Solar Energy

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1 - 9 2D multilayered perovskites based on 4-chlorophenylethylamine for solar cell application
Zhao WH, Gan XY, Ke LL, Guo LL, Liu HX
10 - 21 Numerical study of a direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump water heater under frosting conditions based on experiments
Kong XQ, Li JY, Wang BG, Li Y
22 - 26 High performance all-inorganic CsPbI2Br perovskite solar cells with low energy losses
Yang YF, Wang TY, Zhang Y, Zhang XH, Li N, Wang P, Qian YP, Rong QK, Shui LL, Zhou GF, Nian L
27 - 38 Structured dynamic modeling and simulation of parabolic trough solar collector using bond graph approach
Yahi F, Belhamel M, Bouzeffour F, Sari O
39 - 48 System design and feasibility of trigeneration systems with hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) collectors for zero energy office buildings in different climates
Braun R, Haag M, Stave J, Abdelnour N, Eicker U
49 - 73 Experimental evaluation of global maximum power point techniques under partial shading conditions
da Luz CMA, Vicente EM, Tofoli FL
74 - 79 Preparation of zinc and cerium or both doped Cu2O photoelectric material via hydrothermal method
Yuan BX, Liu XB, Cai XD, Fang XY, Liu JF, Wu ML, Zhu QZ
80 - 91 Synthesis and evaluation of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide/single walled carbon nanotube-based hydrophilic self-cleaning coating layer for solar photovoltaic panel surface
Appasamy JS, Kurnia JC, Assadi MK
92 - 98 Photonic-structured TCO front contacts yielding optical and electrically enhanced thin-film solar cells
Sanchez-Sobrado O, Mendes MJ, Mateus T, Costa J, Nunes D, Aguas H, Fortunato E, Martins R
99 - 106 Full SnO2 double-layer dye-sensitized solar cells: Slowly increasing phenomenon of power conversion efficiency
Duan JH, Zou SB, Yang CM, Liu WQ, Wu HM, Chen TC
107 - 124 Thermal performance analysis of a co-axial evacuated tube collector with single and two-phase flow consideration under North-eastern India climatic condition
Tamuli BR, Saikia SS, Nath S, Bhanja D
125 - 131 Effect of humidity on optical and electrical properties of Zr-doped In2O3 and a new structure for transparent electrode of silicon heterojunction solar cell
Li HY, Yin S, Dong GQ, Cui G, Lei C, Li YM, Xu XX, Feng LH, Zhang JQ, Yu C
132 - 136 Effect of graphene contents in polyaniline/graphene composites counter electrode material on the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCSs)
Mehmood U, Asghar H, Babar F, Younas M
137 - 145 Characteristics of the cloud enhancement phenomenon and PV power plants
Jarvela M, Lappalainen K, Valkealahti S
146 - 156 Theoretical screening of high-efficiency sensitizers with D-pi-A framework for DSSCs by altering promising donor group
Li YC, Li X, Xu YL
157 - 167 Characterization of a polycrystalline photovoltaic cell using artificial neural networks
Cortes B, Sanchez RT, Flores JJ
168 - 176 Efficient inverted organic solar cells with a thin natural biomaterial L-Arginine as electron transport layer
Li JF, Wang NN, Wang YF, Liang ZZ, Peng YC, Yang CY, Bao XC, Xia YJ
177 - 182 Effect of absorber layer, hole transport layer thicknesses, and its doping density on the performance of perovskite solar cells by device simulation
Bag A, Radhakrishnan R, Nekovei R, Jeyakumar R
183 - 195 Evaluation of different methods for solar cells/modules parameters extraction
Abdulrazzaq AK, Bognar G, Plesz B
196 - 206 Degradation analysis of a photovoltaic generator after operating for 15 years in southern Brazil
da Fonseca JEF, de Oliveira FS, Prieb CWM, Krenzinger A
207 - 216 Life-cycle assessment of p-type multi-Si back surface field (BSF) solar module in China of 2019
Jia XJ, Lv F, Li P, Wang WJ
217 - 227 High voltage gain soft switching full bridge interleaved Flyback DC-DC converter for PV applications
Mirzaei A, Rezvanyvardom M
228 - 242 Performance improvement of solar PV array topologies during various partial shading conditions
Winston DP, Kumaravel S, Kumar BP, Devakirubakaran S
243 - 259 Diagnostic module for series-connected photovoltaic panels
Garaj M, Hong KY, Chung HSH, Lo AWL, Wang H
260 - 269 A deep neural network approach for behind-the-meter residential PV size, tilt and azimuth estimation
Mason K, Reno MJ, Blakely L, Vejdan S, Grijalva S
270 - 286 Design and numerical analysis of a hybrid geothermal PCM flat plate solar collector dryer for developing countries
Ananno AA, Masud MH, Dabnichki P, Ahmed A
287 - 294 Thermal performance and energy characteristic analysis of multiple renewable energy complementary heat pump system
Zhang D, Li BY, Zhao QT, Li JP
295 - 309 Perovskite solar cells: The new epoch in photovoltaics
Olaleru SA, Kirui JK, Wamwangi D, Roro KT, Mwakikunga B
310 - 311 Probabilistic forecasting of high-resolution clear-sky index time-series using a Markov-chain mixture distribution model (vol 184, pg 688, 2019)
Munkhammar J, van der Meer D, Widen J
312 - 318 Solar still distillation enhancement through water surface perturbation
Porta-Gandara MA, Fernandez-Zayas JL, Chargoy-del-Valle N
319 - 326 Design and construction of a digital solar array simulator with fast dynamics and high performance
Farahani M, Shamsi-nejad MA, Najafi HR
327 - 335 An efficient ITO-free transparent electrode based on diamond-like carbon with an engineered intermediate metallic thin-film
Ferhati H, Djeffal F, Boubiche N, Le Normand F
336 - 345 A copula-based Bayesian method for probabilistic solar power forecasting
Panamtash H, Zhou Q, Hong T, Qu ZH, Davis KO
346 - 357 A comprehensive review of topologies for photovoltaic I-V curve tracer
Zhu Y, Xiao W
358 - 366 Experimental study and evaluation of single slope solar still combined with flat plate collector, parabolic trough and packed bed
Madiouli J, Lashin A, Shigidi I, Badruddin IA, Kessentini A
367 - 378 Low temperature, solution processed spinel NiCo2O4 nanoparticles as efficient hole transporting material for mesoscopic n-i-p perovskite solar cells
Bashir A, Shukla S, Bashir R, Patidar R, Bruno A, Gupta D, Satti MS, Akhter Z
379 - 388 Impact of tetrabutylammonium, iodide and triiodide ions conductivity in polyacrylonitrile based electrolyte on DSSC performance
Chowdhury FI, Buraidah MH, Arof AK, Mellander BE, Noor IM
389 - 398 A shallow cross-flow fluidized-bed solar reactor for continuous calcination processes
Esence T, Benoit H, Poncin D, Tessonneaud M, Flamant G
399 - 408 Progress in CZTS as hole transport layer in perovskite solar cell
Syafiq U, Ataollahi N, Scardi P
409 - 418 Cerium-doped indium oxide transparent electrode for semi-transparent perovskite and perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells
An SC, Chen PR, Hou FH, Wang Q, Pan H, Chen XL, Lu XN, Zhao Y, Huang Q, Zhang XD
419 - 426 Novel composite phase change materials with enhancement of light-thermal conversion, thermal conductivity and thermal storage capacity
Zhang JS, Wang ZM, Li XQ, Wu X
427 - 436 Photo-induced oxidation and reduction by plasmonic Ag-TiO2 nanocomposites under UV/sunlight
Aulakh MK, Sharma R, Pal B, Prakash R
437 - 447 Integrated analysis of the energy and economic efficiency of PCM as an indoor decoration element: Application to an apartment building
Yun BY, Park JH, Yang S, Wi S, Kim S
448 - 456 Effect of Cu and Mn amounts doped to TiO2 on the performance of DSSCs
Unlu B, Ozacar M
457 - 461 Effect of strain on the dark current-voltage characteristic of silicon heterojunction solar cells
Guin L, Cabarrocas PRI, Jabbour ME, Triantafyllidis N
462 - 467 The role of laser ablated backside contact pattern in efficiency improvement of mono crystalline silicon PERC solar cells
Chiu JS, Zhao YM, Zhang S, Wuu DS
468 - 483 The sky characterization according to the CIE Standard General Sky: Comparative analysis of three classification methods
Garcia I, de Blas M, Torres JL
484 - 493 Fiber-based daylighting system using trough collector for uniform illumination
Ullah I
494 - 504 Local heat and mass transfer characteristics of different channel configurations in polysilicon chemical vapor deposition reactor
An LS, Zhang T, Lei XS, Yang P, Liu YW
505 - 512 Investigation of photocatalytic activity through photo-thermal heating enabled by Fe3O4/TiO2 composite under magnetic field
Shi L, Wang XZ, Hu YW, He YR
513 - 520 Aqueous synthesis of alloyed CdSexTe1-x colloidal quantum dots and their In-situ assembly within mesoporous TiO2 for solar cells
Song XH, Ma ZA, Li LX, Tian T, Yan Y, Su J, Deng JP, Xia CX
521 - 529 Fine modification of reactively sputtered NiOx hole transport layer for application in all-inorganic CsPbI2Br perovskite solar cells
Pan L, Liu C, Zhu H, Wan M, Li Y, Mai Y
530 - 539 Ledinegg instability analysis on direct vapor generation inside solar collectors
Lu Y, Deng S, Nie XH, Zhao L, Wang DH, Zhao DP, Chen LJ
540 - 548 Formation of ZnO@CuS nanorods for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Yendrapati TP, Gautam A, Bojja S, Pal U
549 - 566 The optical properties and solar energy conversion applications of carbon quantum dots: A review
Molaei MJ
567 - 581 Template-confined growth of X-Bi2MoO6 (X: F, Cl, Br, I) nanoplates with open surfaces for photocatalytic oxidation; experimental and DFT insights of the halogen doping
Khazaee Z, Khavar AHC, Mahjoub AR, Motaee A, Srivastava V, Sillanpaa M
582 - 588 A solution processed Ag-nanowires/C60 composite top electrode for efficient and translucent perovskite solar cells
Khoa NH, Tanaka Y, Goh WP, Jiang CY
589 - 596 Role of chenodeoxycholic acid as co-additive in improving the efficiency of DSSCs
Kumar V, Gupta R, Bansal A
597 - 606 Mechanism on the modified sulfurization process for growing large-grained Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
Lu XS, Xu B, Ma CH, Chen Y, Yang PX, Chu JH, Sun L
607 - 615 Effect of grid and optimization on improving the electrical performance of compound parabolic concentrator photovoltaic cells
Lu YS, Li GQ, Akhlaghi YG, Xuan QD, Pei G, Ji J, Zhao XD
616 - 624 Preparation of nano-TiO2@polyfluorene composite particles for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants under sunlight
Bai WB, Tian X, Yao RJ, Chen YX, Lin HM, Zheng JY, Xu YL, Lin JH
625 - 636 Numerical analysis of photovoltaic-thermal collector using nanofluid as a coolant
Jia YT, Ran FM, Zhu CQ, Fang GY
637 - 652 Overall performance analysis and GRA optimization of solar air heater with truncated half conical vortex generators
Bezbaruah PJ, Das RS, Sarkar BK
653 - 662 Immobilization of AgCl@TiO2 on the woven wire mesh: Sunlight-responsive environmental photocatalyst with high durability
Azizi-Toupkanloo H, Karimi-Nazarabad M, Amini GR, Darroudi A
663 - 672 Quantitative analyses and a novel optimization strategy on negative energy-flow region in parabolic trough solar receivers
Wang QL, Yang HL, Zhong S, Huang YH, Hu MK, Cao JY, Yang HX, Pei G