Solar Energy

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1 - 10 A numerical and experimental analysis of the air vent management and heat storage characteristics of a trombe wall
Liu YF, Wang DJ, Ma C, Liu JP
11 - 21 Cloud speed impact on solar variability scaling - Application to the wavelet variability model
Lave M, Kleissl J
22 - 31 On the heat storage in Solar Updraft Tower collectors - Water bags
Bernardes MAD, Zhou XP
32 - 36 Crystal structure and optical properties of YMnO3 compound with high near-infrared reflectance
Han AJ, Zhao MC, Ye MQ, Liao JJ, Zhang ZM, Li N
37 - 47 Investigation of surface features using reactive ion etching method for the enhanced performance of multi-crystalline silicon solar cells
Park KM, Lee MB, Shin JW, Choi SY
48 - 58 Electrical characterization of all-layers-sprayed solar cell based on ZnO nanorods and extremely thin CIS absorber
Karber E, Abass A, Khelifi S, Burgelman M, Katerski A, Krunks M
59 - 67 Thermal performance of artificially roughened solar air heaters
Prasad BN
68 - 78 Airborne shape measurement of parabolic trough collector fields
Prahl C, Stanicki B, Hilgert C, Ulmer S, Roger M
79 - 92 Analytical model for solar irradiance near a planar vertical diffuse reflector - Formulation, validation, and simulations
Boyd M
93 - 101 Simulation and computation of shadow losses of direct normal, diffuse solar radiation and albedo in a photovoltaic field with multiple 2-axis trackers using ray tracing methods
Fartaria TO, Pereira MC
102 - 110 Use of a clear-day solar radiation model to homogenize solar radiation measurements in Hawai'i
Longman RJ, Giambelluca TW, Nullet MA
111 - 119 Surface modified Nd doped TiO2 nanoparticles as photocatalysts in UV and solar light irradiation
Bokare A, Pai M, Athawale AA
120 - 130 Cost of PV electricity - Case study of Greece
Fantidis JG, Bandekas DV, Potolias C, Vordos N
131 - 144 Experimental assessment of the performance of open joint ventilated facades with buoyancy-driven airflow
Sanchez MN, Sanjuan C, Suarez MJ, Heras MR
145 - 151 Fabrication of ultra-small texture arrays on multicrystalline silicon surface for solar cell application
Dou BF, Jia R, Li HF, Chen C, Sun Y, Zhang Y, Ding WC, Meng YL, Liu XY, Ye TC
152 - 160 Optimization of a cooling system based on Peltier effect for photovoltaic cells
Najafi H, Woodbury KA
161 - 173 Energy matrices analyses of hybrid photovoltaic thermal (HPVT) water collector with different PV technology
Mishra RK, Tiwari GN
174 - 185 Shortwave thermal performance for a glass window with a curved venetian blind
Chaiyapinunt S, Khamporn N
186 - 195 Micro-channel pressurized-air solar receiver based on compact heat exchanger concept
Li Q, de Tourville NG, Yadroitsev I, Yuan XG, Flamant G
196 - 203 Optimized fabrication of sputter deposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films
Inamdar AI, Lee S, Jeon KY, Lee CH, Pawar SM, Kalubarme RS, Park CJ, Im H, Jung W, Kim H
204 - 211 Functionalized nanodiamond as a charge transporter in organic solar cells
Lau XBC, Desai C, Mitra S
212 - 220 Microencapsulated n-alkane with p(n-butyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid) shell as phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Qiu XL, Song GL, Chu XD, Li XZ, Tang GY
221 - 232 A new maximum power point tracking strategy for PV arrays under uniform and non-uniform insolation conditions
Kouchaki A, Iman-Eini H, Asaei B
233 - 241 The effect of spectral albedo on amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic device performance
Andrews RW, Pearce JM
242 - 255 Thermal performance analysis of a line-focus Fresnel lens solar collector using different cavity receivers
Xie WT, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
256 - 262 Solar cell implemented with silicon nanowires on pyramid-texture silicon surface
Lee IJ, Paik U, Park JG
263 - 272 Surfactant influence in the performance of titanium dioxide photoelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Maldonado-Valdivia AI, Galindo EG, Ariza MJ, Garcia-Salinas MJ
273 - 282 Optical characterisation and optimisation of a static Window Integrated Concentrating Photovoltaic system
Sellami N, Mallick TK
283 - 296 Evaluation of adding flash tank to solar combined ejector-absorption refrigeration system
Sirwan R, Alghoul MA, Sopian K, Ali Y, Abdulateef J
297 - 315 Airflow and thermal analysis of flat and corrugated unglazed transpired solar collectors
Li SW, Karava P, Savory E, Lin WE
316 - 326 Modeling of gradient index solar selective surfaces for solar thermal applications
Davoine F, Galione PA, Ramos-Barrado JR, Leinen D, Martin F, Dalchiele EA, Marotti RE
327 - 336 Intra-hour DNI forecasting based on cloud tracking image analysis
Marquez R, Coimbra CFM
337 - 349 Monitoring, modelling and simulation of PV systems using LabVIEW
Chouder A, Silvestre S, Taghezouit B, Karatepe E
350 - 357 Poly(urethane)-based solar absorber coatings containing nanogold
Chang CC, Huang CL, Chang CL
358 - 367 The potential for air-temperature impact from large-scale deployment of solar photovoltaic arrays in urban areas
Taha H
368 - 373 Photocatalytic colour and COD removal in the distillery effluent by solar radiation
Vineetha MN, Matheswaran M, Sheeba KN
374 - 380 Concentrating microlens array mounted on an InGaP/GaAs/Ge solar cell for photovoltaic performance enhancement
Nam M, Kim K, Lee J, Lee KK, Yang SS
381 - 393 Modelling the thermal performance of a naturally ventilated greenhouse in Zimbabwe using a dynamic greenhouse climate model
Mashonjowa E, Ronsse F, Milford JR, Pieters JG
394 - 401 Solar hydrogen production via pulse electrolysis of aqueous ammonium sulfite solution
Huang CP
402 - 421 The potential contribution of solar thermal collection and storage systems to meeting the energy requirements of North European Housing
Ampatzi E, Knight I, Wiltshire R
422 - 431 Numerical calculation of series and shunt resistances and diode quality factor of a photovoltaic cell using the Lambert W-function
Ghani F, Duke M, Carson J
432 - 445 Estimating the uncertainty in long-term photovoltaic yield predictions
Thevenard D, Pelland S