Solar Energy

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1 - 11 Improved photovoltaic performance of CdTe-based solar cells: Roles of using a hole-blocking layer and nanoscale imaging of barrier height at interfaces
Singh R, Dutta A, Basu N, Lahiri J, Som T
12 - 25 Flux-feedback as a fast alternative to control groups of aiming points in molten salt power towers
Acosta D, Garcia J, Sanjuan M, Oberkirsch L, Schwarzbozl P
26 - 43 Review on the effect of compact layers and light scattering layers on the enhancement of dye-sensitized solar cells
Mustafa MN, Sulaiman Y
44 - 63 Performance of a hybrid compound parabolic concentrator solar dryer for tomato slices drying
Ebadi H, Zare D, Ahmadi M, Chen GN
64 - 76 Enhancing the photovoltaic performance of Cd-free Cu2ZnSnS4 heterojunction solar cells using SnS HTL and TiO2 ETL
Rahman MA
77 - 91 Carbon/graphene quantum dot and conjugated polymer nanostructures impart unprecedented high efficiencies in routine P3HT: PCBM photovoltaics
Mei B, Qin YH, Agbolaghi S
92 - 107 Design and thermoeconomic analysis of a solar parabolic trough - ORC - Biomass cooling plant for a commercial center
Pina EA, Lozano MA, Serra LM, Hernandez A, Lazaro A
108 - 120 Numerical and experimental investigation on the performance of hybrid PV/thermal systems in the north of Iran
Sheshpoli AZ, Jahanian O, Nikzadfar K, Delavar MA
121 - 130 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of novel MIL53Sr metal-organic framework (MOF) for RhB dye degradation and H-2 evolution by coupling MIL53Fe
Humayun M, He MM, Feng WB, Jin CY, Yao ZC, Wang YC, Pi WB, Ali S, Khan A, Wang M, Zheng ZP, Fu QY, Xia H, Luo W
131 - 143 Thermal performance of an evacuated tube solar collector with inserted baffles for air heating applications
Kumar AV, Arjunan TV, Seenivasan D, Venkatramanan R, Vijayan S
144 - 150 Role of intermediate band and carrier mobility in Sn/Fe doped CuAlS2 thin film for solar cell: An ab-initio study
Gaur A, Khan K, Bhagat BR, Sahariya J, Soni A, Dashora A
151 - 156 Enhanced photodegradation of paracetamol from water by cobalt doped graphitic carbon nitride
Pham TH, Park JW, Kim T
157 - 168 Polyacrylonitrile/polyindole and poly(glycidyl methacrylate)/polyindole composites based quasi solid electrolyte materials for dye sensitized solar cells
Cakar S, Soykan C, Ozacar M
169 - 178 Thermodynamic comparison of solar methane reforming via catalytic and redox cycle routes
Bulfin B, Ackermann S, Furler P, Steinfeld A
179 - 188 Mixed-halide perovskites solar cells through PbICl and PbCl2 precursor films by sequential chemical vapor deposition
Ngqoloda S, Arendse CJ, Guha S, Muller TF, Klue SC, Magubane SS, Oliphant CJ
189 - 197 Synergistic combination of TiO2-sol interconnecting-modified photoanode with alginate hydrogel-assisted electrolyte for quantum dots sensitized solar cells
Du ZL, Chen M, Yin FF, Jiang HY, Wang JX, Tang JG
198 - 205 Application of a fixed-receiver Linear Fresnel Reflector in concentrating photovoltaics
Boito P, Grena R
206 - 219 Determination of optimum tilt and azimuth angle of BiSPVT system along with its performance due to shadow of adjacent buildings
Yadav S, Hachem-Vermette C, Panda SK, Tiwari GN, Mohapatra SS
220 - 239 Thermal analysis of a hybrid high concentrator photovoltaic/membrane distillation system for isolated coastal regions
Rabie M, Ali AYM, Abo-Zahhad EM, Elqady HI, Elkady MF, Ookawara S, El-Shazly AH, Salem MS, Radwan A
240 - 251 Performance evaluation of hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PVT) solar dryer for drying of cassava
Veeramanipriya E, Sundari ARU
252 - 265 Use of physics to improve solar forecast: Physics-informed persistence models for simultaneously forecasting GHI, DNI, and DHI
Liu WJ, Liu YG, Zhou X, Xie Y, Han YX, Yoo S, Sengupta M
266 - 310 A comparison and evaluation of innovative parabolic trough collector concepts for large-scale application
Fredriksson J, Eickhoff M, Giese L, Herzog M
311 - 320 TiO2 nanorods integrated with titania nanoparticles: Large specific surface area 1D nanostructures for improved efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Sayahi H, Aghapoor K, Mohsenzadeh F, Morad MM, Darabi HR
321 - 327 Measured and satellite-derived albedo data for estimating bifacial photovoltaic system performance
Marion B
328 - 334 Boosting efficiency up to 25% for HTL-free carbon-based perovskite solar cells by gradient doping using SCAPS simulation
Lin LY, Li P, Jiang LQ, Kang ZJ, Yan Q, Xiong H, Lien SY, Zhang P, Qiu Y
335 - 345 Experimental investigation of a CPVT collector coupled with a wedge PVT receiver
Cabral D, Gomes J, Hayati A, Karlsson B
346 - 355 Environmental performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on natural dyes
Blaszczyk A, Joachimiak-Lechman K, Sady S, Tanski T, Szindler M, Dryga A
356 - 366 Electrical and optical characterization of sprayed In2S3 thin films as an electron transporting layer in high efficient perovskite solar cells
Hashemi M, Minbashi M, Ghorashi SMB, Ghobadi A, Ehsani MH, Heidariramsheh M, Hajjiah A
367 - 374 Efficiency enhancement of low-cost metal free dye sensitized solar cells via non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment
Weerasinghe J, Sen S, Kumari JMKW, Dissanayake MAKL, Senadeera GKR, Thotawatthage CA, Ekanayake M, Zhou RW, Cullen PJ, Sonar P, Vasilev K, Ostrikov K
375 - 387 Mass flow rate prediction of direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump using R290 based on ANN model
Kong XQ, Ma SL, Ma TD, Li Y, Cong XC
388 - 402 Optimization of the flow resistance characteristics of the direct return flat plate solar collector field
Wang DJ, Zhang RC, Liu YF, Zhang XY, Fan JH
403 - 409 Plasmonic silver sandwich structured photoanode and reflective counter electrode enhancing power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cell
Ibrahim I, Lim HN, Wan NWK, Huang NM, Lim SP, Busayaporn W, Nakajima H
410 - 415 Solution-processed and annealing-free zirconium acetylacetonate electron-selective contacts for efficient crystalline silicon solar cells
Yao LZ, Ying ZQ, Wang W, Yang ZH, Sun JJ, Wang XL, Yang X, Zeng YH, Yan BJ, Xu XL, Ye JC
416 - 433 Numerical analysis of a solar air heater with circular perforated absorber plate
Shetty SP, Madhwesh N, Karanth KV
434 - 442 First demonstration of lithium, cobalt and magnesium introduced nickel oxide hole transporters for inverted methylammonium lead triiodide based perovskite solar cells
Choi FPG, Alishah HM, Bozar S, Kahveci C, Rodop MC, Gunes S
443 - 450 Plasmonic TiO2/Al@ZnO nanocomposite-based novel dye-sensitized solar cell with 11.4% power conversion efficiency
Pugazhendhi K, Praveen B, Sharmila DJ, Mary JSS, Kumar PN, Bharathilenin V, Shyla JM
451 - 458 Improvement of grain growth and composition distribution of Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)(4) by using chloride-based precursor solution
Liu YL, Xu B, Lu XS, Qin XT, Yang PX, Chu JH, Chen Y, Sun L
459 - 472 10-year simulation of photovoltaic-thermal road assisted ground source heat pump system for accommodation building heating in expressway service area
Xiang B, Ji YS, Yuan YP, Wu D, Zeng C, Zhou JZ
473 - 481 Evaluation of performance constraints and structural optimization of a core-shell ZnO nanorod based eco-friendly perovskite solar cell
Bhatt S, Shukla R, Pathak C, Pandey SK
482 - 491 Improved field evaluation of reference cells using spectral measurements
Vignola F, Peterson J, Kessler R, Sandhu V, Snider S, Habte A, Gotseff P, Andreas A, Sengupta M, Mavromatakis F
492 - 507 Optimization of a novel photovoltaic thermal module in series with a solar collector using Taguchi based grey relational analysis
Kazemian A, Parcheforosh A, Salari A, Ma T