Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Interface engineering of compact-TiOx in planar perovskite solar cells using low-temperature processable high-mobility fullerene derivative
Shahiduzzaman M, Karakawa M, Yamamoto K, Kusumi T, Yonezawa K, Kuwabara T, Takahashi K, Taima T
8 - 14 Electrode de-wetting as a failure mechanism in thermally-aged OPV devices
Greenbank W, Hirsch L, Chambon S
15 - 19 Charge carrier transport mechanisms of passivating contacts studied by temperature-dependent J-V measurements
Feldmann F, Nogay G, Loper P, Young DL, Lee BG, Stradins P, Hermle M, Glunz SW
20 - 28 High performance fluorescent fiber solar concentrators employing double-doped polymer optical fibers
Parola I, Zaremba D, Evert R, Kielhorn J, Jakobs F, Illarramendi MA, Zubia J, Kowalsky W, Johannes HH
29 - 37 Insertion of the AGS layer at the CIGSe/ITO interface: A way to reduce the formation of the GaOx interfacial phase in CIGSe solar cells
Saifullah M, Kim K, Shahzad R, Gwak J, Cho JS, Yoo JS, Yun JH, Park JH
38 - 45 Design and fabrication of sandwich-structured alpha-Fe2O3/Au/ZnO photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kant R, Pathak S, Dutta V
46 - 51 Imaging, microscopic analysis, and modeling of a CdTe module degraded by heat and light
Johnston S, Albin D, Hacke P, Harvey SP, Moutinho H, Jiang CS, Xiao CX, Parikh A, Nardone M, Al-Jassim M, Metzger WK
52 - 64 High-efficiency, single-crystalline, p- and n-type Si solar cells: Microstructure and chemical analysis of the glass layer
Kumar P, Aabdin Z, Pfeffer M, Eibl O
65 - 73 Ligand-exchange TiO2 nanocrystals induced formation of high-quality electron transporting layers at low temperature for efficient planar perovskite solar cells
Zhang XZ, Wu TY, Xu XX, Zhang L, Tang J, He X, Wu JH, Lan Z
74 - 83 Novel Na2SO4-NaCl-ceramic composites as high temperature phase change materials for solar thermal power plants (Part I)
Jiang YF, Sun YP, Jacob RD, Bruno F, Li S
84 - 90 Preparation and thermal properties of exfoliated graphite/erythritol/mannitol eutectic composite as form-stable phase change material for thermal energy storage
Zeng JL, Chen YH, Shu L, Yu LP, Zhu L, Song LB, Cao Z, Sun LX
91 - 97 Unexpected effect of nanoparticles doping on the corrosivity of molten nitrate salt for thermal energy storage
Grosu Y, Udayashankar N, Bondarchuk O, Gonzalez-Fernandez L, Faik A
98 - 105 Water splitting on 3D-type meso/macro porous structured photoanodes based on Ti mesh
Saboo T, Tavella F, Ampelli C, Perathoner S, Genovese C, Marepally BC, Veyre L, Quadrelli EA, Centi G
106 - 114 Electrical properties of grain size tuned CdSe nanocrystal films for practical applications
Babu NS, Khadar MA
115 - 128 A review of clear sky radiative cooling developments and applications in renewable power systems and passive building cooling
Zeyghami M, Goswami DY, Stefanakos E
129 - 138 Temperature dependence of thermophysical and rheological properties of seven vegetable oils in view of their use as heat transfer fluids in concentrated solar plants
Hoffmann JF, Vaitilingom G, Henry JF, Chirtoc M, Olives R, Goetz V, Py X
139 - 145 Using silicagel industrial wastes to synthesize polyethylene glycol/silica-hydroxyl form-stable phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications
Sun KY, Kou Y, Zheng H, Liu X, Tan ZC, Shi Q
146 - 153 The fabrication of Cd-free Cu2ZnSnS4-Ag2ZnSnS4 heterojunction photovoltaic devices
Guo HF, Ma CH, Zhang KZ, Jia XG, Li Y, Yuan NY, Ding JN
154 - 163 Novel magnetically separable Ag3PO4/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite and its high photocatalytic degradation performance for organic dyes under solar-light irradiation
Abroshan E, Farhadi S, Zabardasti A
164 - 169 Boosting efficiency of hole conductor-free perovskite solar cells by incorporating p-type NiO nanoparticles into carbon electrodes
Chu L, Liu W, Qin ZF, Zhang R, Hu RY, Yang J, Yang JP, Li XA
170 - 178 A comparative study of photocatalysis on highly active columnar TiO2 nanostructures in-air and in-solution
Ghori MZ, Veziroglu S, Henkel B, Vahl A, Polonskyi O, Strunskus T, Faupel F, Aktas OC
179 - 185 Electrical and optical degradation study of methylammonium-based perovskite materials under ambient conditions
Marronnier A, Lee H, Lee H, Kim M, Eypert C, Gaston JP, Roma G, Tondelier D, Geffroy B, Bonnassieux Y
186 - 192 RF sputtered CdS films as independent or buffered electron transport layer for efficient planar perovskite solar cell
Guo YX, Jiang JC, Zuo SH, Shi FW, Tao JH, Hu ZG, Hu XB, Hu GJ, Yang PX, Chu JH
193 - 199 Vacancy dependent electrochromic behaviors of NiOx anodes: As a single layer and in devices
Guo JJ, Wang M, Zhang ZB, Dong GB, Liu FM, Wang H, Yu H, Xiao Y, Liu J, Diao XG
200 - 207 Stoichiometry control of sputtered zinc oxide films by adjusting Ar/O-2 gas ratios as electron transport layers for efficient planar perovskite solar cells
Zhao WJ, Wang K, Li H, Yang Z, Liu ZK, Sun J, Wang DP, Liu SZ
208 - 222 CuInS2 quantum dot sensitized solar cells with high V-OC approximate to 0.9 V achieved using microsphere-nanoparticulate TiO2 composite photoanode
Ilaiyaraja P, Rakesh B, Das TK, Mocherla PSV, Sudakar C
223 - 233 Visible and near-infrared electrochromic properties of polymers based on triphenylamine derivatives with acceptor groups
Zeng JM, Wan ZJ, Li H, Liu P, Deng WJ
234 - 239 Optical parameters of a novel competitive selective absorber for low temperature solar thermal applications
Farchado M, Rodriguez JM, San Vicente G, German N, Morales A
240 - 248 Effect of capping procedure on quantum dot morphology: Implications on optical properties and efficiency of InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells
Weiner EC, Jakomin R, Micha DN, Xie H, Su PY, Pinto LD, Pires MP, Ponce FA, Souza PL
249 - 258 Steam-PCM heat exchanger design and materials optimization by using Cr-Mo alloys
Ruiz-Cabanas FJ, Prieto C, Jove A, Madin V, Fernandez AI, Cabeza LF
259 - 265 Sodium acetate trihydrate-chitin nanowhisker nanocomposites with enhanced phase change performance for thermal energy storage
Fashandi M, Leung SN
266 - 272 Comprehensive photonic approach for diurnal photovoltaic and nocturnal radiative cooling
Zhao B, Hu MK, Ao XZ, Xuan QD, Pei G
273 - 279 Preparation and thermal properties of fatty acid/diatomite form-stable composite phase change material for thermal energy storage
Wen RL, Zhang XG, Huang ZH, Fang MH, Liu YG, Wu XW, Min X, Gao W, Huang SF
280 - 288 Novel Na2SO4@SiO2 phase change material with core-shell structures for high temperature thermal storage
Wu XD, Fan MH, Cui S, Tan G, Shen XD