Solar Energy

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1 - 12 Experimental study on the effects of direct sun radiation on the dynamic thermal behavior of a floor-heating system
Beji C, Merabtine A, Mokraoui S, Kheiri A, Kauffmann J, Bouaziz N
13 - 25 An asymmetrical multilevel inverter with optimum number of components based on new basic structure for photovoltaic renewable energy system
Hamidi MN, Ishak D, Zainuri MAAM, Ooi CA
26 - 31 Surface related degradation phenomena in P-type multi-crystalline silicon at elevated temperature and illumination
Ji FX, Zhou CL, Zhu JJ, Wang WJ
32 - 47 Optical, stability and energy performance of water-based MXene nanofluids in hybrid PV/thermal solar systems
Abdelrazik AS, Tan KH, Aslfattahi N, Arifutzzaman A, Saidur R, Al-Sulaiman FA
48 - 63 Real-time spectral radiance estimation of hemispherical clear skies with machine learned regression models
Del Rocco J, Bourke PD, Patterson CB, Kider JT
64 - 70 Spin and doctor-blade coated PEDOT:PSS back electrodes in inverted organic solar cells
Kumar S, Kim H, Kim DK, Iyer SSK
71 - 78 SolarNet: A sky image-based deep convolutional neural network for intra-hour solar forecasting
Feng C, Zhang J
79 - 89 Impact of condenser heat transfer on energy and exergy performance of active single slope solar still under hot climate conditions
Hassan H, Yousef MS, Fathy M, Ahmed MS
90 - 105 Design, construction and analysis of a thermal energy storage system adapted to greenhouse cultivation in isolated northern communities
Piche P, Haillot D, Gibout S, Arrabie C, Lamontagne MA, Gilbert V, Bedecarrats JP
106 - 114 Thermal performance of a novel solar thermal facade system in a hot-summer and cold-winter zone
A YG, Li NP, Long JB, He YD
115 - 133 Effects of external insulation component on thermal performance of a Trombe wall with phase change materials
Liu Y, Hou LQ, Yang YD, Feng YP, Yang L, Gao QL
134 - 143 New approach to evaluating predictive models of photovoltaic systems
Dobreva P, van Dyk EE, Vorster FJ
144 - 154 Improving the redox performance of Mn2O3/Mn3O4 pair by Si doping to be used as thermochemical energy storage for concentrated solar power plants
Bielsa D, Zaki A, Arias PL, Faik A
155 - 160 Disclosing exciton binding energy of organic materials from absorption spectrum
Xiong CH, Sun JX, Cai C, Caiyang WN, Zhu YM
161 - 180 A Su Do Ku puzzle based shade dispersion for maximum power enhancement of partially shaded hybrid bridge-link-total-cross-tied PV array
Sagar G, Pathak D, Gaur P, Jain V
181 - 189 Performance of the modified tubular solar still integrated with cylindrical parabolic concentrators
Kabeel AE, Harby K, Abdelgaied M, Eisa A
190 - 199 Centralized and distributed Model Predictive Control for the maximization of the thermal power of solar parabolic-trough plants
Frejo JRD, Camacho EF
200 - 207 NiO@GeSe core-shell nano-rod array as a new hole transfer layer in perovskite solar cells: A numerical study
Mohammadi MH, Fathi D, Eskandari M
208 - 222 Thermal performance enhancement of a flat plate solar collector using hybrid nanofluid
Hussein OA, Habib K, Muhsan AS, Saidur R, Alawi OA, Ibrahim TK
223 - 230 Amine-passivated ZnO electron transport layer for thermal stability-enhanced perovskite solar cells
Yang ZL, Fan Q, Shen T, Jin JJ, Deng WQ, Xin J, Huang XL, Wang XB, Li JH
231 - 237 Manipulation of [Ga]/([Ga] plus [In]) profile in 1.4-mu m-thick Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film on flexible stainless steel substrate for enhancing short-circuit current density and conversion efficiency of its solar cell
Kawano Y, Chantana J, Nishimura T, Mavlonov A, Minemoto T
238 - 245 Improvement of heliostat pointing accuracy by calibration at optimized dissimilar source vectors
Smit WJ
246 - 255 A novel approach for modelling fluid flow and heat transfer in an Open Volumetric Air Receiver using ANSYS-FLUENT
Sharma P, Chandra L, Ghoshdastidar PS, Shekhar R
256 - 269 Parametric investigation of a volumetric solar receiver-reactor
Lidor A, Fend T, Roeb M, Sattler C
270 - 279 Cu2O-HTM/SiO2-ETM assisted for synthesis engineering improving efficiency and stability with heterojunction planar perovskite thin-film solar cells
Tseng CC, Chen LC, Chang LB, Wu GM, Feng WS, Jeng MJ, Chen DW, Lee KL
280 - 293 Parameter extraction of photovoltaic cell using an improved cuckoo search optimization
Gude S, Jana KC
294 - 306 Experimental and numerical investigation on thermal performance of PV-driven aluminium honeycomb solar air collector
Zhao Y, Meng T, Jing CJ, Hu JY, Qian SR
307 - 315 Low-cost solar PV soiling sensor validation and size resolved soiling impacts: A comprehensive field study in Western India
Valerino M, Bergin M, Ghoroi C, Ratnaparkhi A, Smestad GP
316 - 329 Photovoltaic system modeling: A validation study at high latitudes with implementation of a novel DNI quality control method
Book H, Poikonen A, Aarva A, Mielonen T, Pitkanen MRA, Lindfors AV
330 - 336 Optimize the rigid auxiliary groups on the donor to achieve self-inhibiting aggregation of the sensitizers
Zhang H, Chen ZE, Zang XF, Fang H
337 - 345 Thermal assisted blade coating methylammonium lead iodide films with non-toxic solvent precursors for efficient perovskite solar cells and sub-module
Lee KM, Lai CH, Chu WC, Chan SH, Suryanarayanan V
346 - 353 Optical transparency, carrier mobility, and electrical conductivity of La-based copper layered oxychalcogenides: A density functional theory study
Zhong M, Zeng W, Liu FS, Tang B, Liu QJ
354 - 368 Human-centric lighting performance of shading panels in architecture: A benchmarking study with lab scale physical models under real skies
Parsaee M, Demers CMH, Lalonde JF, Potvin A, Inanici M, Hebert M
369 - 381 Performance investigation of a combined cycle power system with concentrating PV/thermal collectors
Wu HF, Liu TX, Qu WJ, Liu QB, Xie GX, Zheng J
382 - 394 Enhancement of hybrid solar desalination system composed of solar panel and solar still by using porous material and saline water preheating
Abd Elbar AR, Hassan H
395 - 405 ITO/SiOx/n-Si heterojunction solar cell with bifacial 16.6%/14.6% front/rear efficiency produced by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis: Effect of conditions of SiOx growth by wet-chemical oxidation
Untila GG, Kost TN, Chebotareva AB
406 - 418 Comparison of different dynamic thermal performance prediction models for the flat-plate solar collector with a new V-corrugated absorber
Fan M, Zheng WD, You S, Zhang HJ, Jiang Y, Wu ZJ
419 - 428 Performance analysis of an improved solar dryer integrated with multiple metallic solar concentrators for drying fruits
Ssemwanga M, Makule E, Kayondo SI
429 - 439 One-step solution synthesis and stability study of inorganic perovskite semiconductor Cs2SnI6
Xiao NR, Tang YH, Qiu YL, Liu DD, Wang KF
440 - 447 Numerical investigation of CIGS thin-film solar cells
Boukortt NE, Patane S, Abdulraheem YM
448 - 458 A novel polyaniline (PANI)/paraffin wax nano composite phase change material: Superior transition heat storage capacity, thermal conductivity and thermal reliability
George M, Pandey AK, Abd Rahim N, Tyagi VV, Shahabuddin S, Saidur R
459 - 465 Temperature and irradiance dependences of the current and voltage at maximum power of crystalline silicon PV devices
Seapan M, Hishikawa Y, Yoshita M, Okajima K
466 - 475 Lowered total solidification time and increased discharge rate of reduced graphene oxide-solar salt composites: Potential for deployment in latent heat thermal energy storage system
Saranprabhu MK, Chandini D, Bharathidasan P, Devaraj S, Rajan KS
476 - 488 Net power maximization from a faceted beam-down solar concentrator
Diago M, Calvet N, Armstrong PR
489 - 500 Reduction of interface recombination current for higher performance of p(+)-CZTS(x)Se((1-x))/p-CZTS/n-CdS thin-film solar cells using Kesterite intermediate layers
Maklavani SE, Mohammadnejad S
501 - 514 Optimization of cleaning strategies for heliostat fields in solar tower plants
Picotti G, Moretti L, Cholette ME, Binotti M, Simonetti R, Martelli E, Steinberg TA, Manzolini G
515 - 529 Design and development of an optical system for obtaining fixed orientation of concentrated sunlight for indoor applications
Khan MM, Iqbal SM, Ravi NT, Pesala B
530 - 541 Experimental investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow behavior of packed bed solar thermal energy storage system having spheres as packing element with pores
Gautam A, Saini RP
542 - 551 Power matrix of OPV mini-module under steady conditions of temperature and irradiance at large-area solar simulator
Bardizza G, Salis E, Dunlop ED
552 - 560 Nanoparticles-decorated silicon absorber: Absorption depth profile characteristics within absorbing layer
Hossain MK, Mukhaimer AW
561 - 568 Experimental investigation of the performance of a shell-and-tube particle-to-air heat exchanger
Alaqel S, El-Leathy A, Al-Ansary H, Djajadiwinata E, Saleh N, Danish S, Saeed R, Alswaiyd A, Al-Suhaibani Z, Jeter S, Al-Balawi A, Al-Harthi F
569 - 576 Dynamic thermal performance of ultra-light and thermal-insulative aerogel foamed concrete for building energy efficiency
Zhang HY, Yang JM, Wu HJ, Fu P, Liu YC, Yang WB
577 - 584 Improvement of saw damage removal to fabricate uniform black silicon nanostructure on large-area multi-crystalline silicon wafers
Li XP, Tao K, Ge HY, Zhang DN, Gao ZB, Jia R, Chen SD, Ji ZY, Jin Z, Liu XY
585 - 599 A physics-based high-resolution BIPV model for building performance simulations
Goncalves JE, van Hooff T, Saelens D
600 - 616 Effect of length ratios on the cooling performance of an inclined two-phase closed thermosyphon under negative temperature conditions
Yan ZR, Zhang MY, Pei WS, Li DW, Chen J, Lai YM
617 - 623 A novel, PbS quantum dot-Sensitized solar cell structure with TiO2-fMWCNTS nano-composite filled meso-porous anatase TiO2 photoanode
Latif H, Ashraf S, Rafique MS, Imtiaz A, Sattar A, Zaheer S, Shabbir SA, Usman A
624 - 634 Exfoliated 2D hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet stabilized stearic acid as composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Xie BS, Li CC, Chen J, Wang N
635 - 643 Study on the solar energy absorption of hybrid solar cells with trapezoid-pyramidal structure based PEDOT:PSS/c-Ge
Zhao F, Chen XF, Yi Z, Qin F, Tang YJ, Yao WT, Zhou ZG, Yi YG
644 - 653 Improved infrared emissivity of diamond-like carbon sandwich structure with titanium nitride metallic interlayer
Cinali MB, Coskun OD
654 - 659 Enhanced optical and structural properties of V-doped binary SnS2 buffer layer
Ullah S, Bouich A, Ullah H, Mari B, Mollar M
660 - 666 Spin-coated 10.46% and blade-coated 9.52% of ternary semitransparent organic solar cells with 26.56% average visible transmittance
Zhu C, Huang H, Jia ZR, Cai FF, Li J, Yuan J, Meng L, Peng HJ, Zhang ZJ, Zou YP, Li YF
667 - 672 Thermophysical properties of KCl-NaF reciprocal eutectic by artificial neural network prediction and experimental measurements
Wang Y, Ling CJ, Yin HQ, Liu WH, Tang ZF, Li Z
673 - 682 Conceptual framework for daylighting and facade design in museums and exhibition spaces
Fathy F, Mansour Y, Sabry H, Refat M, Wagdy A
683 - 695 Thermal properties of a new type of calcium chloride hexahydrate-magnesium chloride hexahydrate/expanded graphite composite phase change material and its application in photovoltaic heat dissipation
Zhang YYC, Zhang XL
696 - 707 Performance of a novel single-tubular ammonia-based reactor driven by concentrated solar power
Deng ZH, Hu T, Tian JM, Wang YS
708 - 719 Urban mitigation and building adaptation to minimize the future cooling energy needs
Garshasbi S, Haddad S, Paolini R, Santamouris M, Papangelis G, Dandou A, Methymaki G, Portalakis P, Tombrou M
720 - 725 Effect of residual water vapor on the performance of indium tin oxide film and silicon heterojunction solar cell
Wang JQ, Meng CC, Zhao L, Wang WJ, Xu XX, Zhang YZ, Yan H
726 - 737 Optimization study of solar farm layout for concentrator photovoltaic system on azimuth-elevation sun-tracker
Oon LV, Tan MH, Wong CW, Chong KK
738 - 747 Antireflective design of Si-based photovoltaics via biomimicking structures on black butterfly scales
Huang ZJ, Shi XY, Wang G, Leukkunen P, Huttula M, Cao W
748 - 760 Contribution to sustainable and environmental friendly non-toxic CZTS solar cell with an innovative hybrid buffer layer
Tripathi S, Sadanand, Lohia P, Dwivedi DK
761 - 768 Novel method of thermal behavior prediction of evacuated tube solar collector
Nokhosteen A, Sobhansarbandi S
769 - 776 Zn1-xMgxO second buffer layer of Cu2Sn1-xGexS3 thin-film solar cell for minimizing carrier recombination and open-circuit voltage deficit
Hayashi H, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Nishimura T, Mavlonov A, Minemoto T
777 - 777 Water sorption isotherms and drying characteristics of rupturewort (Herniaria hirsuta) during a convective solar drying for a better conservation (vol 201, pg 916, 2020)
Bahammou Y, Moussaoui H, Lamsyehe H, Tagnamas Z, Kouhila M, Ouaabou R, Lamharrara A, Idlimam A
778 - 778 Performance enhancement of a solar still distillation unit: A field investigation (vol 202, pg 326, 2020)
Salem MR, Salem MR, Higazy MG, Abdrabbo MF
779 - 779 The influence of perovskite precursor composition on the morphology and photovoltaic performance of mixed halide MAPbI(3-x)Cl(x) solar cells (vol 163, pg 215, 2018)
Tombe S, Adam G, Heilbrunner H, Yumusak C, Apaydin DH, Hailegnaw B, Ulbricht C, Arendse CJ, Langhals H, Iwuoha E, Sariciftci NS, Scharber MC