Solar Energy

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ISSN: 0038-092X (Print) 

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1 - 12 A modeling study on utilizing ultra-thin inorganic HTLs in inverted p-n homojunction perovskite solar cells
Maram DK, Haghighi M, Shekoofa O, Habibiyan H, Ghafoorifard H
13 - 26 A complete framework for the simulation of photovoltaic arrays under mismatch conditions
Sarquis EA, Fernandes CAF, Branco PJD
27 - 35 Role of DIO vis-a-vis microstructural kinetics during thermal annealing on the performance of PTB7:PC71BM organic solar cells
Gupta SK, Yadav J, Chaturvedi N, Ranjan R, Pali LS, Nalwa KS, Garg A
36 - 42 Intermittent light studies to investigate electron mobility in dye-sensitized solar cells
Mitchell CS, Perkins GM, McNeil IJ
43 - 52 Highly transparent titania in mixed organic solvent with controlled surface area and porosity
Vidyadharan DM, Meethal BN, Jyothilakshmi VP, Swaminathan S
53 - 58 Study on the performance of ZMO/PbS quantum dot heterojunction solar cells
Xing MB, Wei YY, Wang RX, Zhang ZT
59 - 66 Enhancement of the photovoltaic performance and the stability of perovskite solar cells via the modification of electron transport layers with reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline composite
Mohseni HR, Dehghanipour M, Dehghan N, Tamaddon F, Ahmadi M, Sabet M, Behjat A
67 - 80 Geometry optimization of double pass solar air heater with helical flow path
MesgarPour M, Heydari A, Wongwises S
81 - 90 Studies on the thermal optical properties and solar heat gain of thin membrane structure industrial building
Tian GJ, Fan YS, Wang H, Zheng HF, Gao MC, Liu J, Liu CZ
91 - 101 Roller blinds characterization assessing discomfort glare, view outside and useful daylight illuminance with the sun in the field of view
Garreton JY, Villalba AM, Rodriguez RG, Pattini A
102 - 117 Parallel power extraction technique for maximizing the output of solar PV array
Winston DP, Karthikeyan G, Pravin M, JebaSingh O, Akash AG, Nithish S, Kabilan S
118 - 125 Effect of pulse bias voltages on performance of CdTe thin film solar cells prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Wang D, Yang YJ, Guo TZ, Xiong XY, Xie Y, Li KL, Li B, Ghali M
126 - 135 Performance of V2O3@C composites via a sol-gel precursor assisted by soluble starch as Pt-free counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells
Wu KZ, Yang DD, Guo JN, Fu PY, Wu RT, Zheng YH, Wu MX
136 - 144 Encapsulation improvement and stability of ambient roll-to-roll slot-die-coated organic photovoltaic modules
Lee CY, Tsao CS, Lin HK, Cha HC, Chung SY, Sung YM, Huang YC
145 - 153 Template-free synthesis of Vanadium Nitride Nanopetals (VNNP) as a high performance counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cells
Gnanasekar S, Le QV, Grace AN
154 - 162 Analysis of thermocline thermal energy storage systems with generic initial condition algebraic model
Bonanos AM, Votyakov EV
163 - 171 Photoelectric properties of highly conductive samarium-doped cadmium telluride thin films for photovoltaic applications
Al-Kuhaili MF
172 - 179 Investigation on non-uniform temperature distribution in a solar cell with associated laser beam heating
Zhai H, Zhang J, Wu ZH, Xie HQ, Li Q
180 - 197 Calculating molten-salt central-receiver lifetime under creep-fatigue damage
Gonzalez-oomez PA, Rodriguez-Sanchez MR, Laporte-Azcue M, Santana D
198 - 210 Online current-sensorless estimator for PV open circuit voltage and short circuit current
Nadeem A, Sher HA, Murtaza AF, Ahmed N
211 - 224 Analysis of optical properties in particle curtains
Gonzalez-Portillo LF, Abbas R, Albrecht K, Ho C
225 - 245 A financial benefit-cost analysis of different community solar approaches in the Northeastern US
Klein SJW, Hargreaves A, Coffey S
246 - 259 Technical feasibility evaluation of a solar PV based off-grid domestic energy system with battery and hydrogen energy storage in northern climates
Puranen P, Kosonen A, Ahola J
260 - 270 Reduced graphene oxide as a solid-state mediator in TiO2/In0.5WO3 S-scheme photocatalyst for hydrogen production
Shaheer ARM, Vinesh V, Lakhera SK, Neppolian B
271 - 283 How graphene strengthened molecular photoelectric performance of solar cells: A photo current-voltage assessment
Zhao DP, Saputra RM, Song P, Yang YH, Li YZ
284 - 299 Dynamic heat preservation at night for a Trombe wall with a built-in panel curtain in Western China
Hou LQ, Liu Y, Liu T, Yang L, Feng YP, Gao QL
300 - 311 Water-to-water heat pump integration in a solar seasonal storage system for space heating and domestic hot water production of a single-family house in a cold climate
Pinamonti M, Beausoleil-Morrison I, Prada A, Baggio P
312 - 327 Radial movement optimization based parameter extraction of double diode model of solar photovoltaic cell
Pardhu BSSG, Kota VR
328 - 338 Accurate interpolation methods for the annual simulation of solar central receiver systems using celestial coordinate system
Richter P, Tinnes J, Aldenhoff L
339 - 349 Fabrication and characterization of in situ cross-linked electrospun Poly (vinyl alcohol)/phase change material nanofibers
Zhou L, Shi F, Liu GJ, Ye JP, Han PS, Zhang GQ
350 - 360 Numerical analyses of high temperature dense, granular flows coupled to high temperature flow property measurements for solar thermal energy storage
Yarrington JD, Bagepalli MV, Pathikonda G, Schrader AJ, Zhang ZM, Ranjan D, Loutzenhiser PG
361 - 382 Assessment of angular visual transmittance of Perforated Masonry Walls patterns employed as solar shading systems
Brancaleoni I, Mainini AG, Cadena JDB, Pool DAC
383 - 391 Role of BCP layer on nonlinear properties of perovskite solar cell
Asgary S, Moghaddam HM, Bahari A, Mohammadpour R