Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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1 - 6 Influence of substrate temperature on the film morphology and photovoltaic performance of non-fullerene organic solar cells
Zhang JC, Xie SF, Lu Z, Wu Y, Xiao HM, Zhang XJ, Li GW, Li CH, Chen XB, Ma W, Bo ZS
7 - 15 Mechanical stability of roll-to-roll printed solar cells under cyclic bending and torsion
Finn M, Martens CJ, Zaretski AV, Roth B, Sondergaard RR, Krebs FC, Lipomi DJ
16 - 24 Adjustment of alkali element incorporations in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films with wet chemistry Mo oxide as a hosting reservoir
Lin SP, Liu W, Zhang YX, Cheng SQ, Fan Y, Zhou ZQ, Zhang Y, Sun Y
25 - 33 The role of donor polymer and PEDOT:PSS formulation on adhesion processes in inverted organic solar cells
Gregori A, Tournebize A, Schumann S, Peisert H, Hiorns RC, Chasse T, Lartigau-Dagron C, Allal A
34 - 41 The effect of humidity, impurities and initial state on the corrosion of carbon and stainless steels in molten HitecXL salt for CSP application
Grosu Y, Bondarchuk O, Faik A
42 - 49 Cu2ZnSnSSe4 solar cells with 9.6% efficiency via selenizing Cu-Zn-Sn-S precursor sputtered from a quaternary target
Sun RJ, Zhuang DM, Zhao M, Gong QM, Wei YW, Ren GA, Wu YX
50 - 55 High-temperature air-stable solar selective coating based on MoSi2-Si3N4 composite
Rodriguez-Palomo A, Cespedes E, Hernandez-Pinilla D, Prieto C
56 - 64 Hybrid network structure of boron nitride and graphene oxide in shape-stabilized composite phase change materials with enhanced thermal conductivity and light-to-electric energy conversion capability
Yang J, Tang LS, Bao RY, Bai L, Liu ZY, Xie BH, Yang MB, Yang W
65 - 76 Nanometre-scale optical property fluctuations in Cu2ZnSnS4 revealed by low temperature cathodoluminescence
Mendis BG, Taylor AA, Guennou M, Berg DM, Arasimowicz M, Ahmed S, Deligianni H, Dale PJ
77 - 83 Electrical characterization and comparison of CIGS solar cells made with different structures and fabrication techniques
Garris RL, Johnston S, Li JV, Guthrey HL, Ramanathan K, Mansfield LM
84 - 93 Synthesis and properties of crosslinking halloysite nanotubes/polyurethanebased solid-solid phase change materials
Zhou Y, Sheng DK, Liu XD, Lin CH, Ji F, Dong L, Xu SB, Yang YM
94 - 101 Influence of sulfurization temperature on photovoltaic properties of Ge alloyed Cu2SnS3 (CTGS) thin film solar cells
He M, Kim J, Suryawanshi MP, Lokhande AC, Gang M, Ghorpade UV, Lee DS, Kim JH
102 - 111 Enhanced thermal stability and thermochromic properties of VOx-based thin films by room-temperature magnetron sputtering
Zhan YJ, Xiao XD, Lu Y, Cao ZY, Qi S, Huan CM, Cheng HL, Shi JF, Xu G
112 - 123 A new optical-electrical integrated buffer layer design based on gold nanoparticles tethered thiol containing sulfonated polyaniline towards enhancement of solar cell performance
Gopalan SA, Gopalan AI, Vinu A, Lee KP, Kang SW
124 - 131 Optical characterization and durability of immersion cooling liquids for high concentration III-V photovoltaic systems
Han XY, Guo YJ, Wang Q, Phelan P
132 - 139 Enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting with TiO2@Ag2O nanowire arrays via p-n heterojunction formation
Hao CC, Wang WZ, Zhang R, Zou B, Shi HL
140 - 145 Solar thermal energy harvesting properties of spacer fabric composite used for transparent insulation materials
Jia H, Zhu JJ, Debeli DK, Li ZL, Guo JS
146 - 156 Investigation and modeling of photocurrent collection process in multiple quantum well solar cells
Toprasertpong K, Inoue T, Nakano Y, Sugiyama M
157 - 162 A comparative life-cycle assessment of photovoltaic electricity generation in Singapore by multicrystalline silicon technologies
Luo W, Khoo YS, Kumar A, Low JSC, Li YM, Tan YS, Wang Y, Aberle AG, Ramakrishna S
163 - 171 Space qualification and characterization of high emittance black nickel coating on copper and stainless steel substrates
Somasundaram S, Pillai AM, Rajendra A, Aravindram P, Krishna PM, Sharma AK
172 - 186 Cesium compounds as interface modifiers for stable and efficient perovskite solar cells
Mahmud MA, Elumalai NK, Upama MB, Wang DA, Goncales VR, Wright M, Gooding JJ, Haque F, Xu C, Uddin A
187 - 195 Potential of interdigitated back-contact silicon heterojunction solar cells for liquid phase crystallized silicon on glass with efficiency above 14%
Trinh CT, Preissler N, Sonntag P, Muske M, Jager K, Trahms M, Schlatmann R, Rech B, Amkreutz D
196 - 201 Versatility of doped nanocrystalline silicon oxide for applications in silicon thin-film and heterojunction solar cells
Richter A, Smirnov V, Lambertz A, Nomoto K, Welter K, Ding KN
202 - 205 Multicrystalline silicon crystal assisted by silicon flakes as seeds
Yuan S, Hu DL, Yu XG, He L, Lei Q, Chen HR, Zhang XR, Xu YF, Yang DR
206 - 213 Quantifying energy losses in planar perovskite solar cells
Da Y, Xuan YM, Li Q
214 - 224 A holistic review of mismatch loss: From manufacturing decision making to losses in fielded arrays
Evans R, Boreland M, Green MA
225 - 232 Impact of contact integrity during thermal stress testing on degradation analysis of copper-plated silicon solar cells
Colwell J, Hsiao PC, Shen XW, Zhang W, Wang X, Lim S, Lennon A
233 - 239 Controllable a-Si:H/c-Si interface passivation by residual SiH4 molecules in H-2 plasma
Liu WZ, Zhang LP, Cong SY, Chen RF, Wu ZP, Meng FY, Shi Q, Liu ZX
240 - 247 Surface fluorination of alpha-Fe2O3 using selectfluor for enhancement in photo electrochemical properties
Janu VC, Bahuguna G, Laishram D, Shejale KP, Kumar N, Sharma RK, Gupta R
248 - 262 The experimental phase diagram study of the binary polyols system erythritol-xylitol
Gunasekara SN, Chiu JN, Martin V, Hedstrom P
263 - 270 Thermally induced structural evolution and performance of Sb2Se3 films and nanorods prepared by an easy sputtering method
Liang GX, Zheng ZH, Fan P, Luo JT, Hu JG, Zhang XH, Ma HL, Fan B, Luo ZK, Zhang DP
271 - 276 Effect of inner coatings on the stability of chloride-based phase change materials encapsulated in geopolymers
Jacob R, Raud R, Trout N, Bell S, Clarke S, Will G, Saman W, Bruno F
277 - 282 Improved Laplacian Photoluminescence image evaluation regarding the local diode back voltage distribution
Fruhauf F, Breitenstein O
283 - 291 Polyethylene glycol-enwrapped silicon carbide nanowires network/expanded vermiculite composite phase change materials: Form stabilization, thermal energy storage behavior and thermal conductivity enhancement
Deng Y, Li JH, Nian HE
292 - 299 Superhydrophobic self-cleaning solar reflective orange-gray paint coating
Xue X, Yang Z, Li YW, Sun PC, Feng Y, He ZY, Qu TJ, Dai JG, Zhang T, Qin J, Xu LJ, Zhang WD
300 - 306 High photoelectrochemical activity and stability of Au-WS2/silicon heterojunction photocathode
Zeng LH, Liu Y, Lin SH, Qarony W, Tao LL, Chai Y, Zhang XM, Lau SP, Tsang YH
307 - 313 Superwetting polypropylene aerogel supported form-stable phase change materials with extremely high organics loading and enhanced thermal conductivity
Hong HZ, Pan Y, Sun HX, Zhu ZQ, Ma CH, Wang B, Liang WD, Yang BP, Li A
314 - 324 Manufacturing cost and market potential analysis of demonstrated roll-to-roll perovskite photovoltaic cell processes
Chang NL, Ho-Baillie AWY, Vak D, Gao M, Green MA, Egan RJ
325 - 332 A novel and facile step-by-step hydrothermal fabrication of peony-like Ni0.4Co0.6(OH)(2) supported on carbon fiber cloth as flexible electrodes for advanced electrochemical energy storage
Wu XM, Meng L, Wang QG, Zhang WZ, Wang Y
333 - 341 Effect of spin localization on charge transport in low-bandgap bilayered ordered nanocomposites
Krinichnyi VI, Yudanova EI, Bogatyrenko VR
342 - 350 Greatly improved heat-shielding performance of KxWO3 by trace Pt doping for energy-saving window glass applications
Ran S, Liu JX, Shi F, Fan CY, Chen B, Zhang HM, Yu L, Liu SH
351 - 358 High-temperature solar-thermal conversion by semiconducting beta-FeSi2 absorbers with thermally stabilized silver layers
Okuhara Y, Kuroyama T, Yokoe D, Kato T, Takata M, Tsutsui T, Noritake K
359 - 369 Intense pulsed light processing for photovoltaic manufacturing
Druffel T, Dharmadasa R, Lavery BW, Ankireddy K
370 - 379 Electronic and optical properties of ultra-thin 2D tungsten disulfide for photovoltaic applications
Roy S, Bermel P
380 - 387 Novel shapeable phase change material (PCM) composites for thermal energy storage (TES) applications
Sahan N, Paksoy H
388 - 396 Refractive indexes and extinction coefficients of n- and p-type doped GaInP, AlInP and AlGaInP for multijunction solar cells
Ochoa-Martinez E, Barrutia L, Ochoa M, Barrigon E, Garcia I, Rey-Stolle I, Algora C, Basa P, Kronome G, Gabas M
397 - 404 TiO2 as intermediate buffer layer in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Lockinger J, Nishiwaki S, Weiss TP, Bissig B, Romanyuk YE, Buecheler S, Tiwari AN
405 - 411 Colloidal quantum dot solar cell electrical parameter non-destructive quantitative imaging using high-frequency heterodyne lock-in carrierography and photocarrier radiometry
Hu LL, Liu MX, Mandelis A, Sun QM, Melnikov A, Sargent EH
412 - 417 ZnSnP2 solar cell with (Cd,Zn)S buffer layer: Analysis of recombination rates
Akari S, Chantana J, Nakatsuka S, Nose Y, Minemoto T
418 - 422 Optimization of the properties of the molybdenum back contact deposited by radiofrequency sputtering for Cu(In1-xGax) Se-2 solar cells
Briot O, Moret M, Barbier C, Tiberj A, Peyre H, Sagna A, Contreras S
423 - 432 Zirconia nanoparticles embedded spinel selective absorber coating for high performance in open atmospheric condition
Prasad MS, Mallikarjun B, Ramakrishna M, Joarder J, Sobha B, Sakthivel S
433 - 444 High stability of benzotriazole and benzodithiophene containing medium band-gap polymer solar cell
Unay H, Benatto GAD, Beliatis MJ, Gevorgyan SA, Kavak P, Memis S, Cirpan A, Toppare L, Parlak EA, Krebs FC
445 - 452 Design, fabrication and optical characterizations of large-area lithography-free ultrathin multilayer selective solar coatings with excellent thermal stability in air
Wang H, Alshehri H, Su H, Wang LP
453 - 459 Microencapsulated phase change material modified by graphene oxide with different degrees of oxidation for solar energy storage
Liu ZF, Chen ZH, Yu F
460 - 468 Selective thermal emission of directionally solidified Al2O3/Y3-xErxAl5O12 eutectics: Influence of the microstructure, temperature and erbium content
Oliete PB, Orera A, Sanjuan ML, Merino RI
469 - 477 Enhancement of electrothermal performance in single-walled carbon nanotube transparent heaters by room temperature post treatment
Shobin LR, Manivannan S
478 - 484 Effect of excessive Pb content in the precursor solutions on the properties of the lead acetate derived CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
Chen YQ, Yerramilli A, Shen YX, Zhao Z, Alford T
485 - 493 In-the-field PID related experiences
Martinez-Moreno F, Figueiredo G, Lorenzo E
494 - 498 Beyond 11% efficient Cu2ZnSn(Se,S)(4) thin film solar cells by cadmium alloying
Sun RJ, Zhuang DM, Zhao M, Gong QM, Scarpulla M, Wei YW, Ren GA, Wu YX
499 - 508 TiO2/antimony-doped tin oxide: Highly water-dispersed nano composites with excellent IR insulation and super-hydrophilic property
Hu Y, Zhong H, Wang YH, Lu L, Yang HX
509 - 514 Thermomechanical testing under operating conditions of A516Gr70 used for CSP storage tanks
Prieto C, Barreneche C, Martinez M, Cabeza LF, Fernandez AI
515 - 522 Experimental verification of theoretically estimated composition and enthalpy of fusion of eutectic salt mixtures
Raud R, Bell S, Adams K, Lima R, Will G, Steinberg TA
523 - 529 Preparation, characterization and thermal regulation performance of cement based-composite phase change material
Sari A, Bicer A, Karaipekli A, Al-Sulaiman FA
530 - 537 Bismuth titanate as an infrared reflective pigment for cool roof coating
Meenakshr P, Selvaraj M
538 - 544 Novel light-driven CF/PEG/SiO2 composite phase change materials with high thermal conductivity
Liu ZL, Wei HP, Tang BT, Xu SM, Zhang SF
545 - 553 Charge-transfer kinetics and cyclic properties of inorganic all-solid-state electrochromic device with remarkably improved optical memory
Liu QR, Dong GB, Chen QQ, Guo JJ, Xiao Y, Delplancke-Ogletree MP, Reniers F, Diao XG
554 - 565 Sn and Ag doped ZnO quantum dots with PMMA by in situ polymerization for UV/IR protective, photochromic multifunctional hybrid coatings
Soumya S, Sheemol VN, Amba P, Mohamed AP, Ananthakumar S
566 - 571 Effect of temperature on light induced degradation in methylammonium lead iodide perovskite thin films and solar cells
Abdelmageed G, Mackeen C, Hellier K, Jewell L, Seymour L, Tingwald M, Bridges F, Zhang JZ, Carter S
572 - 576 Daylight characteristics of a polymer dispersed liquid crystal switchable glazing
Ghosh A, Norton B, Mallick TK
577 - 583 Structural, optical, electrical properties and energy band diagram of Cu2ZnSiS4 thin films
Vishwakarma M, Varandani D, Shivaprasad SM, Mehta BR
584 - 592 Solution-processed composite electrodes composed of silver nanowires and aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles for thin-film solar cells applications
Liu RY, Tan ML, Zhang XH, Xu L, Chen JJ, Chen Y, Tang XY, Wan LM
593 - 598 One-step synthesis of Cu3BiS3 thin films by a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)-based solution coating process for solar cell application
Li JJ, Han XX, Zhao Y, Li J, Wang M, Dong C
599 - 606 Investigation of dry-deposited ion storage layers using various oxide particles to enhance electrochromic performance
Choi D, Lee M, Kim H, Chu WS, Chun DM, Ahn SH, Lee CS
607 - 615 Mid-infrared emissivity of crystalline silicon solar cells
Riverola A, Mellor A, Alvarez DA, Llin LF, Guarracino I, Markides CN, Paul DJ, Chemisana D, Ekins-Daukes N