Solar Energy

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ISSN: 0038-092X (Print) 

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1 - 10 Experimental investigation on photothermal conversion properties of lampblack ink nanofluids
Zuo XH, Yang WM, Shi MN, Yan H, Guan CF, Wu SD, Zhang ZH, Li XB, Li Z
11 - 27 Mitigating air pollution strategies based on solar chimneys
Liu Y, Ming TZ, Peng C, Wu YJ, Li W, de Richter R, Zhou N
28 - 34 Water repellent room temperature vulcanized silicone for enhancing the long-term stability of perovskite solar cells
Samadpour M, Heydari M, Mohammadi M, Parand P, Taghavinia N
35 - 47 Photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system assisted heat pump utilization for milk pasteurization
Akmese S, Omeroglu G, Comakli O
48 - 56 High accuracy data-driven heliostat calibration and state prediction with pretrained deep neural networks
Pargmann M, Quinto DM, Schwarzbozl P, Pitz-Paal R
57 - 67 Experimental analysis of CPV/T solar dryer with nano-enhanced PCM and prediction of drying parameters using ANN and SVM algorithms
Karaagac MO, Ergun A, Agbulut U, Gurel AE, Ceylan I
68 - 75 Justice in solar energy development
Heffron R, Halbrugge S, Korner MF, Obeng-Darko NA, Sumarno T, Wagner J, Weibelzahl M
76 - 84 Device design for high-performance bifacial Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells under front and rear illuminations
Nishimura T, Chantana J, Mavlonov A, Kawano Y, Masuda T, Minemoto T
85 - 94 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel solar-driven booster-assisted ejector refrigeration cycle
Cheng Y, Wang M, Yu JL
95 - 107 Feature selection for CIE standard sky classification
Granados-Lopez D, Suarez-Garcia A, Diez-Mediavilla M, Alonso-Tristan C
108 - 116 Thermal performance testing of triple-glazing water flow window in cooing operation
Liu C, Lyu YL, Li CY, Li J, Zhuo KX, Su H
117 - 128 MoS2/ZIF-8 derived nitrogen doped carbon (NC)-PEDOT: PSS as optically transparent counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ahmed ASA, Xiang WC, Shui F, Li B, Younes HHA, Amiinu IS, Zhao XJ
129 - 141 Proposal of a unique index for selection of optimum phase change material for effective thermal performance of a building envelope
Bhamare DK, Rathod MK, Banerjee J
142 - 149 On the role of solution-processed bathocuproine in high-efficiency inverted perovskite solar cells
Chiang SE, Chandel A, Thakur D, Chen YT, Lin PC, Wu JR, Cai KB, Kassou S, Yeh JM, Yuan CT, Shen JL, Chang SH
150 - 156 Copper doped titanium dioxide as a low-cost visible light photocatalyst for water splitting
Quyen VT, Jitae K, Huong PT, Ha LTT, Thanh DM, Viet NM, Thang PQ
157 - 168 Effect of bismuth iodide (BiI3) interfacial layer with different HTL's in FAPI based perovskite solar cell - SCAPS-1D study
Karthick S, Boucle J, Velumani S
169 - 179 Novel Co and Zn-Phthalocyanine dyes with octa-carboxylic acid substituents for DSSCs
Ilgun C, Sevim AM, Cakar S, Ozacar M, Gul A
180 - 194 Optimal control of switchable ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) cushions for building fa?ades
Faramarzi A, Stephens B, Heidarinejad M
195 - 210 Radiative sky cooling potential maps of China based on atmospheric spectral emissivity
Zhu YZ, Qian H, Yang RG, Zhao DL
211 - 225 Influence of mixing valve dynamics and recirculation loop connection to solar tank on large hot water system performances
Becq A, Cheze D
226 - 236 Copper and Bismuth incorporated mixed cation perovskite solar cells by one-step solution process
Karthick S, Hawashin H, Parou N, Vedraine S, Velumani S, Boucle J
237 - 250 Predictive storage strategy for optimal design of hybrid CSP-PV plants with immersion heater
Richter P, Trimborn T, Aldenhoff L
251 - 261 Optical modelling of tandem solar cells using hybrid organic-inorganic tin perovskite bottom sub-cell
Purkayastha A, Mallajosyula AT
262 - 281 Evaluation of ISO 52010-1: 2017 and proposal for an alternative calculation procedure
Summa S, Tarabelli L, Di Perna C
282 - 295 Parametric study and sensitivity analysis of a PV/microchannel direct-expansion CO2 heat pump
Rony RU, Gladen A
296 - 311 A review and classification of layouts and optimization techniques used in design of heliostat fields in solar central receiver systems
Rizvi AA, Danish SN, El-Leathy A, Al-Ansary H, Yang D
312 - 319 Microstructured ZnO-ZnS composite for earth-abundant photovoltaics: Elaboration, surface analysis and enhanced optical performances
Benyahia K, Djeffal F, Ferhati H, Benhaya A, Bendjerad A, Djaballah Y, Martin N
320 - 336 Revealing an OSELM based on traversal tree for higher energy adaptive control using an efficient solar box cooker
Thamizharasu P, Shanmugan S, Sivakumar S, Pruncu CI, Kabeel AE, Nagaraj J, Videla LS, Anand KV, Lamberti L, Laad M
337 - 345 Energy assessment of photovoltaic modules
Dhaundiyal A, Atsu D
346 - 353 Enhanced light harvesting in panchromatic double dye-sensitized solar cells incorporated with bilayered TiO2 thin film-based photoelectrodes
Fu GM, Cho EJ, Luo XT, Cha JK, Kim JH, Lee HW, Kim SH
354 - 367 Assessment of uncertainties and variations in PV modules degradation rates and lifetime predictions using physical models
Kaaya I, Ascencio-Vasquez J, Weiss KA, Topic M
368 - 374 Molecular weight effect of poly-TPD hole-transporting layer on the performance of inverted perovskite solar cells
Hu XZ, Tao C, Liang JW, Chen C, Zheng XL, Li JS, Li J, Liu YJ, Fang GJ
375 - 382 Enhance the efficiency of polymer solar cells through regulating phase segregation and improving charge transport via non-toxic halogen-free additive
Fu ZJ, Liu XP, Wang YF, Du SS, Tong JF, Li JF, Zhang RL, Yang CM, Xia YJ
383 - 391 Perovskite films prepared by solvent volatilization via DMSO-based intermediate phase for photovoltaics
Zhang QQ, Qi YF, Conkle K, Xiong J, Box D, Ray P, Pradhan NR, Shahbazyan TV, Dai QL
392 - 412 A new approach for parameters estimation of double and triple diode models of photovoltaic cells based on iterative Lambert W function
Calasan M, Aleem SHEA, Zobaa AF
413 - 424 Experimental assessment of a CO2 direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump operating with capillary tubes and air-solar heat source
Rocha TTM, de Paula CH, Maia AAT, Paulino TD, de Oliveira RN
425 - 434 Effect of solar drying on I: Some physico-chemical properties of fruits of two date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties
Al-Amri AM, Ismail MA, Al Hassan YA, Almuhanna EA
435 - 444 Dye sensitized solar cells fabricated based on nanocomposite photoanodes of TiO2 and AlMo0.5O3 perovskite nanoparticles
Ziaeifar F, Alizadeh A, Shariatinia Z
445 - 454 Positioning and focusing of light sources in light concentrating systems using convolutional neural network modelling
Haseler D, Ali AM, Kakosimos KE
455 - 468 A winged solar biomass reactor for producing 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
Li QY, Zhuo YT, Shanks K, Taylor RA, Conneely B, Tan A, Shen YS, Scott J
469 - 491 Review on persistent challenges of perovskite solar cells? stability
Rao MK, Sangeetha DN, Selvakumar M, Sudhakar YN, Mahesha MG
492 - 502 Modeling and operation optimization of an integrated ground source heat pump and solar PVT system based on heat current method
Wang YF, Zhang YF, Hao JH, Pan HH, Ni YC, Di JJ, Ge ZH, Chen Q, Guo MF
503 - 511 Effects of side substituents in bithiophene spacer on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells with cobalt electrolyte
Wu ZS, Zhang J, Guo WJ, Liu YD, Wan DY, Long JX, Chen ZJ
512 - 524 Evaluation of bioclimatic potential, energy consumption, CO2-emission, and life cycle cost of a residential building located in Sub-Saharan Africa; a case study of eight countries
Nematchoua MK, Reiter S
525 - 531 Stable and efficient Sb2Se3 solar cells with solution-processed NiOx hole-transport layer
Guo LP, Vijayaraghavan SN, Duan XM, Menon HG, Wall J, Kong LY, Gupta S, Li L, Yan F
532 - 543 A novel method for making laser cut panel based daylight collector coupled to a tubular light guide
Singh S, Bisht DS, Garg H
544 - 551 Cooling of floating photovoltaics and the importance of water temperature
Kjeldstad T, Lindholm D, Marstein E, Selj J
552 - 562 Incorporation of organic additives with electron rich donors (N, O, S) in gelatin gel polymer electrolyte for dye sensitized solar cells
Abisharani JM, Balamurugan S, Thomas A, Devikala S, Arthanareeswari M, Ganesan S, Prakash M
563 - 570 Performance analysis of Scheffler dish type solar thermal cooking system cooking 6000 meals per day
Kanyowa T, Nyakujara GV, Ndala E, Das S
571 - 586 Post subsidy conditions: Evaluating the techno-economic performance of concentrating solar power in Spain
Parent PA, Mirzania P, Balta-Ozkan N, King P
587 - 595 On the historical origins of bifacial PV modelling
Lorenzo E
596 - 610 On the effects of nanomaterials on the performance of solar distillation systems-A comprehensive review
Alarifi IM, Abo-Khalil AG, Al-Qawasmi AR, Alharbi W, Alobaid M
611 - 620 Optimized optical properties of Au nanorods with flow regulation to enhance the performance of direct absorption solar collectors
Shen C, Yang QR, Zhang CX, Ma SJ, Dong Y
621 - 638 Recent progress in emerging 2D layered materials for organic solar cells
Zhao Y, Yu LM, Sun ML
639 - 651 A novel hybrid solar-biomass design for green off-grid cold production, techno-economic analysis and optimization
Behzadi A, Arabkoohsar A, Sadi M, Chakravarty KH
652 - 660 A deep learning model for intra-day forecasting of solar irradiance using satellite-based estimations in the vicinity of a PV power plant
Perez E, Perez J, Segarra-Tamarit J, Beltran H