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1 - 9 Solvent engineering approach via introducing poly (3, 4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-poly (styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) into photosensitive absorber layer for ambient temperature processed efficient inverted planar perovskite solar cells
Liu ZY, Liu KK, Wang HH, Jain SM, Duan JJ, He TW, Fan RM, Yang JE, Liu HR, Zhang FP
10 - 21 Two-stage power-based fault detection scheme for photovoltaic systems
Khoshnami A, Sadeghkhani I
22 - 29 Creation of Au nanoparticles decorated MoO3 nanorods using CoSP and the application as hole transport layer (HTL) in plasmonic-enhanced organic photovoltaic devices
Dwivedi C, Mohammad T, Dutta V
30 - 41 Exergoeconomic assessment and multi-objective optimization of a solar chimney integrated with waste-to-energy
Habibollahzade A, Houshfar E, Ahmadi P, Behzadi A, Gholamian E
42 - 50 An experimental study on the effect of a rock-bed heating system on the microclimate and the crop development under canarian greenhouse
Bazgaou A, Fatnassi H, Bouhroud R, Gourdo L, Ezzaeri K, Tiskatine R, Demrati H, Wifaya A, Bekkaoui A, Aharoune A, Bouirden L
51 - 61 Color rendering performance of smart glazings for building applications
Aste N, Leonforte F, Piccolo A
62 - 72 Impact of solar PV self-consumption policies on distribution networks and regulatory implications
Mateo C, Cossent R, Gomez T, Prettico G, Frias P, Fulli G, Meletiou A, Postigo F
73 - 86 Effects of deformation of cylindrical compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) on concentration characteristics
Xu RJ, Ma YS, Yan MY, Zhang C, Xu SH, Wang RX
87 - 97 Development of highly efficient, glazed PVT collectors with overheating protection to increase reliability and enhance energy yields
Lammle M, Hermann M, Kramer K, Panzer C, Piekarczyk A, Thoma C, Fahr S
98 - 103 Magnetron sputtering deposition of GeSe thin films for solar cells
Chen BW, Chen GL, Wang WH, Cai HL, Yao LQ, Chen SY, Huang ZG
104 - 117 Performance prediction of PV module using electrical equivalent model and artificial neural network
Mittal M, Bora B, Saxena S, Gaur AM
118 - 125 Large guanidinium cation enhance photovoltage for perovskite solar cells via solution-processed secondary growth technique
Wang S, Zhu Y, Sun WH, Miao X, Ma ZR, Yang C, Liu B, Li SN, Ma RX, Wang CY
126 - 145 Review on Solar Thermal Stratified Storage Tanks (STSST): Insight on stratification studies and efficiency indicators
Fertahi SED, Jamil A, Benbassou A
146 - 156 Enhanced solar distillation by nanofluid-based spectral splitting PV/T technique: Preliminary experiment
An W, Chen L, Liu T, Qin Y
157 - 169 Powder-to-film approach for fabricating critical raw material-free kesterite Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) thin film photovoltaic: A review
Wibowo RA
170 - 177 High-performance and long-term stable inverted ternary solar cells based on PTB7-Th/N2200/PC71BM blends
Chen CP, Tsai YY, Chen YC, Li YH
178 - 185 Improving the performance of perovskite solar cells by adding 1,8-diiodooctane in the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite layer
Tsai CH, Lin CM, Kuei CH
186 - 193 Interface phenomena between CdTe and ZnTe:Cu back contact
Bosio A, Ciprian R, Lamperti A, Rago I, Ressel B, Rosa G, Stupar M, Weschke E
194 - 210 An inverse approach to identify selective angular properties of retro-reflective materials for urban heat island mitigation
Manni M, Lobaccaro G, Goia F, Nicolini A
211 - 219 Improving thermal power of a cylindrical solar cooker via novel micro/nano porous absorbers: A thermodynamic analysis with experimental validation
Cuce E
220 - 229 Design of a methanation reactor for producing high-temperature supercritical carbon dioxide in solar thermochemical energy storage
Chen C, Li YB, Zhou MJ, Zhou SQ, Jin WY
230 - 240 Energy analysis of solar thermochemical fuel production pathway with a focus on waste heat recuperation and vacuum generation
Falter C, Pitz-Paal R
241 - 247 The impact of indium tin oxide deposition and post annealing on the passivation property of TOPCon solar cells
Tao K, Jiang S, Jia R, Zhou Y, Zhang PF, Dai XW, Sun HC, Jin Z, Liu XY
248 - 255 Performance analysis of enhanced radiative cooling of solar cells based on a commercial silicon photovoltaic module
Zhao B, Hu MK, Ao XZ, Pei G
256 - 266 Heat recovery from an autothermal ammonia synthesis reactor for solar thermochemical energy storage
Chen C, Zhao LL, Kong MM, Lavine AS
267 - 276 Deep photovoltaic nowcasting
Zhang JS, Verschae R, Nobuhara S, Lalonde JF
277 - 286 An in-depth investigation on the grain growth and the formation of secondary phases of ultrasonic-sprayed Cu2ZnSnS4 based thin films assisted by Na crystallization catalyst
Kermadi S, Sali S, Zougar L, Boumaour M, Gunder R, Schorr S, Izquierdo-Roca V, Perez-Rodriguez A
287 - 300 Cloud tomography applied to sky images: A virtual testbed
Mejia FA, Kurtz B, Levis A, de la Parra I, Kleissl J
301 - 311 Thermal stress in bimetallic receiver of solar parabolic trough concentrator induced due to non uniform temperature and solar flux distribution
Khanna S, Sharma V, Newar S, Mallick TK, Panigrahi PK
312 - 319 Homoleptic d(10) metal complexes containing ferrocenyl functionalized dithiocarbamates as sensitizers for TiO2 based dye-sensitized solar cells
Neetu, Manar KK, Srivastava P, Singh N
320 - 324 TiCl4-free 100.6 cm(2) active area dye-sensitized solar cells with similar to 8% power conversion efficiency
Xie JJ, Yuan HH, Wang W, Xu D, Chen XY, He YL, Zhang T, Shen HJ
325 - 333 Stability study of co-electrodeposited CZTS counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cells
Agasti A, Nemala SS, Mallick S, Bhargava P
334 - 349 3D model discretization in assessing urban solar potential: the effect of grid spacing on predicted solar irradiation
Peronato G, Rey E, Andersen M
350 - 357 Thermo-economic analysis of high-temperature sensible thermal storage with different ternary eutectic alkali and alkaline earth metal chlorides
Mohan G, Venkataraman M, Gomez-Vidal J, Coventry J
358 - 369 Analysis of the effects of climatic conditions, loading level and operating temperature on the heat losses of two-tank thermal storage systems in CSP
Araujo AKA, Medina TGI
370 - 379 A stochastic downscaling approach for generating high-frequency solar irradiance scenarios
Zhang WQ, Kleiber W, Florita AR, Hodge BM, Mather B
380 - 394 Operating principles and practical design aspects of all SiC DC/AC/DC converter for MPPT in grid-connected PV supplies
Ozturk S, Popos P, Utalay V, Koc A, Ermis M, Cadirci I
395 - 405 Fault diagnosis approach for photovoltaic arrays based on unsupervised sample clustering and probabilistic neural network model
Zhu HL, Lu LX, Yao JX, Dai SY, Hu Y
406 - 411 Efficient flexible printed perovskite solar cells based on lead acetate precursor
Kamaraki C, Zachariadis A, Kapnopoulos C, Mekeridis E, Gravalidis C, Laskarakis A, Logothetidis S
412 - 438 Monofacial vs bifacial Si-based PV modules: Which one is more cost-effective?
Rodriguez-Gallegos CD, Bieri M, Gandhi O, Singh JP, Reindl T, Panda SK
439 - 452 Representation of aerosol optical properties using a chemistry transport model to improve solar irradiance modelling
Sartelet K, Legorgeu C, Lugon L, Maanane Y, Musson-Genon L
453 - 464 Energy performance comparison of concentrated photovoltaic - Phase change material thermal (CPV-PCM/T) system with flat plate collector (FPC)
Aoul KT, Hassan A, Shah AH, Riaz H
465 - 482 A floating modular cover for high temperature open-tank molten salt solar- thermal volumetric receivers
Tetreault-Friend M, Diago M, Cooper TA, Gray LA, Slocum AH
483 - 495 PVP assisted synthesis of high efficient BiOI/Graphene oxide nanohybrid and its photocatalytic performance in degradation of organic dye pollutants
Mahmoodi V, Ahmadpour A, Bastami TR, Mosavian MTH
496 - 505 Modeling of convective heat loss from a cavity receiver coupled to a dish concentrator
Uzair M, Anderson TN, Nates RJ
506 - 519 Evaluation of energy-efficient design strategies: Comparison of the thermal performance of energy-efficient office buildings in composite climate, India
Bano F, Sehgal V
520 - 525 Simulation of high efficiency SnS-based solar cells with SCAPS
Minbashi M, Ghobadi A, Ehsani MH, Dizaji HR, Memarian N
526 - 534 Novel thermoelectric cell-enthalpy wheel air conditioning system integrated with solar panels
ElHelw M, ElHefni AA
535 - 544 Numerical study of dry deposition of monodisperse and polydisperse dust on building-mounted solar photovoltaic panels with different roof inclinations
Lu H, Zhang LZ
545 - 555 Influence of one-dimensional TiO2 nanotube on interfacial electron transfer in dye-sensitized solar cells: Insights from theoretical investigation
Gao X, Kong CP, Jia R, Jian W, Wang J, Bai FQ, Zhang HX
556 - 571 A generalized model of human body radiative heat exchanges for optimal design of indoor thermal comfort conditions
Marino C, Nucara A, Peri G, Pietrafesa M, Rizzo G
572 - 580 A variable frequency control method and experiments of a direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump system
Kong XQ, Sun PL, Jiang KL, Dong SD, Li Y, Li JB
581 - 588 An integrated drinking water production system to remove chemical and microbiological pollution from natural groundwater by a coupled prototype helio-photochemical/H2O2/rapid sand filtration/chlorination powered by photovoltaic cell
Alvear-Daza JJ, Sanabria J, Gutierrez-Zapata HM, Rengifo-Herrera JA
589 - 603 Optimal start-up operating strategies for gas-boosted parabolic trough solar power plants
Ferruzza D, Topel M, Laumert B, Haglind F
604 - 614 Experimental study on a direct water heating PV-T technology
Cen JJ, du Feu R, Diveky ME, McGill C, Andraos O, Janssen W
615 - 626 Assessing model performance of daily solar irradiance forecasts over Australia
Huang J, Rikus LJ, Qin Y, Katzfey J
627 - 637 Comparative study of phase change phenomenon in high temperature cascade latent heat energy storage system using conduction and conduction-convection models
Prasad JS, Muthukumar P, Anandalakshmi R, Niyas H
638 - 647 Feasibility of using ammonia-based thermochemical energy storage to produce high-temperature steam or sCO(2)
Chen C, Zhao LL, Lavine AS
648 - 655 Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 monograin powders with different Ga content for solar cells
Timmo K, Kauk-Kuusik M, Pilvet M, Altosaar M, Grossberg M, Danilson M, Kaupmees R, Mikli V, Raudoja J, Varema T
656 - 662 Measurement and simulation of current-voltage relation in dye-sensitized solar cells with reduced graphene oxide at the counter electrodes
Sarker S, Kim DM
663 - 677 Quantifying the amplified bias of PV system simulations due to uncertainties in solar radiation estimates
Urraca R, Huld T, Lindfors AV, Riihela A, Martinez-de-Pison FJ, Sanz-Garcia A
678 - 687 Photocatalytic study of ZnS-Ag2S nanocomposites-effect of thioglycerol
Kaur J, Gupta A, Pandey OP
688 - 697 Corrosion resistance of protective coatings against molten nitrate salts for thermal energy storage and their environmental impact in CSP technology
Encinas-Sanchez V, Batuecas E, Macias-Garcia A, Mayo C, Diaz R, Perez FJ
698 - 708 Model validation and control strategy of a heat recovery system integrated in a renewable hybrid power plant demonstrator
Bonilla J, Roca L
709 - 724 An evaluative observation on impact of optical properties of nanofluids in performance of photo-thermal concentrating systems
Verma SK, Tiwari AK, Tripathi M
725 - 741 Camel's nose strategy: New innovative architectural application for desert buildings
Shahda MM, Abd Elhafeez MM, El Mokadem AA
742 - 761 Parameter extraction of solar photovoltaic models by means of a hybrid differential evolution with whale optimization algorithm
Xiong GJ, Zhang J, Yuan XF, Shi DY, He Y, Yao G
762 - 770 Porous tremella-like NiCo2S4 networks electrodes for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors
Chen XB, Ding JG, Chen X, Liu X, Zhuang GC, Zhang ZH
771 - 787 Analysis and implementation of the Buck-Boost Modified Series Forward converter applied to photovoltaic systems
del Moral DL, Barrado A, Sanz M, Lazaro A, Zumel P
788 - 796 Ultra-fast preselection in lasso-type spatio-temporal solar forecasting problems
Yang DZ