Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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1 - 8 Analysis of the light-induced degradation of differently matched tandem solar cells with and without an intermediate reflector using the Power Matching Method
Blank B, Ulbrich C, Merdzhanova T, Zahren C, Pieters BE, Gerber A, Rau U
9 - 20 Incorporation of alkali metals in chalcogenide solar cells
Salome PMP, Rodriguez-Alvarez H, Sadewasser S
21 - 28 Shape-stabilized phase change materials based on poly(ethylene-graft-maleic anhydride)-g-alkyl alcohol comb-like polymers
Liu LT, Wang HX, Qi XK, Kong L, Cui JP, Zhang XX, Shi HF
29 - 37 Novel slurry containing graphene oxide-grafted microencapsulated phase change material with enhanced thermo-physical properties and photo-thermal performance
Yuan KJ, Wang HC, Liu J, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
38 - 47 Properties of granular materials as heat transfer and storage medium in CSP application
Baumann T, Zunft S
48 - 51 Improved modeling of photoluminescent and electroluminescent coupling in multijunction solar cells
Lan DC, Geisz JE, Steiner MA, Garcia I, Friedman DJ, Green MA
52 - 57 Solution-processed photocells based on low energy-gap polymer and unmodified C-70 composites from halogen-free solvent exceeding 5% power conversion efficiency
Tada K
58 - 62 Efficiency enhancement of organic photovoltaic modules prepared via wash processing
Lee YM, Lee JW, Choi DK, Yu JW
63 - 71 Ultrafast dynamics at the zinc phthalocyanine/zinc oxide nanohybrid interface for efficient solar light harvesting in the near red region
Seddigi ZS, Ahmed SA, Sardar S, Pal SK
72 - 77 Plasmonic photo-thermoelectric energy converter with black-Si absorber
Komatsu R, Balcytis A, Seniutinas G, Yamamura T, Nishijima Y, Juodkazis S
78 - 98 Encapsulation techniques for organic phase change materials as thermal energy storage medium: A review
Khadiran T, Hussein MZ, Zainal Z, Rusli R
99 - 104 New efficient solar cell structures based on zinc oxide nanorods
Pietruszka R, Witkowski BS, Gieraltowska S, Caban R, Wachnicki L, Zielony E, Gwozdz K, Bieganski P, Placzek-Popko E, Godlewski M
105 - 112 The low-temperature deposition of textured multilayer back reflectors with enhanced light-scattering properties on polymeric substrates
Cho JS, Lim D, Choi BH, Ahn S, Cho A, Kim K, Yoo J, Park JH
113 - 119 Tandem GaAsP/SiGe on Si solar cells
Diaz M, Wang L, Li D, Zhao X, Conrad B, Soeriyadi A, Gerger A, Lochtefeld A, Ebert C, Opila R, Perez-Wurfl I, Barnett A
120 - 127 Evaluation of cooling property of high density polyethylene (HDPE)/titanium dioxide (TiO2) composites after accelerated ultraviolet (UV) irradiation
Wang SC, Zhang J, Liu L, Yang F, Zhang YH
128 - 134 Deposition and characterization of Cu2SnS3 thin films by co-evaporation for photovoltaic application
Reddy TS, Amiruddin R, Kumar MCS
135 - 140 Photooxidation studies on indene-C-60 adducts
Yamane S, Mizukado J, Uchimaru T, Suzuki Y, Chen L, Suda H
141 - 151 A comprehensive study of infrared reflectivity of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) model layers with different morphologies and conductivities
Louet C, Cantin S, Dudon JP, Aubert PH, Vidal F, Chevrot C
152 - 158 Transport properties of solution processed Cu2SnS3/AZnO heterostructure for low cost photovoltaics
Dias S, Murali B, Krupanidhi SB
159 - 167 Temperature dependent current-voltage and admittance spectroscopy on heat-light soaking effects of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells with ALD-Zn (O,S) and CBD-ZnS(O,OH) buffer layers
Kobayashi T, Li Kao ZJ, Nakada T
168 - 173 Thermal properties of shape-stabilized phase change materials using fatty acid ester and exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets for saving energy in buildings
Wi S, Seo J, Jeong SG, Chang SJ, Kang Y, Kim S
174 - 182 Application of triphenylamine dendritic polymer in a complementary electrochromic device with panchromatic absorption
Kao SY, Lin YS, Hu CW, Leung MK, Ho KC
183 - 189 Random versus periodic: Determining light trapping of randomly textured thin film solar cells by the superposition of periodic surface textures
Dewan R, Shrestha S, Jovanov V, Hupkes J, Bittkau K, Knipp D
190 - 197 The Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC): From conception to mass production
Green MA
198 - 204 A facile process to prepare crosslinked nano-graphites uniformly dispersed in titanium oxide films as solar selective absorbers
Wang KK, Wu ZZ, Peng CD, Wang KP, Cheng B, Song CL, Han GR, Liu Y
205 - 211 Forming aluminum electrodes by screen printing and electron-beam evaporation for high performance interdigitated back contact solar cells
Chen YZ, Yang Y, Zhang XL, Xu GC, Marmon JK, Li ZL, Feng ZQ, Verlinden PJ, Shen H
212 - 217 Advanced characterization of electrodeposition-based high efficiency solar cells: Non-destructive Raman scattering quantitative assessment of the anion chemical composition in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)(2) absorbers
Insignares-Cuello C, Oliva F, Neuschitzer M, Fontane X, Broussillou C, de Monsabert TG, Saucedo E, Ruiz CM, Perez-Rodriguez A, Izquierdo-Roca V
218 - 225 Effects of a pre-annealing treatment (PAT) on Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) thin films prepared by rapid thermal processing (RTP) selenization
Hwang S, Kim DH, Son DH, Yang KJ, Nam D, Cheong H, Kang JK, In SI
226 - 226 nano-domain behaviour in P3HT:PCBM nanoparticles, relating material properties to morphological changes (vol 117, pg 437, 2013)
Holmes NP, Burke KB, Sista P, Barr M, Magurudeniya HD, Stefan MC, Kilcoyne ALD, Zhou XJ, Dastoor PC, Belcher WJ
227 - 235 Roll-to-roll compatible flexible polymer solar cells incorporating a water-based solution-processable silver back electrode with low annealing temperature
Iannaccone G, Valimaki M, Jansson E, Sunnari A, Corso G, Bernardi A, Levi M, Turri S, Hast J, Griffini G
236 - 241 A facile preparation of ceramic coatings on Ti alloys for thermal protection systems
Yao ZP, Xia QX, Shen QX, Ju PF, Su PB, Hu B, Jiang ZH
242 - 249 Thickness-dependent internal quantum efficiency of narrow band-gap polymer-based solar cells
Park H, An J, Song J, Lee M, Ahn H, Jahnel M, Im C
250 - 259 Graphene quantum dots decorated electrospun TiO2 nanofibers as an effective photoanode for dye sensitized solar cells
Salam Z, Vijayakumar E, Subramania A, Sivasankar N, Mallick S
260 - 268 Towards the efficiency limits of silicon solar cells: How thin is too thin?
Kowalczewski P, Andreani LC
269 - 274 Determination of the dynamic resistance of the quantum dots solar cells by one I-V curve and electrochemical impedance spectra
Thanh TH, Quang VL, Thanh DH
275 - 279 Enhanced CO2 photoreduction under electrostatic field induction
Tan JZY, Wang QL, Kong D, Li QL, Wang J, He HY, Zhang XW
280 - 283 Harnessing ALD to directly map the morphology of organic photovoltaic bulk heterojunctions
Obuchovsky S, Shamieh B, Deckman I, Ankonina G, Frey GL
284 - 295 In-situ fabricated transparent conducting nanofiber-shape polyaniline/coral-like TiO2 thin film: Application in bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Bahramian A, Vashaee D
296 - 301 Light management of a-SiOx:H thin film solar cells with hydrogen-reduced p plus buffer at TiO2/p-layer interface
Kang DW, Chowdhury A, Sichanugrist P, Konagai M
302 - 310 One-step-MACE nano/microstructures for high-efficient large-size multicrystalline Si solar cells
Huang ZG, Lin XX, Zeng Y, Zhong SH, Song XM, Liu C, Yuan X, Shen WZ
311 - 318 Reaction path for formation of Cu2SnSe3 film by selenization of Cu-Sn precursor
Tang ZG, Aoyagi K, Nukui Y, Kosaka K, Uegaki H, Chatana J, Hironiwa D, Minemoto T
319 - 325 pn-Junction nanorods in a polymer matrix: A paradigm shift from conventional hybrid bulk-heterojunction solar cells
Dasgupta U, Bera A, Pal AJ
326 - 334 Core-shell ZnO@CuInS2 hexagonal nanopyramids with improved photo-conversion efficiency
Das K, Ghosh S, Chakrabarti K, Paul S, Sinha G, Lahtinen J, Jana D, De SK
335 - 346 Enhanced near-infrared reflectance and functional characteristics of Al-doped ZnO nano-pigments embedded PMMA coatings
Soumya S, Mohamed AP, Mohan K, Ananthakumar S
347 - 353 High efficiency high rate microcrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells deposited at plasma excitation frequencies larger than 100 MHz
Strobel C, Leszczynska B, Merkel U, Kuske J, Fischer DD, Albert M, Holovsky J, Michard S, Bartha JW
354 - 359 Ambient stable large-area flexible organic solar cells using silver grid hybrid with vapor phase polymerized poly (3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) cathode
Li Y, Mao L, Tang F, Chen Q, Wang YX, Ye FY, Chen L, Li YW, Wu D, Cui Z, Cai JH, Chen LW
360 - 368 Solvent-assisted growth of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites with enhanced photovoltaic performances
Sun CY, Guo YP, Duan HA, Chen YJ, Guo YL, Li H, Liu HZ
369 - 374 CuI as versatile hole-selective contact for organic solar cell based on anthracene-containing PPE-PPV
Mohamed SA, Gasiorowski J, Hingerl K, Zahn DRT, Scharber MC, Obayya SSA, El-Mansy MK, Sariciftci NS, Egbe DAM, Stadler P
375 - 385 Light management in large area thin-film silicon solar modules
Losio PA, Caglar O, Cashmore JS, Hotzel JE, Ristau S, Holovsky J, Remes Z, Sinicco I
386 - 396 Synthesis of Pt/BiFeO3 heterostructured photocatalysts for highly efficient visible-light photocatalytic performances
Niu F, Chen D, Qin LS, Gao T, Zhang N, Wang S, Chen Z, Wang JY, Sun XG, Huang YX
397 - 405 Consolidated microcapsules with double alginate shell containing paraffin for latent heat storage
Nemeth B, Nemeth AS, Toth J, Fodor-Kardos A, Gyenis J, Feczko T
406 - 410 An empirical method for imaging the short circuit current density in silicon solar cells based on dark lock-in thermography
Breitenstein O, Fertig F, Bauer J
411 - 417 Cure state assessment of EVA-copolymers for PV-applications comparing dynamic-mechanical, dielectric and calorimetric properties
Schulze SH, Apel A, Dassler D, Ehrich C
418 - 423 Thermal cycling effect on mechanical integrity of inverted polymer solar cells
Balcaen V, Rolston N, Dupont SR, Voroshazi E, Dauskardt RH
424 - 429 Shape-stabilized phase change composite by impregnation of octadecane into mesoporous SiO2
Nomura T, Zhu CY, Sheng N, Tabuchi K, Sagara A, Akiyama T
430 - 434 Energy efficient Bio-based PCM with silica fume composites to apply in concrete for energy saving in buildings
Kang Y, Jeong SG, Wi S, Kim S
435 - 441 Combining randomly textured surfaces and one-dimensional photonic crystals as efficient light-trapping structures in hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells
Chen PZ, Hou GF, Fan QH, Ni J, Zhang JJ, Huang Q, Zhang XD, Zhao Y
442 - 449 Design of esthetic color for thin-film silicon semi-transparent photovoltaic modules
Myong SY, Jeon SW
450 - 456 "Zero-charge" SiO2/Al2O3 stacks for the simultaneous passivation of n(+) and p(+) doped silicon surfaces by atomic layer deposition
van de Loo BWH, Knoops HCM, Dingemans G, Janssen GJM, Lamers MWPE, Romijn IG, Weeber AW, Kessels WMM
457 - 466 Analysis of photo-current potentials and losses in thin film crystalline silicon solar cells
Frijnts T, Kuhnapfel S, Ring S, Gabriel O, Calnan S, Haschke J, Stannowski B, Rech B, Schlatmann R
467 - 472 Lifetime of organic photovoltaics: Linking outdoor and indoor tests
Corazza M, Krebs FC, Gevorgyan SA
473 - 479 From colloidal precursors to metal carbides nanocomposites MC (M=Ti, Zr, Hf and Si): Synthesis, characterization and optical spectral selectivity studies
Coulibaly M, Arrachart G, Mesbah A, Deschanels X
480 - 487 Phase segregations and thickness of the Mo(S,Se)(2) layer in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) solar cells at different sulfurization temperatures
Shin SW, Gurav KV, Hong CW, Gwak J, Choi HR, Vanalakar SA, Yun JH, Lee JY, Moon JH, Kim JH
488 - 493 Critical concentration of Zinc in amorphous silicon solar cells
Losio PA, Ristau S, Mereu B, Jost S, Leu GF, Sinicco I
494 - 502 Determination of the degree of ethylene vinyl acetate crosslinking via Soxhlet extraction: Gold standard or pitfall?
Hirschl C, Neumaier L, Puchberger S, Muhleisen W, Oreski G, Eder GC, Frank R, Tranitz M, Schoppa M, Wendt M, Bogdanski N, Plosch A, Kraft M
503 - 509 Influence of charge carriers mobility and lifetime on the performance of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
Coutinho DJ, Faria GC, Balogh DT, Faria RM
510 - 516 Physical properties of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 film on flexible stainless steel substrate for solar cell application: A multi-layer precursor method
Chantana J, Hironiwa D, Watanabe T, Teraji S, Minemoto T
517 - 521 Intense pulsed light annealed buffer layers for organic photovoltaics
Lee JH, Lee YM, Lim SJ, Choi DK, Yu JW
522 - 528 Low-temperature preparation of a molybdenum oxide hole collection layer by using a peroxo precursor for polymer solar cells
Hamada K, Kamimura S, Tsubota T, Murakami N, Ohno T
529 - 538 Degradation of transparent conductive oxides: Interfacial engineering and mechanistic insights
Mirletz HM, Peterson KA, Martin IT, French RH
539 - 545 Pulsed laser deposition growth of 3D ZnO nanowall network in nest-like structures by two-step approach
Labis JP, Hezam M, Al-Anazi A, Al-Brithen H, Ansari AA, El-Toni AM, Enriquez R, Jacopin G, Al-Hoshan M
546 - 552 Simultaneous realization of light distribution and trapping in micromorph tandem solar cells using novel double-layered antireflection coatings
Zhang J, Li J, Zheng LR, Lu YH, Moulin E, Haug FJ, Ballif C, Xu H, Dai N, Song WJ
553 - 556 Selective absorption of Carbon Nanotube thin films for solar energy applications
Abendroth T, Althues H, Mader G, Hartel P, Kaskel S, Beyer E
557 - 560 Thermochromic effect with semiconducting layers
Pazidis A, Reineke-Koch R
561 - 566 A study of green Sn-xZn photovoltaic ribbons for solar cell application
Chen KJ, Hung FY, Lui TS, Chen LH, Chen YW
567 - 572 Integration of subwavelength optical nanostructures for improved antireflection performance of mechanically flexible GaAs solar cells fabricated by epitaxial lift-off
Li XH, Li PC, Ji L, Stender C, Tatavarti SR, Sablon K, Yu ET
573 - 580 Optical and structural analysis of sol-gel derived Cu-Co-Mn-Si oxides for black selective solar nanocomposite multilayered coatings
Joly M, Bouvard O, Gascou T, Antonetti Y, Python M, Lazo MAG, Loesch P, Hessler-Wyser A, Schuler A
581 - 590 Soiling of building envelope surfaces and its effect on solar reflectance - Part III: Inter laboratory study of an accelerated aging method for roofing materials
Sleiman M, Chen S, Gilbert HE, Kirchstetter TW, Berdahl P, Bibian E, Bruckman LS, Cremona D, French RH, Gordon DA, Emiliani M, Kable J, Ma LY, Martarelli M, Paolini R, Prestia M, Renowden J, Revel GM, Rosseler O, Shiao M, Terraneo G, Yang T, Yu LT, Zinzi M, Akbari H, Levinson R, Destaillats H
591 - 591 Special section: Chromogenic Materials and Devices Preface
Dam B, Granqvist CG, Pemble M, Rougier A
592 - 600 Thermochromic vanadium dioxide thin films from electric field assisted aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition
Warwick MEA, Binions R
601 - 605 Electrochemical evaluation of vanadium pentoxide coatings grown by AACVD
Vernardou D, Louloudakis D, Katsarakis N, Koudoumas E, Kazadojev II, O'Brien S, Pemble ME, Povey IM
606 - 612 An all-organic solid-state electrochrornic device containing poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene), succinonitrile, and ionic liquid
Chang TH, Hu CW, Kao SY, Kung CW, Chen HW, Ho KC
613 - 622 Simulation of the thickness dependence of the optical properties of suspended particle devices
Barrios D, Vergaz R, Sanchez-Pena JM, Garcia-Camara B, Granqvist CG, Niklasson GA
623 - 626 Dynamic reactive sputtering of photochromic yttrium hydride thin films
You CC, Mongstad T, Maehlen JP, Karazhanov S
627 - 634 External pressure and composition effects on the atomic and electronic structure of SnWO4
Kuzmin A, Anspoks A, Kalinko A, Timoshenko J, Kalendarev R
635 - 639 Gamma-ray induced reversible photochromism of Mn2+ activated borophosphate glasses
Ren J, Xu XQ, Shen W, Chen GR, Baccaro S, Cemmi A