Solar Energy

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1 - 18 Thermal and electrical performance of a novel photovoltaic-thermal road
Xiang B, Yuan YP, Ji YS, Cao XL, Zhou JZ
19 - 25 Enhancement in the efficiency of Sb2Se3 solar cells by adding low lattice mismatch CuSbSe2 hole transport layer
Cang QF, Guo HF, Jia XG, Ning H, Ma CH, Zhang JY, Yuan NY, Ding JN
26 - 38 Experimental and computational fluid dynamics investigations of tracking CPC solar collectors
Yuan GF, Fan JH, Kong WQ, Furbo S, Perers B, Sallaberry F
39 - 46 Bio-template assisted hierarchical ZnO superstructures coupled with graphene quantum dots for enhanced water oxidation kinetics
Alam S, Sahu TK, Gogoi D, Peela NR, Qureshi M
47 - 54 Pulsed laser annealing of spray casted Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 nanocrystal thin films for solar cell application
Badgujar AC, Dusane RO, Dhage SR
55 - 62 Elucidating the mechanism of potential induced degradation delay effect by ultraviolet light irradiation for p-type crystalline silicon solar cells
Nguyen DC, Ishikawa Y, Jonai S, Nakamura K, Masuda A, Uraoka Y
63 - 73 A review of anti-reflection and self-cleaning coatings on photovoltaic panels
Sarkin AS, Ekren N, Saglam S
74 - 81 Effect of fluoro-substituted acceptor-based ancillary ligands on the photocurrent and photovoltage in dye-sensitized solar cells
Ashraf S, Su R, Akhtar J, Siddiqi HM, Shuja A, El-Shafei A
82 - 91 Eu(III) complex-polymer composite luminescence down-shifting layers for reducing the blue-losses in thin film solar cells
Regalado-Perez E, Mathews NR, Mathew X
92 - 99 Digital printing of efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Raissi M, Pellegrin Y, Lefevre FX, Boujtita M, Rousseau D, Berthelot T, Odobel F
100 - 114 A bibliometric analysis of trends in solar cooling technology
Saikia K, Valles M, Fabregat A, Saez R, Boer D
115 - 127 Numerical study of a covered Photovoltaic-Thermal Collector (PVT) enhancement using nanofluids
Hissouf M, Feddaoui M, Najim M, Charef A
128 - 135 Influence of WSe2 buffer layer at back electrode on performance of Cu2ZnSn (S,Se)(4) solar cells
Zhang XH, Yao B, Li YF, Ding ZH, Zhao HF, Zhang LG, Zhang ZZ
136 - 142 Boosting the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells through facile molecular engineering approaches
Akin S
143 - 151 Photoluminescence observation of the effects of Cu/Sn ratio and Na addition on Cu2SnS3
Tanaka K, Maeda T, Araki H
152 - 163 Optimum design and performance analysis of heat exchanger coupling a flash dryer and parabolic trough collectors
Moudakkar T, El Hallaoui Z, Vaudreuil S, Bounahmidi T
164 - 172 Facile fabrication of ZnO/MoS2 p-n junctions on Ni foam for efficient degradation of organic pollutants through photoelectrocatalytic process
Fei WH, Li HY, Li NJ, Chen DY, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
173 - 182 Thermal performance and heat transfer analysis of arc shaped roughened solar air heater - An experimental study
Ghritlahre HK, Sahu PK, Chand S
183 - 191 Engineering of carrier localization in BGaAs SQW for novel intermediate band solar cells: Thermal annealing effect
Hidouri T, Biswas M, Mal I, Nasr S, Chakrabarti S, Samajdar DP, Saidi F
192 - 197 Simultaneous solar laser emissions from three Nd:YAG rods within a single pump cavity
Liang DW, Almeida J, Garcia D, Tiburcio BD, Guillot E, Vistas CR
198 - 205 Optimization of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells: A theoretical and experimental study
De Los Santos IM, Cortina-Marrero HJ, Ruiz-Sanchez MA, Hechavarria-Difur L, Sanchez-Rodriguez FJ, Courel M, Hu HL
206 - 213 Numerical study on the uniformity of reflective high concentration photovoltaic system with two-stage reflective concentrator
Gong JH, Jin W, Xu ZC, Huang BK, Wang J, Wang CL
214 - 229 Performance enhancement of solar PV systems applying P&O assisted Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA)
Ram JP, Pillai DS, Ghias AMYM, Rajasekar N
230 - 245 An improved methodology for reactive power management in grid integrated solar PV system with maximum power point condition
Mishra MK, Lal VN
246 - 255 Development of Cu2ZnSnS4 films from a non-toxic molecular precursor ink and theoretical investigation of device performance using experimental outcomes
Mora-Herrera D, Silva-Gonzalez R, Cancino-Gordillo FE, Pal M
256 - 267 Fast scheme for determination of direct normal irradiance. Part II: Parameterization of circumsolar radiation
Sun ZA, Li JN, Shi GP, Manners A, Li JD
268 - 277 Fast scheme for determination of direct normal irradiance. Part I: New aerosol parameterization and performance assessment
Shi GP, Sun Z, Li JN, He YJ
278 - 294 Optimization of Solar Tower molten salt cavity receivers for maximum yield based on annual performance assessment
Schottl P, Bern G, van Rooyen D, Pretel JAF, Fluri T, Nitz P
295 - 307 Performance of the site-adapted CAMS database and locally adjusted cloud index models for estimating global solar horizontal irradiation over the Pampa Humeda
Laguarda A, Giacosa G, Alonso-Suarez R, Abal G
308 - 316 The influence of UV filter and Al/Ag moisture barrier layer on the outdoor stability of polymer solar cells
Weng CN, Yang HC, Tsai CY, Chen SH, Chen YS, Chen CH, Huang KM, Meng HF, Chao YC, Chang CY, Zan HW, Horng SF, Yu PC, Su KW
317 - 325 Cu2AgInSe4 QDs sensitized electrospun porous TiO2 nanofibers as an efficient photoanode for quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Kottayi R, Panneerselvam P, Murugadoss V, Sittaramane R, Angaiah S
326 - 346 Thermal performance analysis of a new structured-core translucent vacuum insulation panel in comparison to vacuum glazing: Experimental and theoretically validated analyses
Katsura T, Memon S, Radwan A, Nakamura M, Nagano K
347 - 359 A solar-air hybrid source heat pump for space heating and domestic hot water
Ran SY, Li XT, Xu W, Wang BL
360 - 365 Silicon multi-resonant metasurface for full-spectrum perfect solar energy absorption
Liu ZQ, Zhong HZ, Zhang HJ, Huang ZP, Liu GQ, Liu XS, Fu GL, Tang CJ
366 - 376 Thermal performance and physicochemical stability of silver nanoprism-based nanofluids for direct solar absorption
Kimpton H, Cristaldi DA, Stulz E, Zhang XL
377 - 399 Performance assessment of BIPV/T double-skin facade for various climate zones in Australia: Effects on energy consumption
Yang SL, Cannavale A, Di Carlo A, Prasad D, Sproul A, Fiorito F
400 - 410 SEBEpv - New digital surface model based method for estimating the ground reflected irradiance in an urban environment
Revesz M, Zamini S, Oswald SM, Trimmel H, Weihs P
411 - 424 Dynamic performance evaluation and improvement of PV energy generation systems using Moth Flame Optimization with combined fractional order PID and sliding mode controller
Bouakkaz MS, Boukadoum A, Boudebbouz O, Fergani N, Boutasseta N, Attoui I, Bouraiou A, Necaibia A
425 - 436 Impact of environmental variables on the degradation of photovoltaic components and perspectives for the reliability assessment methodology
Lyu YD, Fairbrother A, Gong MY, Kim JH, Gu XH, Kempe M, Julien S, Wan KT, Napoli S, Hauser A, O'Brien G, Wang Y, French R, Bruckman L, Ji L, Boyce K
437 - 446 An improved mathematical model of photovoltaic cells based on datasheet information
Wang SN, Mao QL, Xu J, Ge Y, Liu SL
447 - 452 Electrodeposited MoS2 counter electrode for flexible dye sensitized solar cell module with ionic liquid assisted photoelectrode
Gurulakshmi M, Meenakshamma A, Siddeswaramma G, Susmitha K, Subbaiah YPV, Narayana T, Raghavender M
453 - 459 Selective properties of high-temperature stable spinel absorber coatings for concentrated solar thermal application
Atchuta SR, Sakthivel S, Barshilia HC
460 - 473 Numerical analysis on geometric and shape parameters of solar dual-catalytic Trombe wall performance
Wu SY, Yan XQ, Xiao L
474 - 483 Effect of relative humidity during the preparation of perovskite solar cells: Performance and stability
Mesquita I, Andrade L, Mendes A
484 - 490 The application of solar-to-thermal conversion phase change material in novel solar water heating system
Xiao QQ, Can JH, Zhang YX, Li L, Xu T, Yuan WH
491 - 496 The influence of dust deposition on the temperature of soiling photovoltaic glass under lighting and windy conditions
Xu LY, Li SY, Jiang JM, Liu TS, Wu HZ, Wang J, Li XC
497 - 509 Modeling, transient simulations and parametric studies of parabolic trough collectors with thermal energy storage
Akba T, Baker D, Yazicioglu AG
510 - 520 Development of an environmentally friendly PV/T solar panel
Terashima K, Sato H, Ikaga T
521 - 529 Robust code-based modeling approach for advanced photovoltaics of the future
Ogbonnaya C, Turan A, Abeykoon C
530 - 537 Highly efficient ternary polymer solar cell with two non-fullerene acceptors
Privado M, de la Cruz P, Gupta G, Singhal R, Sharma GD, Langa F
538 - 551 Investigation of a solar assisted heat pump wheat drying system with underground thermal energy storage tank
Ismaeel HH, Yumrutas R
552 - 569 Employing wavy structure to enhance thermal efficiency of spiral-coil utilized in solar ponds
Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Feizabadi A
570 - 574 Synthesis of SnSe quantum dots by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method for efficient solar cells applications
Kumar DK, Loskot J, Kriz J, Bennett N, Upadhyaya HM, Sadhu V, Reddy CV, Reddy KR
575 - 584 Operation performance study and numerical analysis of the multi-objective adsorption system driven by low-grade heat of solar energy and industrial waste heat
585 - 595 Improving durability of silicone-based paint coatings used in solar power plants by controlling consolidation procedures
Martinez N, Rico A, Munez CJ, Prieto C, Poza P
596 - 616 Industrial design and implementation of a large-scale dual-axis sun tracker with a vertical-axis-rotating-platform and multiple-row-elevation structures
Lim BH, Lim CS, Li H, Hu XL, Chong KK, Zong JL, Kang K, Tan WC
617 - 629 Analysis of cooling load on commercial building in UAE climate using building integrated photovoltaic facade system
Salameh T, Assad ME, Tawalbeh M, Ghenai C, Merabet A, Oztop HF
630 - 644 Experimental investigation of solar water heater equipped with a solar collector using waste oil as absorber and working fluid
Touaba O, Cheikh MSA, Slimani MEA, Bouraiou A, Ziane A, Necaibia A, Harmim A
645 - 656 Grid-connected photovoltaic system employing a single-phase T-type cascaded H-bridge inverter
Amir A, Amir A, Selvaraj J, Abd Rahim N
657 - 672 Performance analyses of sustainable PV/T assisted heat pump drying system
Kosan M, Demirtas M, Aktas M, Disli E
673 - 684 A variable-weather-parameter MPPT method based on a defined characteristic resistance of photovoltaic cell
Li SW, Ping AH, Liu YF, Ma XH, Li C
685 - 693 irradpy:Python package for MERRA-2 download, extraction and usage for clear-sky irradiance modelling
Bright JM, Bai XY, Zhang Y, Sun XX, Acord B, Wang P
694 - 703 A multistate investigation of a solar dryer coupled with photovoltaic thermal collector and evacuated tube collector
Daghigh R, Shahidian R, Oramipoor H
704 - 720 Performance analysis of an improved PCM-to-air heat exchanger for building envelope applications - An experimental study
Dardir M, Roccamena L, El Mankibi M, Haghighat F
721 - 730 Co-solvent free interfacial polycondensation and properties of polyurea PCM microcapsules with dodecanol dodecanoate as core material
Cai CW, Ouyang X, Zhou L, Liu GJ, Wang Y, Zhu GC, Yao JM, Militky J, Venkataraman M, Zhang GQ
731 - 741 Oxidation of N-acetyl-para-aminophenol (acetaminophen) by a galvanic Fenton and solar galvanic Fenton processes
Castaneda-Juarez M, Castillo-Suarez LA, Martinez-Miranda V, Almazan-Sanchez PT, Linares-Hernandez I, Lugo-Lugo V, Esparza-Soto M, Santoyo-Tepole F
742 - 760 Modeling of PV system and parameter extraction based on experimental data: Review and investigation
Humada AM, Darweesh SY, Mohammed KG, Kamil M, Mohammed SF, Kasim NK, Tahseen TA, Awad OI, Mekhilef S
761 - 771 Solvent selection for highly reproducible carbon-based mixed-cation hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cells via adduct approach
Keremane KS, Prathapani S, Haur LJ, Bahulayan D, Adhikari AV, Priyadarshi A, Mhaisalkar SG
772 - 781 Analysis of different annealing conditions on physical properties of Bi doped CdTe thin films for potential absorber layer in solar cells
Himanshu, Patel SL, Thakur A, Kannan MD, Dhaka MS
782 - 795 Design and analysis of dense array CPV receiver for square parabolic dish system with CPC array as secondary concentrator
Lokeswaran S, Mallick TK, Reddy KS
796 - 818 Application of nanofluids and fluids in photovoltaic thermal system: An updated review
Esfe MH, Kamyab MH, Valadkhani M
819 - 825 Fabrication of flexible and bifacial Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cell with superstrate-type structure using a lift-off process
Hamada N, Nishimura T, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Masuda T, Minemoto T
826 - 831 Improvement on performance of hybrid CH3NH3PbI3-xClx perovskite solar cells induced sequential deposition by low pressure assisted solution processing
Huang L, Cui XY, Liu C, Yang WG, Shi WM, Lai JM, Wang LJ
832 - 836 Curved photovoltaic collectors-convex surface
Appelbaum J, Crutchik M, Aronescu A
837 - 843 Post-annealing treatment of a-GeSe thin films for photovoltaic application
Zi W, Mu FL, Lu XM, Cao Y, Xie YP, Fang L, Cheng N, Zhao ZQ, Xiao ZY
844 - 851 Assessment and improvement of optical properties of particles for solid particle receiver
Gobereit B, Amsbeck L, Happich C, Schmucker M
852 - 863 Performance evaluation of concentrator photovoltaic systems integrated with a new jet impingement-microchannel heat sink and heat spreader
Awad M, Radwan A, Abdelrehim O, Emam M, Shmroukh AN, Ahmed M
864 - 871 Influence of Zn excess on compositional, structural and vibrational properties of Cu2ZnSn0.5Ge0.5Se4 thin films and their effect on solar cell efficiency
Ruiz-Perona A, Sanchez Y, Guc M, Calvo-Barrio L, Jawhari T, Merino JM, Leon M, Caballero R
872 - 884 Enhanced solar cell performance of P3HT:PCBM by SnS nanoparticles
Mousavi SL, Jamali-Sheini F, Sabaeian M, Yousefi R
885 - 900 Techno-economic assessment of a high-efficiency, low-cost solar-thermal power system with sodium receiver, phase-change material storage, and supercritical CO2 recompression Brayton cycle
de la Calle A, Bayon A, Pye J
901 - 910 Improving the photovoltaic performance of CdSe0.2S0.8 alloyed quantum dot sensitized solar cells using CdMnSe outer quantum dot
Ostadebrahim M, Dehghani H
911 - 923 On the thermal performance of flat and cavity receivers for a parabolic dish concentrator and low/medium temperatures
Lopez O, Banos A, Arenas A
924 - 929 Enhanced performance of TiO2-based perovskite solar cells with Ru-doped TiO2 electron transport layer (vol 169, pg 335, 2018)
Wang S, Liu B, Zhu Y, Ma ZR, Liu BB, Miao X, Ma RX, Wang CY