Solar Energy

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1 - 7 Study on the limiting height of rooftop solar energy equipment in street canyons under the cityscape constraints
Xu LT, Long ES, Wei JC
8 - 17 Improvement of photocatalytic hydrogen generation of leaves-like CdS microcrystals with a surface decorated by dealloyed Pt-Cox nanoparticles
Jia XJ, Huang L, Gao RC, Devaraji P, Chen W, Li XY, Mao LQ
18 - 26 Solar cell studies on CuIn1-XGaXSe2 nanoparticles derived from chemical reduction process
Londhe PU, Rohom AB, Chaure NB
27 - 34 Dominant recombination mechanism in perovskite solar cells: A theoretical study
Nazerdeylami S
35 - 51 A review of thermal load and performance characterisation of a high concentrating photovoltaic (HCPV) solar receiver assembly
Maka AOM, O'Donovan TS
52 - 67 Benchmark probabilistic solar forecasts: Characteristics and recommendations
Doubleday K, Hernandez VV, Hodge BM
68 - 83 A novel solar integrated distillation and cooling system - Design and analysis
Sleiti AK, Al-Ammari WA, Al-Khawaja M
84 - 91 Performance study on optical splitting film-based spectral splitting concentrated photovoltaic/thermal applications under concentrated solar irradiation
Liang HX, Wang FQ, Cheng ZM, Yong S, Bo L, Pan YZ
92 - 105 Technical evaluation of a stand-alone photovoltaic heat pump system without batteries for cooling applications
Lorenzo C, Narvarte L, Almeida RH, Cristobal AB
106 - 119 A ZVS-ZCS quadratic boost converter to utilize the energy of PV irrigation system for electric vehicle charging application
Upadhyay P, Kumar R
120 - 135 Design, space optimization and modelling of solar-cum-biomass hybrid greenhouse crop dryer using flue gas heat transfer pipe network
Sethi VP, Dhiman M
136 - 144 Thermal co-evaporated MoOx:Au thin films and its application as anode modifier in perovskite solar cells
Torres-Herrera DM, Moreno-Romero PM, Cabrera-German D, Cortina-Marrero HJ, Sotelo-Lerma M, Hu HL
145 - 162 Solar chimney combined with earth to-air heat exchanger for passive cooling of residential buildings in hot areas
Serageldin AA, Abdeen A, Ahmed MMS, Radwan A, Shmroukh AN, Ookawara S
163 - 170 Potential-reversal electrodeposited MoS2 thin film as an efficient electrocatalytic material for bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Chang CY, Anuratha KS, Lin YH, Xiao YM, Hasin P, Lin JY
171 - 180 Microeconomics of electrical energy storage in a fully renewable electricity system
Timmons D, Elahee K, Lin M
181 - 187 Fabrication of high efficiency, low-temperature planar perovskite solar cells via scalable double-step crystal engineering deposition method fully out of glove box
Navazani S, Nia NY, Zendehdel M, Shokuhfar A, Di Carlo A
188 - 199 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on dimethylamino-pi-bridge- pyranoanthocyanin dyes
Pinto AL, Cruz H, Oliveira J, Araujo P, Cruz L, Gomes V, Silva CP, Silva GTM, Mateus T, Calogero G, de Freitas V, Quina FH, Pina F, Parola AJ, Lima JC
200 - 215 Performance analysis of a novel solar concentrator using lunar flux mapping techniques
Roosendaal C, Swanepoel JK, Le Roux WG
216 - 227 Promotion of Trombe wall through demand-side management
Rezaei M, Atikol U, Ozdenefe M
228 - 244 Energy performance impact of using phase-change materials in thermal storage walls of detached residential buildings with a sunspace
Vukadinovic A, Radosavljevic J, Dordevic A
245 - 255 Energy, carbon and cost analysis for an innovative zero energy community design
Fouad MM, Iskander J, Shihata LA
256 - 268 Innovative control approaches to assess energy implications of adaptive facades based on simulation using EnergyPlus
Tabadkani A, Tsangrassoulis A, Roetzel A, Li HX
269 - 278 Shunt resistance criterion: Design and implementation for industrial silicon solar cell production
Lopez-Escalante MC, Jimenez FM, Perez MG, Leinen D, Barrado JRR
279 - 286 Novel dopant-free hole-transporting materials for efficient perovskite solar cells
Abdellah IM, Chowdhury TH, Lee JJ, Islam A, El-Shafei A
287 - 293 Synthesis and organic solar cell application of RNA-nucleobase-complexed CdS nanowires
Seo DB, Kim S, Gudala R, Challa KK, Hong K, Kim ET
294 - 300 Semitransparent perovskite solar cells with ultrathin silver electrodes for tandem solar cells
Li ZJ, Li HJ, Chen LJ, Huang JH, Wang WY, Wang HQ, Li J, Fan B, Xu Q, Song WJ
301 - 307 Enhanced performance of perovskite solar cells via laser-induced heat treatment on perovskite film
Trinh XL, Tran NH, Seo H, Kim HC
308 - 316 Can quantum dots help to mitigate urban overheating? An experimental and modelling study
Garshasbi S, Huang SJ, Valenta J, Santamouris M
317 - 329 Solvent exfoliated graphene incorporated mixed phase TiO2 transparent photoelectrode for the efficient and color transparent dye-sensitized solar cell
Shahid MU, Mohamed NM, Muhsan AS, Zaine SNA, Bashiri R, Khatani M, Samsudin AE
330 - 352 Performance improvement of solar thermal systems integrated with phase change materials (PCM), a review
Javadi FS, Metselaar HSC, Ganesan P
353 - 364 Luminescent down-shifting natural dyes to enhance photovoltaic efficiency of multicrystalline silicon solar module
Singh J, Kumar A, Jaiswal A, Suman S, Jaiswal RP
365 - 373 Experimental investigation on deposition reduction of different types of dust on solar PV cells by self-cleaning coatings
Lu H, Cai RR, Zhang LZ, Lu L, Zhang LF
374 - 380 Snow removal method for self-heating of photovoltaic panels and its feasibility study
Yan CY, Qu ML, Chen Y, Feng M
381 - 389 Analysis of high frequency photovoltaic solar energy fluctuations
Kreuwel FPM, Knap WH, Visser LR, van Sark WGJHM, de Arellano JVG, van Heerwaarden CC
390 - 395 Effect of high-velocity sand and dust on the performance of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
Shi CY, Yu B, Liu DP, Wu YP, Li PZ, Chen GY, Wang GH
396 - 412 Thermodynamic analysis of fuel cell combined cooling heating and power system integrated with solar reforming of natural gas
Yan RJ, Wang JJ, Cheng YL, Ma CF, Yu T
413 - 419 Highly porous Ba3Ti4Nb4O21 perovskite nanofibers as photoanodes for quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells
Hafez AM, Abdellah AM, Panaitescu E, Menon L, Allam NK
420 - 435 Systematic approach for design optimization of a 3 kW solar cavity receiver via multiphysics analysis
Ophoff C, Abuseada M, Ozalp N, Moens D
436 - 442 AgBi3I10 rudorffite for photovoltaic application
Yi ZJ, Zhang T, Ban HX, Shao H, Gong X, Wu MA, Liang GJ, Zhang XL, Shen Y, Wang MK
443 - 454 Tailoring dual-channel anchorable organic sensitizers with indolo[2,3-b] quinoxaline moieties: Correlation between structure and DSSC performance
Su R, Ashraf S, Lyu LP, El-Shafei A
455 - 463 Numerical analysis of photovoltaic solar panel cooling by a flat plate closed-loop pulsating heat pipe
Alizadeh H, Nazari MA, Ghasempour R, Shafii MB, Akbarzadeh A
464 - 472 A comparative study on thermoelectric performances and energy savings of double-skin photovoltaic windows in cold regions of China
Jia J, Gao F, Cheng YD, Wang PS, EI-Ghetany HH, Han J
473 - 478 Quantum yield enhancement of Mn-doped CsPbCl3 perovskite nanocrystals as luminescent down-shifting layer for CIGS solar cells
Sui F, Pan MY, Wang ZY, Chen M, Li WJ, Shao Y, Li WM, Yang CL
479 - 486 ZnxSn1-xS thin films: A study on its tunable opto-electrical properties for application towards a high efficient photodetector
Barman B, Bangera KV, Shivakumar GK
487 - 498 Self-cleaning assisted photovoltaic system with thermal energy storage: Design and performance evaluation
Hossain MS, Pandey AK, Abd Rahim N, Selvaraj J, Tyagi VV, Islam MM
499 - 507 Crack initiation and growth in PV module interconnection
Majd AE, Ekere NN
508 - 521 On the determination of coherent solar climates over a tropical island with a complex topography
Mialhe P, Pohl B, Morel B, Trentmann J, Jumaux G, Bonnardot F, Bessafi M, Chabriat JP
522 - 538 A simulation model of the irradiation and energy yield of large bifacial photovoltaic plants
Ledesma JR, Almeida RH, Martinez-Moreno F, Rossa C, Martin-Rueda J, Narvarte L, Lorenzo E
539 - 547 Crystalline D-pi-D porphyrin molecules as a hole-transporting material for printable perovskite solar cells
Reddy G, Basak P, Jones LA, Della Gaspera E, Islavath N, Giribabu L
548 - 554 Enhanced photovoltaic performance and reduced hysteresis in hole-conductor-free, printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells based on melamine hydroiodide modified MAPbI(3)
Liu J, Wang DJ, Chen K, Kang JR, Yang JL, Zhang J, Zhang HL
555 - 563 Effect of Na and the back contact on Cu2Zn(Sn,Ge)Se-4 thin-film solar cells: Towards semi-transparent solar cells
Ruiz-Perona A, Sanchez Y, Guc M, Khelifi S, Kodalle T, Placidi M, Merino JM, Leon M, Caballero R
564 - 578 A novel model and experimental validation of dust impact on grid-connected photovoltaic system performance in Northern Oman
Kazem HA, Chaichan MT, Al-Waeli AHA, Sopian K
579 - 595 PV system defects identification using Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) based infrared (IR) imaging: A review
Rahaman SA, Urmee T, Parlevliet DA
596 - 613 Advanced parametric louver systems with bi-axis and two-layer designs for an extensive daylighting coverage in a deep-plan office room
Eltaweel A, Su YH, Lv QH, Lv H
614 - 627 A policy study on the mandatory installation of solar water heating systems - Lessons from the experience in China
Huang JP, Fan JH, Furbo S, Li QQ
628 - 639 Probabilistic solar forecasting benchmarks on a standardized dataset at Folsom, California
Yang DZ, van der Meer D, Munkhammar J
640 - 654 Mitigation of mismatch losses in solar PV system - Two-step reconfiguration approach
Srinivasan A, Devakirubakaran S, Sundaram BM
655 - 669 A general design guideline for strain-balanced quantum-wells toward high- efficiency photovoltaics
Huang HH, Toprasertpong K, Delamarre A, Wilkins MM, Sugiyama M, Nakano Y
670 - 676 Black phosphorous quantum dots as an effective interlayer modifier in polymer solar cells
Zhang XL, Jiang QQ, Wang JX, Tang JG
677 - 694 Theoretical analysis on efficiency factor of direct expansion PVT module for heat pump application
Yao J, Chen EJ, Dai YJ, Huang MJ
695 - 707 Experimental characterisation of different hermetically sealed horizontal, cylindrical double vessel Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heating (ICSSWH) prototypes
Smyth M, Mondol JD, Muhumuza R, Pugsley A, Zacharopoulos A, McLarnon D, Forzano C, Buonomano A, Palombo A
708 - 721 Experimental comparative analysis of a flat plate solar collector with and without PCM
Palacio M, Rincon A, Carmona M
722 - 731 Pattern-free heliostat field layout optimization using physics-based gradient
Yang S, Lee K, Lee I
732 - 740 From room to roof: How feasible is direct coupling of solar-battery power unit under variable irradiance?
Astakhov O, Merdzhanova T, Kin LC, Rau U
741 - 750 Quantum dot sensitized solar cell design with surface passivized CdSeTe QDs
Elibol E
751 - 769 BIPV/T facades - A new opportunity for integrated collector-storage solar water heaters? Part 2: Physical realisation and laboratory testing
Pugsley A, Zacharopoulos A, Mondol JD, Smyth M
770 - 777 Spectral technique for accurate efficiency measurements of emerging solar cells
Gavrik A, Mannanov AL, Tsarev S, Bruevich VV, Trukhanov VA, Chernikov YA, Savchenko PS, Gvozdkova JD, Solodukhin AN, Troshin PA, Ponomarenko SA, Paraschuk DY
778 - 786 Controllable near-infrared reflectivity and infrared emissivity with substitutional iron-doped orthorhombic YMnO3 coatings
Ma Y, Chen Y, Wang ZF, Liu H, Li YY, Wang XT, Wei HY, Cheng GJ
787 - 792 Physical and photo-electrochemical properties of CuO thin film grown on mu c-Si:H/glass. Application to solar energy conversion
Keriti Y, Brahimi R, Gabes Y, Kaci S, Trari M
793 - 798 Black phosphorus quantum dots as an effective perovskite interfacial modification layer for efficient low-temperature processed all-inorganic CsPbI2Br perovskite solar cells
Lin XF, Cheng PP, Zhang YW, Tan WY, Yu DS, Yi GB, Min YG
799 - 815 Investigation of thermal concentration effect in a modified solar chimney
Khidhir DK, Atrooshi SA
816 - 825 Interfacial defects passivation using fullerene-polymer mixing layer for planar-structure perovskite solar cells with negligible hysteresis
Hu XF, Wang HX, Wang M, Zang ZG
826 - 847 Experimental comparison of pyranometer, reflectometer, and spectrophotometer methods for the measurement of roofing product albedo
Levinson R, Egolf M, Chen SR, Berdahl P
848 - 854 Design bifunctional vanadium carbide embedded in mesoporous carbon electrode for supercapacitor and dye-sensitized solar cell
Gao J, Xu C, Tian XY, Sun MY, Zhao JX, Ma JY, Zhou HW, Xiao J, Wu MX
855 - 863 Enhanced performance of perovskite solar cells using DNA-doped mesoporous-TiO2 as electron transporting layer
Peng X, Lu HL, Zhuang J, Liu XC, Ma Z, Wang HY, Guo ZL, Wang QT, Zhang H, Zhao SS
864 - 874 A technique for fault detection, identification and location in solar photovoltaic systems
Dhoke A, Sharma R, Saha TK
875 - 899 Assessment and parametric analysis of solar trigeneration system integrating photovoltaic thermal collectors with thermal energy storage under time-of-use electricity pricing
Chen HK, Li ZY, Xu YR
900 - 906 Experimental study on forced convection heat transfer of KNO3-Ca (NO3)(2) + SiO2 molten salt nanofluid in circular tube
Chen H, Chen X, Wu YT, Lu YW, Wang X, Ma CF
907 - 917 Experimental performance analysis of novel indirect-expansion solar- infrared assisted heat pump dryer for agricultural products
Singh A, Sarkar J, Sahoo RR
918 - 934 Synthesis of improved dye-sensitized solar cell for renewable energy power generation
Ikpesu JE, Iyuke SE, Daramola M, Oyetunde OA
935 - 961 A review on recent development of thermal performance enhancement methods of flat plate solar water heater
Vengadesan E, Senthil R
962 - 973 Experimental investigation of using an evaporation inhibitor layer in a solar still
Salarabadi A, Rahimi M
974 - 982 Large area, broadband and highly sensitive photodetector based on ZnO- WS2/Si heterojunction
Patel M, Pataniya PM, Patel V, Sumesh CK, Late DJ
983 - 996 Solar desalination under concentrated solar flux and reduced pressure conditions
Altarawneh I, Batiha M, Rawadieh S, Alnaief M, Tarawneh M
997 - 1017 Multi-objective optimization design for windows and shading configuration considering energy consumption and thermal comfort: A case study for office building in different climatic regions of China
Zhao J, Du YH
1018 - 1032 Temperature-based optical design, optimization and economics of solar polar-field central receiver systems with an optional compound parabolic concentrator
Li LF, Wang B, Pye J, Lipinski W
1033 - 1038 A short review of iodide salt usage and properties in dye sensitized solar cell application: Single vs binary salt system
Ling CK, Aung MM, Adullah LC, Lim HN, Uyama H