Solar Energy

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Semitransparent CdTe solar cells with CdCl2 treated absorber towards the enhanced photovoltaic conversion efficiency
He F, Li JM, Lin S, Long W, Wu LL, Hao X, Zhang JQ, Feng LH
Applications of low-temperature thermochemical energy storage systems for salt hydrates based on material classification: A review
Lin JQ, Zhao Q, Huang HT, Mao HZ, Liu YX, Xiao YM
Feasibility study on Si-doped ZnO with Cs coating surface for solar cell anode
Liu L, Diao Y, Xia SH
Production and characterization of Cu2SnS3 films for solar cell applications: The effect of the sulfurization temperature on CuS secondary phase
Ozsoy EK, Atay F, Buyukgungor O
Numerical analysis of tunnel oxide passivated contact solar cell performances for dielectric thin film materials and bulk properties
Sugiura T, Matsumoto S, Nakano N
1 - 10 Spectral gain and loss of different-type photovoltaic modules through average photon energy of various locations in Japan
Takeguchi K, Nakayama K, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Nishimura T, Hishikawa Y, Minemoto T
11 - 18 Silver doped nickel oxide nanocomposite and photon harvesting enhancement in bulkheterojunction organic solar cell
Thaver Y, Oseni SO, Mola GT
19 - 25 Exploring the colligative properties of Arachidic acid for potential use as PCM
Mjallal I, Feghali E, Hammoud M, Habchi C, Lemenand T
26 - 50 Additive engineering for Sn-based PSCs: Enhancement of open-circuit voltage and fill factor
Chen Q, Bai LY, Matondo JT, Deng MH, Maurice DM, Guli M
51 - 61 Review and a novel strategy for mitigating hot spot of PV panels
Tang SX, Xing Y, Chen L, Song X, Yao F
62 - 71 Hand me the franchise agreement: municipalities add another policy tool to their clean energy toolbox
Cook JJ, Aznar A, Grunwald B, Holm A
72 - 85 Experimental testing of a solar air cavity-receiver with reticulated porous ceramic absorbers for thermal processing at above 1000 degrees C
Patil VR, Kiener F, Grylka A, Steinfeld A
86 - 92 Anti-solvent mixture-mediated reduction of photocurrent hysteresis in high-impurity perovskite precursor based MAPbI(3 )solar cells
Li CY, Liao YS, Thakur D, Chandel A, Chiang SE, Wu JR, Lee PH, Tsai CL, Yang CC, Zhong YL, Shen JL, Chang SH
93 - 100 Development of an extremely concentrated solar energy delivery system using silica optical fiber bundle for deployment of solar energy: Daylighting to photocatalytic wastewater treatment
Roy JS, Morency S, Dugas G, Messaddeq Y
101 - 109 Pathways for efficiency improvements of industrial PERC silicon solar cells
Balaji N, Lai D, Shanmugam V, Basu PK, Khanna A, Duttagupta S, Aberle AG
110 - 118 All small molecule ternary organic photovoltaic with two well compatible nonfullerene acceptors for minimizing energy loss
Liu ZY, Wang N
119 - 130 Investigation and properties of a novel composite bio-PCM to reduce summer energy consumptions in buildings of hot and dry climates
Boussaba L, Lefebvre G, Makhlouf S, Grados A, Royon L
131 - 137 Implicit modelling of series-parallel photovoltaic arrays using double-diode model and its solution
Archila LMP, Rodriguez JDB, Correa R
138 - 148 Fabrication of lead iodide perovskite solar cells by incorporating zirconium, indium and zinc metal-organic frameworks
Sowmehesaraee MS, Ranjbar M, Abedi M, Mozaffari SA
214 - 219 Micro-wheels composed of self-assembled tungsten oxide nanorods supported platinum counter electrode for highly efficient liquid-junction photovoltaic devices
Dang HLT, Dao VD, Vu NH, Vu HHT, Anh TN, Huyen NTK, Hoang XC, Hanh NT, Tuan PA
220 - 230 Inverted PTB7-Th:PC71BM organic solar cells with 11.8% PCE via incorporation of gold nanoparticles in ZnO electron transport layer
Usmani B, Ranjan R, Prateek, Gupta SK, Gupta RK, Nalwa KS, Garg A
231 - 238 Improving the performance of Sb2Se3 thin-film solar cells using n-type MoO3 as the back contact layer
Zhang JY, Guo HF, Jia XG, Ning H, Ma CH, Wang XQ, Qiu JH, Yuan NY, Ding JN
239 - 247 The cooling effect of floating PV in two different climate zones: A comparison of field test data from the Netherlands and Singapore
Dorenkamper M, Wahed A, Kumar A, de Jong M, Kroon J, Reindl T
248 - 267 Self-organizing profiles to characterize representative temporal settings for daylight simulations
Ayoub M
268 - 279 Enhancing the solar still performance using reflectors and sliding-wick belt
Abdullah AS, Omara ZM, Essa FA, Alarjani A, Mansir IB, Amro MI
280 - 287 Morphology control of SnO2 layer by solvent engineering for efficient perovskite solar cells
Xu CY, Liu ZH, Sun QJ, Lee EC
288 - 293 Synthesizing S-doped graphitic carbon nitride for improvement photodegradation of tetracycline under solar light
Quyen VT, Kim HJ, Kim J, Ha LTT, Huong PT, Thanh DM, Viet NM, Thang PQ
294 - 309 Experiment investigation on a LiBr-H2O concentration difference cold storage system driven by vapor compression heat pump
Chu P, Wang HB, Chen JF, Sun HQ, Wang HL, Dai YJ
310 - 318 Simulation and investigation of perovskite/nano-pyramidal GeSe solar cell: Realizing high efficiency by controllable light trapping
Aliyariyan M, Fathi D, Eskandari M, Mohammadi MH
319 - 325 High-efficiency CdTe-based thin-film solar cells with unltrathin CdS:O window layer and processes with post annealing
Hu AH, Zhou J, Zhong PG, Qin XY, Zhang MF, Jiang YX, Wu XZ, Yang DR
326 - 336 Role of ZnO chelation for boosting photoresponse performance of isatin hydrazone/p-Si organic/inorganic heterojunctions for energy conversion approach
Makhlouf MM, Shehata MM
337 - 354 A simple and effective detection strategy using double exponential scheme for photovoltaic systems monitoring
Taghezouit B, Harrou F, Sun Y, Arab AH, Larbes C
355 - 366 Thermal performance of jet-impingement solar air heater with transverse ribs absorber plate
Moshery R, Chai TY, Sopian K, Fudholi A, Al-Waeli AHA
367 - 376 Isolated solar electronic unit design including capacitive storage for the uninterruptible power supply of critical DC loads
Ozkucuk S, Ozen SA
377 - 392 Performance evaluation of novel tapered shell and tube cascaded latent heat thermal energy storage
Murthy BVR, Nidhul K, Gumtapure V
393 - 399 Round-robin of damp heat tests using CIGS solar cells
Soares GD, Carolus J, Daenen M, Masolin A, Birrenbach T, Gerber A, Wrigley A, Henzel J, Roosen D, Meuris M, Theelen M
400 - 408 Secondary concentrator design of an updated space solar power satellite with a spherical concentrator
Fan GH, Duan BY, Zhang YQ, Yang Y, Ji XF, Li XL
409 - 420 Fast computation of yearly averages of useful quantities for solar engineering
Boito P, Grena R
421 - 429 Experimental study on pigmented coatings using two particle types with complementary optical features
Chai JL
430 - 442 Thermal conductivity of concrete at high temperatures for thermal energy storage applications: Experimental analysis
Lucio-Martin T, Roig-Flores M, Izquierdo M, Alonso MC
443 - 456 Comparative study on the overall energy performance between photovoltaic and Low-E insulated glass units
Peng JQ, Curcija DC, Thanachareonkit A, Lee ES, Goudey H, Jonsson J, Selkowitz SE
457 - 470 Characterization of shortwave and longwave properties of several plastic film mulches and their impact on the surface energy balance and soil temperature
Jones H, Black TA, Jassal RS, Nesic Z, Johnson MS, Smukler S
471 - 477 A non-vacuum dip coated SiO2 interface layer for fabricating GIGS solar cells on stainless steel foil substrates
Misra P, Atchuta SR, Mandati S, Sarada BV, Rao TN, Sakthivel S
478 - 490 Experimental investigation of transpired solar collectors with/without phase change materials
Bejan AS, Teodosiu C, Croitoru CV, Catalina T, Nastase I
491 - 501 Fuel choice and tradition: Why fuel stacking and the energy ladder are out of step?
Yadav P, Davies PJ, Asumadu-Sarkodie S
502 - 509 Preparation of carbon nanofibers supported Bi2MoO6 nanosheets as counter electrode materials on Titanium mesh substrate for dye-sensitized solar cells
Li ZX, Qi WK, Li LD, Ma ZY, Lai WD, Li L, Jin XS, Zhang YC, Zhang WM
510 - 516 Compact TiO2 blocking-layer prepared by LbL for perovskite solar cells
Veiga ET, Fernandes SL, Graeff CFD, Polo AS
517 - 530 Hybrid photoanode of TiO2-ZnO synthesized by co-precipitation route for dye-sensitized solar cell using phyllanthus reticulatas pigment sensitizer
Bhogaita M, Devaprakasam D
531 - 541 A light clustering model predictive control approach to maximize thermal power in solar parabolic-trough plants
Masero E, Frejo JRD, Maestre JM, Camacho EF
542 - 550 Mechanical reliability of flexible encapsulation of III-V compound thin film solar cells
Yang C, Qu JR, Wu ZY
551 - 564 Optimization of parabolic trough solar power plant operations with nonuniform and degraded collectors
Ma LR, Zhang T, Zhang XL, Wang B, Mei SW, Wang ZF, Xue XD
565 - 574 Enhancing the efficiency of polymer solar cells by embedding Au@Ag NPs Durian shape in buffer layer
Alkhalayfeh MA, Aziz AA, Pakhuruddin MZ
575 - 587 Experimental and numerical optimal design of a household solar fruit and vegetable dryer
Moghimi P, Rahimzadeh H, Ahmadpour A
588 - 598 Drying kinetics of cabya (Piper retrofractum Vahl) fruit as affected by hot water blanching under indirect forced convection solar dryer
Hawa L, Ubaidillah U, Mardiyani SA, Laily AN, Yosika NIW, Afifah FN
599 - 605 Facile sputtering enables double-layered ZnO electron transport layer for PbS quantum dot solar cells
Li MY, Zang SP, Wang YL, Li JH, Ma JG, Zhang XT, Liu YC
606 - 631 A review on windows incorporating water-based liquids
Piffer Y, Lamberts R, Mizgier MO, Guths S
632 - 641 Tunnel junction limited performance of InGaAsN/GaAs tandem solar cell
Dawidowski W, Sciana B, Zborowska-Lindert I, Mikolasek M, Kovac J, Tlaczala M
642 - 654 Influence of multiple factors on performance of photovoltaic-thermal modules
Pang W, Duck BC, Fell CJ, Wilson GJ, Zhao WK, Yan H
655 - 655 Spectral technique for accurate efficiency measurements of emerging solar cells (vol 206, pg 770, 2020)
Gavrik A, Mannanov AL, Tsarev S, Bruevich VV, Trukhanov VA, Chernikov YA, Savchenko PS, Gvozdkova JD, Solodukhin AN, Troshin PA, Ponomarenko SA, Paraschuk DY