Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol.176 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 8 VO2/ZnS core-shell nanoparticle for the adaptive infrared camouflage application with modified color and enhanced oxidation resistance
Ji HN, Liu DQ, Zhang CY, Cheng HF
9 - 18 Polycrystalline CdTe photovoltaics with efficiency over 18% through improved absorber passivation and current collection
Munshi AH, Kephart JM, Abbas A, Shimpi TM, Barth KL, Walls JM, Sampath WS
19 - 29 Graphene nanoplatelets as an anticorrosion additive for solar absorber coatings
Sest E, Drazic G, Genorio B, Jerman I
30 - 35 Enhanced fatigue resistance of suppressed hysteresis in perovskite solar cells by an organic crosslinker
Lim CK, Li Q, Zhang T, Thomay T, Cartwright AN, Swihart MT, Prasad PN
36 - 41 Evaluation of thermal physical properties of molten nitrate salts with low melting temperature
Zhang P, Cheng JH, Jin Y, An XH
42 - 48 Experimental study on the specific heat and stability of molten salt nanofluids prepared by high-temperature melting
Chen X, Wu YT, Zhang LD, Wang X, Ma CF
49 - 68 Atomic-layer-deposited buffer layers for thin film solar cells using earth-abundant absorber materials: A review
Sinha S, Nandi DK, Kim SH, Heo J
69 - 80 Study of a super-non-wetting self-cleaning solar reflective blue-grey paint coating with luminescence
Yang Z, Xue X, Dai JG, Li YW, Qin J, Feng Y, Qu J, He ZY, Sun PC, Xu LJ, Zhang T, Qu TJ, Zhang WD
81 - 92 Design of high-temperature solar-selective coatings based on aluminium titanium oxynitrides AlyTi1-y(OxN1-x). Part 1: Advanced microstructural characterization and optical simulation
Heras I, Guillen E, Lungwitz F, Rincon-Llorente G, Munnik F, Schumann E, Azkona I, Krause M, Escobar-Galindo R
93 - 99 Optical properties and failure analysis of ZrC-ZrOx ceramic based spectrally selective solar absorbers deposited at a high substrate temperature
Gao XH, Guo HX, Zhou TH, Liu G
100 - 108 Photovoltaic performance of CdS/CdTe junctions on ZnO nanorod arrays
Kartopu G, Turkay D, Ozcan C, Hadibrata W, Aurang P, Yerci S, Unalan HE, Barrioz V, Qu Y, Bowen L, Gurlek AK, Maiello P, Turan R, Irvine SJC
109 - 118 Effect of annealing dependent blend morphology and dielectric properties on the performance and stability of non-fullerene organic solar cells
Upama MB, Elumalai NK, Mahmud MA, Wright M, Wang D, Xu C, Uddin A
119 - 133 The effect of incidence angle on the reflectance of solar mirrors
Sutter F, Montecchi M, von Dahlen H, Fernandez-Garcia A, Roger M
134 - 141 Environmental stability of transparent and conducting ITO thin films coated on flexible FEP and Kapton (R) substrates for spacecraft applications
Sibin KP, Esther ACM, Shashikala HD, Dey A, Sridhara N, Sharma AK, Barshilia HC
142 - 149 Facile synthesize VO2 (M1) nanorods for a low-cost infrared photodetector application
Hou JW, Wang ZP, Ding ZJ, Zhang ZM, Zhang JW
150 - 156 D-mannitol for medium temperature thermal energy storage
Mojir A, Grbac N, Bourke B, Rosengarten G
157 - 166 Enhancing spectrally selective response of W/WAl/WAlON/Al2O3 - Based nanostructured multilayer absorber coating through graded optical constants
Dan A, Biswas A, Sarkar P, Kashyap S, Chattopadhyay K, Barshilia HC, Basu B
167 - 173 Improvement in ultra-thin hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells with nanocrystalline silicon oxide
Fang J, Yan BJ, Li TT, Wei CC, Huang Q, Chen XL, Wang GC, Hou GF, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
174 - 180 Al-doped VO2 films as smart window coatings: Reduced phase transition temperature and improved thermochromic performance
Ji CH, Wu ZM, Wu XF, Wang J, Gou J, Huang ZH, Zhou HX, Yao W, Jiang YD
181 - 189 Experimental study on the thermal stability of a new molten salt with low melting point for thermal energy storage applications
Wu YT, Li Y, Ren N, Zhi RP, Ma CF
190 - 195 Recovery of silver metallization from damaged silicon cells
Kuczynska-Lazewska A, Klugmann-Radziemska E, Sobczak Z, Klimczuk T
196 - 203 Determination of critical thermal loads in ceramic high concentration solar receivers
Smirnova O, Fend T, Capuano R, Feckler G, Schwarzbozl P, Sutter F
204 - 211 Mechanical and electrical properties of wave-shaped wires for low-stress interconnection of solar cells
Rendler LC, Walter J, Goldenberg S, Beinert AJ, Wiese S, Eitner U
212 - 221 Novel metal coated nanoencapsulated phase change materials with high thermal conductivity for thermal energy storage
Zhu YL, Chi Y, Liang SE, Luo X, Chen KP, Tian CR, Wang JH, Zhang L
222 - 229 Study of the fundamental phase formation mechanism of sol-gel sulfurized Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films using in situ Raman spectroscopy
Awadallah O, Cheng Z
230 - 238 Solvothermal fabrication of La-WO3/SrTiO3 heterojunction with high photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Wu Y, Wei YL, Guo QY, Xu H, Gu L, Huang FY, Luo D, Huang YF, Fan LQ, Wu JH
239 - 250 Optical design of compact linear fresnel reflector systems
Zhu J, Chen ZW
251 - 258 alpha-SnSe thin film solar cells produced by selenization of magnetron sputtered tin precursors
Reddy VRM, Lindwall G, Pejjai B, Gedi S, Kotte TRR, Sugiyama M, Liu ZK, Park C
259 - 265 Broad band antireflective coatings using novel in-situ synthesis of hollow MgF2 nanoparticles
Reddy KCS, Karthik D, Bhanupriya D, Ganesh K, Ramakrishna M, Sakthivel S
266 - 272 Synthesis of colloidal VO2 nanoparticles for thermochromic applications
Choi Y, Sim DM, Hur YH, Han HJ, Jung YS
273 - 279 Composite "LiCl/MWCNT" as advanced water sorbent for thermal energy storage: Sorption dynamics
Grekova AD, Gordeeva LG, Lu ZS, Wang RZ, Aristov YI
280 - 287 The stable perovskite solar cell prepared by rapidly annealing perovskite film with water additive in ambient air
He TW, Liu ZY, Zhou Y, Ma H
288 - 294 A practical wave-optical hemispheroidal nanostructure strategy for photonic-enhanced thin film solar cells
Huang Q, Lin XY, Tong YP, Ni J, Zhang L, Lu XN, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
295 - 301 Quantitative theoretical and experimental analysis of alloying from screen-printed aluminum pastes on silicon surfaces
Rauer M, Schmiga C, Glatthaar M, Glunz SW
302 - 309 Tailoring Mo(S,Se)(2) structure for high efficient Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) solar cells
Gao SS, Zhang Y, Ao JP, Lin SP, Zhang ZJ, Li XL, Wang DG, Zhou ZQ, Sun GZ, Liu FF, Sun Y
310 - 317 Light-induced current mapping in oxide based solar cells with nanoscale resolution
Panigrahi S, Calmeiro T, Martins R, Fortunato E
318 - 323 Structure-performance relationship on the asymmetric methoxy substituents of spiro-OMeTAD for perovskite solar cells
Zhang MD, Zhao DX, Chen L, Pan N, Huang CY, Cao H, Chen MD
324 - 330 The effect of hole transfer layers and anodes on indium-free TiO2/Ag/TiO2 electrode and ITO electrode based P3HT:PCBM organic solar cells
Zhao Z, Alford TL
331 - 335 Boron subphthalocyanines as electron donors in outdoor lifetime monitored organic photovoltaic cells
Garner RK, Josey DS, Nyikos SR, Dovijarski A, Wang JM, Evans GJ, Bender TP
336 - 339 An efficient and simple tool for assessing singlet oxygen involvement in the photo-oxidation of conjugated materials
Perthue A, Dominguez IF, Verstappen P, Maes W, Dautel OJ, Wantz G, Rivaton A
340 - 345 Formulation of PC71BM isomers in P3HT-based polymer solar cells
Zhan XX, Lin MS, Lu XZ, Tang XY, Xu YY, Wang T, Deng LL, Xie SY, Huang RB, Zheng LS
346 - 356 Development of low-cost inorganic salt hydrate as a thermochemical energy storage material
Mamani V, Gutierrez A, Ushak S
357 - 373 Rheology of Solar-Salt based nanofluids for concentrated solar power. Influence of the salt purity, nanoparticle concentration, temperature and rheometer geometry
Munoz-Sanchez B, Nieto-Maestre J, Veca E, Liberatore R, Sau S, Navarro H, Ding Y, Navarrete N, Julia JE, Fernandez AG, Garcia-Romero A
374 - 380 Chinese ink: High performance nanofluids for solar energy
Wang H, Yang WM, Cheng LS, Guan CF, Yan H
381 - 390 Preparation of phase change material emulsions with good stability and little supercooling by using a mixed polymeric emulsifier for thermal energy storage
Wang FX, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
391 - 396 Evaluation of optical properties and protection factors of a PDLC switchable glazing for low energy building integration
Ghosh A, Mallick TK
397 - 404 Analysing impact of oxygen and water exposure on roll-coated organic solar cell performance using impedance spectroscopy
Arredondo B, Romero B, Beliatis MJ, del Pozo G, Martin-Martin D, Blakesley JC, Dibb G, Krebs FC, Gevorgyan SA, Castro FA
405 - 410 Transparent superhydrophobic surfaces using a spray coating process
Polizos G, Jang GG, Smith DB, List FA, Lassiter MG, Park J, Datskos PG
411 - 417 ZnSe nanoribbon-Si nanowire crossed p-n nano-heterojunctions: Electrical characterizations and photovoltaic applications
Zhang XW, Wu D, Hu D, Tang ZJ, Geng HJ, Tian JL, Jie JS
418 - 426 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of thioglycolic acid-capped CdSe quantum dots-sensitized mesoscopic TiO2 photoanodes for sensitized solar cells
Song XH, Liu XN, Yan Y, Deng JP, Wang YY, Dong X, Mo ZK, Xia CX
427 - 434 Facile synthesis of mesoporous VO2 nanocrystals by a cotton-template method and their enhanced thermochromic properties
Wu SW, Tian SQ, Liu BS, Tao HZ, Zhao XJ, Palgrave RG, Sankar G, Parkin IP
435 - 440 Work function optimization of vacuum free top-electrode by PEDOT:PSS/PEI interaction for efficient semi-transparent perovskite solar cells
Kim KM, Ahn S, Jang W, Park S, Park OO, Wang DH