Solar Energy

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1 - 10 Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cells produced by atmospheric selenization of spray casted nanocrystalline layers
Badgujar AC, Dusane RO, Dhage SR
11 - 20 Optimum cleaning schedule of photovoltaic systems based on levelised cost of energy and case study in central Mexico
Rodrigo PM, Gutierrez S, Micheli L, Fernandez EF, Almonacid FM
21 - 29 A data review on certified perovskite solar cells efficiency and I-V metrics: Insights into materials selection and process scaling up
Ma JL, Guo D
30 - 41 Parabolic Trough Collector Defocusing Analysis: Two control stages vs four control stages
Sanchez AJ, Gallego AJ, Escano JM, Camacho EF
42 - 56 Three-level quadratic boost DC-DC converter associated to a SRM drive for water pumping photovoltaic powered systems
Cordeiro A, Pires VF, Foito D, Pires AJ, Martins JF
57 - 78 Performance improvement of a modified cavity receiver for parabolic dish concentrator at medium and high heat concentration
Bopche S, Rana K, Kumar V
79 - 84 Optimizing the working mechanism of the CsPbBr3-based inorganic perovskite solar cells for enhanced efficiency
Ullah S, Liu P, Wang JM, Yang PX, Liu LL, Yang SE, Guo HZ, Xia TY, Chen YS
85 - 95 Enhanced thermal conductivity of form-stable composite phase-change materials with graphite hybridizing expanded perlite/paraffin
Zuo XC, Zhao XG, Li JW, Hu YQ, Yang HM, Chen DL
96 - 107 A quick-scan method to assess photovoltaic rooftop potential based on aerial imagery and LiDAR
de Vries TNC, Bronkhorst J, Vermeer M, Donker JCB, Briels SA, Ziar H, Zeman M, Isabella O
108 - 117 Enhanced efficiency of dye co-sensitized solar cells based on pulsed-laser-synthesized cadmium-selenide quantum dots
AlGhamdi JM, AlOmar S, Gondal MA, Moqbel R, Dastageer MA
118 - 122 CuSx hole transport layer for PbS quantum dot solar cell
Li JH, Wang YL, Zang SP, Pan DC, Zhang XT, Liu YC
123 - 134 Development and thermoeconomic analysis of a 250 MW steam power plant by gas turbine, photovoltaic, photovoltaic/thermal and absorption chiller
Adhami H
135 - 169 Review on sensible thermal energy storage for industrial solar applications and sustainability aspects
Kocak B, Fernandez AI, Paksoy H
170 - 185 A review on the approaches employed for cooling PV cells
Maleki A, Haghighi A, Assad ME, Mahariq I, Nazari MA
186 - 193 Finite element modeling for analysis of electroluminescence and infrared images of thin-film solar cells
Diethelm M, Penninck L, Regnat M, Offermans T, Zimmermann B, Kirsch C, Hiestand R, Altazin S, Ruhstaller B
194 - 205 Influence of internal acceptor and thiophene based pi-spacer in D-A-pi-A system on photophysical and charge transport properties for efficient DSSCs: A DFT insight
Tripathi A, Ganjoo A, Chetti P
206 - 213 Structural, electronic and optical properties of Ag2MgSn(S/Se)(4) quaternary chalcogenides as solar cell absorber layer: An Ab-initio study
Srivastava A, Sarkar P, Tripathy SK, Lenka TR, Menon PS, Lin F, Aberle AG
214 - 225 Nonlinear temperature regulation of solar collectors with a fast adaptive polytopic LPV MPC formulation
Pipino HA, Morato MM, Bernardi E, Adam EJ, Normey-Rico JE
226 - 234 Analysis of PV cell parameters of solution processed Cu-doped nickel oxide hole transporting layer-based organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells
Khan F, Rezgui BD, Kim JH
235 - 244 What shapes community acceptance of large-scale solar farms? A case study of the UK's first 'nationally significant' solar farm
Roddis P, Roelich K, Tran K, Carver S, Dallimer M, Ziv G
245 - 257 Parameters estimation of photovoltaic cells using simple and efficient mathematical models
Al-Subhi A
258 - 277 Determination of optimal energy-efficient integrated daylighting systems into building windows
Reffat RM, Ahmad RM
278 - 301 On the energy modulation of daytime radiative coolers: A review on infrared emissivity dynamic switch against overcooling
Ulpiani G, Ranzi G, Shah KW, Feng J, Santamouris M
302 - 315 Experimental studies on photovoltaic module temperature reduction using eutectic cold phase change material
Velmurugan K, Karthikeyan V, Korukonda TB, Poongavanam P, Nadarajan S, Kumarasamy S, Wongwuttanasatian T, Sandeep D
316 - 324 Enhanced efficiency with CDCA co-adsorption for dye-sensitized solar cells based on metallosalophen complexes
Zhang J, Zhong AG, Huang GB, Yang MD, Li D, Teng MY, Han DM
325 - 333 Electrospun reduced graphene oxide/polyacrylonitrile membrane for high-performance solar evaporation
Fan XF, Lv BW, Xu YL, Huang HY, Yang Y, Wang Y, Xiao JK, Song CW
334 - 349 MPPT using modified salp swarm algorithm for multiple bidirectional PV-Cuk converter system under partial shading and module mismatching
Mao MX, Zhang L, Yang L, Chong B, Huang H, Zhou L
350 - 362 Transient temperature and stress fields on bonding small glass pieces to solder glass by laser welding: Numerical modelling and experimental validation
Zhang SW, Kong M, Miao H, Memon S, Zhang YJ, Liu SX
363 - 370 g-C3N4@PMo12 composite material double adjustment improves the performance of perovskite-based photovoltaic devices
Xu XY, Xie MY, Xu KC, Zhao Y
371 - 378 Dipole-templated homogeneous grain growth of CsPbIBr2 films for efficient self-powered, all-inorganic photodetectors
Zhang ZYL, Zhang WT, Wei ZM, Jiang QB, Deng MY, Chai WM, Zhu WD, Zhang CF, You HL, Zhang JC
379 - 386 Forster resonance energy transfer in organic photovoltaics devices fabricated by electric field assisted spray technique
Mohammad T, Kumar V, Kumar M, Upadhyaya HM, Dutta V
387 - 399 Aqueous synthesis of colloidal CdSexTe1-x - CdS core-shell nanocrystals and effect of shell formation parameters on the efficiency of corresponding quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Marandi M, Abadi SH
400 - 407 A novel interface layer for inverted perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient air under high humidity conditions
Choi FPG, Alishah HM, Bozar S, Doyranli C, Koyuncu S, San N, Kahveci C, Rodop MC, Arvas MB, Gencten M, Sahin Y, Gunes S
408 - 414 Self-healing perovskite solar cells
Yu Y, Zhang F, Yu H
415 - 423 The effect of using hybrid phase change materials on thermal management of photovoltaic panels - An experimental study
Qasim MA, Ali HM, Khan MN, Arshad N, Khaliq D, Ali Z, Janjua MM
424 - 430 Mid-infrared characterization and modelling of transparent conductive oxides
Ananthanarayanan D, Leon JJD, Wong J, Nicolay S, Aberle AG, Ho JW
431 - 445 A non-intrusive optical (NIO) approach to characterize heliostats in utility-scale power tower plants: Methodology and in-situ validation
Mitchell RA, Zhu GD
446 - 453 The synergistic effect of co-solvent engineering and thermal engineering towards phase control two-dimensional perovskite solar cells
Liu R, Li HJ, Zhang F, Hu TT, Yu Y, Liu C, Yu H
454 - 469 Computational and experimental studies on the development of an energy-efficient drier using ribbed triangular duct solar air heater
Nidhul K, Kumar S, Yadav AK, Anish S
470 - 484 Energy and exergy assessment of integrating reflectors on thermal energy storage of evacuated tube solar collector-heat pipe system
Abo-Elfadl S, Hassan H, El-Dosoky MF
485 - 492 Performance prediction of a solar refrigeration system under various operating pressure of evaporator and condenser
Salilih EM, Birhane YT, Abu-Hamdeh NH
493 - 504 Preparation and assessment of the potential energy savings of thermochromic and cool coatings considering inter-building effects
Berardi U, Garai M, Morselli T
505 - 514 Graphite foam infiltration with mixed chloride salts as PCM for high-temperature latent heat storage applications
Lan H, Dutta S, Vahedi N, Neti S, Romero CE, Oztekin A, Nappa M, Ruales R
515 - 537 A review on atomic layer deposited buffer layers for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 (GIGS) thin film solar cells: Past, present, and future
Sinha S, Nandi DK, Pawar PS, Kim SH, Heo J
538 - 546 Development of tungsten diselenide/polyaniline composite nanofibers as an efficient electrocatalytic counter electrode material for dye-sensitized solar cell
Sheela SE, Murugadoss V, Sittaramane R, Angaiah S
547 - 567 Detection and characterization of cloud enhancement events for solar irradiance using a model-independent, statistically-driven approach
Castillejo-Cuberos A, Escobar R
568 - 575 Powerful predictability of FPMD simulations for the phase transition behavior of NaCl-MgCl2 eutectic salt
Xu TR, Li XJ, Guo LL, Wang F, Tang ZF
576 - 589 Production of potable water from Gomti River by using modified double slope solar still with external mounted reflectors
Patel SK, Kumar B, Pal P, Dev R, Singh D
590 - 601 Roles of Sn content in physical features and charge transportation mechanism of Pb-Sn binary perovskite solar cells
Badrooj M, Jamali-Sheini F, Torabi N
602 - 617 Parametric analysis of the thermal behavior of a single-channel solar chimney
Villar-Ramos MM, Macias-Melo EV, Aguilar-Castro KM, Hernandez-Perez I, Arce J, Serrano-Arellano J, Diaz-Hernandez HP, Lopez-Manrique LM
618 - 627 Experimental research of high temperature dynamic corrosion characteristic of stainless steels in nitrate eutectic molten salt
Zhang XM, Zhang CC, Wu YT, Lu YW
628 - 645 Performance analysis of solar-assisted CO2 adsorption capture system based on dynamic simulation
Chen B, Deng S, Zhao L, Li SJ, Wu KL, Chen LJ, Zhao J, Yuan XZ, Liang YW
646 - 652 The effect of S/Se ratio on the properties of Cu2CdGe(SxSe1-x)(4) microcrystalline powders for photovoltaic applications
Li X, Pilvet M, Timmo K, Grossberg M, Mikli V, Kauk-Kuusik M
653 - 661 Physical models of the bidirectional reflectance of solar receiver coatings
Bitterling M, Bern G, Wilson HR, Heimsath A, Nitz P
662 - 673 Effects of retro-reflective and angular-selective retro-reflective materials on solar energy in urban canyons
Manni M, Cardinali M, Lobaccaro G, Goia F, Nicolini A, Rossi F
674 - 693 Parameters extraction of single and double diodes photovoltaic models using Marine Predators Algorithm and Lambert W function
Ridha HM
694 - 708 Solar photovoltaic parameter estimation using an improved equilibrium optimizer
Abdel-Basset M, Mohamed R, Mirjalili S, Chakrabortty RK, Ryan MJ
709 - 723 Correlations for the forced convective heat transfer at a windward building facade with exterior louver blinds
Jiang FJ, Yuan YP, Li ZR, Zhao Q, Zhao KM