass VE, Ryabkov YI, Chezhina NV, Nekipelov SV, Sivkov VN, Vyalikh DV
471 - 475 Creep strength of nickel oxide/zirconia composites under different environmental atmospheres
Jimenez-Melendo M, Huaman-Mamani FA
476 - 483 Oxygen ion conductivity of doped ceria: A Kinetic Monte Carlo study
Grope BOH, Zacherle T, Nakayama M, Martin M
484 - 487 Lanthanum oxide as a scavenging agent for zirconia electrolytes
Carvalho T, Antunes E, Calado J, Figueiredo FM, Frade JR
488 - 492 Solid state NMR investigation of oxygen dynamics in scandium doped ceria in 50 K to 1073 K temperature range
Subbi J, Heinmaa I, Poder R, Kooskora H
493 - 497 Ionic and electronic conductivity in a Bi2O3-based material
Malys M, Dygas JR, Holdynski M, Borowska-Centkowska A, Wrobel W, Marzantowicz M
498 - 501 Electrochemical properties of CNTs/Co3O4 blended-anode for rechargeable lithium batteries
Yoon TH, Park YJ
502 - 505 Synthesis, crystal structure, and electrochemical properties of hollandite-type K0.008TiO2
Sakao M, Kijima N, Akimoto J, Okutani T
506 - 509 Influence of Li diffusion distance on the negative electrode properties of Si thin flakes for Li secondary batteries
Saito M, Yamada T, Yodoya C, Kamei A, Hirota M, Takenaka T, Tasaka A, Inaba M
510 - 512 A solid state 3-D microbattery based on Cu2Sb nanopillar anodes
Tan S, Perre E, Gustafsson T, Brandell D
513 - 517 Carbon-sphere framework dotted with Co3O4 as an electrode material for rechargeable lithium batteries
Kim KS, Park YJ
518 - 521 New mixed transition metal oxysalts as negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Leon B, Vicente CP, Tirado JL
522 - 526 Carbon-rich SiOC anodes for lithium-ion batteries: Part I. Influence of material UV-pre-treatment on high power properties
Graczyk-Zajac M, Toma L, Fasel C, Riedel R
527 - 531 Carbon-rich SiOC anodes for lithium-ion batteries: Part II. Role of thermal cross-linking
Kaspar J, Graczyk-Zajac M, Riedel R
532 - 537 The effects of LaPO4 coating on the electrochemical properties of Li[Ni0.5Co0.2Mn0.3]O-2 cathode material
Song HG, Park KS, Park YJ
538 - 541 Power law behaviors of electrical conductivities in lithium manganese oxides
Nakamura K, Shimokita K, Sakamoto Y, Hirano H, Michihiro Y, Moriga T
542 - 546 Synthesis and electrochemical behavior of hollandite MnO2/acetylene black composite cathode for secondary Mg-ion batteries
Rasul S, Suzuki S, Yamaguchi S, Miyayama M
547 - 550 Electrochemical lithium ion intercalation in Li0.5Ni0.25TiOPO4 examined by in situ X-ray diffraction
Eriksson R, Maher K, Saadoune I, Mansori M, Gustafsson T, Edstrom K
551 - 555 Influence of Co substitution and Cu addition on structural, electrical, transport and electrochemical properties of LixNi0.9-yCoyMn0.1O2 cathode materials
Milewska A, Molenda J
556 - 559 Electrochemical property of LiMnPO4 nanocrystallite-embedded porous carbons as a cathode material of Li-ion battery
Aono S, Urita K, Yamada H, Moriguchi I
560 - 563 Morphology control and electrochemical properties of LiFePO4/C composite cathode for lithium ion batteries
Hamamoto K, Fukushima M, Mamiya M, Yoshizawa Y, Akimoto J, Suzuki T, Fujishiro Y
564 - 569 Structural studies of nanosized LiFe0.5Mn0.5PO4 under cycling by in situ synchrotron diffraction
Kosova NV, Devyatkina ET, Ancharov AI, Markov AV, Karnaushenko DD, Makukha VK
570 - 574 In situ and ex situ X-ray study of formation and decomposition of Li2CoPO4F under heating and cooling. Investigation of its local structure and electrochemical properties
Kosova NV, Devyatkina ET, Slobodyuk AB
575 - 579 Possibility of modification of phosphoolivine by substitution in Li sublattice
Kulka A, Milewska A, Zajac W, Swierczek K, Hanc E, Molenda J
580 - 584 Study on Li de-intercalation/intercalation mechanism for a high capacity layered Li1.20Ni0.17Co0.10Mn0.53O2 material
Kobayashi H, Takenaka Y, Arachi Y, Nitani H, Okumura T, Shikano M, Kageyama H, Tatsumi K
585 - 589 PVA-assisted combustion synthesis and characterization of porous nanocomposite Li2FeSiO4/C
Zhou HT, Einarsrud MA, Vullum-Bruer F
590 - 593 Defect chemistry of lithium storage in TiO2 as a function of oxygen stoichiometry
Shin JY, Samuelis D, Maier J
594 - 597 Interfacial phenomena in solid-state lithium battery with sulfide solid electrolyte
Takada K, Ohta N, Zhang LQ, Xu XX, Hang BT, Ohnishi T, Osada M, Sasaki T
598 - 603 Mesoporous Co3O4 with different porosities as catalysts for the lithium-oxygen cell
Cui YM, Wen ZY, Sun SJ, Lu Y, Jin J
604 - 607 Gel polymer electrolyte with ionic liquid for high performance lithium sulfur battery
Jin J, Wen ZY, Hang X, Cui YM, Wu XW
608 - 610 Infrared spectroscopy of instantaneous decomposition products of LiPF6-based lithium battery electrolytes
Wilken S, Johansson P, Jacobsson P
611 - 614 Reversible electrochemical reaction of CuO with Li in the LiCuO2 system
Arachi Y, Setsu T, Ide T, Hinoshita K, Nakata Y
615 - 619 Ionic conductivity of Li1.3Al0.3 (-) xScxTi1.7(PO4)(3) (x=0, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3) solid electrolytes prepared by Pechini process
Salkus T, Barre M, Kazionis A, Kazakevicius E, Bohnke O, Selskiene A, Orliukas AF
620 - 625 Structure and broadband impedance spectroscopy of Li1.3AlyYx -yTi1.7(PO4)(3) (x=0.3; y=0.1, 0.2) solid electrolyte ceramics
Orliukas AF, Salkus T, Kezionis A, Dindune A, Kanepe Z, Ronis J, Venckute V, Kazlauskiene V, Miskinis J, Lukauskas A
626 - 630 Characterization of amorphous and crystalline Li2S-P2S5-P2Se5 solid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries
Kim J, Yoon Y, Eom M, Shin D
631 - 635 Polymer electrolytes based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) nanofibrous membranes containing polymer plasticizers for lithium batteries
Lim DH, Manuel J, Ahn JH, Kim JK, Jacobsson P, Matic A, Ha JK, Cho KK, Kim KW
636 - 640 Characterization of lithium borophosphate glass thin film electrolytes deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering for micro-batteries
Yoon Y, Park C, Kim J, Shin D
641 - 644 Thermoanalytical, structural and ionic conductivity studies on 50Li(2)O-45P(2)O(5)-5Nb(2)O(5) glass
Dabas P, Hariharan K
645 - 648 Transport properties of fluorite-type solid solutions in the KF-BiF3 and PbF2-MF-BiF3 systems (M = K, Cs) studied by F-19 NMR and conductivity measurements
Kavun VY, Uvarov NF, Ulihin AS, Slobodyuk AB, Merkulov EB, Yaroshenko RM, Goncharuk VK
649 - 653 Characteristics of gellan gum-LiCF3SO3 polymer electrolytes
Noor ISM, Majid SR, Arof AK, Djurado D, Neto SC, Pawlicka A
654 - 657 Synthesis and electrical properties of a new fluorite-like anionic conductor in the Nd2O3-MoO3 system (43-47 mol% Nd2O3)
Voronkova VI, Kharitonova EP, Belov DA
658 - 662 Electrical properties of V2O5 nanomaterials prepared by twin rollers technique
Pietrzak TK, Maciaszek M, Nowinski JL, Slubowska W, Ferrari S, Mustarelli P, Wasiucionek M, Wzorek M, Garbarczyk JE
663 - 666 Mixed alkali effect on thermal and electrochemical properties of MH5(PO4)(2)/SiP2O7 composite electrolytes at intermediate temperatures
Muroyama H, Akagi T, Matsui T, Eguchi K
667 - 671 Dielectric investigation of sodium potassium niobate ceramic doped 7% of antimony
Bagdzevicius S, Grigalaitis R, Banys J, Sternberg A, Bormanis K
672 - 675 Phase formation and properties of doped SBN and SBT solid solutions
Tsyrulnikova N, Safronenko M, Fortalnova E, Politova E, Venskovskii N
676 - 679 LiFePO4-carbon composites obtained by high-pressure studies on their structure and physical properties
Aksienionek M, Michalska M, Wasiucionek M, Lipinska L, Mirkowska M, Gierlotka S
680 - 684 Interfacial storage of lithium in the nanostructure of SnO2 nanobaskets for capacities exceeding theoretical values
Smith MR, Johnson PL, Teeters D
685 - 689 Electrical and dielectrical studies of Cu6PS5I1-xClx superionic composites
Kazakevicius E, Salkus T, Kezionis A, Selskis A, Selskiene A, Ponomaryov VE, Suslikov LM, Studenyak IP
690 - 694 Preparation and oxygen permeability of Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-delta-La0.7Ca0.3CrO3 (-) (delta) dual-phase composite hollow fiber membrane
Tian TF, Li W, Liu T, Chen CS
695 - 698 Hydrogen permeation of Y2O3-CuO-CeO2/Ni composite membrane
Shon BY, Hong TW, Jung M
699 - 702 Hydrogen permeation of TiN-graphene membrane by hot press sintering (HPS) process
Kim KI, Hong TW
703 - 706 La0.2Sr0.8Fe0.8Ta0.2O3 (-) (delta) based thin film membranes with surface modification for oxygen production
Gurauskis J, Lohne OF, Wiik K
707 - 711 Electrochemical activity of composite material poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) modified by silver hexacyanocobaltate
Nowak AP, Lisowska-Oleksiak A, Chojnacki J
712 - 715 Evaluation of hydrogen permeation on Al2O3-PZT composite membrane
Kim KI, Ju HC, Kim DM, Kim WG, Hong TW
716 - 726 In-situ scanning photoelectron microscopy study of operating (La,Sr)FeO3-based NOx-sensing surfaces
Backhaus-Ricoult M, Adib K, Work K, Badding M, Ketcham T, Amati M, Gregoratti L
727 - 731 Near-surface transport properties of donor doped Pb(ZrxTi1 (-) (x))O-3 (PZT) in an external electric field
Fromling T, Hutter H, Leach C, Ali NK, Reichmann K, Fleig J
732 - 736 The grain and grain boundary impedance of sol-gel prepared thin layers of yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ)
Gerstl M, Navickas E, Leitgeb M, Friedbacher G, Kubel F, Fleig J
737 - 741 Electronic structure of cobalt-nickel mixed oxides
Schmidt S, Schmeisser D
742 - 746 Ionic nanoparticles in heritage conservation; treatments for the Mary Rose timbers
Chadwick AV, Schofield EJ, Jones AM, Cibin G, Mosselmans JFW
747 - 750 Mapping of perovskite oxides in the localized vs itinerant electron diagram and its relation with the ionic conductivity
Taniguchi S, Aniya M
751 - 754 Chaotic motion of ions in polymer gel electrolytes: First observations
Chandra A, Rawat S, Saha B, Prasad A
755 - 759 Changes in the morphology and the composition of the Ag vertical bar YSZ and Ag vertical bar LSM interfaces caused by polarization
Mosialek M, Bielanska E, Socha RP, Dudek M, Mordarski G, Nowak P, Barbasz J, Rapacz-Kmita A