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1 - 9 Designing of AlxGa1-xAs/CIGS tandem solar cell by analytical model
Sharbati S, Gharibshahian I, Orouji AA
10 - 18 An investigation on titanium doping in reduced graphene oxide by RF magnetron sputtering for dye-sensitized solar cells
Low FW, Lai CW, Asim N, Akhtaruzzaman M, AlghouL M, Tiong SK, Amin N
19 - 27 A continuous input and output current quadratic buck-boost converter with positive output voltage for photovoltaic applications
Sarikhani A, Allahverdinejad B, Hamzeh M, Afjei E
28 - 34 The improvement of inverted perovskite solar cells by the introduction of CTAB into PEDOT:PSS
Zhu Y, Wang S, Ma RX, Wang CY
35 - 44 Aqueous synthesis of CdTe-CdS core shell nanocrystals and effect of shell-formation process on the efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Marandi M, Mirahmadi FS
45 - 50 Efficiency improvement of Si solar cells by down-shifting Ce3+-doped and down-conversion Ce3+-Y-b3+ co-doped YAG phosphors
Karunakaran SK, Lou CG, Arumugam GM, Cao HH, Pribat D
51 - 54 Performance improvement of III-V compound solar cells using nanomesh electrode and nanostructured antireflection structures
Jian LY, Wu CN, Lee HY, Heo J, Lee CT
55 - 65 Triple bond rigidified anthracene-triphenylamine sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yoosuf M, Pradhan SC, Soman S, Gopidas KR
66 - 82 Experimental performance comparison and optical characteristics of aperture mechanisms for solar cavity receivers
Ophoff C, Ozalp N, Moens D
83 - 95 Energy and exergy analysis of two novel hybrid solar photovoltaic geothermal energy systems incorporating a building integrated photovoltaic thermal system and an earth air heat exchanger system
Afrand M, Shahsavar A, Sardari PT, Sopian K, Salehipour H
96 - 110 From Sweden to Portugal: The effect of very distinct climate zones on energy efficiency of a concentrating photovoltaic/thermal system (CPV/T)
Alves P, Fernandes JFP, Torres JPN, Branco PJC, Fernandes C, Gomes J
111 - 142 Evaluation of solar thermal system configurations for thermoelectric generator applications: A critical review
Karthick K, Suresh S, Hussain MMMD, Ali HM, Kumar CSS
143 - 157 Minimum entropy generation and its validation against Hottel Whillier model for PV/T and FPC collectors
Chauhan A, Tyagi VV, Anand S
158 - 163 Ultraflexible and biodegradable perovskite solar cells utilizing ultrathin cellophane paper substrates and TiO2/Ag/TiO2 transparent electrodes
Li HJ, Li XD, Wang WY, Huan JH, Li J, Huang SQ, Fan B, Fang JF, Song WJ
164 - 174 Economic analysis and design optimization of a direct expansion solar assisted heat pump
Rabelo SN, Paulino TF, Machado L, Duarte WM
175 - 184 Evaluation of solar chimney power plant performance: The effect of artificial roughness of collector
Fallah SH, Valipour MS
185 - 189 A two-parameter aiming strategy to reduce and flatten the flux map in solar power tower plants
Collado FJ, Guallar J
190 - 199 Effectiveness of phase change materials for improving the resiliency of residential buildings to extreme thermal conditions
Baniassadi A, Sailor DJ, Bryan HJ
200 - 208 Polygeneration of power, cooling and desalinated water by concentrated solar energy plants equipped with (c) GICE engine
Alavi S, Chennaoui L, Cerri G
209 - 217 Effect of sulfurization time on the performance of monoclinic Cu2SnS3 solar cells
Pallavolu MR, Kim CD, Reddy VRM, Gedi S, Park C
218 - 223 Enhancement of Sb2Se3 thin-film solar cell photoelectric properties by addition of interlayer CeO2
Wang X, Guo HF, Chen ZW, Ma CH, Fang X, Jia XG, Yuan NY, Ding JN
224 - 229 Quantitative phase analysis on Cs- and Rb-doped FAPbI(3) and corresponding solar cell efficiency simulations
Zhang LL, Cui WR, Zang ZH, Tian FY, Li XD, Qin GG
230 - 238 Fabrication and characterization of polyurethane-grafted reduced graphene oxide as solid-solid phase change materials for solar energy conversion and storage
Mu BY, Li M
239 - 246 Efficient planar perovskite solar cells with low-temperature atomic layer deposited TiO2 electron transport layer and interfacial modifier
Chen DZ, Su AX, Li XY, Pang SZ, Zhu WD, Xi H, Chang JJ, Zhang JC, Zhang CF, Hao Y
247 - 257 Optimal configuration of photovoltaic power plant using grey wolf optimizer: A comparative analysis considering CdTe and c-Si PV modules
Zidane TEK, Bin Adzman MR, Tajuddin MFN, Zali SM, Durusu A
258 - 264 Potential-induced degradation: Recombination behavior, temperature coefficients and mismatch losses in crystalline silicon photovoltaic power plant
Wang H, Cheng XL, Yang H, He WS, Chen ZL, Xu LH, Song DY
265 - 270 One-step synthesis of flower-like Cu2O photoelectric materials by hydrothermal method
Yuan BX, Liu XB, Fu HH, Liu JF, Zhu QZ, Wu ML
271 - 277 Solar PV soiling mitigation by electrodynamic dust shield in field conditions
Guo B, Javed W, Khoo YS, Figgis B
278 - 290 Improved sensing behaviour of self-healable solar light photodetector based on core-shell type Ni0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4@ poly (Urea-Formaldehyde)
Singh S, Bhaduri A, Tripathi RK, Thapa KB, Kumar R, Yadav BC
291 - 299 Design and development of nitrate-nitrite based molten salts for concentrating solar power applications
Villada C, Jaramillo F, Castano JG, Echeverria F, Bolivar F
300 - 304 Large-area MACE Si nano-inverted-pyramids for PERC solar cell application
Huang ZG, Gao K, Wang XG, Xu C, Song XM, Shi LX, Zhang Y, Hoex B, Shen WZ
305 - 311 Panchromatic sensitization of new terpyridine ligated thiocyanate-free Ru-complex
Swetha T, Rana PJS, Islam A, Singh SP
312 - 317 Influence of phase transition on stability of perovskite solar cells under thermal cycling conditions
He J, Li TH, Liu XP, Su H, Ku ZL, Zhong J, Huang FZ, Peng Y, Cheng YB
318 - 326 Corrugating photovoltaic modules enhances thermal efficiency and power output
Duwairi H, Qasem M
327 - 338 Experimental investigation on the abasement of operating temperature in solar photovoltaic panel using PCM and aluminium
Rajvikram M, Leoponraj S, Ramkumar S, Akshaya H, Dheeraj A
339 - 352 Solar irradiance modelling using an offline coupling procedure for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Pereira RM, Santos CS, Rocha A
353 - 360 Numerical simulation of potential induced degradation (PID) in different thin-film solar cells using SCAPS-1D
Mishra S, Bhargava K, Deb D
361 - 379 Thermal performance investigation of three sides concave dimple roughened solar air heaters
Kumar V, Prasad L
380 - 385 Metal organic framework doped Spiro-OMeTAD with increased conductivity for improving perovskite solar cell performance
Li MR, Wang JQ, Jiang AF, Xia DB, Du X, Dong YY, Wang P, Fan RQ, Yang YL
386 - 402 Evaluation of solar irradiance forecasting skills of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's ACCESS models
Joshi B, Kay M, Copper JK, Sproul AB
403 - 413 Preparation of hierarchical flower-like nickel sulfide as hole transporting material for organic solar cells via a one-step solvothermal method
Hilal M, Han JI
414 - 425 Generalized distribution parameter model and numerical simulation method for DSG solar trough collector under once-through mode
Wang GJ, Yan F, Chen ZH, Sun SC, Chen H
426 - 440 A review of photovoltaic systems: Design, operation and maintenance
Hernandez-Callejo L, Gallardo-Saavedra S, Alonso-Gomez V
441 - 449 Application of TiO2 hollow microspheres incorporated with up-conversion NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ nanoparticles and commercial available carbon counter electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Cai WX, Zhang ZB, Jin YZ, Lv YQ, Wang L, Chen KC, Zhou XF
450 - 463 Carrier heating and its effects on the current-voltage relations of conventional and hot-carrier solar cells: A physical model incorporating energy transfer between carriers, photons, and phonons
Tsai CY
464 - 474 Experimental study for thermal regulation of photovoltaic panels using saturated zeolite with water
Abdallah SR, Saidani-Scott H, Benedi J
475 - 482 Research on potential induced degradation (PID) of polymeric backsheet in PV modules after salt-mist exposure
Zhang JW, Cao DK, Diaham S, Zhang X, Yin XQ, Wang Q
483 - 483 Simplified vector-based model tailored for urban-scale prediction of solar irradiance (vol 183, pg 566, 2019)
Liao W, Heo Y, Xu S
484 - 494 Effects of different fin parameters on temperature and efficiency for cooling of photovoltaic panels under natural convection
Bayrak F, Oztop HF, Selimefendigil F
495 - 506 Experimental investigations on thermal efficiency of a prototype passive solar air collector with wavelike baffles
Fiuk JJ, Dutkowski K
507 - 518 Performance analyses of mixed mode forced convection solar dryer for drying of stevia leaves
Lakshmi DVN, Muthukumar P, Layek A, Nayak PK
519 - 532 Experimental and CFD analysis of solar air heater duct roughened with multiple broken transverse ribs: A comparative study
Singh I, Vardhan S, Singh S, Singh A
533 - 544 Design principles based on analysis in R(epsilon) - J(epsilon) space to achieve near perfect full-spectrum volumetric solar-thermal conversion
Liu MQ, Zhao CY, Wang BX
545 - 560 Comparison of solar thermal and solar electric space heating and cooling systems for buildings in different climatic regions
Ayadi O, Al-Dahidi S
561 - 572 Potable water by solar thermal distillation in solar salt works and performance enhancement by integrating with evacuated tubes
Patel J, Markam BK, Maiti S
573 - 585 Numerical study on the directly-irradiated vortex reactor for solar CO2 coal gasification
Dai SM, Chang ZS, Chang C, Akhatov JS, Li X
586 - 592 Improved stability and efficiency of CdSe/Sb2Se3 thin-film solar cells
Guo LP, Grice OR, Zhang BY, Xing O, Li L, Qian XF, Yan F
593 - 602 Fabrication of visible-light-active ZnO/ZnFe-LDH heterojunction on Ni foam for pollutants removal with enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance
Fei WH, Song Y, Li NJ, Chen DY, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
603 - 608 Cost-effective and efficient dye-sensitized solar cells with nickel cobalt sulfide counter electrodes
Wei PK, Li J, Kang HZ, Hao ZW, Yang Y, Guo DG, Liu L
609 - 618 Effect of hot-casted NiO hole transport layer on the performance of perovskite solar cells
Al Mamun A, Ava TT, Abdel-Fattah TM, Jeong HJ, Jeong MS, Han S, Yoon H, Namkoong G
619 - 630 Heat storage and release performance analysis of CaCO3/CaO thermal energy storage system after doping nano silica
Khosa AA, Zhao CY
631 - 643 Development of a novel thermal model for a PV/T collector and its experimental analysis
Das D, Kalita P, Dewan A, Tanweer S
644 - 654 Benchmarking analysis of a novel thermocline hybrid thermal energy storage system using steelmaking slag pebbles as packed-bed filler material for central receiver applications
Sanz JL, Nunez FC, Zaversky F
655 - 666 Optimal sizing of off-grid hybrid energy system based on minimum cost of energy and reliability criteria using firefly algorithm
Sanajaoba S
667 - 684 Influence of synthesized pyridine and tetra ethylene glycol derivatives in poly (vinylidene fluoride)/poly (ethylene oxide) with Ti coated back contact dye-sensitized solar cells
Ganesan S, Balamurugan S, Karthika P, Marimuthu M
685 - 696 Optimal sizing of an autonomous photovoltaic/wind/battery/diesel generator microgrid using grasshopper optimization algorithm
Bukar AL, Tan CW, Lau KY
697 - 705 Ultrasonic spray deposition of TiO2 electron transport layers for reproducible and high efficiency hybrid perovskite solar cells
Sun JS, Pascoe AR, Meyer S, Wu QJ, Della Gaspera E, Raga SR, Zhang T, Nattestad A, Bach U, Cheng YB, Jasieniak JJ
706 - 719 Numerical analysis on the thermal performance of a novel PCM-encapsulated porous heat storage Trombe-wall system
Li W, Chen W
720 - 729 Thermochemical energy storage via isothermal carbonation-calcination cycles of MgO-stabilized SrO in the range of 1000-1100 degrees C
Gigantino M, Kiwic D, Steinfeld A
730 - 741 Short-term solar power forecast with deep learning: Exploring optimal input and output configuration
Sun YC, Venugopal V, Brandt AR
742 - 749 Theoretical design of porphyrin dyes with electron-deficit heterocycles towards near-IR light sensitization in dye-sensitized solar cells
Li W, Ren WH, Chen Z, Lu TF, Deng L, Tang JF, Zhang XM, Wang L, Bai FQ
750 - 759 Ti3C2 nanosheets modified Zr-MOFs with Schottky junction for boosting photocatalytic HER performance
Tian P, He X, Zhao L, Li WX, Fang W, Chen H, Zhang FQ, Huang ZH, Wang HL
760 - 774 Bayesian parameterisation of a regional photovoltaic model - Application to forecasting
Saint-Drenan YM, Vogt S, Killinger S, Bright JM, Fritz R, Potthast R
775 - 786 Aluminum-doped strontium ferrites for a two-step solar thermochemical air separation cycle: Thermodynamic characterization and cycle analysis
Bush HE, Datta R, Loutzenhiser PG
787 - 787 Analysis of the performance of photovoltaic systems in Slovenia (vol 180, pg 550, 2019)
Seme S, Sredensek K, Stumberger B, Hadziselimovic M
788 - 798 Simultaneous charging and discharging of phase change materials: Development of correlation for liquid fraction
Joybari MM, Haghighat F, Seddegh S, Yuan YP
799 - 812 A Fast All-sky Radiation Model for Solar applications with Narrowband Irradiances on Tilted surfaces (FARMS-NIT): Part II. The cloudy-sky model
Xie Y, Sengupta M, Wang CX
813 - 824 A study on the degradation rates and the linearity of the performance decline of various thin film PV technologies
Solis-Aleman EM, de la Casaa J, Romero-Fiances I, Silva JP, Nofuentes G
825 - 830 CdS quantum dots pre-deposition for efficiency enhancement of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Samadpour M, Jun HK, Parand P, Najafi MN
831 - 838 Barriers and solutions of solar water heaters in Mexican household
Salgado-Conrado L, Lopez-Montelongo A
839 - 848 Enhancing photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells utilizing germanium nanoparticles
Zhang CX, Li ZF, Deng XS, Yan B, Wang ZB, Chen XH, Sun Z, Huang SM
849 - 856 Design of novel solar-light driven sponge-like Fe2V4O13 photocatalyst: A unique platform for the photoreduction of carcinogenic hexavalent chromium
Marikkani S, Kumar JV, Muthuraj V
857 - 864 Simultaneous achievement of high visible transmission and near-infrared heat shielding in flexible liquid crystal-based smart windows via electrode design
Huang JH, Li J, Xu JJ, Wang ZZ, Sheng W, Li HJ, Yang Y, Song WJ
865 - 874 Simulation study on the efficiency of thermochromic absorber coatings for solar thermal flat-plate collectors
Muller S, Giovannetti F, Reineke-Koch R, Kastner O, Hafner B
875 - 882 Optimization of a BIPV system to mitigate greenhouse gas and indoor environment
Yoo SH
883 - 889 High temperature oxidation and erosion of candidate materials for particle receivers of concentrated solar power tower systems
Galiullin T, Gobereit B, Naumenko D, Buck R, Amsbeck L, Neises-von Puttkamer M, Quadakkers WJ
890 - 897 Sulfur doped ceria-titania (S-CeTiO4-x) nanocomposites for enhanced solar driven water splitting
Qamaruddin M, Khan I, Ajumobi OO, Ganiyu SA, Qurashi A
898 - 912 Modeling of efficient pyrene-core substituted with electron-donating groups as hole-transporting materials in perovskite solar cells
Andijani N, Al-Qurashi O, Wazzan N, Irfan A
913 - 923 Low cost 'green' dye sensitized solar cells based on New Fuchsin dye with aqueous electrolyte and platinum-free counter electrodes
Kokal RK, Bhattacharya S, Cardoso LS, Miranda PB, Soma VR, Chetti P, Melepurath D, Raavi SSK
924 - 934 Interleaved high gain DC-DC converter for integrating solar PV source to DC bus
Revathi BS, Mahalingam P, Gonzalez-Longatt F
935 - 950 Investigating influences of geometric factors on a solar thermochemical reactor for two-step carbon dioxide splitting via CFD models
Zhang H, Smith JD
951 - 957 Evaluation of the performance of stilbene-based hole transport materials with an emphasis on their configuration for use in perovskite solar cells
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Salehi-Abar P
958 - 969 Thin-layer solar drying characteristics of Moroccan horehound leaves (Marrubium vulgare L.) under natural and forced convection solar drying
Bahammou Y, Tagnamas Z, Lamharrar A, Idlimam A
970 - 975 SolarData package update v1.1: R functions for easy access of Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN)
Yang DZ
976 - 988 Spectral modeling and spectral impacts on the performance of mc-Si and new generation CdTe photovoltaics in warm and sunny climates
Braga M, do Nascimento LR, Ruther R
989 - 1001 Biodegradability index enhancement of landfill leachates using a Solar Galvanic-Fenton and Galvanic-Fenton system coupled to an anaerobic aerobic bioreactor
Castillo-Suarez LA, Lugo-Lugo V, Linares-Hernandez I, Martinez-Miranda V, Esparza-Soto M, Mier-Quiroga MD
1002 - 1012 Active drying of unripened bananas (Musa Nendra) in a multi-tray mixed mode solar cabinet dryer with backup energy storage
Arun KR, Srinivas M, Saleel CA, Jayaraj S
1013 - 1030 A lab-scale rotary kiln for thermal treatment of particulate materials under high concentrated solar radiation: Experimental assessment and transient numerical modeling
Gallo A, Alonso E, Perez-Rabago C, Fuentealba E, Roldan MI
1031 - 1040 Theoretical design and characterization of NIR porphyrin-based sensitizers for applications in dye-sensitized solar cells
Estrella LL, Kim DH
1041 - 1041 Effects of morphology and thickness of Al2O3 scaffold on charge transport in Perovskite-based solar cells (vol 153, pg 379, 2017)
Abdi N, Abdi Y, Alemipour Z
1042 - 1053 An analytical approach for estimating the global horizontal from the global tilted irradiance
Halilovic S, Bright JM, Herzberg W, Killinger S
1054 - 1067 Three-stage scheduling scheme for hybrid energy storage systems to track scheduled feed-in PV power
Liang ZR, Song ZX, Wang JH, Wang X, Zhang GG
1068 - 1083 Feasibility design and techno-economic analysis of hybrid renewable energy system for rural electrification
Murugaperumal K, Raj PADV
1084 - 1101 Reduction of input voltage/current ripples of boost half-bridge DC-DC converter for photovoltaic micro-inverter
Lee HS, Kang B, Kim WS, Yoon SJ
1102 - 1110 Solar irradiance and temperature influence on the photovoltaic cell equivalent-circuit models
Chaibi Y, Allouhi A, Malvoni M, Salhi M, Saadani R
1111 - 1117 Uniaxially aligned microwire networks for flexible transparent electrodes using a novel electrospinning set-up
Yousefi AA, Mohebbi AR, Moghadam SF, Poursamar SA, Hao L
1118 - 1133 Is it time to embrace building integrated Photovoltaics? A review with particular focus on Australia
Alim MA, Tao Z, Hassan MK, Rahman A, Wang BL, Zhang CW, Samali B
1134 - 1145 Site-specific assessment of mechanical loads on photovoltaic modules from meteorological reanalysis data
Camus C, Offermann P, Weissmann M, Buerhop C, Hauch J, Brabec CJ
1146 - 1155 Indoor experiments of dust deposition reduction on solar cell covering glass by transparent super-hydrophobic coating with different tilt angles
Zhang LZ, Pan AJ, Cai RR, Lu H
1156 - 1168 Selection of the best solar photovoltaic (PV) for Oman
Abdul-Wahab S, Charabi Y, Al-Mahruqi AM, Osman I, Osman S
1169 - 1177 Antimony sulfide selenide prototype photovoltaic modules surpassing 4% conversion efficiency under the sun - A technological outlook
Nair PK, De Bray-Sanchez F, Vazquez-Garcia G, Nair MTS
1178 - 1188 Efficient and cost-effective dye-sensitized solar cells using MWCNT-TiO2 nanocomposite as photoanode and MWCNT as Pt-free counter electrode
Younas M, Gondal MA, Dastageer MA, Harrabi K
1189 - 1200 Switching on optical properties of D-pi-A DSSC sensitizers from pi-spacers towards machine learning
Arooj Q, Wang F
1201 - 1208 The role of transition region charges between dopant-free asymmetric heterocontacts in interdigitated back contact silicon heterojunction solar cells
Yang ZH, Yang X, Lin H, Wang JJ, Wang W, Gao PQ, Yan BJ, Chee KWA, Sheng J, Ye JC
1209 - 1220 Phase transition behavior and defect analysis of CuSbS2 thin films for photovoltaic application prepared by hybrid inks
Banu S, Cho Y, Kim K, Ahn SK, Gwak J, Cho A
1221 - 1231 Analysis of steel making slag pebbles as filler material for thermocline tanks in a hybrid thermal energy storage system
Nunez FC, Sanz JL, Zaversky F
1232 - 1242 Immobilisation of TiO2-P25 on a glass fibre mat: Preparation, photocatalytic activity and stability
Adamek E, Baran W, Ziemiarlska-Blaszczyk J, Sobczak A
1243 - 1247 Analytic and Monte-Carlo studies of the effect of dust accumulation on photovoltaics
Oh S
1248 - 1255 Luminescent solar concentrators performing under different light conditions
Li YL, Sun YJ, Zhang YC
1256 - 1263 An annular compound parabolic concentrator used in tower solar thermal power generation system
Huang Y, Ma XY, Rao CH, Liu XC, He R
1264 - 1273 Modelling and performance evaluation of an integrated receiver-storage for concentrating solar power beam-down system under heterogeneous radiative conditions
Yang S, Wang J, Lund PD, Jiang C, Li XX
1274 - 1282 Experimental parametric study of membrane distillation unit using solar energy
Zarzoum K, Zhani K, Ben Bacha H, Koschikowski J
1283 - 1291 Paper-based integrated evaporation device for efficient solar steam generation through localized heating
Guo CL, Miao ED, Zhao JX, Liang L, Liu Q
1292 - 1297 Effect of additives in electrode paste of p-type crystalline Si solar cells on potential-induced degradation
Jonai S, Tanaka A, Muramatsu K, Saito G, Nakamura K, Ogura A, Ohshita Y, Masuda A
1298 - 1305 Hydraulically and thermally developing laminar flow induced isolated inelastic particle transport and deposition on a flat plate
Yadav U, Chandra L, Bandyopadhyay B
1306 - 1319 A hierarchical architecture for increasing efficiency of large photovoltaic plants under non-homogeneous solar irradiation
Ngoc TN, Sanseverino ER, Quang NN, Romano P, Viola F, Van BD, Huy HN, Trong TT, Phung QN
1320 - 1331 Modelling of a flat-plate solar collector using artificial neural networks for different working fluid (water) flow rates
Diez FJ, Navas-Gracia LM, Martinez-Rodriguez A, Correa-Guimaraes A, Chico-Santamarta L
1332 - 1348 Experimental analysis of a PCM integrated solar chimney under laboratory conditions
Dordelly JCF, El Mankibi M, Roccamena L, Remiona G, Landa JA
1349 - 1359 Heating canarian greenhouse with a passive solar water-sleeve system: Effect on microclimate and tomato crop yield
Gourdo L, Fatnassi H, Bouharroud R, Ezzaeri K, Bazgaou A, Wifaya A, Demrati H, Bekkaoui A, Aharoune A, Poncet C, Bouirden L
1360 - 1368 Experimental effect of high mass flow rate and volume cooling on performance of a water-type PV/T collector
Pang W, Cui YN, Zhang Q, Yu HW, Zhang LR, Yan H
1369 - 1379 OpenSolar: Promoting the openness and accessibility of diverse public solar datasets
Feng C, Yang DZ, Hodge BM, Zhang J