Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Engineering the interconnecting layer for efficient inverted tandem polymer solar cells with absorption complementary fullerene and nonfullerene acceptors
Shi ZZ, Liu H, Li JY, Wang FZ, Bai YM, Bian XM, Zhang B, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Tan ZA
10 - 18 Thermomechanical-stress-free interconnection of solar cells using a liquid metal
Shin DY, Chung HW, Song HJ, Lee JI, Kim KH, Kang GH
19 - 24 Beyond 10% efficient CZTSSe thin-film solar cells fabricated by a two-step CdS deposition process
Wei YW, Zhuang DM, Zhao M, Zhang WY, Ren GA, Wu YX, Sun RJ, Gong QM, Zhang L, Zhan SL, Peng X, Lyu XY
25 - 33 Surface plasmon-driven photoelectrochemical water splitting of aligned ZnO nanorod arrays decorated with loading-controllable Au nanoparticles
Zhang WW, Wang WZ, Shi HL, Liang YJ, Fu JL, Zhu M
34 - 45 Graphite powder/semipermeable collodion membrane composite for water evaporation
Tao FJ, Zhang YL, Wang BB, Zhang FH, Chang XT, Fan RH, Dong LH, Yin YS
46 - 58 Molecular engineering of the organometallic perovskites/HTMs in the PSCs: Photovoltaic behavior and energy conversion
Arkan F, Izadyar M
59 - 66 Cold-crystallization of polyelectrolyte absorbed polyol for long-term thermal energy storage
Puupponen S, Seppala A
67 - 75 A new member of solar heat-reflective pigments: BaTiO3 and its effect on the cooling properties of ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer)
Xiang B, Zhang J
76 - 82 Classical modelling of grain size and boundary effects in polycrystalline perovskite solar cells
Olyaeefar B, Ahmadi-Kandjani S, Asgari A
83 - 90 Front side metallization of silicon solar cells by direct printing of molten metal
Gerdes B, Jehle M, Lass N, Riegger L, Spribille A, Linse M, Clement F, Zengerle R, Koltay P
91 - 102 Characterisation and comparative analysis of zeotype water adsorbents for heat transformation applications
Brancato V, Frazzica A
103 - 109 Scanning photocurrent microscopy of 3D printed light trapping structures in dye-sensitized solar cells
Knott A, Makarovskiy O, O'Shea J, Wu YP, Tuck C
110 - 117 SiH4 enhanced dissociation via argon plasma assistance for hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon thin-film deposition and application in tandem solar cells
Li TT, Xu SZ, Huang Q, Ren HZ, Ni J, Li BZ, Zhang DK, Wei CC, Amanatides E, Mataras D, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
118 - 122 The suppression of Cu-related charge localized defects in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells
Zhang XL, Han MM, Zheng XH, Zeng Z
123 - 129 Pulsed laser/electrodeposited CuBi2O4/BiVO4 p-n heterojunction for solar water splitting
Liu SP, Zhou JL, Lu YJ, Su JZ
130 - 137 Injection intensity-dependent recombination at various grain boundary types in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Fruhauf F, Altermatt PP, Luka T, Mehl T, Deniz H, Breitenstein O
138 - 147 Novel near infrared reflective pigments based on hollow glass microsphere/BiOCl1-xIx composites: Optical property and superhydrophobicity
Gao Q, Wu XM, Fan YM, Meng QL
148 - 157 Conductive-paste-based high-yielding interconnection process for c-Si photovoltaic modules with 50 mu m thin cells
Song HJ, Jung TH, Kim SM, Shin WG, Jin GE, Ju YC, Jeong KT, Song HE, Kang MG, Lee JI, Kang GH
158 - 167 Enhanced thermal conductivity of phase change material nanocomposites based on MnO2 nanowires and nanotubes for energy storage
Liang WD, Wang LN, Zhu HY, Pan Y, Zhu ZQ, Sun HX, Ma CH, Li A
168 - 172 Quantum efficiency of femtosecond-laser sulfur hyperdoped silicon solar cells after different annealing regimes
Gimpel T, Winter S, Bossmeyer M, Schade W
173 - 183 A continuous, single-face wet texturing process for industrial multicrystalline silicon solar cells using a surfactant treated photoresist mask
Zhang H, Bin Ding B, Xiang Y, Chen TH
184 - 195 Porous titania photoelectrodes built on a Ti-web of microfibers for polymeric electrolyte membrane photoelectrochemical (PEM-PEC) cell applications
Zafeiropoulos G, Stoll T, Dogan I, Mamlouk M, de Sanden MCMV, Tsampas MN
196 - 204 Incorporation of CdSe layers into CdTe thin film solar cells
Baines T, Zoppi G, Bowen L, Shalvey TP, Mariotti S, Durose K, Major JD
205 - 212 In2S3/CuS nanosheet composite: An excellent visible light photocatalyst for H-2 production from H2S
Prakash A, Dan M, Yu S, Wei SQ, Li Y, Wang F, Zhou Y
213 - 226 Solar energy materials for thermal applications: A primer
Granqvist CG, Niklasson GA
227 - 227 Editorial: Special Issue: Solar energy conversion and storage: materials and a devices Dedicated to the 4th. Edition of the International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC'16) November 14th.-17th., 2016, Marrakech, Morocco
Ennaoui A
228 - 235 Enhanced solar absorption of gold plasmon assisted TiO2-based water splitting composite
Abed J, AlMheiri M, Alexander F, Rajput NS, Viegas J, Jouiad M
236 - 242 Water splitting TiO2 composite material based on black silicon as an efficient photocatalyst
Alexander F, AlMheiri M, Dahal P, Abed J, Rajput NS, Aubry C, Viegas J, Jouiad M
243 - 246 Synthesis of InGaN nanowires via metal-assisted photochemical electroless etching for solar cell application
Najar A, Jouiad M
247 - 252 Ultrathin Si solar cell with nanostructured light trapping by metal assisted etching
Hadibrata W, Es F, Yerci S, Turan R
253 - 257 Phosphorene as a promising anode material for (Li/Na/Mg)-ion batteries: A first-principle study
Sibari A, El Marjaoui A, Lakhal M, Kerrami Z, Kara A, Benaissa M, Ennaoui A, Hamedoun M, Benyoussef A, Mounkachi O
258 - 265 Morphological and micro-structural interface characterization in multilayer inverted polymer-fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells
Jouane A, Moubah R, Schmerber G, Larde R, Odarchenko Y, Ivanov DA, Lassri H, Chapuis YA, Jouane Y
266 - 270 Tuning the optical and electrical properties of orthorhombic hybrid perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 by first-principles simulations: Strain-engineering
Al-Shami A, Lakhal M, Hamedoun M, El Kenz A, Benyoussef A, Loulidi M, Ennaoui A, Mounkachi O
271 - 279 Experimental investigation and modeling of the thermal behavior of a solar PV module
Akhsassi M, El Fathi A, Erraissi N, Aarich N, Bennouna A, Raoufi M, Outzourhit A
280 - 288 Demonstration study of hybrid solar power generation/storage micro-grid system under Qatar climate conditions
Cen ZH, Kubiak P, Lopez CM, Belharouak I
289 - 302 Two-dimensional finite difference-based model for coupled irradiation and heat transfer in photovoltaic modules
Aly SP, Ahzi S, Barth N, Figgis BW
303 - 310 GaAsP/Si tandem solar cells: Realistic prediction of efficiency gain by applying strain-balanced multiple quantum wells
Kim B, Toprasertpong K, Paszuk A, Supplie O, Nakano Y, Hannappel T, Sugiyama M
311 - 321 Thermoelectric cooling micro-inverter for PV application
El Kamouny K, Mahmoudi H, Lakssir B, Nid-Bahami A, Elmoussaoui H, Benyoussef A, Hamedoun M
322 - 327 Syntheis of in-gap band CuGaS2:Cr absorbers and numerical assessment of their performance in solar cells
Ullah S, Ullah H, Bouhjar F, Mollar M, Mari B
328 - 333 Dual use of Cu2ZnSnS4 in solar cells and energy storage devices
Huan TJ, Zhang LY, Shi DW, Qi GJ, Gong H
334 - 342 Tuning electronic structures of thiazolo [5,4-d] thiazole-based hole-transporting materials for efficient perovskite solar cells
Nazim M, Ameen S, Akhtar MS, Nazeeruddin MK, Shin HS
343 - 349 GaAsP/Si tandem solar cells: In situ study on GaP/Si:As virtual substrate preparation
Paszuk A, Supplie O, Kim B, Bruckner S, Nandy M, Heinisch A, Kleinschmidt P, Nakano Y, Sugiyama M, Hannappel T
350 - 357 Materials perspectives for next-generation low-cost tandem solar cells
Todorov TK, Bishop DM, Lee YS
358 - 372 Multi-physics modeling and simulation of heat and electrical yield generation in photovoltaics
Sahli M, Correia JPM, Ahzi S, Touchal S
373 - 380 Inkjet-printed CZTSSe absorbers and influence of sodium on device performance
Lin XZ, Madhavan VE, Kavalakkatt J, Hinrichs V, Lauermann I, Lux-Steiner MC, Ennaoui A, Klenk R
381 - 385 Optimization and improvement of a front graded bandgap CuInGaSe2 solar cell
Aissat A, Arbouz H, Vilcot JP
386 - 395 The influence of DMSO and ether via fast-dipping treatment for a perovskite solar cell
Hwang KH, Nam SH, Kim DI, Seo HJ, Boo JH