Solar Energy

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1 - 5 Spray coated PbS nano-crystals as an effective counter-electrode material for platinum free Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs)
Mehmood U, Khan AU
6 - 11 Non-uniform distribution of sulfur vapor and its influence on Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells
Zhang YW, Wang SW, Huang ML, Ou K, Bai LY, Zhang KX, Yi LX
12 - 19 Multivariate approach for studying the degradation of perovskite solar cells
Tyagi P, David TW, Stoichkov VD, Kettle J
20 - 30 Environmental benefits and economic feasibility of a photovoltaic assisted heat pump water heater
Aguilar F, Crespi-Llorens D, Quiles PV
31 - 36 All-sputtered CdTe solar cell activated with a novel method
Camacho-Espinosa E, Lopez-Sanchez A, Rimmaudo I, Mis-Fernandez R, Pena JL
37 - 50 PVT based solar assisted ground source heat pump system: Modelling approach and sensitivity analyses
Sakellariou EI, Wright AJ, Axaopoulos P, Oyinlola MA
51 - 64 Performance modeling of PVT collectors: Implementation, validation and parameter identification approach using TRNSYS
Jonas D, Lammle M, Theis D, Schneider S, Frey G
65 - 73 Sunlight induced photodegradation of toxic azo dye by self-doped iron oxide nano-carbon from waste printer ink
Saini D, Aggarwal R, Anand SR, Sonkar SK
74 - 84 4H-pyranylidene organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Twisted structures towards enhanced power conversion efficiencies
Andres-Castan JM, Andreu R, Villacampa B, Orduna J, Franco S
85 - 94 Economic comparison of reference solar thermal systems for households in five European countries
Louvet Y, Fischer S, Furbo S, Giovannetti F, Helbig S, Kohl M, Mugnier D, Philippen D, Veynandt F, Vajen K
95 - 101 Improving performance and moisture stability of perovskite solar cells through interface engineering with polymer-2D MoS2 nanohybrid
Ray R, Sarkar AS, Pal SK
102 - 110 Roll-to-roll printed stable and thickness-independent ZnO:PEI composite electron transport layer for inverted organic solar cells
Wei JF, Zhang CJ, Ji GQ, Han YF, Ismail I, Li HY, Luo Q, Yang JL, Ma CQ
111 - 117 Self-assembled NiO microspheres for efficient inverted mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
Li GD, Deng KM, Dou YF, Liao YS, Wang D, Wu JH, Lan Z
118 - 131 Numerical and experimental study of solidification dangers in a molten salt receiver for cloudy conditions
Li Z, Zhang QQ, Wang ZF, Li J, Ruan Y
132 - 138 Broadband omnidirectional anti-reflection property of V-groove textured silicon
Zhao Y, Liu YP, Chen QS, Chen W, Wu JT, Wang Y, Du XL
139 - 147 Predictive neural network based adaptive controller for grid-connected PV systems supplying pulse-load
Mohamed AAS, Metwally H, El-Sayed A, Selem SI
148 - 163 UV-assisted water splitting of stable Cl-doped ZnO nanorod photoanodes grown via facile sol-gel hydrothermal technique for enhanced solar energy harvesting applications
Sahoo P, Sharma A, Padhan S, Udayabhanu G, Thangavel R
164 - 174 A new approach to the thermodynamics study of drying tomatoes in mixed solar dryer
Djebli A, Hanini S, Badaoui O, Boumandi M
175 - 183 Optimization of a heliostat field site in central receiver systems based on analysis of site slope effect
Lee K, Lee I
184 - 194 An experimental investigation of a double pass solar air heater performance: A comparison between natural and forced air circulation processes
Salih MMM, Alomar OR, Ali FA, Maher A
195 - 204 Exergo-economic analysis of a serpentine flow type water based photovoltaic thermal system with phase change material (PVT-PCM/water)
Maatallah T, Zachariah R, Al-Amri FG
205 - 211 Low -temperature preparation of crystallized graphite nanofibers for high performance perovskite solar cells
Yang LJ, Yang P, Wang JC, Hao YW, Li YT, Lin H, Zhao XC
212 - 219 Chromium silica co-sputtered graded Cermet for solar thermal collectors
Neto JFS, Torres SM, Gomes KC, Lima MRF, Gomes RM
220 - 226 Alkali metal ions passivation to decrease interface defects of perovskite solar cells
Ren GH, Han WB, Li ZQ, Liu CY, Shen L, Guo WB
227 - 243 Theoretical modelling approaches of heat pipe solar collectors in solar systems: A comprehensive review
Shafieian A, Khiadani M, Nosrati A
244 - 252 Experimental and theoretical study of solar chimneys in buildings with uniform wall heat flux
Hou YC, Li H, Li AG
253 - 266 Exergoeconomic analysis of a solar photovoltaic-based direct evaporative air-cooling system
Kiyaninia A, Karimi H, Avargani VM
267 - 274 Effect of evaporated Sb layer on performance of flexible CZTSSe thin film solar cell
Sun LH, Shen HL, Huang HL, Raza A, Zhao QC
275 - 282 Fabrication of Sb2Se3 thin film solar cells by co-sputtering of Sb2Se3 and Se targets
Ma CH, Guo HF, Wang X, Chen ZW, Cang QF, Jia XG, Li Y, Yuan NY, Ding JN
283 - 292 Experimental study conducted for the identification of best heat absorption and dissipation methodology in solar photovoltaic panel
Rajvikram M, Sivasankar G
293 - 302 Optimization of back ITO layer as the sandwiched reflector for exploiting longer wavelength lights in thin and flexible (30 mu m) single junction c-Si solar cells
Dikshit AK, Mandal NC, Bose S, Mukherjee N, Chakrabarti P
303 - 308 Enhance short-wavelength response of CIGS solar cell by CdSe quantum disks as luminescent down-shifting material
Li Y, Lin HC, Zeng J, Chen JD, Chen HT
309 - 323 Thermal performance investigation of the flat and spherical dimple absorber plate solar air heaters
Perwez A, Kumar R
324 - 334 Experimental study of effects of different heat sources on the performance of the hybrid multiple-effect diffusion solar still
Yeo SD, Lim BJ, Lee GR, Park CD
335 - 359 A novel ultralight dish system based on a three-extensible-rod solar tracker
Zheng T, Zheng F, Rui X, Ji X, Niu K
360 - 371 Parametric investigation to assess the melt fraction and melting time for a latent heat storage material based vertical shell and tube heat exchanger
Kalapala L, Devanuri JK
372 - 386 A comparison of arrangements for increasing self-consumption and maximising the value of distributed photovoltaics on apartment buildings
Roberts MB, Bruce A, MacGill I
387 - 394 Oxidized Nickel films as highly transparent HTLs for inverted planar perovskite solar cells
Manjunath V, Bimli S, Parmar KH, Shirage PM, Devan RS
395 - 402 A two-step acidic texturization procedure for the manufacture of low-reflective multi-crystalline silicon solar wafer
Meinel B, Langner T, Preis P, Sieber T, Wefringhaus E, Acker J
403 - 412 Synthesis and characterization of Z-scheme alpha-Fe2O3 NTs/ruptured tubular g-C3N4 for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Bakr AEA, El Rouby WMA, Khan MD, Farghali AA, Xulu B, Revaprasadu N
413 - 421 Experimental investigation on micro-scale phase change material based on sodium acetate trihydrate for thermal storage
Liu JW, Zhu CH, Liang WZ, Li YH, Bai HC, Guo QJ, Wang CP
422 - 433 Design, optimization and performance analysis of an asymmetric concentrator-PV type window for the building south wall application
Xuan QD, Li GQ, Lu YS, Zhao B, Zhao XD, Su YH, Ji J, Pei G
434 - 441 Enhancing efficiency of carbonized wood based solar steam generator for wastewater treatment by optimizing the thickness
Yu Z, Cheng SA, Li CC, Sun Y, Li BQ
442 - 451 Theoretical investigation on enhancement of output performance of CZTSSe based solar cell
Sadanand, Dwivedi DK
452 - 457 Effects of post-deposition annealing and copper inclusion in superstrate Sb2Se3 based solar cells by thermal evaporation
Kumar V, Artegiani E, Kumar A, Mariotto G, Piccinelli F, Romeo A
458 - 472 Power rating analysis and protection for photovoltaic-isolated port based differential power processing systems
Dong P, Wen HQ, Chu GY, Yang Y, Wang YW
473 - 493 Towards higher quality green building agenda - An overview of the application of green building techniques in China
Wang JS, He BJ, Wang H, Santamouris M
494 - 501 High-efficiency n-type silicon PERT bifacial solar cells with selective emitters and poly-Si based passivating contacts
Ding O, Lu GL, Li ZP, Zhang YH, Shen WZ
502 - 506 Optimization of SnO2-based electron-selective contacts for Si/PEDOT:PSS heterojunction solar cells
Zheng YP, Jiang B, Gao ZL, Lin GL, Sang N, Chen L, Li MC
507 - 518 Platinum-free metal sulfide counter electrodes for DSSC applications: Structural, electrochemical and power conversion efficiency analyses
Subalakshmi K, Kumar KA, Paul OP, Saraswathy S, Pandurangan A, Senthilselvan J
519 - 522 Growth and characterization of ZnxSn1-xSe films for use in thin film solar cells
Razykov TM, Bosio A, Ergashev B, Kouchkarov KM, Romeo A, Romeo N, Yuldoshov R, Baiev M, Makhmudov M, Bekmirzoyev J, Khurramov R, Fazylov E
523 - 528 Corrections to anisotropic diffuse radiation model
Appelbaum J, Massalha Y, Aronescu A
529 - 544 Predictive active-reactive optimal power dispatch in PV-battery-diesel microgrid considering reactive power and battery lifetime costs
Alramlawi M, Mohagheghi E, Li P
545 - 555 Effect of the ground heat storage on solar chimney power plant performance in the South of Tunisia: Case of Tozeur
Attig-Bahar F, Sahraoui M, Guellouz MS, Kaddeche S
556 - 567 An urban living lab monitoring and post occupancy evaluation for a Trombe wall proof of concept
Dabaieh M, Maguid D, El Mahdy D, Wanas O
568 - 575 A transparent and Pt-free all-carbon nanocomposite counter electrode catalyst for efficient dye sensitized solar cells
Gurulakshmi M, Meenakshamma A, Susmitha K, Charanadhar N, Srikanth VVSS, Babu SN, Subbaiah YPV, Venkateswarlu K, Raghavender M
576 - 583 Flexible high flux solar simulator based on optical fiber bundles
Song JF, Wang JT, Niu YS, Wang WM, Tong K, Yu H, Yang YP
584 - 596 Daylighting design for healthy environments: Analysis of educational spaces for optimal circadian stimulus
Acosta I, Campano MA, Leslie R, Radetsky L
597 - 603 Dependence of remote sensing accuracy of global horizontal irradiance at different scales on satellite sampling frequency
Tang WJ, Li J, Yang K, Qin J, Zhang GQ, Wang Y
604 - 617 Hinge and overturning moments due to unsteady heliostat pressure distributions in a turbulent atmospheric boundary layer
Emes MJ, Jafari A, Ghanadi F, Arjomandi M
618 - 636 Technological challenges and industrial applications of CaCO3/CaO based thermal energy storage system - A review
Khosa AA, Xu TX, Xia BQ, Yan J, Zhao CY
637 - 653 Photometrical analysis of mirrored light pipe: From state-of-the-art on experimental results (1990-2019) to the proposition of new experimental observations in high solar potential climates
Malet-Damour B, Bigot D, Guichard S, Boyer H
654 - 665 The influence of exterior louver blinds' geometric and thermal attributes on the convective heat transfer at building facades
Jiang FJ, Li ZR, Zhao Q, Tao QH, Lu SY, Zhao KM
666 - 675 Characterization of ZnO-SnO2 oxide systems produced by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Atay F, Akyuz I, Durmaz D, Kose S
676 - 683 Single power-conversion DAB microinverter with safe commutation and high efficiency for PV power applications
Kim KS, Jeong SG, Kwon BH
684 - 691 Automated formal verification of stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems
Trindade A, Cordeiro L
692 - 705 Numerical analysis of thermal performance of a solar dryer and validated with experimental and thermo-graphical data
Motahayyer M, Arabhosseini A, Samimi-Akhijahani H
706 - 714 Experimental investigation of a V-trough PV concentrator integrated with a buried water heat exchanger cooling system
Elminshawy NAS, El-Ghandour M, Elhenawy Y, Bassyouni M, El-Damhogi DG, Addas MF
715 - 723 Green synthesized plasmonic nanostructure decorated TiO2 nanofibers for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Thakur A, Kumar P, Bagchi S, Sinha RK, Devi P
724 - 737 Designs for high flow natural convection solar air heaters
Singh AP, Akshayveer, Kumar A, Singh OP
738 - 765 Towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Shape optimization of typical housing typologies in Ibero-American temperate climate cities from a holistic perspective
Camporeale PE, Mercader-Moyano P
766 - 773 Highly transparent nickel and iron sulfide on nitrogen-doped carbon films as counter electrodes for bifacial quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Ou JH, Liang J, Xiang J, Sun LC, Liu JX
774 - 781 Removal of toxic chromium (VI) from the wastewater under the sunlight-illumination by functionalized carbon nano-rods
Anand SR, Aggarwal R, Saini D, Sonker AK, Chauhan N, Sonkar SK
782 - 798 Brent's algorithm based new computational approach for accurate determination of single-diode model parameters to simulate solar cells and modules
Muhammadsharif FF, Hashim S, Hameed SS, Ghoshal SK, Abdullah IK, Macdonald JE, Yahya MY
799 - 805 Role of CuAlO2 as an absorber layer for solar energy converter
Som NN, Sharma V, Mankad V, Attygalle MLC, Jha PK
806 - 813 Multifunctional hierarchical ZnIn2S4 (+/-) (delta) microflowers with photocatalytic and pseudocapacitive behavior
Janani R, Sahoo MK, Gupta B, Rao GR, Singh S
814 - 819 A novel electrical approach to protect PV modules under various partial shading situations
Hanifi H, Pander M, Jaeckel B, Schneider J, Bakhtiari A, Maier W
820 - 827 Plasmonic mesoporous core-shell Ag-Au@TiO2 photoanodes for efficient light harvesting in dye sensitized solar cells
Salimi K, Atilgan A, Aydin MY, Yildirim H, Celebi N, Yildiz A
828 - 836 Bifacial silicon heterojunction solar cells with advanced Ag-free multi-wire metallization attached to ITO layers using new transparent conductive PAEK copolymers
Chebotareva AB, Untila GG, Kost TN, Stepanov AS, Salazkin SN, Shaposhnikova VV
837 - 858 Transparent nanomaterial-based solar cool coatings: Synthesis, morphologies and applications
Zheng L, Xiong T, Shah KW
859 - 865 High-performance g-C3N4 added carbon-based perovskite solar cells insulated by Al2O3 layer
Yang ZL, Zhang ZY, Fan WL, Hu CS, Zhang L, Qi JJ
866 - 877 Thermo and light-responsive building envelope: Energy analysis under different climate conditions
Hu JY, Yu X
878 - 884 Post-functionalization of polyvinylcarbazoles: An open route towards hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells
Geffroy C, Grana E, Mumtaz M, Cojocaru L, Cloutet E, Olivier C, Uchida S, Toupance T, Segawa H, Hadziioannou G
885 - 905 Energy conservation using new structured-core and transparent vacuum insulation panels: Numerical simulation with experimental validation
Katsura T, Radwan A, Yang Z, Nakamura M, Nagano K
906 - 914 New monitoring method to characterize individual modules in large photovoltaic systems
Ortega E, Aranguren G, Jimeno JC
915 - 928 A three-dimensional ring-array concentrator solar furnace
Garcia D, Liang D, Tiburcio BD, Almeida J, Vistas CR
929 - 947 Integrative modelling and optimisation of a desiccant cooling system coupled with a photovoltaic thermal-solar air heater
Fan W, Kokogiannakis G, Ma Z
948 - 955 Performance analysis of MAPbI(3) based perovskite solar cells employing diverse charge selective contacts: Simulation study
Raoui Y, Ez-Zahraouy H, Tahiri N, El Bounagui O, Ahmad S, Kazim S
956 - 961 Elucidating the effect of shunt losses on the performance of mesoporous perovskite solar cells
Singh R, Sandhu S, Lee JJ
962 - 980 From video games to solar energy: 3D shading simulation for PV using GPU
Robledo J, Leloux J, Lorenzo E, Gueymard CA
981 - 985 Making reference solar forecasts with climatology, persistence, and their optimal convex combination
Yang DZ
986 - 991 Superficial composition engineering for oxide nanoparticles derived Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)(4) solar cells by a three-step annealing process
Cai HL, Yao LQ, Xia YS, Dao CY, Li JM, Lin LM, Huang ZP, Chen GL
992 - 1001 Bifacial IFO/(n(+)pp(+))Cz-Si/ITO solar cells with full-area Al-alloyed BSF and Ag-free multi-wire metallization suitable for low-concentration systems
Untila GG, Kost TN, Chebotareva AB
1002 - 1002 Analytic and Monte-Carlo studies of the effect of dust accumulation on photovoltaics (vol 188, pg 1243, 2019)
Oh S
1003 - 1003 Pyran-bridged A-D-A type small molecular acceptors for organic solar cells (vol 183, pg 463, 2019)
Liu ZT, Zhanga XL, Ren P, Wu Y, Zeng B, Duan XB, Gao X, Cai P