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1 - 6 The influence of sodium ions decorated micro-cracks on the evolution of potential induced degradation in p-type crystalline silicon solar cells
Dong NC, Islam MA, Ishikawa Y, Uraoka Y
1 - 6 The influence of sodium ions decorated micro-cracks on the evolution of potential induced degradation in p-type crystalline silicon solar cells
Dong NC, Islam MA, Ishikawa Y, Uraoka Y
7 - 15 Potential increase of solar irradiation and its influence on PV facades inside an urban canyon by increasing the ground-albedo
Revesz M, Oswald SM, Trimmel H, Weihs P, Zamini S
16 - 23 Active daytime radiative cooling using spectrally selective surfaces for air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Bergman TL
24 - 34 Development of calcium silicate-coated expanded clay based form-stable phase change materials for enhancing thermal and mechanical properties of cement-based composite
Liu YS, Xie MJ, Xu ET, Gao X, Yang YZ, Deng HW
35 - 44 Sputter-instigated plasmon-enhanced optical backscattering layer in ultrathin solar cells: Application of GZO in CIGSe material system
Garg V, Sengar BS, Sharma P, Kumar A, Aaryashree, Kumar S, Mukherjee S
45 - 54 Study on the performance of solar-assisted transcritical CO2 heat pump system with phase change energy storage suitable for rural houses
Han ZW, Bai CG, Ma X, Li B, Hu HH
55 - 65 Techno-economic analysis of a hybrid PV-CSP system with thermal energy storage applied to isolated microgrids
Aguilar-Jimenez JA, Velazquez N, Acuna A, Cota R, Gonzalez E, Gonzalez L, Lopez R, Islas S
66 - 72 Modification of N-doped graphene films and their applications in heterojunction solar cells
Chen SM, Xu YL, Li CX, Xiao XB, Chen Y
73 - 82 Time-dependent modelling of nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collectors
O'Keeffe GJ, Mitchell SL, Myers TG, Cregan V
83 - 96 Improvement of CIGS solar cells with high performance transparent conducting Ti-doped GaZnO thin films
Liu WS, Hsieh WT, Chen SY, Huang CS
97 - 107 Methodology for determining the design radiation for a PTC heating system based on non-guaranteed days
Ma ML, Zhao L, Deng S, Lin S, Zhang Y, Ni JX, Xu WC, Su W
108 - 120 Current-fed dual-half-bridge converter directly connected with half-bridge inverter for residential photovoltaic system
Bai C, Han B, Kim M
121 - 129 Periodic autoregressive forecasting of global solar irradiation without knowledge-based model implementation
Voyant C, De Gooijer JG, Notton G
130 - 138 Synthesis of new 2-(5-(4-alkyl-4H-dithieno[3,2-b:2 ',3 '-d]pyrrol-2-yl)thiophen-2-yl)methylene)malononitrile: Dopant free hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells with high power conversion efficiency
Bharath D, Sasikumar M, Chereddy NR, Vaidya JR, Pola S
139 - 148 Precursor effects on methylamine gas-induced CH3NH3PbI3 films for stable carbon-based perovskite solar cells
Wei Y, Li WP, Xiang SS, Liu JM, Liu HC, Zhu LQ, Chen HN
149 - 163 Lifetime prediction of aluminum solar mirrors by correlating accelerated aging and outdoor exposure experiments
Sutter F, Wette J, Wiesinger F, Fernandez-Garcia A, Ziegler S, Dasbach R
164 - 170 First assessment of surface solar irradiance derived from Himawari-8 across China
Shi HR, Li WW, Fan XH, Zhang JQ, Hu B, Husi LT, Shang HZ, Han XL, Song ZJ, Zhang YJ, Wang S, Chen HB, Xia XA
171 - 188 Recent development of efficient A-D-A type fused-ring electron acceptors for organic solar
Liu ZT, Zhang XL, Li PC, Gao X
189 - 206 Novel achievements in the development of solar ponds: A review
Kasaeian A, Sharifi S, Yan WM
207 - 217 Numerical simulation of single media thermocline based storage system
Shaikh W, Wadegaonkar A, Kedare SB, Bose M
218 - 224 The modified multi-step thermal annealing process for highly efficient MAPbI(3)-based perovskite solar cells
Jiang YX, Pan L, Wei D, Li WB, Li SH, Yang SE, Shi ZF, Guo HZ, Xia TY, Zang JH, Chen YS
225 - 230 Noble metal-free Co@N-doped carbon nanotubes as efficient counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Ou JH, Gong CH, Xiang J, Liu JX
231 - 239 White light-driven photo response of TiO2 thin films: Influence of substrate texturing
Singh R, Kumar M, Saini M, Satpati B, Som T
240 - 247 Improved performance of CdS quantum dot sensitized solar cell by solvent modified SILAR approach
Rosiles-Perez C, Cerdan-Pasaran A, Sidhik S, Esparza D, Lopez-Luke T, de la Rosa E
248 - 262 Effect of water flow on performance of building integrated semi-transparent photovoltaic thermal system: A comparative study
Mishra GK, Tiwari GN, Bhatti TS
263 - 272 Development and performance studies of a novel portable solar cooker using a curved Fresnel lens concentrator
Zhao YS, Zheng HF, Sun BY, Li CJ, Wu Y
273 - 285 Smart grid and PV driven ground heat pump as thermal battery in small buildings for optimized electricity consumption
Thur A, Calabrese T, Streicher W
286 - 295 In-situ temperature and thickness control grown 2D-MoS2 via pulsed laser ablation for photovoltaic devices
Arulraj A, Ramesh M, Subramanian B, Senguttuvan G
296 - 304 Estimation of solar heat gain using illumination sensor measurements
Imam MHT, Gleason J, Mishra S, Oishi M
305 - 311 Spectrally selective solar absorber stable up to 900 degrees C for 120 h under ambient conditions
Wang H, Haechler I, Kaur S, Freedman J, Prasher R
312 - 320 Effect of spatial resolution of heliostat surface characterization on its concentrated heat flux distribution
Iriarte-Cornejo C, Arancibia-Bulnes CA, Hinojos JF, Pena-Cruz MI
321 - 327 Eco-efficient melting of glass frits by concentrated solar energy
Romero M, Robla JI, Padilla I, Garcia-Hierro J, Lopez-Delgado A
328 - 341 Experimental investigation of an active direct and indirect solar dryer with sensible heat storage for camel meat drying in Saharan environment
Chaouch WB, Khellaf A, Mediani A, Slimani ME, Loumani A, Hamid A
342 - 351 Exploiting volumetric effects in novel additively manufactured open solar receivers
Luque S, Menendez G, Roccabruna M, Gonzalez-Aguilar J, Crema L, Romero M
352 - 358 Thermally enhanced photoelectric emission from GaAs photocathode
Wang GY, Chang BK, Yang MZ, Wang K, Tran HC, Liu J, Fu RG, Qian YS, Shi F, Cheng HC
359 - 372 Trombe wall size-determination based on economic and thermal comfort viability
Ozdenefe M, Atikol U, Rezaei M
373 - 385 Phase optimization study of orthorhombic structured SnS nanorods from CTAB assisted polyol synthesis for higher efficiency thin film solar cells
Baby BH, Mohan DB
386 - 398 Roadmap for the next-generation of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar energy collectors
Mellor A, Alvarez DA, Guarracino I, Ramos A, Lacasta AR, Llin LF, Murrell AJ, Paul DJ, Chemisana D, Markides CN, Ekins-Daukes NJ
399 - 408 Enhancement of charge transport in quantum dots solar cells by N-butylamine-assisted sulfur-crosslinking of PbS quantum dots
Wang Z, Hu Z, Kamarudin MA, Kapil G, Tripathi A, Shen Q, Yoshino K, Minemoto T, Pandey SS, Hayase S
409 - 421 Performance of solar photovoltaic modules under arid climatic conditions: A review
Mussard M, Amara M
422 - 430 Tetrahedrite (Cu12Sb4S13) thin films for photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications
Kumar DSP, Ren MQ, Osipowicz T, Mallik RC, Malar P
431 - 444 Multidimensional model to correct PV device performance measurements taken under diffuse irradiation to reference conditions
Plag F, Kroger I, Riechelmann S, Winter S
445 - 454 Impact of the aging of a photovoltaic module on the performance of a grid-connected system
Azizi A, Logerais PO, Omeiri A, Amiar A, Charki A, Riou O, Delaleux F, Durastanti JF
455 - 462 Extension of the Perers model for photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) collectors
Magalhaes PL
463 - 473 An experimental and numerical study of granular flows through a perforated square lattice for central solar receiver applications
Sandlin M, Abdel-Khalik SI
474 - 488 Nowcasting, predictive control, and feedback control for temperature regulation in a novel hybrid solar-electric reactor for continuous solar-thermal chemical processing
Rowe SC, Hischier I, Palumbo AW, Chubukov BA, Wallace MA, Viger R, Lewandowski A, Clough DE, Weimer AW
489 - 501 The error of neglecting natural convection in high temperature vertical shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage systems
Tehrani SSM, Diarce G, Taylor RA
502 - 507 One-dimensional hollow metal-complex as catalytic electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Devulapally K, Vardhaman AK, Katakam R, Upadhyaya HM, Rajeswari R, Islavath N, Giribabu L
508 - 514 A new dual-mode maximum power point tracking algorithm based on the Perturb and Observe algorithm used on solar energy system
Ghamrawi A, Gaubert JP, Mehdi D
515 - 526 Developing methodology for service life prediction of PV materials: Quantitative effects of light intensity and wavelength on discoloration of a glass/EVA/PPE laminate
Lyu YD, Kim JH, Gu XH
527 - 536 Pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid as a new anchoring group for phthalocyanine-sensitized solar cells
Yildiz B, Guzel E, Menges N, Sisman I, Sener MK
537 - 548 Numerical simulation of a photovoltaic thermoelectric hybrid power generation system
Kohan HRF, Lotfipour F, Eslami M
549 - 555 14.1% efficiency hybrid planar-Si/organic heterojunction solar cells with SnO2 insertion layer
Chen L, Gao ZL, Zheng YP, Cui MQ, Yan HJ, Wei D, Dou SY, Ji J, Jia ED, Sang N, Liu KH, Ding XL, Li YF, Li MC
556 - 569 Performance enhancement of a curved solar air heater using CFD
Singh AP, Singh OP
570 - 581 Event-based MPC for defocusing and power production of a parabolic trough plant under power limitation
Sanchez AJ, Gallego AJ, Escano JM, Camacho EF
582 - 592 Accurate parametrization and methodology for selection of pertinent single diode photovoltaic model with improved simulation efficiency
Gudimindla H, Sharma KM
593 - 605 Effect of climate on electrical performance of finned phase change material integrated solar photovoltaic
Khanna S, Reddy KS, Mallick TK
606 - 616 Quantifiers for the solar irradiance variability: A new perspective
Blaga R, Paulescu M
617 - 627 Solar electricity via an Air Brayton cycle with an integrated two-step thermochemical cycle for heat storage based on Fe2O3 /Fe3O4 redox reactions: Thermodynamic and kinetic analyses
Bush HE, Loutzenhiser PG
628 - 639 Impacts of temperature and irradiance on polycrystalline silicon solar cells parameters
Febba DM, Rubinger RM, Oliveira AF, Bortoni EC
640 - 647 Absorber materials based on polymer nanocomposites containing silver nanoparticles for solar thermal collectors
Asmussen SV, Vallo CI
648 - 659 Solar tracker development based on a POF bundle and Fresnel lens applied to environment illumination and microalgae cultivation
Allil RC, Manchego A, Allil A, Rodrigues I, Werneck A, Diaz GC, Dino FT, Reyes Y, Werneck M
660 - 668 Assessment of Double Modulation Pyrometry as a diagnostic tool for use in concentrated solar facilities
Potamias D, Alxneit I, Sans JL, Guillot E, Wokaun A
669 - 682 A theoretical study on a coupled effect of building envelope solar properties and thermal transmittance on the thermal response of an office cell
Kosir M, Pajek L, Iglic N, Kunic R
683 - 690 Electrical and thermal performance evaluation of symmetric truncated C-PVT trough solar collectors with vertical bifacial receivers
Cabral D, Karlsson BO
691 - 702 A Fast All-sky Radiation Model for Solar applications with Narrowband Irradiances on Tilted surfaces (FARMS-NIT): Part I. The clear-sky model
Xie Y, Sengupta M
703 - 708 Characteristics of InGaP/GaAs double junction thin film solar cells on a flexible metallic substrate
Zhao B, Tang XS, Huo WX, Jiang Y, Ma ZG, Wang L, Wang WX, Chen H, Jia HQ
709 - 718 An experimentally validated, transient model for sheet and tube PVT collector
Sakellariou E, Axaopoulos P
719 - 727 Adaptive glazing technologies: Balancing the benefits of outdoor views in healthcare environments
Sadek AH, Mahrous R
728 - 734 Degradation analysis of 3J InGaP/InGaAs/InGaAsN solar cell due to irradiation induced defects with a comparative study on bottom homo and hetero InGaAsN subcell
Sukeerthi M, Kotamraju S, Meetei R, Rao PN
735 - 742 Experimental and CFD investigation on temperature distribution of a serpentine tube type photovoltaic/thermal collector
Zhou JC, Ke HY, Deng XQ
743 - 756 Interface engineering of G-PEDOT: PSS hole transport layer via interlayer chemical functionalization for enhanced efficiency of large-area hybrid solar cells and their charge transport investigation
Hilal M, Han JI
757 - 761 Towards CdZnTe solar cells: An evolution to post-treatment annealing atmosphere
Chander S, De AK, Dhaka MS
762 - 769 Fault detection in a grid-connected photovoltaic system using adaptive thresholding method
Ammiche M, Kouadri A, Halabi LM, Guichi A, Mekhilef S
770 - 779 Ag-induced synthesis of three dimensionally ordered macroporous anatase/rutile homojunction for solar light-driven Z-scheme photocatalysis
Zhang YY, Wang LL, Yu SG, Jiang HY, Yun YL, Sun YW, Shi JS
780 - 785 The effect of solution process control on the formation of the alpha-FAPbI(3) perovskite: FAPbI(3) versus MAPbI(3) solar cells
Mozaffari M, Behjat A, Mirjalili BF
786 - 792 Ultra-fast plasmonic back reflectors production for light trapping in thin Si solar cells
Araujo A, Mendes MJ, Mateus T, Costa J, Nunes D, Fortunato E, Aguas H, Martins R
793 - 802 Influence of process parameters on the properties of pulsed laser deposited CuIn(0.7)Ga(0.3)Se(2 )thin films
Nicolaou C, Zacharia A, Itskos G, Giapintzakis J
803 - 814 Novel design of plasmonic and dielectric antireflection coatings to enhance the efficiency of perovskite solar cells
Abdelraouf OAM, Shaker A, Allam NK
815 - 825 A novel blanket annealing process to achieve highly transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO thin films: Its mechanism and application in perovskite solar cells
Ghosh S, Mallick A, Dou B, Van Hest MFAM, Garner SM, Basak D
826 - 836 New low-cost solar tracking system based on open source hardware for educational purposes
Carballo JA, Bonilla J, Roca L, Berenguel M
837 - 847 Deploying effectively dispatchable PV on reservoirs: Comparing floating PV to other renewable technologies
Perez M, Perez R, Ferguson CR, Schlemmer J
848 - 854 An improved analytical solution for MPP parameters of photovoltaic cells
Wang SN, Chen QG, Gao WG
855 - 865 Experimental and dimensional study of the draining process in drainback solar thermal systems
Jimenez PC, Louvet Y, Fraisse G, Vajen K, Leconte A, Bonnaz OO, Wurtz E
866 - 877 Steady-state and dynamic validation of a parabolic trough collector model using the ThermoCycle Modelica library
Desideri A, Dickes R, Bonilla J, Valenzuela L, Quoilin S, Lemort V
878 - 887 Parameter optimization of solar air collectors with holes on baffle and analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics
Hu JJ, Liu KT, Ma L, Sun XS
888 - 896 Facile fabrication of hyper-branched TiO2 hollow spheres for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Marandi M, Bayat S
897 - 900 Performance improvement of perovskite solar cells using electron and hole transport layers
Chen GS, Chen YC, Lee CT, Lee HY
901 - 911 Energy rating estimation of PV module technologies for different climatic conditions
Bora B, Kumar R, Sastry OS, Prasad B, Mondal S, Tripathi AK
912 - 922 Numerical model of solar external receiver tubes: Influence of mechanical boundary conditions and temperature variation in thermoelastic stresses
Montoya A, Rodriguez-Sanchez MR, Lopez-Puente J, Santana D
923 - 932 Robust performance of photovoltaic/wind/grid based large electricity consumer
Farham H, Mohammadian L, Alipour H, Pouladi J
933 - 939 Photoelectric performance and stability comparison of MAPbI(3) and FAPbI(3) perovskite solar cells
Wei QB, Zi W, Yang Z, Yang D
940 - 956 A novel evaluation index for the photovoltaic maximum power point tracker techniques
Eltamaly AM, Farh HMH, Othman MF
957 - 966 Thermal impact of adhesive-mounted rooftop PV on underlying roof shingles
Shukla N, Watts A, Honeker C, Hill M, Kosny J
967 - 975 Cost and energy analysis of a grid-tie solar system synchronized with utility and fossil fuel generation with major Issues for the attenuation of solar power in Pakistan
Sultan M, Wu JY, Aleem FE, Imran M
976 - 990 Photovoltaic generation forecast for power transmission scheduling: A real case study
Pierro M, De Felice M, Maggioni E, Moser D, Perotto A, Spada F, Cornaro C
991 - 998 Cyclopentadithiophene-cored non-fullerene acceptors for efficient polymer solar cells with superior stability
Tang CQ, Chen SC, Tang YB, Ma W, Zheng QD
999 - 1007 Improvement in performance of N3 sensitized DSSCs with structurally simple aniline based organic co-sensitizers
Naik P, Abdellah IM, Abdel-Shakour M, Su R, Keremane KS, El-Shafei A, Adhikari AV
1008 - 1015 Concentrator In2O3:F/(n(+)pp(+))c-Si/Al solar cells with Al-alloyed BSF and Ag-free multi-wire metallization using transparent conductive polymers
Untila GG, Kost TN, Chebotareva AB
1016 - 1018 Sustainable living education: Techniques to help advance the renewable energy transformation
Middleton P
1019 - 1025 In-situ Cl- ions formation during photocatalytic reaction of platinized nanocomposite for hydrogen generation
Chilkalwar AA, Mangrulkar PA, Moinuddin AA, Penumaka N, Rayalu SS
1026 - 1034 Three-phase multilevel inverter for grid-connected distributed photovoltaic systems based in three three-phase two-level inverters
Pires VF, Cordeiro A, Foito D, Silva JF
1035 - 1043 Solar activation of TiO2 intensified with graphene for degradation of Bisphenol-A in water
Monteagudo JM, Duran A, Chatzisyrneon E, San Martin I, Naranjo S
1044 - 1052 Investigation and analysis of thermo-mechanical degradation of fingers in a photovoltaic module under thermal cyclic stress conditions
Kumar S, Gupta R
1053 - 1057 Enhanced low-gap thermophotovoltaic cell efficiency for a wide temperature range based on a selective meta-material emitter
Bendelala F, Cheknane A, Hilal H
1058 - 1067 Performance and economic analyses on solar-assisted heat pump fluidised bed dryer integrated with biomass furnace for rice drying
Yahya M, Fahmi H, Fudholi A, Sopian K
1068 - 1077 An unsupervised method for identifying local PV shading based on AC power and regional irradiance data
Bognar A, Loonen RCGM, Valckenborg RME, Hensen JLM
1078 - 1084 Experimental investigation of charge transfer, charge extraction, and charge carrier concentration in P3HT:PBD-DT-DPP:PC70BM ternary blend photovoltaics
Rao AD, Murali MG, Kesavan AV, Ramamurthy PC
1085 - 1096 Aggregation induced light harvesting of molecularly engineered D-A-pi-A carbazole dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Hemavathi B, Jayadev V, Pradhan SC, Gokul G, Jagadish K, Chandrashekara GK, Ramamurthy PC, Pai RK, Unni KNN, Ahipa TN, Soman S, Balakrishna RG
1097 - 1125 A comprehensive review on counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells: A special focus on Pt-TCO free counter electrodes
Ahmed U, Alizadeh M, Abd Rahim N, Shahabuddin S, Ahmed MS, Pandey AK
1126 - 1132 Design and performance evaluation of a high-temperature cavity receiver for a 2-stage dish concentrator
Yang S, Wang J, Lund PD, Jiang C, Huang BK
1133 - 1141 Solution-processed Sr-doped NiOx as hole transport layer for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
Zhang JK, Mao WJ, Hou X, Duan JJ, Zhou JP, Huang SM, Wei OY, Zhan XH, Sun Z, Chen XH
1142 - 1152 Impact of aerosols on the spatiotemporal variability of photovoltaic energy production in the Euro-Mediterranean area
Gutierrez C, Somot S, Nabat P, Mallet M, Gaertner MA, Perpinan O
1153 - 1162 Bayesian inference based MPPT for dynamic irradiance conditions
Lefevre B, Herteleer B, De Breucker S, Driesen J
1163 - 1168 Thermal analysis of triple and quadruple windows using partitioning radiant energy veils (TM) with different physical and optical properties
Sadooghi P, Kherani NP
1169 - 1184 Optical, 2D thermal modeling and exergy analysis applied for performance prediction of a solar PTC
Mansour K, Boudries R, Dizene R
1185 - 1197 A spatio-temporal city-scale assessment of residential photovoltaic power integration scenarios
Litjens GBMA, Kausika BB, Worrell E, van Sark WGJHM
1198 - 1211 Optimizing dispatch for a concentrated solar power tower
Wagner MJ, Hamilton WT, Newman A, Dent J, Diep C, Braun R
1212 - 1223 Vacuum enclosures for solar thermal panels Part 1: Fabrication and hot-box testing
Arya F, Moss R, Hyde T, Shire S, Henshall P, Eames P
1224 - 1236 Vacuum enclosures for solar thermal panels Part 2: Transient testing with an uncooled absorber plate
Arya F, Moss R, Hyde T, Shire S, Henshall P, Eames P
1237 - 1251 Numerical coupling model to compute the microclimate parameters inside a street canyon Part I: Methodology and experimental validation of surface temperature
Athamena K, Sini JF, Rosant JM, Guilhot J
1252 - 1262 A study of granular flow through horizontal wire mesh screens for concentrated solar power particle heating receiver applications - Part II: Parametric model predictions
Sandlin M, Abdel-Khalik SI