Solar Energy

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1 - 16 Real-time study of a photovoltaic system with boost converter using the PSO-RBF neural network algorithms in a MyRio controller
Hamdi H, Ben Regaya C, Zaafouri A
17 - 29 Particle design and oxidation kinetics of iron-manganese oxide redox materials for thermochemical energy storage
Al-Shankiti IA, Ehrhart BD, Ward BJ, Bayon A, Wallace MA, Bader R, Kreider P, Weimer AW
30 - 39 Optical and visual experimental characterization of a glazing system with monolithic silica aerogel
Zinzi M, Rossi G, Anderson AM, Carroll MK, Moretti E, Buratti C
40 - 49 Catastrophic analysis on the stability of a large dish solar thermal power generation system with wind-induced vibration
Zuo HY, Liu GL, E JQ, Zuo W, Wei KX, Hu WY, Tan JQ, Zhong DQ
50 - 56 Detecting clear sky images
Pawar P, Cortes C, Murray K, Kleissl J
57 - 73 Recent trends in solar PV inverter topologies
Dogga R, Pathak MK
74 - 82 Predicting the specific heat capacity of alumina/ethylene glycol nanofluids using support vector regression model optimized with Bayesian algorithm
Alade IO, Abd Rahman MA, Saleh TA
83 - 95 An overview of the use of solar chimneys for desalination
Maia CB, Silva FVM, Oliveira VLC, Kazmerski LL
96 - 104 Continuous performance assessment of thin-film flexible photovoltaic cells under mechanical loading for building integration
Dai YQ, Huang Y, He XH, Hui D, Bai Y
105 - 119 Effective utilization of natural convection via novel fin design & influence of enhanced viscosity due to carbon nano-particles in a solar cooling thermal storage system
Singh RP, Xu HX, Kaushik SC, Rakshit D, Romagnoli A
120 - 131 A model for direct-coupled PV systems with batteries depending on solar radiation, temperature and number of serial connected PV cells
Ayeng'o SP, Axelsen H, Haberschusz D, Sauer DU
132 - 145 Energy and environmental analysis of an indirect hybrid solar dryer of wood using TRNSYS software
Lamrani B, Khouya A, Draoui A
146 - 161 Thermo-hydraulic performance enhancement of convex-concave natural convection solar air heaters
Singh AP, Singh OP
162 - 172 Performance of solar mid-temperature evacuated tube collector for steam generation
Xu LC, Liu ZH, Li SF, Shao ZX, Xia N
173 - 203 Applications of hybrid nanofluids in solar energy, practical limitations and challenges: A critical review
Shah TR, Ali HM
204 - 211 Realization of high flux daylighting via optical fibers using large Fresnel lens
Yang ZP, Li L, Wang JT, Wang WM, Song JF
212 - 217 Camera enhanced compressive light beam induced current sensing for efficient defect detection in photovoltaic cells
Quan L, Xie K, Liu Y, Zhang HL
218 - 225 Effect of atmospheric water vapor on radiative cooling performance of different surfaces
Liu CY, Wu YZ, Wang BX, Zhao CY, Bao H
226 - 233 Organolead halide perovskite-based metal-oxide-semiconductor structure photodetectors achieving ultrahigh detectivity
Wang YC, Zhang YM, Pang TQ, Sun K, Hu ZY, Zhu YJ, Jia RX
234 - 239 Initial photo-degradation of PCDTBT:PC70BM solar cells studied under various illumination conditions: Role of the hole transport layer
Zufle S, Hansson R, Katz EA, Moons E
240 - 247 Evacuated glazing with tempered glass
Fang YP, Arya F
248 - 259 Experimental investigation of peak wind loads on tandem operating heliostats within an atmospheric boundary layer
Yu JS, Emes MJ, Ghanadi F, Arjomandi M, Kelso R
260 - 275 Hybrid solar and heat-driven district cooling system: Optimal integration and control strategy
Sameti M, Haghighat F
276 - 284 Phase change material (PCM) incorporated bricks for energy conservation in composite climate: A sustainable building solution
Saxena R, Rakshit D, Kaushik SC
285 - 292 Cliff-like conduction band offset at CdS/Cu2ZnSnS4 heterojunction prepared by sputtering CuSn alloy target using different stacking order
Liu XX, Guo J, Hao RT, Zhao QC, Chang FR, Wang L, Liu B, Li Y, Gu K
293 - 305 The feasibility of genetic programming and ANFIS in prediction energetic performance of a building integrated photovoltaic thermal (BIPVT) system
Gao W, Moayedi H, Shahsavar A
306 - 314 High performance perovskite sub-module with sputtered SnO2 electron transport layer
Bai GF, Wu ZL, Li J, Bu TL, Li WN, Li W, Huang FZ, Zhang Q, Cheng YB, Zhong J
315 - 326 Harmonics assessment and mathematical modeling of power quality parameters for low voltage grid connected photovoltaic systems
Elkholy A
327 - 336 Wavelet-based protection strategy for series arc faults interfered by multicomponent noise signals in grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Chen SL, Li XW, Meng Y, Xie ZM
337 - 344 Numerical study on heat transfer enhancement of thermal energy storage systems considering radiation of molten salt
Zhu YL, Yuan Y, Zhang CX, Xie M, Tan HP
345 - 349 Electronic, magnetic, optical and solar energy absorption properties of the Fe2V4O13 vanadate
Crespo CT
350 - 355 Enhanced photovoltaic performances via ternary blend strategy employing a medium-bandgap D-A type alternating copolymer as the single donor
Chen YX, You GF, Zou D, Zhuang QX, Zhen HY, Ling QD
356 - 370 Experimental validation of a model for PV systems under partial shading for building integrated applications
Piccoli E, Dama A, Dolara A, Leva S
371 - 385 Thermal performance improvement using unilateral spiral ribbed absorber tube for parabolic trough solar collector
Zou B, Jiang YQ, Yao Y, Yang HX
386 - 391 A facile green solvent engineering for up-scaling perovskite solar cell modules
Tian S, Li J, Li SS, Bu TL, Mo YP, Wang S, Li WN, Huang FZ
392 - 397 The potential of scalability in high efficiency hybrid perovskite thin film luminescent solar concentrators
Mendewala B, Nikolaidou K, Hoffman C, Sarang S, Lu J, Ilan B, Ghosh S
398 - 409 NbC/C heterojunction for efficient photodegradation of methylene blue under visible irradiation
Gupta A, Pandey OP
410 - 418 Reassessment of different antireflection coatings for crystalline silicon solar cell in view of their passive radiative cooling properties
Kumar A, Chowdhury A
419 - 424 Efficient monolithic dye sensitized solar cells with eco-friendly silica-titania spacer layers
Santos F, Hora C, Bernardo G, Ivanou D, Mendes A
425 - 440 Modelling and performance analysis of a new concept of integral collector storage (ICS) with phase change material
Bilardo M, Fraisse G, Pailha M, Fabrizio E
441 - 452 Experimental and numerical investigation of forced convection in a double skin facade by using nodal network approach for Istanbul
Inan T, Basaran T
453 - 462 Solar energy system for heating and domestic hot water supply by means of a heat pump coupled to a photovoltaic ventilated facade
Martin-Escudero K, Salazar-Herran E, Campos-Celador A, Diarce-Belloso G, Gomez-Arriaran I
463 - 468 Pyran-bridged A-D-A type small molecular acceptors for organic solar cells
Liu ZT, Zhang XL, Ren P, Wu Y, Zeng D, Duan XB, Gao X, Cai P
469 - 475 Effect of textured silicon pyramids size and chemical polishing on the performance of carrier-selective contact heterojunction solar cells
Singh K, Nayak M, Mudgal S, Singh S, Komarala VK
476 - 500 Comprehensive review on global maximum power point tracking techniques for PV systems subjected to partial shading conditions
Belhachat F, Larbes C
501 - 511 Exergy analysis of a hybrid PV/T system based on plasmonic nanofluids and fit silica aerogel glazing
Du M, Tang GH, Wang TM
512 - 520 Multiphysics analysis of backsheet blistering in photovoltaic modules
Gagliardi M, Paggi M
521 - 531 A novel approach to high temperature solar receivers with an absorbing gas as heat transfer fluid and reduced radiative losses
Ambrosetti G, Good P
532 - 543 Preliminary comparison of two potential test methods for molten salt receiver under uniformly and Gaussian-shape distributed incident power
Zhang QQ, Wang ZF, Li X, Li Z, Li J, Liu H, Ruan Y, Xu L
544 - 550 Exploration of CdMnTe thin film solar cells
Chander S, Dhaka MS
551 - 565 Design and comparative analysis of photovoltaic and parabolic trough based CSP plants
Awan AB, Zubair M, Praveen RP, Bhatti AR
566 - 586 Simplified vector-based model tailored for urban-scale prediction of solar irradiance
Liao W, Heo Y, Xu S
587 - 593 Controlled synthesis of symbiotic structured TiO2 microspheres to improve the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Ding Y, Yao JX, Hu LH, Dai SY
594 - 605 Climate-specific and global validation of MODIS Aqua and Terra aerosol optical depth at 452 AERONET stations
Bright JM, Gueymard CA
606 - 618 Analytical formulation of effective heat transfer coefficient and extension of lumped capacitance method to simplify the analysis of packed bed storage systems
Ranmode V, Singh M, Bhattacharya J
619 - 631 Amphiphilic POSS-based ionic liquid electrolyte additives as a boost for dye-sensitized solar cell performance
Colovic M, Volavsek J, Stathatos E, Korosin NC, Sobak M, Jerman I
632 - 652 Thermal management of concentrator photovoltaic systems using new configurations of phase change material heat sinks
Rabie R, Emam M, Ookawara S, Ahmed M
653 - 664 AgCl/Ag functionalized cotton fabric: An effective plasmonic hybrid material for water disinfection under sunlight
Cheikhrouhou W, Kannous L, Ferraria AM, do Rego AMB, Kamoun A, Vilar MR, Boufi S
665 - 676 Effect of non-uniform concentrated solar flux on direct steam generation in vertical pipes of solar tower receivers
Maytorena VM, Hinojosa JF
677 - 688 Portland cement clinker production using concentrated solar energy - A proof-of-concept approach
Oliveira FAC, Fernandes JC, Galindo J, Rodriguez J, Canadas I, Vermelhudo V, Nunes A, Rosa LG
689 - 696 Optimization of power conversion efficiency of polyvinyl-alcohol/titanium dioxide compact layer using response surface methodology/central composite design
Mustafa MN, Shafie S, Wahid MH, Sulaiman Y
697 - 703 Effect of cobalt doping on the device properties of Sb2S3-sensitized TiO2 solar cells
Cerdan-Pasaran A, Lopez-Luke T, Mathew X, Mathews NR
704 - 715 Effects of annealing temperature and cooling rate on photo-electrochemical performance of pristine polycrystalline metal-chalcogenide film electrodes
Hilal HS, Zyoud A, Helal MHS, Bsharat H, Helal HH, Ali C
716 - 724 Simply synthesized silica hollow fibers for enhancing the performance of dye/quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Sherafati-Tabarestani Z, Samadpour M
725 - 737 Experimental and numerical investigations on the thermal performance of a modified evacuated tube solar collector: Effect of the bypass tube
Jowzi M, Veysi F, Sadeghi G
738 - 744 A combined model for PV system lifetime energy prediction and annual energy assessment
Georgitsioti T, Pearsall N, Forbes I, Pillai G
745 - 754 Design and implementation of adaptive SVPWM algorithm for multilevel inverters in renewable energy applications
Aly M, Ramadan HA
755 - 767 Numerical and experimental validation of the solar radiation transfer for an egg-crate shading device under Mediterranean climate conditions
Dominguez-Torres CA, Leon-Rodriguez AL, Suarez R, Dominguez-Delgado A
768 - 775 Machine learning regressors for solar radiation estimation from satellite data
Cornejo-Bueno L, Casanova-Mateo C, Sanz-Justo J, Salcedo-Sanz S
776 - 781 Experimental study on the effect of SiO2 nanoparticle dispersion on the thermophysical properties of binary nitrate molten salt
Li Y, Chen X, Wu YT, Lu YW, Zhi RP, Wang X, Ma CF
782 - 790 A directional-spectral approach to estimate temperature of outdoor PV panels
Ferreira RAM, Pottie DLF, Dias LHC, Cardoso BJ, Porto MP
791 - 804 Materials design and discovery: Potential for application to soiling mitigation in photovoltaic systems
Brito PP, Diniz ASAC, Kazmerski LL
805 - 811 Design of a compound parabolic concentrator for a multi-source high-flux solar simulator
Li LF, Wang B, Pottas J, Lipinski W
812 - 822 Simulating the energy yield of a bifacial photovoltaic power plant
Chudinzow D, Haas J, Diaz-Ferran G, Moreno-Leiva S, Eltrop L
823 - 828 Probing thermal decomposition mechanism of molten nitrite/nitrates salt by time of flight mass spectrometry
Fei ZJ, Zhang Y, Ge M, Wang YT, Li YL, Cheng JH, Wei BR, Hou HQ, Liu HT
829 - 841 A high gain cascaded boost converter with reduced voltage stress for PV application
Upadhyay P, Kumar R
842 - 850 Global optimum economic designing of grid-connected photovoltaic systems with multiple inverters using binary linear programming
Bakhshi-Jafarabadi R, Sadeh J, Soheili A