Solar Energy

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1 - 14 A hybrid of bio-inspired algorithm based on Levy flight and particle swarm optimizations for photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions
Charin C, Ishak D, Zainuri MAAM, Ismail B, Jamil MKM
15 - 24 Impact of domestic PV systems in the day-ahead Iberian electricity market
Roldan-Fernandez JM, Burgos-Payan M, Riquelme-Santos JM
25 - 28 The low-temperature preparation for crystalline Sb2S3 thin films and photovoltaic performance of the corresponding solar cells
Yang Y, Shi CW, Lv K, Wang Q, Guo FL, Chen WC
29 - 39 High-low refractive index stacks for broadband antireflection coatings for multijunction solar cells
Hou GJ, Garcia I, Rey-Stolle I
40 - 48 Comprehensive device modelling and performance analysis of MASnI(3) based perovskite solar cells with diverse ETM, HTM and back metal contacts
Jayan KD, Sebastian V
49 - 57 Solar cell efficiency divergence due to operating spectrum variation
Kinsey GS
58 - 69 Why reducing socio-environmental externalities of electricity system expansions can boost the development of solar power generation: The case of Chile
Matamala C, Moreno R, Sauma E, Calabrese J, Osses P
70 - 77 Sputtered Ag-alloyed Cu(In, Ga)(Se, S)(2) solar cells by sequential process
Cheng K, Shen XF, Liu JL, Liu XS, Du ZL
78 - 92 DNI and slant path transmittance for the solar resource of tower thermal solar plants: The validation of the ASoRA method and impact in exploiting a global data set
Elias T, Ramon D, Dubus L, Am-Shallem M, Kroyzer G
93 - 104 Efficient strategies to improve the performance of 6,12-dihydroindeno [1,2-b]fluorine core based hole transport materials
Wang KL, Wang QG, Chen XR, Ji GF
105 - 112 Suppression of ion migration through cross-linked PDMS doping to enhance the operational stability of perovskite solar cells
Kang JC, Huang R, Guo SX, Han GH, Sun X, Ismail I, Ding CZ, Li FS, Luo Q, Li YJ, Ma CQ
113 - 133 Solar-assisted heat pumps systems for domestic hot water production in small energy communities
Martorana F, Bonomolo M, Leone G, Monteleone F, Zizzo G, Beccali M
134 - 144 Experimental analysis of the single diode model parameters dependence on irradiance and temperature
Ruschel CS, Gasparin FP, Krenzinger A
145 - 154 Moisture transport analysis for integrated structures of flat plate solar collector and building envelope
Yu GQ, Yu JK, Hu Y, Cheng X, Liu HZ, Liu WD
155 - 164 Effect of using saturated hydrogel beads with alumina water-based nanofluid for cooling solar panels: Experimental study with economic analysis
Abdo S, Saidani-Scott H
165 - 172 Tunable electronic properties and large optical anisotropy in the CsPb XnY3-n (X, Y = Cl, Br, I) perovskite
Gao R, Liu HR, Yang JE, Yang F, Wang TX, Xia CX, Zhang ZX, Liu XG, Jia HS, Xu BS, Jain SM
173 - 186 Network impact of increasing distributed PV hosting: A utility-scale case study
Tevar-Bartolome G, Gomez-Exposito A, Arcos-Vargas A, Rodriguez-Montanes M
187 - 199 Performance improvement of a tubular solar still using V-corrugated absorber with wick materials: Numerical and experimental investigations
Kabeel AE, Harby K, Abdelgaied M, Eisa A
200 - 207 Optimization of carrier transport materials for the performance enhancement of the MAGeI(3) based perovskite solar cell
Bhattarai S, Das TD
208 - 222 Improvement of a semipermeable shell for encapsulation of calcium hydroxide for thermochemical heat storage solutions Material design and evaluation in laboratory and reactor scale
Afflerbach S, Afflerbach K, Trettin R, Krumm W
223 - 234 Development of a solar cooking system suitable for indoor cooking and its exergy and enviroeconomic analyses
Singh OK
235 - 244 Performance of roof-top PV systems in selected European countries from 2012 to 2019
Schardt J, te Heesen H
245 - 252 Optical enhanced effects on the electrical performance and energy yield of bifacial PV modules
Yin HP, Zhou YF, Sun SL, Tang WS, Shan W, Huang XM, Shen XD
253 - 262 CFStrace: An evaluation method to include complex fenestration systems in the facade design process
Mashaly IA, Garcia-Hansen V, Isoardi G, Cholette ME
263 - 270 Experimental investigation on discharging characteristics of supercooled CH3COONa.3H(2)O-Na2S(2)O(3).5H(2)O mixtures triggered by local cooling with Peltier effect
Wang HL, Zhou GB
271 - 279 Broadband graded refractive index TiO2/Al2O3/MgF2 multilayer antireflection coating for high efficiency multi-junction solar cell
Zhang WN, Hu K, Tu JL, Aierken A, Xu DL, Song GY, Sun XY, Li L, Chen KT, Zhang DY, Zhuang Y, Xu PQ, Wu HQ
280 - 291 Na incorporation into Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film absorbers from RF-sputtered NaF precursors
Akcay N, Baskose UC, Ozcelik S, Gremenok VF, Zaretskaya EP
292 - 307 Analysis of serpentine coil with alternating flattened axis: An insight into performance enhancement of solar ponds
Babaei HR, Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Mazloumi SH
308 - 316 Cooling asphalt pavement by increasing thermal conductivity of steel fiber asphalt mixture
Du YF, Wang JC, Chen JQ
317 - 327 Exploring the advantages of photo-voltaic triple skin fa?ade in hot summer conditions
Sharma MK, Preet S, Mathur J, Chowdhury A, Mathur S
328 - 341 Thermal performance improvement of an indirect solar dryer with tube-type absorber packed with aluminum wool
Sozen A, Kazancoglu FS, Tuncer AD, Khanlari A, Bilge YC, Gungor A
342 - 353 Impact of Auger recombination on performance limitation of perovskite solar cell
Chantana J, Kawano Y, Nishimura T, Mavlonov A, Shen Q, Yoshino K, Iikubo S, Hayase S, Minemoto T
354 - 374 Climate change and thermo-solar patterns of office buildings with/without window films in extreme hot-arid climate of Kuwait
Sedaghat A, Sabati M, Alkhatib F, Oloomi SAA, Sabri F, Salem H, Zafar WJ, Malayer MA
375 - 389 Effect of using PCMs and shading devices on the thermal performance of buildings in different Algerian climates. A simulation-based optimization
Sarri A, Bechki D, Bouguettaia H, Al-Saadi SN, Boughali S, Farid MM
390 - 398 Enhancement in the multi-junction thermophotovoltaic system based on near-field heat transfer and hyperbolic metamaterial
Jiang CC, Huang HD, Zhou ZJ
399 - 399 RETRACTION: Risk-assessment of photovoltaic-wind-battery-grid based large industrial consumer using information gap decision theory (Retraction of Vol 169, Pg 343, 2018)
Bagal HA, Soltanabad YN, Dadjuo M, Wakil K, Ghadimi N