Solar Energy

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1 - 11 Thermal performance evaluation of a passive building wall with CO2-filled transparent thermal insulation and paraffin-based PCM
Torres-Rodriguez A, Morillon-Galvez D, Aldama-Avalos D, Hernandez-Gomez VH, Kerdan IG
12 - 21 Evaluation of packed bed photoreactor performance in photocatalytic treatment of wastewater by solar irradiation: A novel strategy for immobilization of nano-sized anatase-graphene oxide composite on extruded rod like metakaolin support
Kazemi P, Salem S
22 - 36 Performance analysis of solar still integrated with internal reflectors and fins
Bataineh KM, Abu Abbas M
37 - 43 The potential for using local PV to meet critical loads during hurricanes
Cole W, Greer D, Lamb K
44 - 50 Bottom-up passivation effects by using 3D/2D mix structure for high performance p-i-n perovskite solar cells
Li JW, Wu MG, Yang GJ, Zhang DY, Wang ZJ, Zheng D, Yu JS
51 - 61 Development of a photovoltaic-thermal solar humidifier for the humidification-dehumidification desalination system coupled with heat pump
Pourafshar ST, Jafarinaemi K, Mortezapour H
62 - 73 Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene glycol/modified attapulgite form-stable composite phase change material for thermal energy storage
Shi JB, Li M
74 - 78 Treatment of cyanide: Photoelectrocatalytic degradation using TiO2 thin film electrodes and influence of volatilization
Bruger A, Fafilek G, Neumann-Spallart M
79 - 87 Enhancement of dispersion optical parameters of Al2O3/ZnO thin films fabricated by ALD
Zaka H, Fouad SS, Parditka B, Bekheet AE, Atyia HE, Medhat M, Erdelyi Z
88 - 101 Development of a clear-sky model to determine circumsolar irradiance using widely available solar radiation data
Abreu EFM, Canhoto P, Costa MJ
102 - 108 Performance optimization of back-contact perovskite solar cells with quasi-interdigitated electrodes
Shalenov EO, Dzhumagulova KN, Ng A, Jumabekov AN
109 - 112 Energy policy for energy sovereignty: Can policy tools enhance energy sovereignty?
Schelly C, Bessette D, Brosemer K, Gagnon V, Arola KL, Fiss A, Pearce JM, Halvorsen KE
113 - 125 Effect of shape of condensing cover on energy and exergy analysis of a PVT-CPC active solar distillation system
Tiwari GN, Mishra AK, Meraj M, Ahmad A, Khan ME
126 - 134 The role of doping molybdenum (Mo) and back-front side illumination in enhancing the charge separation of alpha-Fe2O3 nanorod photoanode for solar water splitting
Masoumi Z, Tayebi M, Lee BK
135 - 141 An experimental study of reflective shading devices for cooling roadbeds in permafrost regions
Qin YH, Li YP, Bao T
142 - 153 An experimental work on the impact of new combinations of solar chimney, photovoltaic and geothermal air tube on building cooling and ventilation
Elghamry R, Hassan H
154 - 160 Raman mapping of MoS2 at Cu2ZnSnS4/Mo interface in thin film
Babichuk IS, Semenenko MO, Caballero R, Datsenko OI, Golovynskyi S, Qiu R, Huang C, Hu R, Babichuk IV, Ziniuk RR, Stetsenko M, Kapush OA, Yang J, Li BK, Qu JL, Leon M
161 - 169 Enhanced charge generation and transfer performance of the conical bamboo-like TiO2 nanotube arrays photo-electrodes in quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Peng ZY, Sun Z, Chen JL, Li W, Chen J, Liu YL, Chen KQ
170 - 182 Grid integration of a PV system supporting an EV charging station using Salp Swarm Optimization
Mohamed AAS, El-Sayed A, Metwally H, Selem SI
183 - 191 Experimental characterization of the color rendering properties of transparent monolithic aerogel
Buratti C, Belloni E, Merli F, Bianconi F
192 - 201 Development of once-through manufacturing machine for large-area Perovskite solar cell production
Huang BJ, Guan CK, Huang SH, Su WF
202 - 210 Structure optimization of CH3NH3PbI3 by higher-valence Pb in perovskite solar cells with enhanced efficiency and stability
Liu B, Cui RL, Huang H, Guo XH, Zuo SW, Dong JQ, Yao HL, Li Y, Zhao DG, Wang JH, Zhang J, Chen Y, Yang JL, Sun BY
211 - 220 New Donor-Acceptor polymers with a wide absorption range for photovoltaic applications
Keshtov ML, Kuklin SA, Konstantinov IO, Ostapov IE, Xie Z, Koukaras EN, Suthar R, Sharma GD
221 - 229 Bias in modeled solar radiation by non-resolved intra-daily AOD variability
Ruiz-Arias JA
230 - 240 Design, construction and testing of parabolic solar cooker for rural households and refugee camp
Ahmed SMM, Al-Amin MR, Ahammed S, Ahmed F, Saleque AM, Rahman MA
241 - 253 A model for measuring the success of distributed small-scale photovoltaic systems projects
Rigo PD, Siluk JCM, Lacerda DP, Rediske G, Rosa CB
254 - 262 Performance analysis of desalination system working on humidification-dehumidification coupled with solar assisted air heater and wind tower: Closed and open water cycle
Sachdev T, Gaba VK, Tiwari AK
263 - 274 A low cost additive-free acid texturing process for large area commercial diamond-wire-sawn multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Sreejith KP, Sharma AK, Behera S, Kottantharayil A, Basu PK
275 - 281 Moth-eye nanostructure PDMS films for reducing reflection and retaining flexibility in ultra-thin c-Si solar cells
Gao ZL, Lin GL, Chen YC, Zheng YP, Sang N, Li YF, Chen L, Li MC
282 - 291 Development and thermal-optical characterization of a cementitious plaster with phase change materials and thermochromic paint
Soudian S, Berardi U, Laschuk N
292 - 301 Superior co-catalytic activity of Pd(core)@Au(shell) nanocatalyst imparted to TiO2 for the selective hydrogenation under solar radiations
Bathla A, Pal B
302 - 309 Preliminary studies of effects of surface morphology and chemistry of silica-based antireflection coatings on anti-soiling performance under Ningbo's climate
Zhang J, Ai L, Xu YF, Lou XQ, Lan PJ, Lu YH, Dai N, Song WJ
310 - 319 Comparative studies of new pyranylidene-based sensitizers bearing single or double anchoring groups for dye-sensitized solar cells
Gauthier S, Robin-Le Guen F, Wojcik L, Le Poul N, Planchat A, Pellegrin Y, Level PG, Szuwarski N, Boujtita M, Jacquemin D, Odobel F
320 - 333 Effect of novel PCM encapsulation designs on electrical and thermal performance of a hybrid photovoltaic solar panel
Akshayveer, Kumar A, Singh AP, Singh OP
334 - 348 Nusselt number and friction factor correlation of solar air heater having winglet type vortex generator over absorber plate
Kumar A, Layek A
349 - 357 Experimental and SCAPS simulated formamidinium perovskite solar cells: A comparison of device performance
Karthick S, Velumani S, Boucle J
358 - 371 Development, testing and evaluation of energy savings potentials of photovoltachromic windows in office buildings. A perspective study for Australian climates
Fiorito F, Cannavale A, Santamouris M
372 - 379 Thermal activation of persulfates for wastewater depollution on pilot scale solar equipment
Chekem CT, Chiron S, Mancaux JM, Plantard G, Goetz V
380 - 389 A mathematical model of global solar radiation to select the optimal shape and orientation of the greenhouses in southern China
Chen JT, Ma YW, Pang ZZ
390 - 398 Boosting the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells based on Sn doped TiO2 electron extraction layer via modification the TiO2 phase junction
Liao YH, Chang YH, Lin TH, Chan SH, Lee KM, Hsu KH, Hsu JF, Wu MC
399 - 408 Dynamic simulation and parametric study of solar water heating system with phase change materials in different climate zones
Ding ZX, Wu W, Chen YM, Li YT
409 - 431 Corrosion growth of solar cells in modules after 15 years of operation
Sangpongsanont Y, Chenvidhya D, Chuangchote S, Kirtikara K
432 - 445 A method for evaluating both shading and power generation effects of rooftop solar PV panels for different climate zones of China
Wang DJ, Qi T, Liu YF, Wang YY, Fan JH, Wang Y, Du H
446 - 455 Enhancement of optoelectronic properties via substitutional doping of Cu, in and Ag in SnS nanorods for thin film photovoltaics
Baby BH, Thomas AM, Amrutha EG, Mohan DB
456 - 460 Formulation of an efficiency correlation for mono-crystalline PV modules using dimensional analysis
Siddig MH, Hashim SM, Osman AE
461 - 464 Comparison between the performance of high concentrated and non-concentrated PV-cells for hydrogen production using PEM water electrolyzers
Muhammad-Bashir S, Al-Oufi M, Al-Hakami M, Nadeem MA, Mudiyanselage K, Idriss H
465 - 473 Preparation of hierarchical g-C3N4@TiO2 hollow spheres for enhanced visible-light induced catalytic CO2 reduction
Dehkordi AB, Ziarati A, Ghasemi JB, Badiei A
474 - 486 Experimental and numerical study of modified expanded graphite/hydrated salt phase change material for solar energy storage
Wu SF, Yan T, Kuai ZH, Pan WG
487 - 495 Parametric study and working fluid selection of the parallel type organic Rankine cycle and ejector heat pump combined cycle
Zhang CH, Lin JY, Tan YF
496 - 511 Proposal and evaluation of typical illuminance year (TIY) generation procedures from illuminance or irradiance data for daylight assessment in the long term
Garcia I, de Blas M, Torres JL
512 - 530 Influence of wick pile of jute cloth on distillate yield of double-basin single-slope solar still: Theoretical and experimental study
Modi KV, Modi JG
531 - 544 Analysis of the energy performance of an Opaque Ventilated Facade under winter and summer weather conditions
Gagliano A, Aneli S