Solar Energy

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1 - 9 Spectral beam splitting retrofit for hybrid PV/T using existing parabolic trough power plants for enhanced power output
Wingert R, O'Hern H, Orosz M, Harikumar P, Roberts K, Otanicar T
10 - 16 Boosting ultrathin aSi-H solar cells absorption through a nanoparticle cross-packed metasurface
Elshorbagy MH, Lopez-Fraguas E, Sanchez-Pena JM, Garcia-Camara B, Vergaz R
17 - 24 Design and adaptability of photovoltaic air conditioning system based on office buildings
Chen YY, Liu YF, Liu JR, Luo X, Wang DJ, Wang YY, Liu JP
25 - 31 Energy storage system with flat plate solar collector and water-ZnO nanofluid
Mohamed MM, Mahmoud NH, Farahat MA
32 - 44 Investigation of temperature development in salinity gradient solar pond using a transient model of heat transfer
Chakrabarty SG, Wankhede US, Shelke RS, Gohil TB
45 - 54 Validation of global irradiance derived from INSAT-3D over India
Kamath HG, Srinivasan J
55 - 72 Indoor and outdoor characterization of concentrating photovoltaic attached to multi-layered microchannel heat sink
Al Siyabi I, Shanks K, Mallick T, Sundaram S
73 - 79 Characterization of screen printed and fire-through contacts on LPCVD based passivating contacts in monoPoly (TM) solar cells
Padhamnath P, Buatis JK, Khanna A, Nampalli N, Nandakumar N, Shanmugam V, Aberle AG, Duttagupta S
80 - 85 Improving light harvesting and charge extraction of polymer solar cells upon buffer layer doping
Sun Y, Ren GH, Han S, Zhang XL, Liu CY, Li ZQ, Fu D, Guo WB
86 - 103 Numerical and experimental study of laboratory and full-scale prototypes of the novel solar multi-surface air collector with double-receiver tubes integrated into a greenhouse heating system
Chen C, Han FT, Mahkamov K, Wei S, Ma XL, Ling HS, Zhao C
104 - 114 The negative impact of skylights on light-irresponsive historical sites within archaeological museums: A case study
Luo XL, Zhu XY, Tian W, Gu ZL
115 - 122 Toward versatile applications via tuning transition wavelength of the WTa-SiO2 based spectrally selective absorber
Wu ZX, Xue WH, Liu YJ, Wei D, Wang J, Yin L, Wang YM, Liu XJ, Zhang Q, Cao F
123 - 135 Southerly winds increase the electricity generated by solar photovoltaic systems
Waterworth D, Armstrong A
136 - 143 Parametric study of the impact of window attachments on air conditioning energy consumption
Tan YT, Peng JQ, Curcija DC, Hart R, Jonsson JC, Selkowitz S
144 - 154 Fabrication and performance analysis of a low cost, Pt free counter electrode using carbon coated ZnAl layered double hydroxide (C/ZnAl-LDH) for dye sensitized solar cells
George G, Saravanakumar MP
155 - 163 Microwave activated synthesis of Ag2S and Ag2S@ZnS nanocrystals and their application in well-performing quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Mirahmadi FS, Marandi M, Karimipour M, Molaei M
164 - 170 Single novel Ca0.5Mg10.5(HPO3)(8)(OH)(3)F-3 coating for efficient passive cooling in the natural environment
Huang X, Liu DF, Li N, Wang JF, Zhang ZJ, Zhong MF
171 - 189 Demonstration and optimization of a solar district heating system with ground source heat pumps
Huang JP, Fan JH, Furbo S
190 - 197 Effect of the anisotropy of etching surface morphology on light-trapping and photovoltaic conversion efficiencies of silicon solar cell
Li JY, Cai M, Wu XW, Li PT, Tan Y
198 - 203 Enhancement of the photoelectrochemical water splitting by perovskite BiFeO3 via interfacial engineering
Liu GY, Karuturi SK, Chen HJ, Wang DW, Ager JW, Simonov AN, Tricoli A
204 - 209 Enhancement of the thermal properties of heterojunction perovskite solar cells by nanostructured contacts design
Makableh YF, Abu Awad I, Hassan W, Aljaiuossi G
210 - 226 Techno-economic optimization of grid-connected, ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants by genetic algorithm based on a comprehensive mathematical model
Mayer MJ, Grof G
227 - 237 Europium and terbium lanthanide ions co-doping in TiO2 photoanode to synchronously improve light-harvesting and open-circuit voltage for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Akman E, Akin S, Ozturk T, Gulveren B, Sonmezoglu S
238 - 248 Ecological solar absorber coating: A proposal for the use of residual biomass and recycled materials for energy conversion
Lopez-Sosa LB, Gonzalez-Aviles M, Hernandez-Ramirez LM, Medina-Flores A, Lopez-Luke T, Bravo-Sanchez M, Zarate-Medina J
249 - 275 A review on machine learning algorithms to predict daylighting inside buildings
Ayoub M
276 - 293 Cloud motion estimation from small-scale irradiance sensor networks: General analysis and proposal of a new method
Espinosa-Gavira MJ, Aguera-Perez A, Palomares-Salas JC, Gonzalez-de-la-Rosa JJ, Sierra-Fernandez JM, Florencias-Oliveros O
294 - 303 Alternative buffer layers in Sb2Se3 thin-film solar cells to reduce open-circuit voltage offset
Gharibshahian I, Orouji AA, Sharbati S
304 - 315 Two stage modelling of solar photovoltaic cells based on Sb2S3 absorber with three distinct buffer combinations
Islam MT, Thakur AK
316 - 325 Small scale optimization in crystalline silicon solar cell on efficiency enhancement of low-concentrating photovoltaic cell
Li GQ, Lu YS, Xuan QD, Akhlaghi YG, Pei G, Ji J, Zhao XD
326 - 341 Performance enhancement of a solar still distillation unit: A field investigation
Salem MR, Salem MR, Higazy MG, Abdrabbo MF
342 - 357 Towards non-destructive individual cell I-V characteristic curve extraction from photovoltaic module measurements
Blakesley JC, Castro FA, Koutsourakis G, Laudani A, Lozito GM, Fulginei FR
358 - 364 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of NiCo2S4 loaded on electrospun carbon nanofibers as an efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Li L, Zhang X, Liu SA, Liang BL, Zhang YC, Zhang WM
365 - 385 Simulated performance of a borehole-coupled heat pump seasonal solar thermal storage system for space heating in cold climate
Shah SK, Aye L, Rismanchi B
386 - 408 Validation and self-shading enhancement for SoL: A photovoltaic estimation model
Nicolas-Martin C, Eleftheriadis P, Santos-Martin D
409 - 419 Robust Model Predictive Control (MPC) for large-scale PV plant based on paralleled three-phase inverters
Bella S, Houari A, Djerioui A, Chouder A, Machmoum M, Benkhoris MF, Ghedamsi K
420 - 428 Understanding partial shading effects in shingled PV modules
Kunz O, Evans RJ, Juhl MK, Trupke T
429 - 437 Study on effect of glazing on performance and heat dynamics of asphalt solar collectors: An experimental study
Farzan H, Zaim EH, Ameri M
438 - 445 Improving the stability of perovskite solar cells under harsh environmental conditions
Sidhik S, Perez CR, Estrada MAS, Lopez-Luke T, Torres A, De la Rosa E
446 - 464 Temperature uniformity enhancement of densely packed high concentrator photovoltaic module using four quadrants microchannel heat sink
Ali AYM, Abo-Zahhad EM, Elkady MF, Ookawara S, El-Shazly AH, Radwan A
465 - 484 A gridded optimization model for photovoltaic applications
Campana PE, Landelius T, Andersson S, Lundstrom L, Nordlander E, He T, Zhang J, Stridh B, Yan JY
485 - 497 Photovoltaic-green roofs: A review of benefits, limitations, and trends
Shafique M, Luo XW, Zuo J
498 - 506 Modelling solar cells' S-shaped I-V characteristics with an analytical solution to lumped-parameter equivalent circuit model
Yu F, Liang Y, Sun XF, Huang GY, Xu CZ
507 - 513 Controlling dye coverage instead of addition of organic acid to reduce dye aggregation in dye-sensitized solar cells
Sewvandi GA, Kakimoto M, Chen CD, Hu DW, Abeygunawardhana PKW, Feng Q
514 - 521 Damage-free patterning of thermally sensitive CIGS thin-film solar cells: Can nanosecond pulses outperform ultrashort laser pulses?
Markauskas E, Zubauskas L, Raciukaitis G, Gecys P
522 - 539 Performance to Peers (P2P): A benchmark approach to fault detections applied to photovoltaic system fleets
Leloux J, Narvarte L, Desportes A, Trebosc D
540 - 552 Phosphorescent-based pavements for counteracting urban overheating - A proof of concept
Kousis I, Fabiani C, Gobbi L, Pisello AL
553 - 570 Assessment of time resolution impact on the modeling of a hybrid CSP-PV plant: A case of study in Chile
Zurita A, Mata-Torres C, Cardemil JM, Escobar RA