Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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ISSN: 0927-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 9 First outdoor characterisation of a PV powered suspended particle device switchable glazing
Ghosh A, Norton B, Duffy A
10 - 17 Effect of heat treatment on the electrical properties of perovskite solar cells
Kumar Y, Regalado-Perez E, Ayala AM, Mathews NR, Mathew X
18 - 27 DSSCs with ZnO@TiO2 core-shell photoanodes showing improved V-oc: Modification of energy gradients and potential barriers with Cd and Mg ion dopants
Ako RT, Peiris DSU, Ekanayake P, Tan AL, Young DJ, Zheng Z, Chellappan V
28 - 34 Fast switching response of Na-doped CZTS photodetector from visible to NIR range
Singh OP, Sharma A, Gour KS, Husale S, Singh VN
35 - 41 Substrate configuration, bifacial CdTe solar cells grown directly on transparent single wall carbon nanotube back contacts
Khanal RR, Phillips AB, Song ZN, Xie Y, Mahabaduge HP, Dorogi MD, Zafar S, Faykosh GT, Heben MJ
42 - 47 Solarization-induced redox reactions in doubly Ce3+/Mn2+-doped highly transmission glasses studied by optical absorption and photoluminescence
Gomez-Salces S, Barreda-Argueso JA, Valiente R, Rodriguez F
48 - 54 0.76% absolute efficiency increase for screen-printed multicrystalline silicon solar cells with nanostructures by reactive ion etching
Chen WH, Hong FCN
55 - 64 Performance assessment of thermophotovoltaic application in steel industry
Shoaei E
65 - 73 Correlative impurity distribution analysis in cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar cells by ToF-SIMS 2D imaging
Mao D, Blatz G, Wickersham CE, Gloeckler M
74 - 78 Phosphorous diffusion gettering of n-type CZ silicon wafers for improving the performances of silicon heterojunction solar cells
Zhu FZ, Wang DL, Bian JT, Liu JN, Liu ZX
79 - 84 Improving performance and reducing hysteresis in perovskite solar cells by using F8BT as electron transporting layer
Zhao LX, Wang XY, Li XD, Zhang WJ, Liu XH, Zhu YJ, Wang HQ, Fang JF
85 - 92 Development of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 superstrate devices with alternative buffer layers
Xin PP, Larsen JK, Deng F, Shafarman WN
93 - 100 Performance evaluation of a thermally concentrated solar thermo-electric generator without optical concentration
Sudharshan KY, Kumar VP, Barshilia HC
101 - 107 8.6% Efficiency CZTSSe solar cell with atomic layer deposited Zn-Sn-O buffer layer
Li XL, Su ZH, Venkataraj S, Batabyal SK, Wong LH
108 - 116 Structure and thermal stability of spectrally selective absorber based on AlCrON coating for solar-thermal conversion applications
Liu HD, Fu TR, Duan MH, Wan Q, Luo C, Chen YM, Fu DJ, Ren F, Li QY, Cheng XD, Yang B, Hu XJ
117 - 125 Thermo-optical properties of partially unzipped multiwalled carbon nanotubes dispersed nanofluids for direct absorption solar thermal energy systems
Shende RC, Ramaprabhu S
126 - 133 Photovoltaic properties of LixCo3-xO4/TiO2 heterojunction solar cells with high open-circuit voltage
Wang BY, Cai YX, Dong WJ, Xia C, Zhang W, Liu YY, Afzal M, Wang H, Zhu B
134 - 138 Laser sealed dye-sensitized solar cells: Efficiency and long term stability
Macaira J, Andrade L, Mendes A
139 - 145 Nanocuboid TiO2 based organic-inorganic hybrids for fast RhB trapping and photodegradation
Wei XF, Liu JH
146 - 153 Performance ratio study based on a device simulation of a 2D monolithic interconnected Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)(2) solar cell
Schubbert C, Eraerds P, Richter M, Parisi J, Riedel I, Dalibor T, Palm J
154 - 160 Influence of anodic bonding on the surface passivation quality of crystalline silicon
Chen WH, Depauw V, Haddad F, Maurice JL, Cabarrocas PRI
161 - 170 Fabrication and band engineering of Cu-doped CdSe0.6Te0.4-alloyed quantum dots for solar cells
Verma SK, Verma R, Li N, Xiong D, Tian S, Xiang W, Zhang Z, Xie Y, Zhao X
171 - 177 High resolution characterization of grain boundaries in Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells synthesized by nanoparticle selenization
Xu MJ, Liu B, Graham G, Pan XQ
178 - 189 Microcrystalline bottom cells in large area thin film silicon MICROMORPH (TM) solar modules
Hoetzel JE, Caglar O, Cashmore JS, Goury C, Kalas J, Klindworth M, Kupich M, Leu GF, Lindic MH, Losio PA, Mates T, Mereu B, Roschek T, Sinicco I
190 - 199 Semiempirical modeling of a three sublayer photoanode for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting: Parameter and electrolyte optimizations
Ristova MM, Zhu W, Yu KM, Walukiewicz W
200 - 208 N-type single-crystalline Si solar cells: Front side metallization for solar cells reaching 20% efficiency
Kumar P, Pfeffer M, Willsch B, Eibl O, Koduvelikulathu LJ, Mihailetchi VD, Kopecek R
209 - 220 Impact of doping on InAs/GaAs quantum-dot solar cells: A numerical study on photovoltaic and photoluminescence behavior
Cappelluti F, Gioannini M, Khalili A
221 - 228 Preparation of high-quality Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films for solar cells via the improvement of sulfur partial pressure using a static annealing sulfurization approach
Liu RY, Tan ML, Xu L, Zhang XH, Chen JJ, Tang XY
229 - 233 On the preparation of n-type SnS:Cu using chemical spray pyrolysis for photovoltaic application: Effect of annealing
Ninan GG, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP
234 - 244 Corrosion of alloys in a chloride molten salt (NaCl-LiCl) for solar thermal technologies
Gomez-Vidal JC, Tirawat R
245 - 249 Comparison of POCl3 diffusion and phosphorus ion-implantation induced gettering in crystalline Si solar cells
Cho E, Ok YW, Dahal LD, Das A, Upadhyaya V, Rohatgi A
250 - 258 Thermally tunable light filter composed of cholesteric liquid crystals with different temperature dependence
Ogiwara A, Kakiuchida H
259 - 265 Secondary phase formation during monoclinic Cu2SnS3 growth for solar cell application
de Wild J, Robert EVC, El Adib B, Abou-Ras D, Dale PJ
266 - 275 Band alignment of front contact layers for high-efficiency CdTe solar cells
Kephart JM, McCamy JW, Ma Z, Ganjoo A, Alamgir FM, Sampath WS
276 - 285 Evolution of oxygenated cadmium sulfide (CdS:O) during high-temperature CdTe solar cell fabrication
Meysing DM, Reese MO, Warren CW, Abbas A, Burst JM, Mahabaduge HP, Metzger WK, Walls JM, Lonergan MC, Barnes TM, Wolden CA
286 - 294 Electronic structure and self-organization properties of low band gap polymers: The effect of the introduction of additional thiophene moieties
Ivanovic M, Aygul U, Dettinger U, Tournebize A, Polek M, Batchelor D, Mangold S, Forster M, Scherf U, Peisert H, Chasse T
295 - 304 The influence of nitrogen on laser doping from phosphorous doped a-SiNx layers
Steinhauser B, Jager U, Benick J, Chong E, Lam J, Steeman R, Rostan H, Nekarda J, Hermle M, Preu R, Glunz SW
305 - 311 Spray coated silver nanowires as transparent electrodes in OPVs for Building Integrated Photovoltaics applications
Ding Z, Stoichkov V, Horie M, Brousseau E, Kettle J
312 - 317 Fluorescent cooling of objects exposed to sunlight - The ruby example
Berdahl P, Chen SS, Destaillats H, Kirchstetter TW, Levinson RM, Zalich MA
318 - 325 Solution processed perovskite solar cells using highly conductive PEDOT:PSS interfacial layer
Adam G, Kaltenbrunner M, Glowacki ED, Apaydin DH, White MS, Heilbrunner H, Tombe S, Stadler P, Ernecker B, Klampfl CW, Sariciftci NS, Scharber MC
326 - 330 Bifacial, fully screen-printed n-PERT solar cells with BF2 and B implanted emitters
Kiefer F, Krugener J, Heinemeyer F, Jestremski M, Osten HJ, Brendel R, Peibst R
331 - 336 Influence of laser repetition rate on the Cu2ZnSn(SSe)(4) thin films synthesized via pulsed laser deposition technique
Vanalakar SA, Mali SS, Agwane GL, Kamble A, Kim IY, Patil PS, Kim JY, Kim JH
337 - 345 Characterization and modeling of organic (P3HT:PCBM) solar cells as a function of bias and illumination
Rizzo A, Cester A, Wrachien N, Lago N, Torto L, Barbato M, Favaro J, Gevorgyan SEA, Corazza M, Krebs FC
346 - 353 Degradation of thermally-cured silicone encapsulant under terrestrial UV
Cai C, Miller DC, Tappan IA, Dauskardt RH
354 - 365 Simplified process for high efficiency, self-aligned IBC c-Si solar cells combining ion implantation and epitaxial growth: Design and fabrication
Ingenito A, Isabella O, Zeman M
366 - 376 Phase separation, crystallinity and monomer-aggregate population control in solution processed small molecule solar cells
Zheng CY, Bleier D, Jalan I, Pristash S, Penmetcha AR, Hestand NJ, Spano FC, Pierce MS, Cody JA, Collison CJ
377 - 382 Thermophysical and chemical analysis of gneiss rock as low cost candidate material for thermal energy storage in concentrated solar power plants
Jemmal Y, Zari N, Maaroufi M
383 - 392 Corrosion testing device for in-situ corrosion characterization in operational molten salts storage tanks: A516 Gr70 carbon steel performance under molten salts exposure
Ruiz-Cabanas FJ, Prieto C, Osuna R, Madina V, Fernandez AI, Cabeza LF
393 - 398 Evidence for efficient passivation of vertical silicon nanowires by anodic aluminum oxide
Nguyen VH, Kato S, Usami N
399 - 405 In-situ construction of all-solid-state Z-scheme g-C3N4/TiO2 nanotube arrays photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light-induced properties
Zhou DT, Chen Z, Yang Q, Dong XP, Zhang JJ, Qin LS
406 - 414 Size-dependent role of gold in g-C3N4/BiOBr/Au system for photocatalytic CO2 reduction and dye degradation
Bai Y, Chen T, Wang PQ, Wang L, Ye LQ, Shi X, Bai W
415 - 421 Comparative analysis of upconversion efficiencies in fluoride materials for photovoltaic application
Favilla E, Cittadino G, Veronesi S, Tonelli M, Fischer S, Goldschmidt JC, Cassanho A, Jenssen HP
422 - 428 Anti-soiling surfaces for PV applications prepared by sol-gel processing: Comparison of laboratory testing and outdoor exposure
Bahattab MA, Alhomoudi IA, Alhussaini MI, Mirza M, Hegmann J, Glaubitt W, Lobmann P
429 - 437 Optimization procedure and fabrication of highly efficient and thermally stable solar coating for receiver operating at high temperature
Esposito S, D'Angelo A, Antonaia A, Castaldo A, Ferrara M, Addonizio ML, Guglielmo A
438 - 446 Scaling of the flexible dye sensitized solar cell module
Wu CC, Chen B, Zheng XJ, Priya S
447 - 453 Enhanced short-circuit current density of perovskite solar cells using Zn-doped TiO2 as electron transport layer
Wu MC, Chan SH, Jao MH, Su WF
454 - 461 Tetramethylthiourea (TMTU) as an alternative redox mediator for electrochromic devices
Bogati S, Georg A, Jerg C, Graf W
462 - 467 Raman scattering analysis of the surface chemistry of kesterites: Impact of post-deposition annealing and Cu/Zn reordering on solar cell performance
Dimitrievska M, Giraldo S, Pistor P, Saucedo E, Perez-Rodriguez A, Izquierdo-Roca V
468 - 475 Efficiency enhancement in solar cells using photon down-conversion in Tb/Yb-doped tellurite glass
Florencio LDA, Gomez-Malagon LA, Lima BC, Gomes ASL, Garcia JAM, Kassab LRP
476 - 509 Hysteresis in organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells
Elumalai NK, Uddin A
510 - 516 Hexadecafluorophthalocyaninatocopper as an electron conductor for high-efficiency fullerene-free planar perovskite solar cells
Jin FM, Liu CY, Hou FH, Song QG, Su ZS, Chu B, Cheng PF, Zhao HF, Li WL
517 - 525 Corrosion evaluation of alloys and MCrAlX coatings in molten carbonates for thermal solar applications
Gomez-Vidal JC, Noel J, Weber J
526 - 532 Study of corrosion by Dynamic Gravimetric Analysis (DGA) methodology. Influence of chloride content in solar salt
Prieto C, Gallardo-Gonzalez J, Ruiz-Cabanas FJ, Barreneche C, Martinez M, Segarra M, Fernandez AI
533 - 542 Experimental and numerical study of metal-oxides/water nanofluids as coolant in photovoltaic thermal systems (PVT)
Sardarabadi M, Passandideh-Fard M
543 - 549 Structure, optical properties and thermal stability of TiC-based tandem spectrally selective solar absorber coating
Gao XH, Guo ZM, Geng QF, Ma PJ, Liu G
550 - 557 Flexographic printing - towards an advanced front side metallization approach with high throughput and low silver consumption
Lorenz A, Gredy C, Beyer S, Yao Y, Papet P, Ufheil J, Senne A, Reinecke H, Clement F
558 - 564 Influence of the solar cells metallization firing treatment on carrier recombination and trapping in copper contaminated multicrystalline silicon: new insights into the role of the phosphorus-rich layers
Dubois S, Turmagambetov T, Garandet JP, Lignier H, Enjalbert N
565 - 571 Influence of sodium incorporation on kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells fabricated on stainless steel substrates
Sun KW, Liu FY, Yan C, Zhou FZ, Huang JL, Shen YS, Liu R, Hao XJ
572 - 579 Experimental investigation of beta-cyclodextrin modified carbon nanotubes nanofluids for solar energy systems: Stability, optical properties and thermal conductivity
Li XK, Zou CJ, Chen WJ, Lei XY
580 - 590 Advanced characterization and optical simulation for the design of solar selective coatings based on carbon: transition metal carbide nanocomposites
Heras I, Krause M, Abrasonis G, Pardo A, Endrino JL, Guillen E, Escobar-Galindo R
591 - 598 Co-N doped reduced graphene oxide used as efficient electrocatalyst for dye-sensitized solar cells
Belekoukia M, Ploumistos A, Sygellou L, Nouri E, Tasis D, Lianos P
599 - 603 The optimal TiO2/Ag/TiO2 electrode for organic solar cell application with high device-specific Haacke figure of merit
Zhao Z, Alford TL
604 - 623 Superhydrophobic surfaces with antireflection properties for solar applications: A critical review
Mehmood U, Al-Sulaiman FA, Yilbas BS, Salhi B, Ahmed SHA, Hossain MK
624 - 635 Plastic electrochromic devices based on viologen-modified TiO2 films prepared at low temperature
Alesanco Y, Palenzuela J, Tena-Zaera R, Cabanero G, Grande H, Herbig B, Schmitt A, Schott M, Posset U, Guerfi A, Dontigny M, Zaghib K, Vinuales A
636 - 643 Laser-induced local phase transformation of CIGSe for monolithic serial interconnection: Analysis of the material properties
Schultz C, Schuele M, Stelmaszczyk K, Weizman M, Gref O, Friedrich F, Wolf C, Papathanasiou N, Kaufmann CA, Rau B, Schlatmann R, Quaschning V, Fink F, Stegemann B
644 - 651 Highly-efficient polymer solar cells realized by tailoring conjugated skeleton of alcohol-soluble conjugated electrolytes
Jin XF, He YP, Liu C, Wu FY, Xu YZ, Huang LQ, Chen L, Chen YW
652 - 659 An investigation of thermal stability of carbon nanofluids for solar thermal applications
Mesgari S, Taylor RA, Hjerrild NE, Crisostomo F, Li QY, Scott J
660 - 665 Flexible and efficient ITO-free semitransparent perovskite solar cells
Ou XL, Xu M, Feng J, Sun HB
666 - 675 Enhanced thermal stability of organic photovoltaics via incorporating triphenylamine derivatives as additives
Chao YC, Chuang CH, Hsu HL, Wang HJ, Hsu YC, Chen CP, Jeng RJ
676 - 685 Composite nanofibrous sheets of fatty acids and polymers as thermo-regulating enclosures
Gupta R, Kedia S, Saurakhiya N, Sharma A, Ranjan A
686 - 694 Thermochromic vanadium dioxide thin films prepared by electric field assisted atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition for intelligent glazing application and their energy demand reduction properties
Warwick MEA, Ridley I, Binions R
695 - 702 Effects of the incorporation of alkali elements on Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cells
Shin D, Kim J, Gershon T, Mankad R, Hopstaken M, Guha S, Ahn BT, Shin B
703 - 708 Electrochromic properties of poly(o-methoxyaniline)-poly (3-thiophene acetic acid) layer by layer films
Ap Christinelli W, Trench AB, Pereira EC
709 - 715 Preparation and investigation on density and surface tension of quaternary bromides for concentrating solar power
Xiong YX, Shi JF, Wu YT, Ma CF, Chen HB
716 - 726 Spectrally selective absorber coating of WAlN/WAlON/Al2O3 for solar thermal applications
Dan A, Jyothi J, Chattopadhyay K, Barshilia HC, Basu B
727 - 732 Manganese-doped AlGaN/GaN heterojunction solar cells with intermediate band absorption
Sheu JK, Chen PC, Shin CL, Lee ML, Liao PH, Lai WC
733 - 741 Impact of corrosion on microstructure and mechanical properties of ZrOx/ZrC-ZrN/Zr absorber-reflector tandem solar selective structures
Usmani B, Dixit A
742 - 749 Room temperature deposition of homogeneous, highly transparent and conductive Al-doped ZnO films by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering
Mickan M, Helmersson U, Rinnert H, Ghanbaja J, Muller D, Horwat D
750 - 756 Influence of minimum position in [Ga]/([Ga] plus [In]) profile of Cu(In,Ga) Se-2 on flexible stainless steel substrate on its photovoltaic performances
Chantana J, Watanabe T, Teraji S, Minemoto T
757 - 764 Direct comparison of atomic layer deposition and sputtering of In2O3:H used as transparent conductive oxide layer in CuIn1-xGaxSe2 thin film solar cells
Keller J, Aijaz A, Gustaysson F, Kubart T, Stolt L, Edoff M, Torndahl T
765 - 776 Effect of ultrasonically generated water vapor treatment on the Cu2ZnSnS4/CdS heterojunction-based photovoltaic cells
Htay MT, Fujimura R, Hasuike R, Takei K, Momose N, Hashimoto Y, Ito K
777 - 782 Accelerated ageing tests of carbon nanotube spectrally selective solar absorbers
Chen ZH, Bostrom T
783 - 790 Interface studies of the planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells
Lin ZH, Chang JJ, Xiao JX, Zhu H, Xu QH, Zhang CF, Ouyang JY, Hao Y
791 - 797 TiO2 alterations with natural aging: Unveiling the role of nitric acid on NIR reflectance
Paolini R, Sleiman M, Pedeferri M, Diamanti MV
798 - 807 The competing roles of i-ZnO in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Williams BL, Zardetto V, Kniknie B, Verheijen MA, Kessels WMM, Creatore M
808 - 813 Effect of nanoparticle dispersion on enhancing the specific heat capacity of quaternary nitrate for solar thermal energy storage application
Zhang LD, Chen X, Wu YT, Lu YW, Ma CF
814 - 819 The promising photo anode of graphene/zinc titanium mixed metal oxides for the CdS quantum dot-sensitized solar cell
Cao JP, Zhu YT, Yang XY, Chen Y, Li YX, Xiao HD, Hou WG, Liu JQ
820 - 830 A low-cost, sulfurization free approach to control optical and electronic properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 via precursor variation
Gupta S, Whittles TJ, Batra Y, Satsangi V, Krishnamurthy S, Dhanak VR, Mehta BR
831 - 843 Correlation of the pi-conjugation chain length and the property and photovoltaic performance of benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene-cored A-pi-D-pi-A type molecules
Wang LL, Zhang Y, Yin N, Lin Y, Gao W, Luo Q, Tan HW, Yang HB, Ma CQ
844 - 852 Electrolytes-relevant cyclic durability of nickel oxide thin films as an ion-storage layer in an all-solid-state complementary electrochromic device
Liu QR, Dong GB, Xiao Y, Delplancke-Ogletree MP, Reniers F, Diao XG
853 - 860 Enhanced power conversion efficiency in phthalocyanine-sensitized solar cells by modifying TiO2 photoanode with polyoxometalate
Li N, Sun ZX, Liu R, Xu L, Xu K, Song XM
861 - 866 Degradation behavior of electrical properties of inverted metamorphic tri-junction solar cells under 1 MeV electron irradiation
Zhang YQ, Wu YY, Zhao HJ, Sun CY, Xiao JD, Geng HB, Xue JW, Lu JF, Wang Y
867 - 873 Photovoltaic effect in earth abundant solution processed Cu2MnSnS4 and Cu2MnSn(S,Se)(4) thin films
Prabhakar RR, Su ZH, Xin Z, Baikie T, Woei LS, Shukla S, Batabyal SK, Gunawan O, Wong LH
874 - 880 Understanding the role of mobility of ITO films for silicon heterojunction solar cell applications
Valla A, Carroy P, Ozanne F, Munoz D
881 - 886 Electrodeposited Cu2O homojunction solar cells: Fabrication of a cell of high short circuit photocurrent
Wijesundera RP, Gunawardhana LKADDS, Siripala W
887 - 893 Efficient planar antimony sulfide thin film photovoltaics with large grain and preferential growth
Yuan SJ, Deng H, Dong DD, Yang XK, Qiao KK, Hu C, Song HB, Song HS, He ZB, Tang J
894 - 906 Determination of the phase diagram and main thermophysical properties of the erythritol-urea eutectic mixture for its use as a phase change material
Diarce G, Quant L, Campos-Celador A, Sala JM, Garcia-Romero A
907 - 912 Anomalous photocurrent response of hybrid TiO2:P3HT solar cells under different incident light wavelengths
Frischknecht AK, Yaccuzzi E, Pla J, Perez MD
913 - 922 SUNCALCULATOR: A program to calculate the angular and spectral distribution of direct and diffuse solar radiation
Ernst M, Holst H, Winter M, Altermatt PP
923 - 929 Size-controlled nc-Si:H/a-SiC:H quantum dots superlattice and its application to hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells
Ma J, Bai H, Zhang JJ, Yuan YJ, Ni J, Zhang KL
930 - 936 Tin-silica-silver composite nanoparticles for medium-to-high temperature volumetric absorption solar collectors
Zeng J, Xuan YM, Duan HL
937 - 942 Cu2O particles mediated growth of perovskite for high efficient hole-transporting-layer free solar cells in ambient conditions
Liu L, Xi QY, Gao G, Yang W, Zhou H, Zhao YX, Wu CQ, Wang LD, Xu JW
943 - 952 The effect of damp heat-illumination exposure on CIGS solar cells: A combined XRD and electrical characterization study
Theelen M, Hendrikx R, Barreau N, Steijvers H, Bottger A
953 - 959 Ultra-compact combustion-driven high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic generators
Piness-Sommer M, Braun A, Katz EA, Gordon JM
960 - 965 Efficient up-scaling of organic solar cells
Agrawal N, Ansari MZ, Majumdar A, Gahlet R, Khare N
966 - 972 Corrosion resistance of HR3C to a carbonate molten salt for energy storage applications in CSP plants
de Miguel MT, Encinas-Sanchez V, Lasanta MI, Garcia-Martin G, Perez FJ
973 - 980 Optical absorption of graded buffer layers and short circuit current improvement in SiGe solar cells grown on silicon substrates
Li D, Zhao X, Wang L, Conrad B, Soeriyadi AH, Diaz M, Gerger A, Lochtefeld A, Barnett A, Perez-Wurfl I
981 - 988 Elucidating the evolution of the current-voltage characteristics of planar organometal halide perovskite solar cells to an S-shape at low temperature
Xu F, Zhu JB, Cao RA, Ge S, Wang WZ, Xu HT, Xu R, Wu YL, Gao M, Ma ZQ, Hong F, Jiang ZM
989 - 995 Hydrophobic hole-transporting layer induced porous PbI2 film for stable and efficient perovskite solar cells in 50% humidity
Hou FH, Jin FM, Chu B, Su ZS, Gao Y, Zhao HF, Cheng PF, Tang JX, Li WL
996 - 1003 Innovative synthesis of high performance poly(methyl methacrylate) microcapsules with encapsulated heat storage material by microsuspension iodine transfer polymerization (ms ITP)
Chaiyasat P, Noppalit S, Okubo M, Chaiyasat A
1004 - 1010 Thermochromic performance of Mg-doped VO2 thin films on functional substrates for glazing applications
Panagopoulou M, Gagaoudakis E, Boukos N, Aperathitis E, Kiriakidis G, Tsoukalas D, Raptis YS
1011 - 1018 Reduction of the subcooling of bischofite with the use of nucleatings agents
Ushak S, Gutierrez A, Barreneche C, Fernandez AI, Grageda M, Cabeza LF
1019 - 1025 Thermal characterisation of binary sodium/lithium nitrate salts for latent heat storage at medium temperatures
Zhou D, Eames P
1026 - 1037 Bromide regulated film formation of CH3NH3PbI3 in low-pressure vapor-assisted deposition for efficient planar-heterojunction perovskite solar cells
Xu J, Yin J, Xiao L, Zhang B, Yao JX, Dai SY
1038 - 1047 Electron transport layer-free planar perovskite solar cells: Further performance enhancement perspective from device simulation
Huang LK, Sun XX, Li C, Xu R, Xu J, Du YY, Wu YX, Ni J, Cai HK, Li J, Hu ZY, Zhang JJ
1048 - 1056 Atmospheric growth of hybrid ZnO thin films for inverted polymer solar cells
Biswas C, Ma Z, Zhu XD, Kawaharamura T, Wang KL
1057 - 1064 LED array scanner for inline characterization of thin film photovoltaic modules
Bergqvist J, Tholen EA, Inganas O
1065 - 1075 The sodium nitrate-urea binary mixture as a phase change material for medium temperature thermal energy storage. Part I: Determination of the phase diagram and main thermal properties
Diarce G, Corro-Martinez E, Quant L, Campos-Celador A, Garcia-Romero A
1076 - 1083 The sodium nitrate-urea eutectic binary mixture as a phase change material for medium temperature thermal energy storage. Part II: Accelerated thermal cycling test and water uptake behavior of the material
Diarce G, Corro-Martinez E, Campos-Celador A, Garcia-Romero A, Sala JM