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1 - 6 Nb2O5 synthesis and characterization by Pechini method to the application as electron transport material in a solar device
Tractz GT, da Luz FS, Antunes SRM, Banczek ED, da Cunha MT, Rodrigues PRP
7 - 13 An efficient post-treatment strategy with acetylacetone for low temperature CsPbI2Br solar cells
Wang JX, Liu YB, Xiao XD, Bi ZN, Lu Y, Sheng GZ, Cai XS, Zhu YQ, Xu XQ, Xu G
14 - 25 Optimization of the thermochromic glazing design for curtain wall buildings based on experimental measurements and dynamic simulation
Arnesano M, Pandarese G, Martarelli M, Naspi F, Gurunatha KL, Sol C, Portnoi M, Ramirez FV, Parkin IP, Papakonstantinou I, Revel GM
26 - 47 A review of stability and progress in tin halide perovskite solar cell
Aftab A, Ahmad MI
48 - 60 Application of TiO2 hollow spheres and ZnS/SiO2 double-passivaiting layers in the photoanode of the CdS/CdSe QDs sensitized solar cells for the efficiency enhancement
Marandi M, Nazari M
61 - 74 Plasmonic luminescent solar concentrator
Barik P, Pradhan M
75 - 89 Solar Fresnel modelling, geometry enhancement and 3D ray tracing analysis devoted to different energy efficiency definitions and applied to a real facility
Fossa M, Boccalatte A, Memme S
90 - 95 Influences of impurity Cl- on the thermal performance of solar salt for thermal energy storage
Sun Z, Su L, Gao XY, Lu GM, Song XF, Yu JG
96 - 110 Sensorless fault detection method for photovoltaic systems through mapping the inherent characteristics of PV plant site: Simple and practical
Yurtseven K, Karatepe E, Deniz E
111 - 119 Influence of different concentrations of 4-tert-butyl-pyridine in a gel polymer electrolyte towards improved performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)
Saidi NM, Farhana NK, Ramesh S, Ramesh K
120 - 120 Study on the wind-induced fatigue of heliostat based on the joint distribution of wind speed and direction (vol 207, pg 668, 2020)
Luo HY, Li ZN, Xiong QW, Jiang AM
121 - 132 Hybrid daylight harvesting system using static ball lens concentrator and movable optical fiber
Goel C, Yoo S
133 - 144 Thermomechanical and sequential stress performance of photovoltaic backsheets
Perez P, Iyer S, Thellen C, Kumar J, Nagarajan R, Ratto JA, Rothacker A
145 - 150 The investigation of CsPb(I1-xBrx)(3)/crystalline silicon two- and four-terminal tandem solar cells
Yang PX, Liu P, Ullah S, Wang JM, Liu LL, Yang SE, Guo HZ, Wang LR, Chen YS
151 - 163 Propellar shaped triple bond rigidified D-A-pi-A triphenylamine dye as back electron interceptor in iodine and cobalt electrolyte DSSCs under full sun and indoor light
Yoosuf M, Pradhan SC, Sruthi MM, Soman S, Gopidas KR
164 - 170 ZnO for stable and efficient perovskite bulk heterojunction solar cell fabricated under ambient atmosphere
Ahmad S, Abbas H, Khan MB, Nagal V, Hafiz AK, Khan ZH
171 - 179 A feasibility study of the 1.5-axis tracking model in utility-scale solar PV plants
Wong JY, Bai FF, Saha TK, Tan RHG
180 - 187 Influence of donor units on spiro[fluorene-9,9 '-xanthene]-based dopant-free hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells
Fu YJ, Li Y, Zeng QL, Wu HL, Wang LY, Tang H, Xing GC, Cao DR
188 - 210 Thermal management of building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal systems: A comprehensive review
Asefi G, Habibollahzade A, Ma T, Houshfar E, Wang RZ
211 - 216 A solution-processed, ultraviolet-irradiation-derived WO3 film as anode interface layer for high-performance non-fullerene organic solar cells
Zhan T, Ren P, Huang XF, Zhang XY, Chen GT, Xiong J, Xue XG, Cai P, Zhang J, Chen JW
217 - 224 Efficient Ternary Polymer solar cells based ternary active layer consisting of conjugated polymers and non-fullerene acceptors with power conversion efficiency approaching near to 15.5%
Sharma GD, Suthar R, Pestrikova AA, Nikolaev AY, Chen FC, Keshtov ML
225 - 237 Evaluation and improvement of IEC 60891 correction methods for I-V curves of defective photovoltaic panels
Li BJ, Migan-Dubois A, Delpha C, Diallo D
238 - 244 Triple-shell NiO hollow sphere for p-type dye-sensitized solar cell with superior light harvesting
Qu J, Zhang K, Gamal H, Wang JN, Abdelkader AM
245 - 258 Analysis of crack-free surface generation of photovoltaic polysilicon wafer cut by diamond wire saw
Yin YK, Gao YF, Wang LY, Zhang L, Pu TZ
259 - 265 A simulation approach for investigating the performances of cadmium telluride solar cells using doping concentrations, carrier lifetimes, thickness of layers, and band gaps
Shah DK, Devendra KC, Muddassir M, Akhtar MS, Kim CY, Yang OB
266 - 273 D-pi-A dye attached on TiO2 (101) and TiO2 (001) surfaces: Electron transfer properties from ab initio calculations
Orellana W
274 - 294 Physical and hybrid modelling techniques for earth-air heat exchangers in reducing building energy consumption: Performance, applications, progress, and challenges
Ahmed SF, Liu G, Mofijur M, Azad AK, Hazrat MA, Chu YM
295 - 302 Enhancement of hemispherical solar still productivity using iron, zinc and copper trays
Attia ME, Kabeel AE, Abdelgaied M, Essa FA, Omara ZM
303 - 314 Experimental and numerical investigations with environmental impacts of affordable square pyramid solar still
Al-Madhhachi H, Smaisim GF
315 - 320 Designing a BIM energy-consumption template to calculate and achieve a net-zero-energy house
El Sayary S, Omar O
321 - 328 Solution-processed PbCdS nanocrystals as a novel hole transport material for inverted CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
Duan CH, Zhao M, Kuang CY, Zhao CJ, Jiu TG, Lu FS
329 - 337 Influence of back surface field layer on enhancing the efficiency of CIGS solar cell
Barman B, Kalita PK
351 - 357 The sulfur-rich small molecule boosts the efficiency of carbon-based CsPbI2Br perovskite solar cells to approaching 14%
Han QJ, Yang SZ, Wang L, Yu FY, Zhang C, Wu MX, Ma TL
358 - 364 Bio-inspired hydrogel with all-weather adhesion, cooling and reusability functions for photovoltaic panels
Lv TZ, Sun LD, Yang YH, Huang JP
365 - 376 Prototype of phosphate sludge rotary dryer coupled to a parabolic trough collector solar loop: Integration and experimental analysis
Chaanaoui M, Abderafi S, Vaudreuil S, Bounahmidi T
377 - 385 Hot-spot generation model using electrical and thermal equivalent circuits for a copper indium gallium selenide photovoltaic module
Kim Y, Shin M, Lee MJ, Kang Y
386 - 395 Geographic potential of shotcrete photovoltaic racking: Direct and low-concentration cases
Hollman MR, Pearce JM
396 - 410 Experimental and numerical investigations of a solar space heating system based on design of experiments method
Sarmouk MDE, Smaili A, Fellouah H, Merabtine A
411 - 427 Efficient thermal management of the photovoltaic/phase change material system with innovative exterior metal-foam layer
Mahdi JM, Singh RP, Al-Najjar HMT, Singh S, Nsofor EC
428 - 438 Model-based analysis of shading losses in ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants
Varga N, Mayer MJ
439 - 451 Solar PV in the airport environment: A review of glare assessment approaches & metrics
Sreenath S, Sudhakar K, Yusop AF
452 - 467 Numerical optimization of a new concept in porous medium considering thermal radiation: Photovoltaic panel cooling application
Mesgarpour M, Heydari A, Wongwises S, Gharib MR
468 - 492 An enviroeconomic review of the solar PV cells cooling technology effect on the CO2 emission reduction
Ghadikolaei SSC
493 - 507 On the impact of modified urban albedo on ambient temperature and heat related mortality
Santamouris M, Fiorito F
508 - 517 A physical downscaling algorithm for the generation of high-resolution spatiotemporal solar irradiance data
Buster G, Rossol M, Maclaurin G, Xie Y, Sengupta M
518 - 529 Towards better performances for a novel rooftop solar PV system
Behura AK, Kumar A, Rajak DK, Pruncu CI, Lamberti L
530 - 536 Remanent solvent management engineering of perovskite films for PEDOT: PSS-based inverted solar cells
Lin PA, Zhang WF, Tian LW, Zhang F, Zhou SH, Liu R, Hu TT, Zhang M, Du L, Wen F, Peng CT, Zhou XQ, Huang YL
537 - 550 A methodology for prediction and assessment of shading on PV systems
Chepp ED, Krenzinger A
551 - 563 HESS-based photovoltaic/batteries/supercapacitors: Energy management strategy and DC bus voltage stabilization
Cabrane Z, Kim J, Yoo K, Ouassaid M
564 - 588 Can urban heat be mitigated in a single urban street? Monitoring, strategies, and performance results from a real scale redevelopment project
Bartesaghi-Koc C, Haddad S, Pignatta G, Paolini R, Prasad D, Santamouris M
589 - 600 Optoelectronic modeling and sensitivity analysis of a four-terminal all-perovskite tandem solar cell - Identifying pathways to improve efficiency
Tan HQ, Zhao XH, Birgersson E, Lin F, Xue HS
601 - 609 Graded band gap structure of kesterite material using bilayer of CZTS and CZTSe for enhanced performance: A numerical approach
Padhy S, Mannu R, Singh UP
610 - 622 Experimental and numerical assessments of underlying natural air movement on PV modules temperature
Naghavi MS, Esmaeilzadeh A, Singh B, Ang BC, Yoon TM, Ong KS
623 - 623 A method to calibrate a solar pyranometer for measuring reference diffuse irradiance (vol 74, pg 103, 2003)
Reda I, Stoffel T, Myers D
624 - 624 Thermal co-evaporated MoOx:Au thin films and its application as anode modifier in perovskite solar cells (vol 206, pg 136, 2020)
Torres-Herrera DM, Moreno-Romero PM, Cabrera-German D, Cortina-Marrero HJ, Sotelo-Lerma M, Hu HL