Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol.67, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Large-area CIGS absorbers prepared by physical vapor deposition
Negami T, Satoh T, Hashimoto Y, Nishiwaki S, Shimakawa S, Hayashi S
11 - 20 Progress in large-area Cu(InGa)Se-2-based thin-film modules with a Zn(O,S,OH)(x) buffer layer
Kushiya K, Tachiyuki M, Nagoya Y, Fujimaki A, Sang BS, Okumura D, Satoh M, Yamase O
21 - 29 Highly efficient large area (10.5%, 1376cm(2)) thin-film CdS/CdTe solar cell
Hanafusa A, Aramoto T, Tsuji M, Yamamoto T, Nishio T, Veluchamy P, Higuchi H, Kumazawa S, Shibutani S, Nakajima J, Arita T, Ohyama H, Hibino T, Omura K
31 - 40 High-efficiency Cd-free CIGSS thin-film solar cells with solution grown zinc compound buffer layers
Ennaoui A, Siebentritt S, Lux-Steiner MC, Riedl W, Karg F
41 - 47 Reduction of infrared response of CdS/CdTe thin-film solar cell with decreased thickness of photovoltaic active layer
Toyama T, Suzuki T, Gotoh M, Nakamura K, Okamoto H
49 - 58 Electrical properties of Cu-In-S absorber prepared on Cu tape (CISCuT)
Konovalov I, Tober O, Winkler M, Otte K
59 - 65 Design of grided Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film PV modules
Wennerberg J, Kessler J, Stolt L
67 - 76 Baseline Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 device production: Control and statistical significance
Kessler J, Bodegard M, Hedstrom J, Stolt L
77 - 82 Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films prepared by thermal crystallization on Mo/glass substrate
Yamaguchi T, Yamamoto Y, Yoshida A
83 - 88 Theoretical analysis of the effect of conduction band offset of window/CIS layers on performance of CIS solar cells using device simulation
Minemoto T, Matsui T, Takakura H, Hamakawa Y, Negami T, Hashimoto Y, Uenoyama T, Kitagawa M
89 - 96 The eta-solar cell with CuInS2: A photovoltaic cell concept using an extremely thin absorber (eta)
Kaiser I, Ernst K, Fischer CH, Konenkamp R, Rost C, Sieber I, Lux-Steiner MC
97 - 104 Effect of Ga incorporation in sequentially prepared CuInS2 thin film absorbers
Neisser A, Hengel I, Klenk R, Matthes TW, Alvarez-Garcia J, Perez-Rodriguez A, Romano-Rodriguez A, Lux-Steiner MC
105 - 112 CVD of CuGaSe2 for thin film solar cells with various transport agents
Fischer D, Meyer N, Kuczmik M, Beck M, Jager-Waldau A, Lux-Steiner MC
113 - 120 ILGAR technology IV: ILGAR thin film technology extended to metal oxides
Bar M, Muffler HJ, Fischer CH, Lux-Steiner MC
121 - 127 ILGAR - A novel thin-film technology for sulfides
Muffler HJ, Fischer CH, Diesner K, Lux-Steiner MC
129 - 136 CuGaSe2 solar cells prepared by MOVPE
Siebentritt S, Bauknecht A, Gerhard A, Fiedeler U, Kampschulte T, Schuler S, Harneit W, Brehme S, Albert J
137 - 143 Electrical characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells and the role of defects for the device performance
Rau U, Schmidt M, Jasenek A, Hanna G, Schock HW
145 - 150 A new approach to high-efficiency solar cells by band gap grading in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 chalcopyrite semiconductors
Dullweber T, Hanna G, Rau U, Schock HW
151 - 158 Influence of Na on the properties of Cu-rich prepared CuInS2 thin films and the performance of corresponding CuInS2/CdS/ZnO solar cells
Luck I, Kneisel J, Siemer K, Bruns J, Scheer R, Klenk R, Janke N, Braunig D
159 - 166 Efficient CuInS2 solar cells from a rapid thermal process (RTP)
Siemer K, Klaer J, Luck I, Bruns J, Klenk R, Braunig D
167 - 171 Structural and optical characterizations of CdTe on CdS grown by hot-wall vacuum evaporation
Seto S, Yamada S, Suzuki K
173 - 178 Optical properties of high-quality CuGaSe2 epitaxial layers examined by piezoelectric photoacoustic spectroscopy
Yoshino K, Mitani N, Ikari T, Fons PJ, Niki S, Yamada A
179 - 185 A pyrosol process to deposit large-area SnO2 : F thin films and its use as a transparent conducting substrate for CdTe solar cells
Veluchamy P, Tsuji M, Nishio T, Aramoto T, Higuchi H, Kumazawa S, Shibutani S, Nakajima J, Arita T, Ohyama H, Hanafusa A, Hibino T, Omura K
187 - 194 Improved performance of CdTe thin film solar cells through controlling the initial stage of the CdTe layer deposition by close-spaced sublimation
Okamoto T, Harada Y, Yamada A, Konagai M
195 - 201 Highly efficient 1 mu m thick CdTe solar cells with textured TCOs
Amin N, Isaka T, Yamada A, Konagai M
203 - 207 Fabrication of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 by in-line evaporation (composition monitoring method using heat radiation)
Satoh T, Hayashi S, Nishiwaki S, Shimakawa S, Hashimoto Y, Negami T, Uenoyama T
209 - 215 Electrical properties of the Cu(In,Ga)Se-2/MoSe2/Mo structure
Kohara N, Nishiwaki S, Hashimoto Y, Negami T, Wada T
217 - 223 Preparation of Cu(In,Ga)Se, thin films from Cu-Se/In-Ga-Se precursors for high-efficiency solar cells
Nishiwaki S, Satoh T, Hayashi S, Hashimoto Y, Shimakawa S, Negami T, Wada T
225 - 230 Solar cells with Cu(In1-xGax)S-2 thin films prepared by sulfurization
Ohashi T, Hashimoto Y, Ito K
231 - 236 ZnO : Ga conducting-films grown by DC arc-discharge ionplating
Hirasawa H, Yoshida M, Nakamura S, Suzuki Y, Okada S, Kondo K
237 - 245 Performance improvement of CIGS-based modules by depositing high-quality Ga-doped ZnO windows with magnetron sputtering
Sang BS, Kushiya K, Okumura D, Yamase O
247 - 253 Role of incorporated sulfur into the surface of Cu(InGa)Se-2 thin-film absorber
Nagoya Y, Kushiya K, Tachiyuki M, Yamase O
255 - 260 High-efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells with a CBD-ZnS buffer layer
Nakada T, Mizutani M, Hagiwara Y, Kunioka A
261 - 265 Improved CIGS thin-film solar cells by surface sulfurization using In2S3 and sulfur vapor
Ohashi D, Nakada T, Kunioka A
267 - 271 Improved J(sc) in CIGS thin film solar cells using a transparent conducting ZnO : B window layer
Hagiwara Y, Nakada T, Kunioka A
273 - 278 ESR and PL characterization of point defects in CuGaSe2, single crystals
Nishi T, Katsumata Y, Sato K, Miyake H
279 - 287 A life-cycle analysis on thin-film CdS/CdTe PV modules
Kato K, Hibino T, Komoto K, Ihara S, Yamamoto S, Fujihara H
289 - 295 Photoluminescence properties of sodium incorporation in CuInSe2 and CuIn3Se5 thin films
Kimura R, Nakada T, Fons P, Yamada A, Niki S, Matsuzawa T, Takahashi K, Kunioka A
297 - 304 Influence of CdS heat treatment on the microstructure of CdS and the performance of CdS/CdTe solar cells
Kim H, Kim D
305 - 310 High-efficiency CIGS solar cells with modified CIGS surface
Wada T, Hashimoto Y, Nishiwaki S, Satoh T, Hayashi S, Negami T, Miyake H
311 - 321 Influence of CdS growth process on structural and photovoltaic properties of CdTe/CdS solar cells
Romeo A, Batzner DL, Zogg H, Vignali C, Tiwari AN
323 - 329 Structure analysis of CIGS solar cells by CV characteristics under monochromatic light at low-temperature levels
Koyanagi T, Kojima T, Nakamura K, Yanagisawa T, Takahisa K, Negami T
331 - 335 Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells with an efficiency of 18%
Negami T, Hashimoto Y, Nishiwaki S
337 - 344 CIGS solar cells on the way to mass production: Process statistics of a 30 cm x 30 cm module line
Powalla M, Dimmler B
345 - 354 Building-integrated PV modules
Benemann J, Chehab O, Schaar-Gabriel E
355 - 362 Current status and future prospects for the PVMaT project
Witt CE, Mitchell RL, Symko-Davies M, Thomas HP, King R, Ruby DS
363 - 367 Adhesional shear strength and surface analysis of a PV module deployed in harsh coastal climate
Dhere NG, Raravikar NR
369 - 377 Experimental investigation on generated power of amorphous PV module for roof azimuth
Yamawaki T, Mizukami S, Masui T, Takahashi H
379 - 387 Further improvement of a transformerless, voltage-boosting inverter for AC modules
Kusakawa M, Nagayoshi H, Kamisako K, Kurokawa K
389 - 395 Estimation of equivalent circuit parameters of PV module and its application to optimal operation of PV system
Ikegami T, Maezono T, Nakanishi F, Yamagata Y, Ebihara K
397 - 403 Experimental study on PV module recycling with organic solvent method
Doi T, Tsuda I, Unagida H, Murata A, Sakuta K, Kurokawa K
405 - 413 Reflection loss analysis by optical modeling of PV module
Yamada T, Nakamura H, Sugiura T, Sakuta K, Kurokawa K
415 - 423 Static concentrator photovoltaic module with prism array
Uematsu T, Yazawa Y, Miyamura Y, Muramatsu S, Ohtsuka H, Tsutsui K, Warabisako T
425 - 434 Fabrication and characterization of a flat-plate static-concentrator photovoltaic module
Uematsu T, Yazawa Y, Joge T, Kokunai S
435 - 440 Evaluation of electric energy performance by democratic module PV system field test
Itoh M, Takahashi H, Fujii T, Takakura H, Hamakawa Y, Matsumoto Y
441 - 448 Design and characterization of flat-plate static-concentrator photovoltaic modules
Uematsu T, Yazawa Y, Tsutsui K, Miyamura Y, Ohtsuka H, Warabisako T, Joge T
449 - 458 BIPV for the high-temperature, high-rise, high-density cities of S. China: The related projects of PVHKU research group to facilitate BIPV application
Close J
459 - 467 The megawatt solar roof at the new Munich Trade Fair Centre -an advanced and successful new concept for PV plants in the megawatt range
Cunow E, Giesler B
469 - 479 PV systems in urban environment
Kurokawa K
481 - 490 Monitoring and data analysis of a PV system connected to a grid for home applications
Sopitpan S, Changmuang P, Panyakeow S
491 - 501 Apparent band-gap narrowing doping functions for silicon in the Dhariwal and Ojha's form facilitating solar cell modeling
Abenante L
503 - 509 GIS management of solar resource data
Sorensen B
511 - 518 PI-100: Direct comparison of the emerging photovoltaic technologies in multi-technology retrofit building arrays installed in Oxford and Mallorca
Conibeer G, Wilshaw A
519 - 528 Evaluation of effective shading factor by fitting a clear-day pattern obtained from hourly maximum irradiance data
Uchida D, Otani K, Kurokawa K
529 - 534 Assessment of photovoltaic pumping systems in Thailand - one decade experience
Kaunmuang P, Kirtikara K, Songprakorb R, Thepa S, Suwannakum T
535 - 542 Operation control of photovoltaic/diesel hybrid generating system considering fluctuation of solar radiation
Park JS, Katagi T, Yamamoto S, Hashimoto T
543 - 549 Photovoltaic display module in a mobile GPS
Douseki T, Yamada T, Yamada J, Ito K, Nishi K
551 - 557 Hourly forecast of global irradiation using GMS satellite images
Taniguchi H, Otani K, Kurokawa K
559 - 569 Advanced grid connected PV system with functions to suppress disturbance by PV output variation and customer load change
Kim HS, Okada N, Takigawa K
571 - 581 Advanced concept for dispersed power supply system using AC modules
Okada N, Takigawa K
583 - 589 Islanding prevention performance test of Japanese manufacturers inverters
Mizorogi A, Takigawa K
591 - 600 Data analysis on solar irradiance and performance characteristics of solar modules with a test facility of various tilted angles and directions
Nakamura H, Yamada T, Sugiura T, Sakuta K, Kurokawa K
601 - 609 Peak-power reduction with 100kW PV and battery combined system at Shonan Institute of Technology
Nagayoshi H, Kurokawa K, Ohashi Y, Nishida K, Deguchi T
611 - 619 A simplified estimating model for in-plane irradiation using minute horizontal irradiation
Unozawa H, Otani K, Kurokawa K
621 - 627 The 10 years operation of a PV-micro-hydro hybrid system in Taratak, Indonesia
Muhida R, Mostavan A, Sujatmiko W, Park M, Matsuura K
629 - 637 PV promotion in developing countries by World Bank and other international organisations
Murthy MRLN
639 - 646 Overview of photovoltaic technologies in India
Bhargava B
647 - 654 Australian educational and research opportunities arising through rapid growth in the photovoltaic industry
Wenham SR, Honsberg CB, Cotter JE, Largent R, Aberle AG, Green MA
655 - 661 Resource allocation model for planning R&D on solar cells
Endo E, Tamura Y
663 - 671 The present status and future of photovoltaic in China
Zhao YW
673 - 678 PII - Late news 24: The scolar programme for photovoltaics in the UK
Conibeer G