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1 - 9 Enhanced energy conversion efficiency of Al-BSF c-Si solar cell by a novel hierarchical structure composed of inverted pyramids with different sizes
Tang QT, Yao HY, Xu BB, Ge JW
10 - 19 Efficient strategies for improving the performance of EDOT derivatives and TPA derivatives-based hole transport materials for perovskite solar cells
Wang QG, Zeng ZY, Li YZ, Chen XR
20 - 30 Bismuth-doped Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cell on flexible stainless steel substrate: Examination of bismuth-doping effectiveness under different substrate temperatures on photovoltaic performances
Kawano Y, Chantana J, Nishimura T, Mavlonov A, Minemoto T
31 - 45 Rise of nature-inspired solar photovoltaic energy convertors
Soudi N, Nanayakkara S, Jahed NMS, Naahidi S
46 - 57 4E analysis of infrared-convective dryer powered solar photovoltaic thermal collector
Arslan E, Aktas M
58 - 88 Evaluation and comparison of different flow configurations PVT systems in Oman: A numerical and experimental investigation
Kazem HA, Al-Waeli AHA, Chaichan MT, Al-Waeli KH, Al-Aasam AB, Sopian K
89 - 100 Influence of the design variables of photovoltaic plants with two-axis solar tracking on the optimization of the tracking and backtracking trajectory
Fernandez-Ahumada LM, Ramirez-Faz J, Lopez-Luque R, Varo-Martinez M, Moreno-Garcia IM, de la Torre FC
101 - 114 Energy and economic assessment of a solar air-conditioning process for thermal comfort requirements
Bouhal T, Aqachmar Z, Kousksou T, El Rhafiki T, Jamil A, Zeraouli Y
115 - 123 Linking spectral, thermal and weather effects to predict location-specific deviation from the rated power of a PV panel
Chintapalli N, Sharma MK, Bhattacharya J
124 - 138 Performance optimization of a hybrid PV/T solar system using Soybean oil/MXene nanofluids as A new class of heat transfer fluids
Rubbi F, Habib K, Saidur R, Aslfattahi N, Yahya SM, Das L
139 - 149 CoNi2S4-reduced graphene oxide nanohybrid: An excellent counter electrode for Pt-free DSSC
Sarkar A, Bera S, Chakraborty AK
150 - 159 Experimentation on solar-assisted heat pump dryer: Thermodynamic, economic and exergoeconomic assessments
Singh A, Sarkar J, Sahoo RR
160 - 165 Guar gum-based polymer gel electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
Gunasekaran A, Sorrentino A, Asiri AM, Anandan S
166 - 172 Evaluation of performance of household solar cookers
Ebersviller SM, Jetter JJ
173 - 181 Hydrothermal synthesized Nd-doped TiO2 with Anatase and Brookite phases as highly improved photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cell
Neetu, Singh S, Srivastava P, Bahadur L
182 - 194 Bypass diode effect on temperature distribution in crystalline silicon photovoltaic module under partial shading
Mohammed H, Kumar M, Gupta R
195 - 205 Performance analysis of indirect-expansion solar assisted heat pump using CO2 as refrigerant for space heating in cold climate
Ma JL, Fung AS, Brands M, Juan N, Abul Moyeed OM
206 - 211 Phase composition of the earth-abundant Cu2SnS3 thin films with different annealing temperature and its effects on the performance of the related solar cells
Yang G, Li XG, Ji XX, Xu XM, Wang AH, Huang JS, Zhu YS, Pan GC, Cui SB
212 - 219 Effect of UV-ozone exposure on the dye-sensitized solar cells performance
Dawo C, Afroz MA, Iyer PK, Chaturvedi H
220 - 226 Superstrate type CZTS solar cell with all solution processed functional layers at low temperature
Satale VV, Bhat SV
227 - 235 Argon vs. air atmosphere in close spaced vapor transport deposited tin sulfide thin films
Andrade-Arvizu J, Courel M, Garcia-Sanchez M, Gonzalez R, Jimenez D, Becerril-Romero I, Ramirez A, Vigil-Galan O
236 - 248 Numerical investigation on the performance of a solar air heater using jet impingement with absorber plate
Yadav S, Saini RP
249 - 274 Occupants visual comfort assessments: A review of field studies and lab experiments
Shafavi NS, Zomorodian ZS, Tahsildoost M, Javadi M
275 - 281 Direct evidence of band-bending at grain boundaries of ZnO:SnO2 films: Local probe microscopic studies
Singh R, Som T
282 - 288 Effect of polymer-derived silicon carbonitride on thermal performances of polyethylene glycol based composite phase change materials
Wang CM, Chen K, Huang Z, Wang TJ, Chen F
289 - 295 In situ synthesis of cobalt triphosphate on carbon paper for efficient electrocatalyst in dye-sensitized solar cell
Gao XM, Yue GT, Cheng RZ, Wu TL, Fan LQ, Gao YY, Tan FR
296 - 311 Halide perovskite-based photocatalysis systems for solar-driven fuel generation
Singh M, Sinha I
312 - 320 Preparation and performance of prickly pear (Opuntia phaeacantha) and mulberry (Morus rubra) dye-sensitized solar cells
Obi K, Frolova L, Fuierer P
321 - 344 Solar dryers for food applications: Concepts, designs, and recent advances
Mohana Y, Mohanapriya R, Anukiruthika T, Yoha KS, Moses JA, Anandharamakrishnan C
345 - 356 Cooling solar panels using saturated activated alumina with saline water: Experimental study
Abdo S, Saidani-Scott H, Borges B, Abdelrahman MA
357 - 367 High gain configuration of modified ZVT SEPIC-Boost DC-DC converter with coupled inductors for photovoltaic applications
Rezvanyvardom M, Mirzaei A
368 - 378 A hybrid wind-photovoltaic power generation system based on the foldable umbrella mechanism for applications on highways
Qi LF, Zheng P, Wu XP, Duan WJ, Li LB, Zhang ZT
379 - 387 Vertical graphene nano-antennas for solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion
Xu CX, Bo Z, Wu SW, Wen ZH, Chen JX, Luo TF, Lee E, Xiong GP, Amal R, Wee ATS, Yan JH, Cen KF, Fisher TS, Ostrikov K
388 - 398 Thermodynamic analysis of a sustainable hybrid dryer
da Silva GM, Ferreira AG, Coutinho RM, Maia CB
399 - 410 Numerical simulation of highly efficient lead-free all-perovskite tandem solar
Singh N, Agarwal A, Agarwal M
411 - 418 Parametric optimization of back-contact T-C-O-free dye-sensitized solar cells employing indoline and porphyrin sensitizer based on cobalt redox electrolyte
Molla MZ, Baranwal AK, Kapil G, Hayase S, Pandey SS
419 - 429 Degradation prediction of encapsulant-glass adhesion in the photovoltaic module under outdoor and accelerated exposures
Dadaniya A, Datla NV
430 - 444 On the energy potential of daytime radiative cooling for urban heat island mitigation
Carlosena L, Ruiz-Pardo A, Feng J, Irulegi O, Hernandez-Minguillon RJ, Santamouris M
445 - 450 Thermal-stability resonators for visible light full-spectrum perfect absorbers
Zhong HZ, Liu ZQ, Tang P, Liu XS, Zhan XF, Pan PP, Tang CJ
451 - 456 Structural and morphological properties of PLD Sb2Se3 thin films for use in solar cells
Mavlonov A, Shukurov A, Raziq F, Wei HM, Kuchkarov K, Ergashev B, Razykov T, Qiao L
457 - 468 Non-edible oil based polyurethane acrylate with tetrabutylammonium iodide gel polymer electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Chai KL, Noor IM, Aung MM, Abdullah LC, Kufian MZ
469 - 479 Flexible counter electrodes with a composite carbon/metal nanowire/ polymer structure for use in dye-sensitized solar cells
Han QC, Liu SW, Liu YY, Jin JS, Li D, Cheng SB, Xiong Y
480 - 492 Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) in urban wastewater treatment plants effluents under controlled and natural solar irradiation using immobilized TiO2
Rueda-Marquez JJ, Palacios-Villarreal C, Manzano M, Blanco E, del Solar MR, Levchuk I
493 - 514 Daylight autonomy improvement in buildings at high latitudes using horizontal light pipes and light-deflecting panels
Obradovic B, Matusiak BS
515 - 526 Silver nanofluids based broadband solar absorber through tuning nanosilver geometries
Kimpton H, Stulz E, Zhang XL
527 - 531 Noncorrosive necking treatment of the mesoporous BaSnO3 photoanode for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Chen SX, Wang YL, Wu CX, Li R, Lin J, Liu YC, Zhang XT
532 - 538 Kesterite solar-cells by drop-casting of inorganic sol-gel inks
Tseberlidis G, Trifiletti V, Le Donne A, Frioni L, Acciarri M, Binetti S
539 - 547 Effect of auxiliary donors and position of benzothiadiazole on the optical and photovoltaic properties of dithieno[3,2-b:2 ',3 '-d] pyrrole-based sensitizers
Kumar S, Thomas KRJ, Li CT, Fan MS, Ho KC
548 - 558 Modeling study for low-carbon industrial processes integrating solar thermal technologies. A case study in the Italian Alps: The Felicetti Pasta Factory
Bolognese M, Viesi D, Bartali R, Crema L
559 - 572 Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system boosted with solar energy and TEG based on exergy and exergo-environment analysis and multi-objective optimization
Malik MZ, Musharavati F, Khanmohammadi S, Baseri MM, Ahmadi P, Nguyen DD
573 - 582 Characterization and cooling effect of a novel cement-based composite phase change material
Du YF, Liu PS, Quan XK, Ma C
583 - 590 Electrical performance of PTB7-Th:PC71BM solar cell when in contact with the environment
Araujo FL, Amorim DRB, Torres BBM, Coutinho DJ, Faria RM
591 - 603 Ensemble model output statistics for the separation of direct and diffuse components from 1-min global irradiance
Yang DZ, Gueymard CA
604 - 611 Optimization of high voltage-type solar cell comprising thin TiO2 on anode and thin Ag-TiO2 photocatalysts on cathode
Urushidate K, Hara K, Yoshiba M, Kojima T, Itoi T, Izumi Y
612 - 622 Ensemble solar forecasting using data-driven models with probabilistic post-processing through GAMLSS
Yagli GM, Yang DZ, Srinivasan D
623 - 636 Blended Ag nanofluids with optimized optical properties to regulate the performance of PV/T systems
Zhang CX, Shen C, Yang QR, Wei S, Sun C
637 - 642 Comparative study of binary cadmium sulfide (CdS) and tin disulfide (SnS2) thin buffer layers
Ullah S, Bouich A, Ullah H, Mari B, Mollar M
643 - 651 A machine learning framework to identify the hotspot in photovoltaic module using infrared thermography
Ali MU, Khan HF, Masud M, Kallu KD, Zafar A
652 - 658 Magnetron sputtered all-metal-oxide layers with balanced charge carrier transport efficiency for long-term stable perovskite solar cells
Guo T, Yun S, Li YX, Huang AB, Kang LT
659 - 664 Single-junction solar cells based on p-i-n GaAsSbN heterostructures grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Milanova M, Donchev V, Cheetham KJ, Cao ZM, Sandall I, Piana GM, Hutter OS, Durose K, Mumtaz A
665 - 673 Self-organization of Mo nanoparticles embedded in MoOx matrix for efficient solar energy absorption
Wang W, Huan X, Wang CB
674 - 687 Wide-low energy coupled semi-conductor layers of TiO2 - CdX boosting the performance of DSSC
Bhattacharya S, Datta J
688 - 696 Twin vessel solar cook stove for the simultaneous cooking of two different cooking articles
Chaudhary R, Yadav A
697 - 707 Enhanced performance of planar perovskite solar cells using TiO2/SnO2 and TiO2/WO3 bilayer structures: Roles of the interfacial layers
Otoufi MK, Ranjbar M, Kermanpur A, Taghavinia N, Minbashi M, Forouzandeh M, Ebadi F
708 - 727 Performance enhancement of cavity receivers with spillage skirts and secondary reflectors in concentrated solar dish and tower systems
Wang S, Asselineau CA, Wang Y, Pye J, Coventry J
728 - 737 Understanding the role of uniformly coated carbon overlayers in hematite nanorod photoandes
Wu PY, Wang HY, Li Y, Xue S, Wu QP
738 - 746 Development of intermediate layer systems for direct deposition of thin film solar cells onto low cost steel substrates
Menendez MF, Martinez A, Sanchez P, Gomez D, Andres LJ, Haponow L, Bristow N, Kettle J, Korochkina T, Gethin DT
747 - 752 Photon management strategies in SSM-DSCs: Realization of a > 11% PCE device with a 2.3 V output
Cheema H, Watson J, Delcamp JH
753 - 765 A fast and accurate generalized analytical approach for PV arrays modeling under partial shading conditions
Kermadi M, Chin VJ, Mekhilef S, Salam Z
766 - 777 Optimization of residential off-grid PV-battery systems
Cho DJ, Valenzuela J
778 - 786 Simple preparation of external-shape and internal-channel size adjustable porous hydrogels by fermentation for efficient solar interfacial evaporation
Liang XC, Zhang XJ, Huang QC, Zhang H, Liu CK, Liu YZ
787 - 799 Energetic, environmental and economic analysis of drying municipal sewage sludge with a modified sustainable solar drying system
Khanlari A, Tuncer AD, Sozen A, Sirin C, Gungor A
800 - 813 Determination of the optimal solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Sudan
Fadlallah SO, Serradj DEB
814 - 829 A multistage recursive approach in time- and frequency-domain for thermal analysis of thermochromic glazing and thermostatic control systems in buildings
Kheiri F
830 - 858 Matching CIE illuminants to measured spectral power distributions: A method to evaluate non-visual potential of daylight in two European cities
Bellia L, Blaszczak U, Fragliasso F, Gryko L
859 - 865 Validation of a multiple linear regression model for CIGSSe photovoltaic module performance and Pmpp prediction
Farias-Basulto GA, Reyes-Figueroa P, Ulbrich C, Szyszka B, Schlatmann R, Klenk R
866 - 872 Effects of monohalogenated terminal units of non-fullerene acceptors on molecular aggregation and photovoltaic performance
Zhang M, Zeng M, Ye LL, Tan ST, Zhao B, Ryu HS, Woo HY, Sun YM
873 - 883 Structural integrity of calcium hydroxide granule bulks for thermochemical energy storage
Gollsch M, Afflerbach S, Drexler M, Linder M
884 - 893 Improving the efficiency of CZTSSe solar cells by engineering the lattice defects in the absorber layer
Yousefi M, Minbashi M, Monfared Z, Memarian N, Hajjiah A
894 - 904 Stabilization of light-induced effects in Si modules for IEC 61215 design qualification
Repins IL, Kersten F, Hallam B, VanSant K, Koentopp MB
905 - 916 Design methodology for a prototype helical receiver adopted in the MOSAIC solar bowl system
Cagnoli M, Falsig JJ, Pagola I, Pena-Lapuente A, Sanchez M, Savoldi L, Villasante C, Zanino R
917 - 929 Evaluating distributed photovoltaic (PV) generation to foster the adoption of energy storage systems (ESS) in time-of-use frameworks
do Nascimento AD, Ruther R
930 - 936 Polycrystal metals nano-composite assisted photons harvesting in thin film organic solar cell
Mbuyise XG, Mola GT
937 - 948 Risk-constrained optimal scheduling with combining heat and power for concentrating solar power plants
Fang YC, Zhao SQ
949 - 956 Probing synergistic outcome of graphene derivatives in solid-state polymer electrolyte and Pt-free counter electrode on photovoltaic performances
Kumar S, Manikandan VS, Panda SK, Senanayak SP, Palai AK
957 - 965 Fabrication of quasi-hexagonal Si nanostructures and its application for flexible crystalline ultrathin Si solar cells
Lee Y, Woo Y, Lee DK, Kim I
966 - 977 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution using green carbon quantum dots modified 1-D CdS nanowires under visible light irradiation
Gogoi D, Koyani R, Golder AK, Peela NR
978 - 989 Experimental study of solar photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) air collector drying performance
Kong DC, Wang YF, Li M, Keovisar V, Huang MX, Yu QF
990 - 1000 Design and preparation of core-shell structured magnetic graphene oxide@MIL-101(Fe): Photocatalysis under shell to remove diazinon and atrazine pesticides
Fakhri H, Farzadkia M, Boukherroub R, Srivastava V, Sillanpaa M
1001 - 1030 Status review on the Cu2SnSe3 (CTSe) thin films for photovoltaic applications
Pallavolu MR, Banerjee AN, Reddy VRM, Joo SW, Barai HR, Park C
1031 - 1038 Estimation of mean field reflectance in CST applications
Bonanos AM, Montenon AC, Blanco MJ
1039 - 1047 Performance analysis of DC type variable speed solar pumping system under various pumping heads
Salilih EM, Birhane YT, Arshi SH
1048 - 1057 The effect of MoS2 modulated doping with molybdenum-oxide on the photovoltaic performance for MoS2/n-Si heterojunction solar cells
Zhang Y, Su P, Liu LQ, Qiu PF, Su L, Fu GS, Yu W
1058 - 1067 A cost-effective power ramp rate control strategy based on flexible power point tracking for photovoltaic system
Li XS, Wen HQ, Chen BQ, Ding SY, Xiao WD
1068 - 1077 Too much of a good thing? Global trends in the curtailment of solar PV
O'Shaughnessy E, Cruce JR, Xu KF
1078 - 1090 Comparative study on thermal performance of an air based photovoltaic/thermal system integrated with different phase change materials
Jahangir MH, Razavi SME, Kasaeian A, Sarrafha H
1091 - 1102 Development and performance analysis of a mixed mode solar thermal dryer for drying of natural rubber sheets in the north-eastern part of India
Andharia JK, Bhattacharya P, Maiti S
1103 - 1113 Dithienopyrrolobenzothiadiazole-based metal-free organic dyes with double anchors and thiophene spacers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang ZC, Zang XF, Shen HY, Shen CJ, Ye XX, Li QY, Quan YY, Ye FQ, Huang ZS
1114 - 1150 A comprehensive analysis on advances in application of solar collectors considering design, process and working fluid parameters for solar to thermal conversion
Verma SK, Gupta NK, Rakshit D
1151 - 1165 Suitability of industrial wastes for application as high temperature thermal energy storage (TES) materials in solar tower power plants - A comprehensive review
Agalit H, Zari N, Maaroufi M
1166 - 1180 Performance comparison of two solar cooking storage pots combined with wonderbag slow cookers for off-sunshine cooking
Mawire A, Lentswe K, Owusu P, Shobo A, Darkwa J, Calautit J, Worall M
1181 - 1188 Thermo-optical performance of iron-doped gold nanoshells-based nanofluid on direct absorption solar collectors
Farooq S, Vital CVP, Gomez-Malagon LA, de Araujo RE, Rativa D