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1 - 10 BQC: A free web service to quality control solar irradiance measurements across Europe
Urraca R, Sanz-Garcia A, Sanz-Garcia I
11 - 30 Carbon dioxide hydrates for cold thermal energy storage: A review
Wang XL, Zhang FY, Lipinski W
31 - 54 Comprehensive modeling, simulation and analysis of nanoparticles laden volumetric absorption based concentrating solar thermal systems in laminar flow regime
Singh A, Kumar M, Khullar V
55 - 61 CuGaS2 quantum dots with controlled surface defects as an hole-transport material for high-efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
Ma WB, Zhang ZL, Ma MG, Liu YF, Pan GC, Gao HP, Mao YL
62 - 73 Effects of tunneling oxide defect density and inter-diffused carrier concentration on carrier selective contact solar cell performance: Illumination and temperature effects
Park C, Balaji N, Ahn S, Park J, Cho EC, Yi J
74 - 81 Structural composition and thermal stability of extracted EVA from silicon solar modules waste
Chitra, Sah D, Lodhi K, Kant C, Saini P, Kumar S
82 - 89 Improved precision of the outdoor performance measurements of photovoltaic modules by using the photovoltaic irradiance sensor
Hishikawa Y, Higa M, Takenouchi T, Ueda Y, Nishioka K, Kobayashi T, Minemoto T, Taniguchi H, Wakabayashi H, Yoshita M
90 - 99 A facile one-step chemical synthesis of copper@reduced graphene oxide composites as back contact for CdTe solar cells
Luo GC, Zhu LY, Tan B, Wang TW, Bi X, Li W, Zhang JQ, Hao X, Wang WW, Zhang ZL
100 - 110 Pt nanoparticles decorated Bi-doped TiO2 as an efficient photocatalyst for CO2 photo-reduction into CH4
Moradi M, Khorasheh F, Larimi A
111 - 116 On the combination of quantum dots with near-infrared reflective base coats to maximize their urban overheating mitigation potential
Garshasbi S, Huang SJ, Valenta J, Santamouris M
117 - 146 Progressive cooling technologies of photovoltaic and concentrated photovoltaic modules: A review of fundamentals, thermal aspects, nanotechnology utilization and enhancing performance
Gharzi M, Arabhosseini A, Gholami Z, Rahmati MH
147 - 157 Unsteady-state performance comparison of tandem photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system and conventional photovoltaic system
Yin ES, Li Q
158 - 166 Performance enhancement of organic/Si solar cell using CNT embedded hole selective layer
Markose KK, Jasna M, Subha PP, Antony A, Jayaraj MK
167 - 182 Quasi-Monte Carlo ray tracing algorithm for radiative flux distribution simulation
Duan XY, He CT, Lin XX, Zhao YH, Feng JQ
183 - 191 Experimental study of an evacuated tube solar adsorption cooling module and its optimal adsorbent bed design
Alelyani SM, Bertrand WK, Zhang ZL, Phelan PE
192 - 209 A two-phase closed thermosyphon operated with nanofluids for solar energy collectors: Thermodynamic modeling and entropy generation analysis
Wang WW, Cai Y, Wang L, Liu CW, Zhao FY, Sheremet MA, Liu D
210 - 226 Mathematical modeling framework of a PV model using novel differential evolution algorithm
Patro SK, Saini RP
227 - 227 RETRACTION: Interval optimization based performance of photovoltaic/wind/FC/electrolyzer/electric vehicles in energy price determination for customers byelectricity retailer (Retraction of Vol 171, Pg 580, 2018)
Nojavan S, Zare K
228 - 235 Improving the efficiency of organic sensitizers with various anchoring groups for solar energy applications
Hosseinnezhad M, Nasiri S, Movahedi J, Ghahari M
236 - 236 RETRACTION: Information gap decision theory-based risk-constrained scheduling of smart home energy consumption in the presence of solar thermal storage system (Retraction of Vol 163, Pg 271, 2018)
Najafi-Ghalelou A, Nojavan S, Zare K
237 - 243 Numerical study of solar cells based on ZnSnN2 structure
Laidouci A, Aissat A, Vilcot JP
244 - 257 From existing neighbourhoods to net-zero energy and nearly zero carbon neighbourhoods in the tropical regions
Nematchoua MK
258 - 264 Highly conductive PEDOT films with enhanced catalytic activity for dye-sensitized solar cells
Kouhnavard M, Yifan DA, D'Arcy JM, Mishra R, Biswas P
265 - 282 Development on evacuated tube solar collectors: A review of the last decade results of using nanofluids
Olfian H, Ajarostaghi SSM, Ebrahimnataj M
283 - 290 Performance enhancement of heterojunction ZnO/PbS quantum dot solar cells by interface engineering
Kumar S, Upadhyay R, Pradhan B
291 - 300 The controllability of PbI2 morphology via nanorod-shaped underlying layer for solution-based perovskite two-step sequential deposition
Kao SC, Chen YS, Lin PC, Ke SY, Wang CL
301 - 311 Understanding effects of defects in bulk Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layer of kesterite solar cells
Haddout A, Fahoume M, Qachaou A, Raidou A, Lharch M
312 - 323 High performance SnO2 pure photoelectrode in dye-sensitized solar cells achieved via electrophoretic technique
Souza APS, Oliveira FGS, Nunes VF, Lima FM, Almeida AFL, de Carvalho IMM, Graca MPF, Freire FNA
324 - 335 Study on the cleaning process of n plus -poly-Si wraparound removal of TOPCon solar cells
Wang QQ, Wu WP, Chen DM, Yuan L, Yang SC, Sun YF, Yang SB, Zhang Q, Cao YJ, Qu H, Yuan NY, Ding JN
336 - 344 Influence of sunspace on energy consumption of rural residential buildings
Ma LY, Zhang X, Li D, Arici M, Yildiz C, Li Q, Zhang S, Jiang W
345 - 353 Defect states influencing hysteresis and performance of perovskite solar cells
Kumar A, Rana A, Vashistha N, Garg KK, Singh RK
354 - 365 Line-line fault detection and classification for photovoltaic systems using ensemble learning model based on I-V characteristics
Eskandari A, Milimonfared J, Aghaei M
366 - 374 Structure of a comprehensive solar radiation dataset
Peterson J, Vignola F
375 - 382 Numerical study of organic graded bulk heterojunction solar cell using SCAPS simulation
Abdelaziz W, Zekry A, Shaker A, Abouelatta M
383 - 395 Probing the Mg2Si/Si(111) heterojunction for photovoltaic applications
Shevlyagin A, Chernev I, Galkin N, Gerasimenko A, Gutakovskii A, Hoshida H, Terai Y, Nishikawa N, Ohdaira K
396 - 411 Value chain in distributed generation of photovoltaic energy and factors for competitiveness: A systematic review
Garlet TB, Ribeiro JLD, Savian FD, Siluk JCM
412 - 417 Effects of thermophoresis on dust accumulation on solar panels
Oh S, Figgis BW, Rashkeev S
418 - 432 Data-driven inference of unknown tilt and azimuth of distributed PV systems
Meng B, Loonen RCGM, Hensen JLM
433 - 445 Area and LCOE considerations in utility-scale, single-axis tracking PV power plant topology optimization
Verissimo PHA, Campos RA, Guarnieri MV, Verissimo JPA, do Nascimento LR, Ruther R
446 - 452 Luminescent anti-reflection coatings based on down-conversion emission of Tb3+-Yb3+ co-doped NaYF4 nanoparticles for silicon solar cells applications
Yao HY, Tang QT
453 - 462 Defined purge gas composition stabilizes molten nitrate salt - Experimental prove and thermodynamic calculations
Sotz VA, Bonk A, Steinbrecher J, Bauer T
463 - 463 One-dimensional hollow metal-complex as catalytic electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells (vol 174, pg 502, 2018)
Devulapally K, Vardhaman AK, Katakam R, Upadhyaya HM, Rajeswari R, Islavath N, Giribabu L
464 - 477 Thermal characteristics of a flat plate solar collector: Influence of air mass flow rate and correlation analysis among process parameters
Rani P, Tripathy PP
478 - 487 Synthesis and characterization of Bi-doped g-C3N4 for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
El Rouby WMA, Aboubakr AEA, Khan MD, Farghali AA, Millet P, Revaprasadu N
488 - 502 Lifecycle cost analysis (LCCA) of tailor-made building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) facade: Solsmaragden case study in Norway
Gholami H, Rostvik HN, Kumar NM, Chopra SS
503 - 521 Evaluation of constraint in photovoltaic models by exploiting an enhanced ant lion optimizer
Wang MJ, Zhao XH, Heidari AA, Chen HL
522 - 546 A review and recent advances in solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion based on photocatalytic water splitting over doped-TiO2 nanoparticles
Ismael M
547 - 559 Large-area spray deposited Ta-doped SnO2 thin film electrode for DSSC application
Ramarajan R, Purushothamreddy N, Dileep RK, Kovendhan M, Veerappan G, Thangaraju K, Joseph DP
560 - 568 Exploring the n-GaN films with Cs coating surface for low work function solar cell anode
Liu L, Diao Y, Xia SH
569 - 583 A 28 kW e multi-source high-flux solar simulator: Design, characterization, and modeling
Li X, Chen JL, Lipinski W, Dai YJ, Wang CH
584 - 599 Perovskite oxide-based photocatalysts for solar-driven hydrogen production: Progress and perspectives
Nguyen VH, Do HH, Nguyen TV, Singh P, Raizada P, Sharma A, Sana SS, Grace AN, Shokouhimehr M, Ahn SH, Xia CL, Kim SY, Le QV
600 - 612 Annual simulation of photovoltaic retrofits within existing parabolic trough concentrating solar powerplants
Goel N, O'Hern H, Orosz M, Otanicar T
613 - 621 Growth and optical properties of nanocrystalline Sb2Se3 thin-films for the application in solar-cells
Ghosh S, Moreira MVB, Fantini C, Gonzalez JC
622 - 632 Experimental demonstration and analysis of a CSP plant with molten salt heat transfer fluid in parabolic troughs
Giaconia A, Iaquaniello G, Metwally AA, Caputo G, Balog I
633 - 653 A color harmony algorithm and extreme gradient boosting control topology to cascaded multilevel inverter for grid connected wind and photovoltaic generation subsystems
Mahendiran TV
654 - 660 Performance enhancement of CsPbI2Br perovskite solar cells via stoichiometric control and interface engineering
Fatima K, Haider MI, Fakharuddin A, Akhter Z, Sultan M, Schmidt-Mende L
661 - 673 Peak load shifting using a price-based control in PCM-enhanced buildings
Gholamibozanjani G, Farid M
674 - 682 Enhancement of resistance against damp heat aging through compositional change in PV encapsulant poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)
Desai U, Sharma BK, Singh A, Singh A
683 - 699 Experimental study of different materials in fluidized beds with a beam-down solar reflector for CSP applications
Diaz-Heras M, Barreneche C, Belmonte JF, Calderon A, Fernandez AI, Almendros-Ibanez JA
700 - 711 Experimental and numerical study on heat transfer driven dynamics and control of transient variations in a solar receiver
Abuseada M, Ozalp N
712 - 724 Aerial infrared thermography for low-cost and fast fault detection in utility-scale PV power plants
de Oliveira AKV, Aghaei M, Ruther R
725 - 731 Superstrate-type flexible and bifacial Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells with In2O3:SnO2 back contact
Mavlonov A, Chantana J, Nishimura T, Kawano Y, Inoue M, Hamada N, Masuda T, Minemoto T
732 - 743 Investigation on optimal shell-to-tube radius ratio of a vertical shell-and-tube latent heat energy storage system
Shen G, Wang XL, Chan A, Cao F, Yin X
744 - 752 Analysis of submerged amorphous, mono-and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells using halogen lamp and comparison with xenon solar simulator
Enaganti PK, Dwivedi PK, Srivastava AK, Goel S
753 - 758 Excellent passivation with implied open-circuit voltage of 710 mV for p-type multi-crystalline black silicon using PECVD grown a-Si:H passivation layer
Lin YR, Feng MM, Wang ZX, Zeng YH, Liao MD, Gong LF, Yan BJ, Yuan ZZ, Ye JC
759 - 766 Indium sulfide-based electron-selective contact and dopant-free heterojunction silicon solar cells
Meng LX, Yao ZR, Cai L, Wang WX, Zhang LK, Qiu KF, Lin WJ, Shen H, Liang ZC
767 - 778 Assessment of spectral effects on outdoor characterization of PV modules using silicon reference cells with spectral filters
Winck AL, da Fonseca JEF, Gasparin FP, Krenzinger A
779 - 788 Site-specific adjustment of a NWP-based photovoltaic production forecast
Book H, Lindfors AV
789 - 798 Aminosilicate modified mesoporous anatase TiO2@graphene oxide nanocomposite for dye-sensitized solar cells
Kandasamy M, Murugesan S
799 - 809 Examining a numerical model validity for performance evaluation of a prototype solar oriented Double skin Facade: Estimating the technical potential for energy saving
Radmard H, Ghadamian H, Esmailie F, Ahmadi B, Adl M
810 - 821 SnxSy MSELD stack thin films: Processing, characteristics and devices for photonic applications
Banotra A, Padha N
822 - 830 Interfacial plasmonic effects of gold nanoparticle-decorated graphene oxides on the performance of perovskite photovoltaic devices
Lin YT, Kumar G, Chen FC
831 - 846 Parametric investigation and year round performance of a novel passive multi-chamber vertical solar diffusion still: Energy, exergy and enviro-economic aspects
Sharon H, Reddy KS, Gorjian S
847 - 865 Optimization of the performance of a solar still assisted by a rotating drum with a rough surface
Younis M, Habchi C, Ahmad MN, Ghali K
866 - 878 Enhanced solar-cell efficiency via fabricated zinc sulfide nanocrystalline thin film-based Schottky diodes as a bypass: An experimental and theoretical investigations
Mukhamale SV, Chavan AR, Lokhande RM, Khirade PP
879 - 896 Performance assessment of partially shaded building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems in a positive-energy solar energy laboratory building: Architecture perspectives
Zomer C, Custodio I, Antoniolli A, Ruther R
897 - 907 Transient thermal-electrical performance modelling of solar concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) receiver
Maka AOM, O'Donovan TS
908 - 919 Design, modeling and analysis of efficient multi-rack tray solar cabinet dryer coupled with north wall reflector
Spall S, Sethi VP
920 - 927 Devising square- and hexagonal-shaped monolayers of ZnO for nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic applications
Ul Haq B, AlFaify S, Alshahrani T, Ahmed R, Butt FK, Rehman SU, Tariq Z
928 - 937 Experimental investigation of heat transfer performance of a heat pipe combined with thermal energy storage materials of CuO-paraffin nanocomposites
Wang J, Li YX, Wang Y, Yang L, Kong XF, Sunden B
938 - 948 Effects of post-deposition CdCl2 annealing on electronic properties of CdTe solar cells
Paul S, Sohal S, Swartz C, Li DB, Bista SS, Grice CR, Yan YF, Holtz M, Li JV
949 - 961 Eigenfunctions and genetic algorithm based improved strategies for performance analysis and geometric optimization of a two-zone solar pond
Kumar A, Verma S, Das R
962 - 970 Study of dynamic performance of radiation collector and thermocline system under time-varying radiation environment
Wang Y, Ortega-Fernandez I, Li HP, Huang XF, Jiang B, Bielsa D
971 - 976 Visible light induced H-2 evolution on the hetero-junction Pt/CuCo2O4 prepared by hydrothermal route
Bagtache R, Sebai I, Trari M
977 - 987 Growth of antimony selenide solar absorber on micro textured substrates for efficient light trapping and enhanced optical absorption
Jagadish R, Sathiamoorthy S, Tiwari KJ, Suraj TS, Rao MSR, Malar P
988 - 998 Preparation of the lead-free graphene-glass frit composites for crystalline silicon solar cells and investigation of performance
Zhou B, Ma Q, Cui CT, Ma SH, Bai JT, Wang H
999 - 1016 Analysis of tubular receivers for concentrating solar tower systems with a range of working fluids, in exergy-optimised flow-path configurations
Zheng MG, Zapata J, Asselineau CA, Coventry J, Pye J
1017 - 1026 Fluorine-free synthesis of reduced graphene oxide modified anatase TiO2 nanoflowers photoanode with highly exposed {001} facets for high performance dye-sensitized solar cell
Pugazhenthiran N, Mangalaraja RV, Vijaya S, Suresh S, Kandasamy M, Sathishkumar P, Valdes H, Gracia-Pinilla MA, Murugesan S, Anandan S
1027 - 1041 Proposal of a new design of source heat exchanger for the technical feasibility of solar thermal plants coupled to supercritical power cycles
Montes MJ, Linares JI, Barbero R, Rovira A
1042 - 1052 Comparison of three models to estimate the slant path atmospheric attenuation in central receiver solar thermal plants under Indian climatic conditions
Mishra BR, Hanrieder N, Modi A, Kedare SB
1053 - 1069 Techno-economic analysis of a renewable quadruple hybrid system for efficient water/biofuel production
Taheri P, Zahedi AR
1070 - 1083 Cyclical variation of drying air temperature on Mytilus galloprovincialis convective drying
Kouhila M, Bahammou Y, Lamsyehe H, Moussaoui H, Tagnamas Z, Idlimam A, Lamharrar A, Mouhanni H
1084 - 1091 Additive engineering of 4, 4 '-Bis (N-carbazolyl)-1, 1 '-biphenyl (CBP) molecules for defects passivation and moisture stability of hybrid perovskite layer
Sharma B, Singh S, Hossain K, Laxmi, Mallick S, Bhargava P, Kabra D
1092 - 1101 A comparative study of the effects of light and heavy alkali-halide postdeposition treatment on CuGaSe2 and Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells
Ishizuka S, Taguchi N, Nishinaga J, Kamikawa Y, Shibata H
1102 - 1109 Enhanced organic photovoltaic performance through promoting crystallinity of photoactive layer and conductivity of hole-transporting layer by V2O5 doped PEDOT:PSS hole-transporting layers
Li JF, Qin JC, Liu XP, Ren ML, Tong JF, Zheng N, Chen WC, Xia YJ
1110 - 1127 Performance enhancement of grid-tied PV system through proposed design cooling techniques: An experimental study and comparative analysis
Gomaa MR, Hammad W, Al-Dhaifallah M, Rezk H
1128 - 1136 Improvement of photoresponse in an isatin hydrazone/CdTe hybrid heterostructure device via ZnO chelation for photovoltaic applications
Makhlouf MM, Shehata MM
1137 - 1158 Using CFD and ray tracing to estimate the heat losses of a tubular cavity dish receiver for different inclination angles
Craig KJ, Slootweg M, Le Roux WG, Wolff TM, Meyer JP
1159 - 1169 On the performance of inclined rooftop solar chimney integrated with photovoltaic module and phase change material: A numerical study
Salari A, Ashouri M, Hakkaki-Fard A
1170 - 1183 Drift analysis in tilt-roll heliostats
Martinez-Hernandez A, Gonzalo IB, Romero M, Gonzalez-Aguilar J
1184 - 1193 Estimating the standardized regression coefficients of design variables in daylighting and energy performance of buildings in the face of multicollinearity
Allam AS, Bassioni HA, Kamel W, Ayoub M
1194 - 1205 Au nanoparticles decorated sulfonated graphene-TiO2 nanocomposite for sunlight driven photocatalytic degradation of recalcitrant compound
Alamelu K, Ali BMJ
1206 On the dust deposition and its effects on heat transfer in absorber pores of an open volumetric air receiver
Upadhyay VK, Singh G, Chandra L, Bandyopadhyay B
1214 - 1222 Imaging and quantifying carrier collection in silicon solar cells: A submicron study using electron beam induced current
Yu MZ, Zhou RN, Hamer P, Chen DM, Zhang XL, Altermatt PP, Wilshaw PR, Bonilla RS
1223 - 1229 High efficiently CsPbBr3 perovskite solar cells fabricated by multi-step spin coating method
Gao BW, Meng J
1230 - 1238 Enhancing effect of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) interfacial thin layer on silicon nanowires (SiNWs)/PEDOT: PSS hybrid solar cell
Jbira E, Derouiche H, Missaoui K
1239 - 1254 Experimental investigations of fault tolerance due to shading in photovoltaic modules with different interconnected solar cell networks
Agrawal N, Bora B, Kapoor A
1255 - 1262 How much power is lost in a hot-spot? A case study quantifying the effect of thermal anomalies in two utility scale PV power plants
Skomedal AF, Aarseth BL, Haug H, Selj J, Marstein ES
1263 - 1269 BiOCl/cattail carbon composites with hierarchical structure for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Hou JH, Dou Q, Jiang T, Yin J, Liu JL, Li YY, Zhang GS, Wang XZ
1270 - 1282 On the thermal response of buildings under the synergic effect of heat waves and urban heat island
Zinzi M, Agnoli S, Burattini C, Mattoni B
1283 - 1300 Investigation of the operational performance and efficiency of an alternative PV plus PCM concept
Savvakis N, Dialyna E, Tsoutsos T
1301 - 1310 Limits control and energy saturation management for DC bus regulation in photovoltaic systems with battery storage
Assem H, Azib T, Bouchafaa F, Arab AH, Laarouci C
1311 - 1317 Back-contact barrier analysis to develop flexible and bifacial Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells using transparent conductive In2O3: SnO2 thin films
Mavlonov A, Nishimura T, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Masuda T, Minemoto T
1318 - 1324 An autonomous solar driven adsorption cooling system
Robbins T, Garimella S
1325 - 1334 A generic economic framework for electric rate design with prosumers
Fikru MG, Canfield CI
1335 - 1346 Performance of laboratory scale packed-bed thermal energy storage using new demolition waste based sensible heat materials for industrial solar applications
Kocak B, Paksoy H
1347 - 1364 Impact of daylight saving time on lighting energy consumption and on the biological clock for occupants in office buildings
Bellia L, Acosta I, Campano M, Fragliasso F
1365 - 1372 Detection of shading effect by using the current and voltage at maximum power point of crystalline silicon PV modules
Seapan M, Hishikawa Y, Yoshita M, Okajima K
1373 - 1391 Thermo-economic optimization of an air driven supercritical CO2 Brayton power cycle for concentrating solar power plant with packed bed thermal energy storage
Trevisan S, Guedez R, Laumert B
1392 - 1402 Multi-year field assessment of seasonal variability of photovoltaic soiling and environmental factors in a desert environment
Javed W, Guo B, Figgis B, Pomares LM, Aissa B
1403 - 1421 Thermal energy management optimization of solar thermal energy system based on small parabolic trough collectors for bitumen maintaining on heat process
Ghazouani M, Bouya M, Benaissa M, Anoune K, Ghazi M
1422 - 1458 Commercial parabolic trough CSP plants: Research trends and technological advancements
Awan AB, Khan MN, Zubair M, Bellos E
1459 - 1468 Design, characterization and indoor validation of the optical soiling detector "DUSST"
Fernandez-Solas A, Micheli L, Muller M, Almonacid F, Fernandez EF