Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol.179 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Numerical and lab experiment study of a novel concentrating PV with uniform flux distribution
Li GQ, Xuan QD, Lu YS, Pei G, Su YH, Ji J
10 - 16 Sandstorm erosion testing of anti-reflective glass coatings for solar energy applications
Wiesinger F, Vicente GS, Fernandez-Garcia A, Sutter F, Morales A, Pitz-Paal R
17 - 21 Effects of oxygen related thermal donors on the performance of silicon heterojunction solar cells
Li JY, Yu XG, Yuan S, Yang LF, Liu ZX, Yang DR
22 - 30 Critical role of Zn/Sn ratio to enhance Cu-Zn-Sn-S solar cell efficiency by suppressing detrimental Cu2-xS secondary phase
Kaur K, Sood M, Kumar N, Nazari HH, Gudavalli GS, Dhakal TP, Kumar M
31 - 35 Automated detection of rear contact voids in perc cells with photoluminescence imaging
Ogutman K, Davis KO, Ali H, Martell SR, Schoenfeld WV
36 - 44 Strategies for high performance perovskite/crystalline silicon four-terminal tandem solar cells
Ren ZW, Zhou JX, Zhang YK, Ng A, Shen Q, Cheung SH, Shen H, Li K, Zheng ZJ, So SK, Djuric AB, Surya C
45 - 56 Synthesis of carbon-doped KNbO3 photocatalyst with excellent performance for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Yu JX, Chen ZG, Zeng L, Ma YY, Feng Z, Wu Y, Lin HJ, Zhao LH, He YM
57 - 65 Post-treatment of perovskite film with phenylalkylammonium iodide for hysteresis-less perovskite solar cells
Yoo HS, Park NG
66 - 71 Effect of SiO2 nanoparticles on specific heat capacity of low-melting-point eutectic quaternary nitrate salt
Song WL, Lu YW, Wu YT, Ma CF
72 - 79 Novel hot spot mitigation technique to enhance photovoltaic solar panels output power performance
Dhimish M, Holmes V, Mather P, Sibley M
80 - 86 Slot die coated planar perovskite solar cells via blowing and heating assisted one step deposition
Kim JE, Jung YS, Heo YJ, Hwang K, Qin TS, Kim DY, Vak D
87 - 94 Synthesis of novel microencapsulated phase change materials with copper and copper oxide for solar energy storage and photo-thermal conversion
Xu B, Zhou J, Ni ZJ, Zhang CX, Lu CD
95 - 101 Blue photon management by inhouse grown ZnO:Al cathode for enhanced photostability in polymer solar cells
Bhattacharya J, Peer A, Joshi PH, Biswas R, Dalal VL
102 - 117 Tin oxide as an emerging electron transport medium in perovskite solar cells
Wali Q, Iqbal Y, Pal B, Lowe A, Jose R
118 - 128 Properties of glycerol and ethylene glycol mixture based SiO2-CuO/C hybrid nanofluid for enhanced solar energy transport
Akilu S, Baheta AT, Said MAM, Minea AA, Sharma KV
129 - 135 Printable liquid silicon for local doping of solar cells
Haase F, Lim B, Merkle A, Dullweber T, Brendel R, Gunther C, Holthausen MH, Mader C, Wunnicke O, Peibst R
136 - 141 Effective impurity gettering by phosphorus- and boron-diffused polysilicon passivating contacts for silicon solar cells
Liu AY, Yan D, Phang SP, Cuevas A, MacDonald D
142 - 151 On the origin of band-tails in kesterite
Rey G, Larramona G, Bourdais S, Chone C, Delatouche B, Jacob A, Dennler G, Siebentritt S
152 - 160 Characterization of medium-temperature phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage using temperature history method
Huang ZW, Xie N, Luo ZG, Gao XN, Fang XM, Fang YT, Zhang ZG
161 - 168 New switchable mirror device with a counter electrode based on reversible electrodeposition
Cho SM, Kim S, Kim TY, Ah CS, Song J, Cheon SH, Kim JY, Ryu H, Kim YH, Hwang CS, Lee JI
169 - 177 Relative impacts of methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar cells based on life cycle assessment
Alberola-Borras JA, Vidal R, Juarez-Perez EJ, Mas-Marza E, Guerrero A, Mora-Sero I
178 - 184 Degradation of multijunction photovoltaic gridlines induced via thermal cycling
Brock RE, Hebert P, Ermer J, Dauskardt RH
185 - 193 ZnO-Au composite hierarchical particles dispersed oil-based nanofluids for direct absorption solar collectors
Wang XZ, He YR, Chen MJ, Hu YW
194 - 201 Influence of MgCl2 content on corrosion behavior of GH1140 in molten NaCl-MgCl2 as thermal storage medium
Wang JW, Zhou HX, Zhang CZ, Liu WN, Zhao BY
202 - 206 Eutectic composition-dependence of latent heat of binary carbonates (Na2CO3/Li2CO3)
Ge ZW, Huang Y, Ding YL
207 - 216 Corrosion of steel alloys in molten NaCl + Na2SO4 at 700 degrees C for thermal energy storage
Sarvghad M, Will G, Steinberg TA
217 - 222 Sebacic acid/CNT sponge phase change material with excellent thermal conductivity and photo-thermal performance
Zhang Q, Liu J
223 - 230 On the use of metal cation-exchanged zeolites in sorption thermochemical storage: Some practical aspects in reference to the mechanism of water vapor adsorption
Alby D, Salles F, Fullenwarth J, Zajac J
231 - 240 Partially shaded III-V concentrator solar cell performance
Bunthof LAA, Veelenturf S, Haverkamp EJ, Corbeek WHM, van der Woude D, Bauhuis GJ, Mulder P, Vlieg E, Schermer JJ
241 - 246 Investigating coating method induced vertical phase distribution in polymer-fullerene organic solar cells
Jiang CY, Chellappan V, Goh WP, Zhang J
247 - 253 Measurement of dust sweeping force for cleaning solar panels
Chen EYT, Ma L, Yue Y, Guo B, Liang H
254 - 259 Solid state ITO vertical bar Au-NPs vertical bar TiO2 plasmonic based solar cells
Ginsburg A, Priel M, Barad HN, Keller DA, Borvick E, Rietwyk K, Kama A, Meir S, Anderson AY, Zaban A
260 - 269 Low-temperature solution-processed ionic liquid modified SnO2 as an excellent electron transport layer for inverted organic solar cells
Tran VH, Khan R, Lee IH, Lee SH
270 - 275 Synthesis and optoelectrochemical properties of a magenta-to-transmissive electrochromic polymer based on 3, 4-dioxythiophene
Chen XM, Qu QS
276 - 282 CdTe thin film solar cells with a SnTe buffer layer in back contact
Weng ZP, Ma SS, Zhu H, Ye ZY, Shu TY, Zhou J, Wu XZ, Wu HZ
283 - 288 Accessing externally induced spatially-resolved strain in GaAs thin-film solar cells by electroluminescence imaging
Hu XB, Zhu LQ, Weng GE, Chen SQ
289 - 296 Increase in conversion efficiency of above 14% in Cu(In,Ga)(3)Se-5 (beta-CIGS) solar cells by Na2S incorporation through the surface of beta -CIGS film
Kim JH, Kim ST, Larina L, Ahn BT, Kim K, Yun JH
297 - 304 Controllable and large-scale fabrication of rectangular CuS network films for indium tin oxide-and Pt-free flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Xu ZJ, Li T, Liu Q, Zhang FY, Hong XD, Xie SY, Lin CX, Liu XY, Guo WX
305 - 311 CuNbO3 as a solar energy converter to fuel and electricity
Crespo CT
312 - 318 Multicrystalline silicon assisted by polycrystalline silicon slabs as seeds
Huang CL, Zhang HL, Yuan S, Wu YH, Zhang XH, You D, Wang L, Yu XG, Wan YP, Yang DR
319 - 327 Thickness dependent surface roughness of sputtered Li2.5TaOx ion conductor and its effect on electro-optical performance of inorganic monolithic electrochromic device
Xiao Y, Dong GB, Guo JJ, Liu QR, Huang QJ, Zhang QQ, Zhong XL, Diao XG
328 - 333 Tuning orientation of doped hematite photoanodes for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Li S, Cai JJ, Liu YL, Gao MQ, Cao F, Qin GW
334 - 338 InAs thermophotovoltaic cells with high quantum efficiency for waste heat recovery applications below 1000 degrees C
Lu Q, Zhou XX, Krysa A, Marshall A, Carrington P, Tan CH, Krier A
339 - 345 Fabrication and characteristics of composite phase change material based on Ba(OH)(2)center dot 8H(2)O for thermal energy storage
Xiao QQ, Yuan WH, Li L, Xu T
346 - 352 Ultra-broadband perfect solar absorber by an ultra-thin refractory titanium nitride meta-surface
Liu ZQ, Liu GQ, Huang ZP, Liu XS, Fu GL
353 - 361 Silica fume/capric acid-palmitic acid composite phase change material doped with CNTs for thermal energy storage
Sari A, Bicer A, Al-Ahmed A, Al-Sulaiman FA, Zahir MH, Mohamed SA
362 - 371 Surface and bulk effects of K in Cu1-xKxIn1-yGaySe2 solar cells
Muzzillo CP, Anderson TJ
372 - 379 Broadband spectral response of diamond wire sawn me-Si solar cell with omnidirectional performance and improved appearance
Zhuang YF, Zhong SH, Xu HY, Shen WZ
380 - 385 Scattering enhanced quantum dots based luminescent solar concentrators by silica microparticles
Liu HC, Li S, Chen W, Wang D, Li C, Wu D, Hao JJ, Zhou ZM, Wang XZ, Wang K
386 - 391 Ultra-thin nanocrystalline n-type silicon oxide front contact layers for rear emitter silicon heterojunction solar cells
Mazzarella L, Morales-Vilches AB, Korte L, Schlatmann R, Stannowski B
392 - 400 One-pot synthesis of light-driven polymeric composite phase change materials based on N-doped porous carbon for enhanced latent heat storage capacity and thermal conductivity
Atinafu DG, Dong WJ, Huang XB, Gao HY, Wang JJ, Yang M, Wang G
401 - 408 Management of light trapping capability of AZO film for Si thin film solar cells-via tailoring surface texture
Wang YF, Song JM, Bai LS, Yang F, Han B, Guo YJ, Dai BT, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
409 - 416 Fast-switching all-solid state electrochromic device having main-chain 1,2,3-triazolium-based polyelectrolyte with extended oxyethylene spacer obtained via click chemistry
Puguan JMC, Jadhav AR, Boton LB, Kim H
417 - 426 Development of porous TiO2 nanofibers by solvosonication process for high performance quantum dot sensitized solar cell
Singh N, Salam Z, Subasri A, Sivasankar N, Subramania A
427 - 434 Optimization of DMSO-based precursor solution by H2O additive for performance enhancement of kesterite photovoltaic devices
Zhao Y, Han XX, Chang L, Li JJ, Dong C, Fang Y, Li JS