Solar Energy

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1 - 7 Incidence angles on cylindrical receivers of solar power towers
Paret TW, Wohrbach M, Buck R, Weinrebe G
8 - 12 Perspectives on the origin, derivation, meaning, and significance of the isotropic sky model
Kamphuis NR, Gueymard CA, Holtzapple MT, Duggleby AT, Annamalai K
13 - 20 Two-dimensional cyclohexane methylamine based perovskites as stable light absorbers for solar cells
Wei Y, Chu HL, Chen BQ, Tian YY, Yang XC, Cai B, Zhang YF, Zhao JJ
21 - 27 Use of biomass for a development of nanocellulose-based biodegradable flexible thin film thermoelectric material
Klochko NP, Barbash VA, Klepikova KS, Kopach VR, Tyukhov II, Yashchenko OV, Zhadan DO, Petrushenko SI, Dukarov SV, Lyubov VM, Khrypunova AL
28 - 44 The photon absorber and interconnecting layers in multijunction organic solar cell
Choudhury BD, Ibarra B, Cesano F, Mao YB, Huda MN, Chowdhury AR, Olivares C, Uddin MJ
45 - 54 Optical functional film with triangular pyramidal texture for Crystalline silicon solar cells
Xu ZL, Xu XP, Cui CC
55 - 62 Insights into the role of interface modification in performance enhancement of ZnTe:Cu contacted CdTe thin film solar cells
Shen K, Wang XQ, Zhang Y, Zhu HB, Chen ZC, Huang CZ, Mai YH
63 - 74 Experimental investigation of building heating and ventilation by using Trombe wall coupled with renewable energy system under semi-arid climate conditions
Elghamry R, Hassan H
75 - 83 Optimization of laser-patterning process and module design for transparent amorphous silicon thin-film module using thin OMO back electrode
Park J, Choi SW, Lee S, Lee J, Shin M, Kwon JD
84 - 91 Optical design and optimization for back-contact perovskite solar cells
Yang WC, Yang ZH, Shou CH, Sheng J, Yan BJ, Ye JC
92 - 101 Diversiform microstructure silicon carbides stabilized stearic acid as composite phase change materials
Li CC, Zhao XB, Chen J
102 - 115 Facile designing and assessment of photovoltaic performance of hydrothermally grown kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films: Influence of deposition time
Patil SS, Mane RM, Mali SS, Hong CK, Bhosale PN
116 - 121 Synthesis of a novel MoIn2S4 alloy film as efficient electrocatalyst for dye-sensitized solar cell
Cheng RZ, Gao XM, Yue GT, Fan LQ, Gao YY, Tan FR
122 - 148 A review on various configurations of hybrid concentrator photovoltaic and thermoelectric generator system
Indira SS, Vaithilingam CA, Chong KK, Saidur R, Faizal M, Abubakar S, Paiman S
149 - 156 Fabrication of mesoporous double-layer antireflection coatings with near-neutral color and application in crystalline silicon solar modules
Xu YF, Zhang J, Ai L, Lou XQ, Lin SH, Lu YH, Fan B, Jin J, Song WJ
157 - 177 Thermal analysis of a solar dryer equipped with PTSC and PCM using experimental and numerical methods
Alimohammadi Z, Akhijahani HS, Salami P
178 - 189 Energy, exergy and environmental analysis of glazed and unglazed PVT system integrated with phase change material: An experimental approach
Kazemian A, Taheri A, Sardarabadi A, Ma T, Passandideh-Fard M, Peng JQ
190 - 194 Effect of Ag doping on the performance of Cu2SnS3 thin-film solar cells
Zhao Y, Chang L, Dong XF, Zhang HX, Li Y, Chen JB
195 - 208 Modeling of coupled heat transfer in a windowed volumetric solar receiver
Li XL, Sun C, Xia XL, Li ZH, Li Y
209 - 218 Fabrication and optimization of nanocube mixed halide perovskite films for solar cell application
Swain BS, Lee J
219 - 226 Effect of Na doping on the performance and the band alignment of CZTS/CdS thin film solar cell
Liu B, Guo J, Hao RT, Wang L, Gu K, Sun SH, Aierken A
227 - 246 A review of Sb2Se3 photovoltaic absorber materials and thin-film solar cells
Mavlonov A, Razykov T, Raziq F, Gan JT, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Nishimura T, Wei HM, Zakutayev A, Minemoto T, Zu XT, Li SA, Qiao L
247 - 258 Experimental study of a modular Unglazed transpired collector Facade for building refurbishment
Peci F, Taboas F, Comino F, de Adana MR
259 - 267 The effect of wind on the temperature distribution of photovoltaic modules
Dhaundiyal A, Atsu D
268 - 278 Variable set points of glare control strategy for side-lit spaces: Daylight glare tolerance by time of day
Bian Y, Dai Q, Ma Y, Liu L
279 - 297 A fault locating method for PV arrays based on improved voltage sensor placement
Pei TT, Zhang JF, Li L, Hao XH
298 - 306 Experimental investigation of soiling losses and a novel cost-effective cleaning system for PV modules
Majeed R, Waqas A, Sami H, Ali M, Shahzad N
307 - 313 Investigation of anomalous behaviour in J-V and Suns-V-oc characteristics of carrier-selective contact silicon solar cells
Nayak M, Mudgal S, Singh S, Komarala VK
314 - 322 Experimental insights into the mechanism of heat losses from a cylindrical solar cavity receiver equipped with an air curtain
Alipourtarzanagh E, Chinnici A, Nathan GJ, Dally BB
323 - 329 The effect of absorber thickness on the planar Sb2S3 thin film solar cell: Trade-off between light absorption and charge separation
Chen ZW, Chen GD
330 - 338 Performance improvement of polymer solar cells with binary additives induced morphology optimization and interface modification simultaneously
Dai TT, Li X, Zhang YY, Xu DH, Geng AC, Zhao J, Chen XB
339 - 347 Internal polarization electric field effects on the efficiency of InN/InxGa1-xN multiple quantum dot solar cells
El Aouami A, Bikerouin M, El-Yadri M, Feddi E, Dujardin F, Courel M, Chouchen B, Gazzah MH, Belmabrouk H
348 - 361 Investigation on the sulfurization temperature dependent phase and defect formation of sequentially evaporated Cu-rich CZTS thin films
Choudhari NJ, Raviprakash Y, Bellarmine F, Rao MSR, Pinto R
362 - 372 A novel solar-assisted ground-source heat pump (SAGSHP) with seasonal heat-storage and heat cascade utilization: Field test and performance analysis
Sun TT, Yang LY, Jin L, Luo ZW, Zhang Y, Liu YZ, Wang ZR
373 - 386 Reflections between heliostats: Model to detect alignment errors
Sanchez-Gonzalez A, Yellowhair J
387 - 397 Surface texturing of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films for enhanced optical absorbance
Jagadish R, Malar P
398 - 408 Synergistics of Cr(III) doping in TiO2/MWCNTs nanocomposites: Their enhanced physicochemical properties in relation to photovoltaic studies
Dhodamani AG, More KV, Patil SM, Shelke AR, Shinde SK, Kim DY, Delekar SD
409 - 419 Flow and heat transfer simulation in porous volumetric solar receivers by non-orthogonal multiple-relaxation time lattice Boltzmann method
Zhang Y, Huang YC, Xu M, Lei J, Li ZH, Tian Y
420 - 436 The effects of noises on metaheuristic algorithms applied to the PV parameter extraction problem
Febba DM, Bortoni EC, Oliveira AF, Rubinger RM
437 - 452 High-temperature corrosion behaviour of metal alloys in commercial molten salts
Palacios A, Navarro ME, Jiang Z, Avila A, Qiao G, Mura E, Ding YL
453 - 460 Deep learning based automatic defect identification of photovoltaic module using electroluminescence images
Tang WQ, Yang Q, Xiong KX, Yan WJ
461 - 468 Regulation of surface texturization through copper-assisted chemical etching for silicon solar cells
Zhao Y, Liu YP, Chen W, Wu JT, Chen QS, Tang HB, Wang Y, Du XL
469 - 479 Benchmarking on improvement and site-adaptation techniques for modeled solar radiation datasets
Polo J, Fernandez-Peruchena C, Salamalikis V, Mazorra-Aguiar L, Turpin M, Martin-Pomares L, Kazantzidis A, Blanc P, Remund J
480 - 488 Temperature dependence of Raman scattering in the Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films on a Ta foil substrate
Stanchik AV, Tivanov MS, Tyukhov II, Juskenas R, Korolik OV, Gremenok VF, Saad AM, Naujokaitis A
489 - 498 Highly thermally stable all-polymer solar cells enabled by photo-crosslinkable bromine-functionalized polymer donors
Lin ZK, Zhang L, Tu SL, Wang W, Ling QD
499 - 507 Performance enhancement of conjugated polymer-small molecule-non fullerene ternary organic solar cells by tuning recombination kinetics and molecular ordering
Sharma R, Lee H, Seifrid M, Gupta V, Bazan GC, Yoo S
508 - 522 A comparative experimental investigation on thermal performance for two types of vacuum tube solar air collectors based on flat micro-heat pipe arrays (FMHPA)
Wang TY, Diao YH, Zhao YH, Liang L, Wang ZY, Chen CQ
523 - 529 Enhanced performance of carbon-based perovskite solar cells with a Li+-doped SnO2 electron transport layer and Al2O3 scaffold layer
Qiang Y, Xie YH, Qi Y, Wei P, Shi HK, Geng C, Liu HC
530 - 540 Design, realization, and tests of a portable solar box cooker coupled with an erythritol-based PCM thermal energy storage
Coccia G, Aquilanti A, Tomassetti S, Comodi G, Di Nicola G
541 - 546 A perovskite solar cell owing very high stabilities and power conversion efficiencies
Yang Q, Dettori R, Yuan GJ, Anderson LR
547 - 554 Two-phase synthesized Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticles as inorganic hole-transporting material of paintable carbon-based perovskite solar cells
Mashreghi A, Maleki K, Moradzadeh M
555 - 560 Design of hole-transport-material free CH3NH3PbI3/CsSnI3 all-perovskite heterojunction efficient solar cells by device simulation
Duan QQ, Ji JY, Hong X, Fu YC, Wang CY, Zhou K, Liu XQ, Yang H, Wang ZY
561 - 580 Influence of two motion types on solar transmittance and daylight performance of dynamic facades
Shi XP, Abel T, Wang LJ
581 - 588 Direction-limited water transport and inhibited heat convection loss of gradient-structured hydrogels for highly efficient interfacial evaporation
Liang XC, Zhang XJ, Liu ZP, Huang QC, Zhang H, Liu CK, Liu YZ
589 - 595 Improved performance of lead-tin mixed perovskite solar cells with PEDOT:PSS treated by hydroquinone
Zhang MY, Chi D, Wang JF, Wu FM, Huang SH
596 - 614 Benchmarking of six cloud segmentation algorithms for ground-based all-sky imagers
Hasenbalg M, Kuhn P, Wilbert S, Nouri B, Kazantzidis A
615 - 620 Experimental study on the dynamic thermal performance of V-Ti black ceramic solar collector under multiple factors
Ma RH, Ma DY, Long ES
621 - 627 Tailoring optoelectronic properties of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite photovoltaics using al nanoparticle modified PC61BM layer
Kesavan AV, Rao AD, Ramamurthy PC
628 - 637 Mesoporous CuO with full spectrum absorption for photothermal conversion in direct absorption solar collectors
Zhang HY, Wang KX, Wang LL, Xie HQ, Yu W
638 - 648 Experimental study on the corrosion behavior and regeneration performance of KCOOH aqueous solution
Wen T, Luo YM, Sheng LY
649 - 657 New energetic indandione based planar donor for stable and efficient organic solar cells
Alam S, Akhtar MS, Abdullah, Eunbi-Kim, Shin HS, Ameen S
658 - 665 Novel hole transporting material based on tetrathiafulvalene derivative: A step towards dopant free, ambient stable and efficient perovskite solar cells
Malik HA, Ma LF, Luo JS, Xia JX, Wan ZQ, Khan MK, Shao XF, Jia CY
666 - 673 Upscaling the fabrication routine of bioreplicated rose petal light harvesting layers for photovoltaic modules
Fritz B, Hunig R, Guttmann M, Schneider M, Reza KMS, Salomon O, Jackson P, Powalla M, Lemmer U, Gomard G
674 - 681 Transition metal nanohybrid as efficient and stable counter electrode for heterostructure quantum dot sensitized solar cells: A trial
Kusuma J, Akash S, Balakrishna RG
682 - 692 Field experimental study on a novel beehive integrated with solar thermal/photovoltaic system
He W, Zhang S, Hu ZT, Zhang J, Liu XH, Yu CR, Yu HC
693 - 700 Transparent Cu2-xSe@N-doped carbon nanosheets as a cathode for Co(III/II)-mediated bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Ou JH, Hu BN, He SY, Wang W, Han Y
701 - 723 Design of high-temperature atmospheric and pressurised gas-phase solar receivers: A comprehensive review on numerical modelling and performance parameters
Sedighi M, Padilla RV, Lake M, Rose A, Lim YY, Novak JP, Taylor RA
724 - 731 Development and calibration of an experimental test bench simulating solar reflectors erosion
Matal A, Karim M, Naamane S
732 - 745 A method for in situ measurement of directional and spatial radiosity distributions from complex-shaped solar thermal receivers
Wang Y, Lipinski W, Pye J
746 - 750 A quick measurement method for determining the incidence angle modifier of flat plate solar collectors using spectroradiometer
Tian ZY, Deng J, Zhang SC, Yao RM, Shao L
751 - 759 Advanced radiative cooler for multi-crystalline silicon solar module
Kumar A, Chowdhury A
760 - 772 Multivariable interactions in simulation-based energy-saving glass roof designs
Yu F, Leng JW
773 - 786 Performance characteristics of the Spiky Central Receiver Air Pre-heater (SCRAP)
Lubkoll M, Erasmus DJ, Harms TM, von Backstrom TW, Kroger DG
787 - 797 Effects of pump power on performance analysis of photovoltaic thermal system using CNT nanofluid
Rahmanian S, Hamzavi A
798 - 809 Optimization on non-transparent envelopes of the typical office rooms with air-conditioning under intermittent operation
Gao YN, Meng X, Shi XY, Wang ZY, Long ES, Gao WJ
810 - 818 Investigation of calcium hydroxide powder for thermochemical storage modified with nanostructured flow agents
Gollsch M, Afflerbach S, Angadi BV, Linder M
819 - 826 Plasma-processed CoSn/RGO nanocomposite: A low-cost and sustainable counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Omelianovych O, Larina LL, Oh HJ, Park E, Dao VD, Choi HS
827 - 835 Numerical analysis of earth-abundant Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) solar cells based on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry results by using SCAPS-1D
Et-taya L, Ouslimane T, Benami A
836 - 845 Impact of the implementation of a mesoscopic TiO2 film from a low-temperature method on the performance and degradation of hybrid perovskite solar cells
Castro-Chong A, Qiu WM, Bastos J, Yimga NT, Garcia-Rodriguez R, Idigoras J, Anta JA, Aernouts T, Oskam G
846 - 856 Double hydrates salt as sustainable thermochemical energy storage materials: Evaluation of dehydration behavior and structural phase transition reversibility
Ousaleh HA, Sair S, Zaki A, Faik A, Igartua JM, El Bouari A
857 - 865 Theoretical analysis of doping concentration, layer thickness and barrier height effects on BaSi2 based homojunction solar cells toward high efficiency
Liao H, Deng QR, Shen YL, Wang GM, Wang SG, Mao YW
866 - 871 Feasibility of a new design of a Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Cooker (PSTC)
El Moussaoui N, Talbi S, Atmane I, Kassmi K, Schwarzer K, Chayeb H, Bachiri N
872 - 883 Enhanced photoelectric and photocatalysis performances of quinacridone derivatives by forming D-pi-A-A structure
Zhao DP, Saputra RM, Song P, Yang YH, Ma FC, Li YZ
884 - 907 Effect of design parameters on performance of passive basin solar stills considering instantaneous ambient conditions: A transient CFD modeling
Keshtkar M, Eslami M, Jafarpur K
908 - 915 Enhanced photovoltaic performance and stability of perovskite solar cells by interface engineering with poly(4-vinylpyridine) and Cu2ZnSnS4&CNT
Shadrokh Z, Sousani S, Gholipour S, Abdi Y
916 - 926 Water sorption isotherms and drying characteristics of rupturewort (Herniaria hirsuta) during a convective solar drying for a better conservation
Bahammou Y, Moussaoui H, Lamsayeh H, Tagnamas Z, Kouhila M, Ouaabou R, Lamharrar A, Idlimam A
927 - 934 Effects of solvent additives on the morphology and transport property of a perylene diimide dimer film in perovskite solar cells for improved performance
Ye TL, Jin S, Singh R, Kumar M, Chen WB, Wang DZ, Zhang XR, Li WX, He DQ
935 - 943 Straight-through all-glass evacuated tube solar collector for low and medium temperature applications
Gong JH, Jiang Z, Luo XF, Du B, Wang J, Lund PD
944 - 964 The application of non-Crassulacean acid metabolism edible plant and lightweight expanded clay aggregate to achieve joint benefits of thermal insulation mitigation and passive cooling strengthening of extensive green roofs in subtropical regions
Huang YY, Ma TJ, Wang YS, Wang CK
965 - 971 Aromatic amine passivated TiO2 for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) with similar to 9.8% efficiency
Kumar TRN, Yuvaraj S, Kavitha P, Sudhakar V, Krishnamoorthy K, Neppolian B