Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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1 - 7 Hafnium carbide based solar absorber coatings with high spectral selectivity
Hans K, Latha S, Bera P, Barshilia HC
8 - 15 Passivation property of ultrathin SiOx:H / a-Si:H stack layers for solar cell applications
Lozac'h M, Nunomura S, Sai H, Matsubara K
16 - 20 Extreme radiation hard thin film CZTSSe solar cell
Suvanam SS, Larsen J, Ross N, Kosyak V, Hallen A, Bjorkman CP
21 - 27 Reducing threading dislocation density in GaSb photovoltaic devices on GaAs by using AlSb dislocation filtering layers
Mansoori A, Addamane SJ, Renteria EJ, Shima DM, Behzadirad M, Vadiee E, Honsberg C, Balakrishnan G
28 - 35 Dependence of halide composition on the stability of highly efficient all-inorganic cesium lead halide perovskite quantum dot solar cells
Ghosh D, Ali MY, Chaudhary DK, Bhattacharyya S
36 - 44 Effects of proton irradiation on upright metamorphic GaInP/GaInAs/Ge triple junction solar cells
Aierken A, Fang L, Heini M, Zhang QM, Li ZH, Zhao XF, Sailai M, Liu HT, Guo Q, Gao W, Gao H, Sun Q
45 - 53 Surface and bulk effects of K in highly efficient Cu1-xKxInSe2 solar cells
Muzzillo CP, Li JV, Mansfield LM, Ramanathan K, Anderson TJ
54 - 60 A new standard method to calculate electrochromic switching time
Hassab S, Shen DE, Osterholm AM, Da Rocha M, Song G, Alesanco Y, Vinuales A, Rougier A, Reynolds JR, Padilla J
61 - 65 Transport mechanisms in silicon heterojunction solar cells with molybdenum oxide as a hole transport layer
Garcia-Hernansanz R, Garcia-Hemme E, Montero D, Olea J, del Prado A, Martil I, Voz C, Gerling LG, Puigdollers J, Alcubilla R
66 - 74 Lock-in thermography with depth resolution on silicon solar cells
Breitenstein O, Straube H, Iwig K
75 - 79 Solar-pumped Cr:Nd:YAG ceramic laser with 6.7% slope efficiency
Liang DW, Vistas CR, Tiburcio BD, Almeida J
80 - 85 Electrodynamic dust shield performance under simulated operating conditions for solar energy applications
Guo B, Javed W, Pett C, Wu CY, Scheffe JR
86 - 96 CuSbSe2 thin film solar cells with similar to 4% conversion efficiency grown by low-temperature pulsed electron deposition
Rampino S, Pattini F, Bronzoni M, Mazzer M, Sidoli M, Spaggiari G, Gilioli E
97 - 103 Effect of basicity of glass frits on electrical properties of Si solar cells
Kim Y, Huh J, Kim H
104 - 110 Facile one-pot synthesis of multi-shaped silver nanoparticles with tunable ultra-broadband absorption for efficient light harvesting in dye-sensitized solar cells
Joshi DN, Ilaiyaraja P, Sudakar C, Prasath RA
111 - 116 Direct formation of I-3(-) ions in organic cation solution for efficient perovskite solar cells
Sun Q, Gong X, Li H, Liu SS, Zhao XJ, Shen Y, Wang MK
117 - 123 Performance improvement of perovskite solar cells through enhanced hole extraction: The role of iodide concentration gradient
Wang M, Zang ZG, Yang B, Hu XF, Sun K, Sun LD
124 - 129 High near-infrared wavelength response planar silicon-heterojunction solar cells
Ren QS, Li SZ, Zhu SJ, Ren HZ, Yao X, Wei CC, Yan BJ, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
130 - 135 Thermal-evaporated selenium as a hole-transporting material for planar hock for perovskite solar cells
Di YX, Zeng Q, Huang C, Tang D, Sun KW, Yan C, Wang Y, Ke SM, Jiang LX, Hao XJ, Lai YQ, Liu FY
136 - 144 Low temperature, solution-processed perovskite solar cells and modules with an aperture area efficiency of 11%
Calabro E, Matteocci F, Palma AL, Vesce L, Taheri B, Carlini L, Pis I, Nappini S, Dagar J, Battocchio C, Brown TM, Di Carlo A
145 - 152 Dual-step thermal engineering technique: A new approach for fabrication of efficient CH3NH3PbI3-based perovskite solar cell in open air condition
Moyez SA, Roy S
153 - 157 Epitaxial Lift-off (ELO) of InGaP/GaAs/InGaAs solar cells with quantum dots in GaAs middle sub-cell
Tatavarti SR, Bittner ZS, Wibowo A, Slocum MA, Nelson G, Kum H, Ahrenkiel SP, Hubbard SM
158 - 165 Large area colloidal photonic crystals for light trapping in flexible organic photovoltaic modules applied using a roll-to-roll Langmuir-Blodgett method
Parchine M, Kohoutek T, Bardosova M, Pemble ME
166 - 173 Nanoflake NiMoO4 based smart supercapacitor for intelligent power balance monitoring
Chavan HS, Hou B, Ahmed AT, Jo Y, Cho S, Kim J, Pawar SM, Cha S, Inamdar AI, Im H, Kim H
174 - 182 Hydrogen induced degradation: A possible mechanism for light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation in n-type silicon
Chen D, Hamer PG, Kim M, Fung TH, Bourret-Sicotte G, Liu SY, Chan CE, Ciesla A, Chen R, Abbott MD, Hallam BJ, Wenham SR
183 - 191 Design of high-temperature solar-selective coatings based on aluminium titanium oxynitrides AlyTi1-y(OxN1-x). Part 2: Experimental validation and durability tests at high temperature
Escobar-Galindo R, Guillen E, Heras I, Rincon-Llorente G, Alcon-Camase M, Lungwitz F, Munnik F, Schumann E, Azkona I, Krause M
192 - 197 Temperature effects of bifacial modules: Hotter or cooler?
Lamers MWPE, Ozkalay E, Gali RSR, Janssen GJM, Weeber AW, Romijn IG, Van Aken BB
198 - 204 Towards the efficiency limits of multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Schindler F, Fell A, Muller R, Benicka J, Richter A, Feldmann F, Krenckel P, Riepe S, Schubert MC, Glunz SW
205 - 209 Functionalized graphene nanoplatelet-nanofluids for solar thermal collectors
Sani E, Vallejo JP, Cabaleiro D, Lugo L
210 - 217 Infrared chameleon-like behavior from VO2(M) thin films prepared by transformation of metastable VO2(B) for adaptive camouflage in both thermal atmospheric windows
Liu DQ, Ji HN, Peng RF, Cheng HF, Zhang CY
218 - 225 Electron-selective quinhydrone passivated back contact for high-efficiency silicon/organic heterojunction solar cells
Zou ZY, Liu WQ, Wang D, Liu ZL, Jiang ES, Wu SD, Zhu JY, Guo W, Sheng J, Ye JC
226 - 232 Pre-annealing of metal stack precursors and its beneficial effect on kesterite absorber properties and device performance
van Duren S, Sylla D, Fairbrother A, Sanchez Y, Lopez-Marino S, Prieto JAM, Izquierdo-Roca V, Saucedo E, Unold T
233 - 239 CSP mirror soiling characterization and modeling
Conceicao R, Silva HG, Collares-Pereira M
240 - 251 Quantum efficiency of the down-conversion process in Bi3+-Yb3+ and Ce3+ Yb3+ co-doped garnets
Zhydachevskyy Y, Syvorotka II, Tsiumra V, Baran M, Lipinska L, Wierzbicka A, Suchocki A
252 - 259 Taking monocrystalline silicon to the ultimate lifetime limit
Niewelt T, Richter A, Kho TC, Grant NE, Bonilla RS, Steinhauser B, Polzin JI, Feldmann F, Hermle M, Murphy JD, Phang SP, Kwapil W, Schubert MC
260 - 269 SiO2 surface passivation layers a key technology for silicon solar cells
Glunz SW, Feldmann F
270 - 276 Effect of silicon oxide thickness on polysilicon based passivated contacts for high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells
Kale AS, Nemeth W, Harvey SP, Page M, Young DL, Agarwal S, Stradins P
277 - 282 On improved passivation stability on highly-doped crystalline silicon and the long-term stability of regenerated Cz-Si
Sperber D, Herguth A, Hahn G
283 - 286 In-situ characterization of electron-assisted regeneration of Cz-Si solar cells
Helmich L, Walter DC, Bredemeier D, Falster R, Voronkov VV, Schmidt J
287 - 299 Substitution of Zn in Earth-Abundant Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) based thin film solar cells A status review
Kumar MS, Madhusudanan SP, Batabyal SK
300 - 306 Innovative experimental setup for thermal and electrical characterization of silicon solar cells under controlled environmental conditions
Lohan BG, Amara M, Kaminski-Cachopo A, Lemiti M
307 - 311 Amorphous silicon/crystal silicon heterojunction double-junction tandem solar cell with open-circuit voltage above 1.5 V and high short-circuit current density
Fang J, Ren QS, Wang FY, Wei CC, Yan BJ, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
312 - 317 Alternative and fully experimental procedure for characterizing down-shifters placed on photovoltaic devices
Guerrero-Lemus R, Sanchiz J, Sierra M, Martin IR, Hernandez-Rodriguez C, Borchert D
318 - 324 Solution layer-by-layer uniform thin film dip coating of nickel hydroxide and metal incorporated nickel hydroxide and its improved electrochromic performance
Liu JY, Chiam SY, Pan JS, Wong LM, Li SFY, Ren Y
325 - 332 Efficient promotion of charge separation with reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in BiVO4/rGO photoanode for greatly enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Soltani T, Tayyebi A, Lee BK
333 - 341 Two-dimensional defective tungsten oxide nanosheets as high performance photo-absorbers for efficient solar steam generation
Ming X, Guo AK, Wang G, Wang XB
342 - 350 Effects of environmental and operational variability on the spectrally selective properties of W/WAlN/WAlON/Al2O3-based solar absorber coating
Dan A, Basu B, Echaniz T, de Arrieta IG, Lopez GA, Barshilia HC
351 - 358 Improving the charge separation and collection at the buffer/absorber interface by double-layered Mn-substituted CZTS
Lie S, Sandi MI, Tay YF, Li WJ, Tan JMR, Bishop DM, Gunawan O, Wong LH
359 - 363 Incorporation of hydrogen into MBE-grown dilute nitride GaInNAsSb layers in a MOCVD growth ambient
Miyashita N, He YL, Ahsan N, Agui T, Juso H, Takamoto T, Okada Y
364 - 374 Solar light driven photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution and dye degradation by metal-free few-layer MoS2 nanoflower/TiO2(B) nanobelts heterostructure
Paul KK, Sreekanth N, Biroju RK, Narayanan TN, Giri PK
375 - 384 Soiling and cleaning: Initial observations from 5-year photovoltaic glass coating durability study
Toth S, Muller M, Miller DC, Moutinho H, To B, Micheli L, Linger J, Engtrakul C, Einhorn A, Simpson L
385 - 391 Investigation of crystalline silicon surface passivation by positively charged POx/Al2O3 stacks
Black LE, Kessels WMM
392 - 398 The role of the annealing temperature on the microstructural evolution of CuSbS2 thin films prepared by cationic exchange
Ramirez-Esquivel OY, Mazon-Montijo DA, Montiel-Gonzalez Z, Aguirre-Tostado FS
399 - 405 Fully solution processed semi-transparent perovskite solar cells with spray coated silver nanowires/ZnO composite top electrode
Han K, Xie ML, Zhang LP, Yan LP, Wei JF, Ji GQ, Luo Q, Lin J, Hao YY, Ma CQ
406 - 414 Novel low-cost alkaline texturing process for diamond-wire-sawn industrial monocrystalline silicon wafers
Basu PK, Sreejith KP, Yadav TS, Kottanthariyil A, Sharma AK
415 - 424 Turnip-inspired BiVO4/CuSCN nanostructure with close to 100% suppression of surface recombination for solar water splitting
Vo TG, Chiu JM, Tai Y, Chiang CY
425 - 430 Temperature-dependent contact resistance of carrier selective Poly-Si on oxide junctions
Folchert N, Rienacker M, Yeo AA, Min B, Peibst R, Brendel R
431 - 438 Synergistic effect of 9-(pyrrolidin-l-yl)perylene-3,4-dicarboximide functionalization of amino graphene on photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Abinaya K, Karthikaikumar S, Sudha K, Sundharamurthi S, Elangovan A, Kalimuthu P
439 - 444 Enhanced optoelectronic conversion in diamond-wire sawing multi crystalline silicon solar cells through nanotexture-induced photon management
Lu WH, Qiu XY, Zhao QG, Lu B, He YF, Luo FF, Pang T, Li XF, Zhang S
445 - 455 Band engineered Al-rich InA1N thin films as a promising photoanode for hydrogen generation from solar water splitting
Alizadeh M, Tong GB, Mehmood MS, Qader KW, Rahman SA, Shokri B
456 - 463 Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured CuS for broadband efficient optical absorption and high-performance photo-thermal conversion
Fang JF, Zhang PC, Chang HM, Wang XF
464 - 470 Balancing transformation and dissolution-crystallization for pure phase CH3NH3PbI3 growth and its effect on photovoltaic performance in planar-structure perovskite solar cells
Sun K, Hu ZY, Shen BH, Lu CY, Yang C, Gao C, Zhang J, Zhu YJ
471 - 476 Ageing effects of perovskite solar cells under different environmental factors and electrical load conditions
Aslam Z, Shahid H, Mehmood Z
477 - 486 Ultra-thin ALD-AlOx/PEDOT:PSS hole selective passivated contacts: An attractive low cost approach to increase solar cell performance
Ling ZP, Xin Z, Kaur G, Ke C, Stangl R
487 - 493 Graphene Aerogels Enhanced Phase Change Materials prepared by one-pot method with high thermal conductivity and large latent energy storage
Liu L, Zheng K, Yan Y, Cai ZH, Lin SX, Hu XB
494 - 504 Solar-assisted pressure-temperature swing adsorption for CO2 capture: Effect of adsorbent materials
Zhao RK, Zhao L, Wang SP, Deng S, Li HL, Yu ZX
505 - 510 Simple and versatile UV-ozone oxide for silicon solar cell applications
Bakhshi S, Zin N, Ali H, Wilson M, Chanda D, Davis KO, Schoenfeld WV
511 - 516 Improved mechanical strength and reflectance of diamond wire sawn multi-crystalline silicon wafers by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching
Kaule F, Kohler B, Hirsch J, Schoenfelder S, Lausch D
517 - 523 Anti-soiling coatings for solar cell cover glass: Climate and surface properties influence
de Jesus MAML, Timo G, Agustin-Saenze C, Braceras I, Cornelli M, Ferreira AD
524 - 535 Facile approach to improve solar thermal energy storage efficiency using encapsulated sugar alcohol based phase change material
Pethurajan V, Sivan S, Konatt AJ, Reddy AS
536 - 541 A new crystal Mg-11(HPO3)(8)(OH)(6) for daytime radiative cooling
Xu ZK, Li N, Liu DF, Huang X, Wang JF, Wu WG, Zhang H, Liu HT, Zhang ZJ, Zhong MF
542 - 548 Solution processed NiOx hole-transporting material for all-inorganic planar heterojunction Sb2S3 solar cells
Jin X, Yuan Y, Jiang CH, Ju HX, Jiang GS, Liu WF, Zhu CF, Chen T
549 - 557 Improved near infrared energy harvesting through heterogeneously coupled SK on SML quantum dot heterostructure
Das D, Panda DP, Tongbram B, Saha J, Deviprasad V, Rawool H, Singh SM, Chavan V, Chakrabarti S