Solar Energy

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1 - 9 Environmental and nanomechanical testing of an alternative polymer nanocomposite greenhouse covering material
Kavga A, Souliotis M, Koumoulos EP, Fokaides PA, Charitidis CA
10 - 19 Influence of solar field recirculation on medium-size CSP performance
Migliari L, Cocco D, Puddu P
20 - 36 Aperture size adjustment using model based adaptive control strategy to regulate temperature in a solar receiver
Najafabadi HA, Ozalp N
37 - 43 Heat loss analysis from a trapezoidal cavity receiver in LFR system using conduction-radiation model
Mohan S, Saxena A, Singh S
44 - 54 Modelling the efficiency of a nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collector
O'Keeffe GJ, Mitchell SL, Myers TG, Cregan V
55 - 65 Experimental and numerical investigations of the thermal behavior of small solar ponds with wall shading effect
Khalilian M
66 - 77 Solar furnace temperature control with active cooling
Costa BA, Lemos JM, Guillot E
78 - 87 Enhanced leader particle swarm optimisation (ELPSO): An efficient algorithm for parameter estimation of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules
Jordehi AR
88 - 96 Effect of growth temperature on large surface area, ultrathin MoS2 nanofilms fabrication and photovoltaic efficiency
Bai H, Ma J, Wang F, Zhou BZ, Li Y, Yuan YJ, Zhang KL
97 - 112 Interval prediction of solar power using an Improved Bootstrap method
Li KW, Wang R, Lei HT, Zhang T, Liu YJ, Zheng XK
113 - 124 Pigmented glazed ceramic roof tiles in Brazil: Thermal and optical properties related to solar reflectance index
Schabbach LM, Marinoski DL, Guths S, Bernardin AM, Fredel MC
125 - 133 A novel strategy of inducing solar absorption and accelerating heat release for cooling asphalt pavement
Du YF, Han Z, Chen JQ, Liu WZ
134 - 141 Backstepping based non-linear control for maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic system
Naghmash, Armghan H, Ahmad I, Armghan A, Khan S, Arsalan M
142 - 148 CH3NH3PbI3/GeSe bilayer heterojunction solar cell with high performance
Hou GJ, Wang DL, Ali R, Zhou YR, Zhu ZG, Su G
149 - 156 Periodically patterned micro-cone textures as high-efficiency light harvesting structure for broadband absorption enhancement in thin film silicon solar cells
Chen PZ, Niu PJ, Yu LY, Zhang JJ, Fan QH, Ning PF, Hou GF
157 - 172 Identification of PV system shading using a LiDAR-based solar resource assessment model: An evaluation and cross-validation
Lingfors D, Killinger S, Engerer NA, Widen J, Bright JM
173 - 185 Fluorine- and tin-doped indium oxide films grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis: Characterization and application in bifacial silicon concentrator solar cells
Untila GG, Kost TN, Chebotareva AB
186 - 196 Yearly thermal performances of solar heating plants in Denmark - Measured and calculated
Furbo S, Dragsted J, Perers B, Andersen E, Bava F, Nielsen KP
197 - 211 Transient melting of an impure paraffin wax in a double-pipe heat exchanger: Effect of forced convective flow of the heat transfer fluid
Tabassum T, Hasan M, Begum L
212 - 225 Multiple nonlinear regression model for predicting the optical performances of dielectric crossed compound parabolic concentrator (dCCPC)
Tian M, Su YH
226 - 233 Novel MgCl2-KCl/expanded graphite/graphite paper composite phase change blocks with high thermal conductivity and large latent heat
Liu JW, Xie M, Ling ZY, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
234 - 242 Design and commissioning of a virtual image solar simulator for testing thermal collectors
Moss RW, Shire GSF, Eames PC, Henshall P, Hyde T, Arya F
243 - 250 Novel battery/photovoltaic hybrid power source for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Fathabadi H
251 - 259 Photocatalytic, self-cleaning, antireflective coating for photovoltaic panels: Characterization and monitoring in real conditions
Arabatzis I, Todorova N, Fasaki I, Tsesmeli C, Peppas A, Li WX, Zhao ZW
260 - 269 Performance of CZTSSe thin film solar cells fabricated using a sulfo-selenization process: Influence of the Cu composition
Chalapathy RBV, Gang MG, Hong CW, Kim JH, Jang JS, Yun JH, Kim JH
270 - 282 Development and prototype testing of MgCl2/graphite foam latent heat thermal energy storage system
Singh D, Yu WH, Zhao WH, Kim T, France DM, Smith RK
283 - 290 Density functional theory study on ruthenium dyes and dye@TiO2 assemblies for dye sensitized solar cell applications
Chitumalla RK, Jang J
291 - 299 A novel MPPT method for photovoltaic application under partial shaded conditions
Chaieb H, Sakly A
300 - 305 Electrochemical deposition of PbI2 for perovskite solar cells
Li WX, Yang JY, Jiang QH, Li RZ, Zhao L
306 - 317 Robust cloud motion estimation by spatio-temporal correlation analysis of irradiance data
Jamaly M, Kleissl J
318 - 328 The influence of snow and ice coverage on the energy generation from photovoltaic solar cells
Andenaes E, Jelle BP, Ramlo K, Kolas T, Selj J, Foss SE
329 - 336 A perfect absorber design using a natural hyperbolic material for harvesting solar energy
Wang ZL, Zhang ZM, Quan XJ, Cheng P
337 - 345 Determining the value of cooling in photovoltaics for enhanced energy yield
Duck BC, Fell CJ, Anderson KF, Sacchetta C, Du YP, Zhu YG
346 - 352 Experimental investigation of dust deposition effects on photo-voltaic output performance
Gholami A, Khazaee I, Eslami S, Zandi M, Akrami E
353 - 368 A high-performance control scheme for photovoltaic pumping system under sudden irradiance and load changes
Talbi B, Krim F, Rekioua T, Mekhilef S, Laib A, Belaout A
369 - 374 Synthesis, characterization and thermal property of {Cu-3(PO4)(2)center dot 2H(2)O; Na3PO4; NaHSO4 center dot H2O}
Swain T
375 - 389 Minimizing storage needs for large scale photovoltaics in the urban environment
Freitas S, Reinhart C, Brito MC
390 - 404 Involving occupants in net-zero-energy solar housing retrofits: An Australian sub-tropical case study
Miller W, Liu LA, Amin Z, Gray M
405 - 414 A comprehensive study on the effect of hot water demand and PCM integration on the performance of SDHW system
Shirinbakhsh M, Mirkhani N, Sajadi B
415 - 422 Life cycle assessment of the 3.2 kW cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic system in composite climate of India
Rajput P, Singh YK, Tiwari GN, Sastry OS, Dubey S, Pandey K
423 - 433 Epigrammatic status and perspective of sequestration of carbon dioxide: Role of TiO2 as photocatalyst
Kumar S, Jain S, Lamba BY, Kumar P
434 - 443 Synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic property of Ni doped ZnS nanoparticles
Jothibas M, Manoharan C, Jeyakumar SJ, Praveen P, Punithavathy IK, Richard JP
444 - 452 Performance enhancement of thin-film silicon solar cells by development of core component layers
Cho JS, Jang E, Lim D, Ahn S, Yoo J, Park JH, Kim K, Yun JH, Choi B
453 - 457 High frequency generation of coupled GHI and DNI based on clustered Dynamic Paths
Peruchena CF, Larraneta M, Blanco M, Bernardos A
458 - 464 Effect of titanium chelate as a function of thickness on the electron mobility and electron transport and collection efficiency
Niu SL, Liu ZY, Wang N
465 - 474 Bifacial color realization for a-Si:H solar cells using transparent multilayered electrodes
Kim G, Lim JW, Shin M, Yun SJ
475 - 487 Experimental investigation of observed defects in crystalline silicon PV modules under outdoor hot dry climatic conditions in Algeria
Bouraiou A, Hamouda M, Chaker A, Necaibia A, Mostefaoui M, Boutasseta N, Ziane A, Dabou R, Sahouane N, Lachtar S
488 - 500 Investigation of factors affecting condensation on soiled PV modules
Figgis B, Nouviaire A, Wubulikasimu Y, Javed W, Guo B, Ait-Mokhtar A, Belarbi R, Ahzi S, Remond Y, Ennaoui A
501 - 509 Thermal energy storage evaluation in direct steam generation solar plants
Prieto C, Rodriguez A, Patino D, Cabeza LF
510 - 518 In-situ prediction of focal flux distribution for concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system using inverse heat transfer technique for effective design of receiver
Reddy KS, Singh NP, Somasundharam S
519 - 530 Potential of cascaded phase change materials in enhancing the performance of solar domestic hot water systems
Teamah HM, Lightstone MF, Cotton JS
531 - 537 Use of fumed silica nanoparticles to attain polymer free novel quasi-solid state electrolyte for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Senevirathne AMC, Seneviratne VA, Ileperuma OA
538 - 547 Fast Quasi-Static Time-Series (QSTS) for yearlong PV impact studies using vector quantization
Deboever J, Grijalva S, Reno MJ, Broderick RJ
548 - 560 Enhanced photocatalytic activity and photoresponse of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofibers decorated with gold nanoparticle under visible light
Ghosh S, Mallik AK, Basu RN
561 - 571 Hybrid transpired solar collector updraft tower
Eryener D, Kuscu H
572 - 578 Compositional dependence of photovoltaic properties of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin film solar cell: Experiment and simulation
He J, Lu XS, Li XR, Dong YC, Yue FY, Chen Y, Sun L, Yang PX, Chu JH
579 - 587 Experimental investigation on a novel air-cooled single effect LiBr-H2O absorption chiller with adiabatic flash evaporator and adiabatic absorber for residential application
Chen JF, Dai YJ, Wang HB, Wang RZ
588 - 600 Limitations for the feed-in power of residential photovoltaic systems in Germany - An overview of the regulatory framework
Ruf H
601 - 615 Spatial and temporal patterns as well as major influencing factors of global and diffuse Horizontal Irradiance over China: 1960-2014
Wang H, Sun FB, Liu WB
616 - 627 Importance of natural convection on numerical modelling of the building integrated PVP/PCM systems
Ezan MA, Yuksel C, Alptekin E, Yilanci A
628 - 637 Performance characteristics of a new hybrid solar cooker with air duct
Saxena A, Agarwal N
638 - 649 Mathematical model for designing a light redirecting prismatic panel
Mashaly IA, Nassar K, El-Haggar S
650 - 664 Optimal parameter design of fractional order control based INC-MPPT for PV system
Al-Dhaifallah M, Nassef AM, Rezk H, Nisar KS
665 - 681 Low voltage ride-through capability control for single-stage inverter-based grid-connected photovoltaic power plant
Al-Shetwi AQ, Sujod MZ, Blaabjerg F
682 - 696 A review on electrical characterization techniques performed to study the device performance of quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Kusuma J, Balakrishna RG
697 - 703 Effect of annealing temperature on the structural and solar heat shielding performance of NiTiO3 nanopowder
Tursun R, Tan J, Yu QS, Su YC, Xiao LH
704 - 709 Heterojunction solar cells with asymmetrically carrier-selective contact structure of molybdenum-oxide/silicon/magnesium-oxide
Yu J, Fu YM, Zhu LQ, Yang ZH, Yang X, Ding L, Zeng YH, Yan BJ, Tang J, Gao PQ, Ye JC
710 - 721 Multistory building envelope: Creative design and enhanced performance
Hachem-Vermette C
722 - 732 Comparative approach to the performance of direct and indirect solar drying of sludge from sewage plants, experimental and theoretical evaluation
Ameri B, Hanini S, Benhamou A, Chibane D
733 - 741 Leaf-structure patterning for antireflective and self-cleaning surfaces on Si-based solar cells
Huang ZJ, Cai CC, Kuai L, Li TH, Huttula M, Cao W
742 - 750 Energy and exergy analyses of photovoltaic thermal collector with del-groove
Fudholi A, Zohri M, Jin GL, Ibrahim A, Yen CH, Othman MY, Ruslan MH, Sopian K
751 - 759 Excellent dispersion and charge separation of SrTiO3-TiO2 nanotube derived from a two-step hydrothermal process for facilitating hydrogen evolution under sunlight irradiation
Su EC, Huang BS, Lee JT, Wey MY
760 - 767 A combined thermophotovoltaic-thermoelectric energy converter
Chubb DL, Good BS
768 - 776 Simple and effective methods to match photovoltaic power generation to the grid load profile for a PV based energy system
Krauter S
777 - 785 Experimental study of using phase change material cooling in a solar tracking concentrated photovoltaic-thermal system
Su Y, Zhang YZ, Shu LJ
786 - 793 High-efficiency perovskite solar cells based on MAI(PbI2)(1-x)(FeCl2)(x) absorber layers
Cai QB, Li HT, Jiang YX, Tu LM, Ma L, Wu XJ, Yang SE, Shi ZF, Zang JH, Chen YS
794 - 799 Lead iodide as a buffer layer in UV-induced degradation of CH3NH3PbI3 films
Melvin AA, Stoichkov VD, Kettle J, Mogilyansky D, Katz EA, Visoly-Fisher I
800 - 810 Carbon fabric based solar steam generation for waste water treatment
Higgins MW, Rahmaan ARS, Devarapalli RR, Shelke MV, Jha N
811 - 819 Optimal control applied to distributed solar collector fields with partial radiation
Navas SJ, Rubio FR, Ollero P, Lemos JM
820 - 833 Techno-economic analysis of solar stills using integrated fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and data envelopment analysis
Rufuss DDW, Kumar VR, Suganthi L, Iniyan S, Davies PA
834 - 840 Characterisation of SnSe thin films fabricated by chemical molecular beam deposition for use in thin film solar cells
Razykova TM, Boltaev GS, Bosio A, Ergashev B, Kouchkarov KM, Mamarasulov NK, Mavlonov AA, Romeo A, Romeo N, Tursunkulov OM, Yuldoshov R
841 - 851 Assessment viability of a concentrating photovoltaic/thermal-energy cogeneration system (CPV/T) with storage for a textile industry application
Ben Youssef W, Maatallah T, Menezo C, Ben Nasrallah S
852 - 867 Intra-hour direct normal irradiance forecasting through adaptive clear-sky modelling and cloud tracking
Bone V, Pidgeon J, Kearney M, Veeraragavan A
868 - 881 CPV solar cell modeling and metallization optimization
Gupta DK, Barink M, Langelaar M
882 - 897 Long-term EVA degradation simulation: Climatic zones comparison and possible revision of accelerated tests
Gagliardi M, Paggi M
898 - 907 Solar drying of Stevia (Rebaudiana Bertoni) leaves using direct and indirect technologies
Tellez MC, Figueroa IP, Tellez BC, Vidana ECL, Ortiz AL
908 - 913 Optical filter design applied to photovoltaic modules to maximize energy production
Heideier RB, Gimenes ALV, Udaeta MEM, Saidel MA
914 - 919 The influence of perovskite layer and hole transport material on the temperature stability about perovskite solar cells
Zheng HY, Liu GZ, Zhang CN, Zhu LZ, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Pan X, Dai SY
920 - 929 Template assisted nanoporous TiO2 nanoparticles: The effect of oxygen vacancy defects on photovoltaic performance of DSSC and QDSSC
Das TK, Ilaiyaraja P, Sudakar C
930 - 939 Structural, optical and electrical impacts of marcasite in pyrite thin films
Moon DG, Rehan S, Lim SY, Nam D, Seo I, Gwak J, Cheong H, Cho YS, Lee Y, Ahn S
940 - 946 Structural and chemical evolution of the CdS:O window layer during individual CdTe solar cell processing steps
Abbas A, Meysing DM, Reese MO, Barnes TM, Walls JM, Wolden CA
947 - 961 A novel autonomous PV powered desalination system based on a DC microgrid concept incorporating short-term energy storage
Karavas CS, Arvanitis KG, Kyriakarakos G, Piromalis DD, Papadakis G
962 - 965 A first estimate for a pressure retarded osmosis-driven thermosyphon
Arias FJ
966 - 983 Thermal performance improvement of a solar air heater fitted with winglet vortex generators
Chamoli S, Lu RX, Xu DH, Yu P
984 - 991 Experimental determination of effective concentration ratio for solar box cookers using thermal tests
Sagade AA, Samdarshi SK, Panja PS
992 - 1002 Design and optimization of an ammonia synthesis system for ammonia-based solar thermochemical energy storage
Chen C, Lovegrove KM, Sepulveda A, Lavine AS
1003 - 1015 Sizing of a standalone photovoltaic water pumping system using hybrid multi-criteria decision making methods
Muhsen DH, Khatib T, Abdulabbas TE
1016 - 1030 Application of a single wire-mesh sensor in a parabolic trough facility with direct steam generation
Hoffmann A, Schleicher E, Keller L, Alonso JL, Pitz-Paal R
1031 - 1036 Analyzing wind cleaning process on the accumulated dust on solar photovoltaic (PV) modules on flat surfaces
Jiang Y, Lu L, Ferro AR, Ahmadi G
1037 - 1046 Optimization of the Sudoku based reconfiguration technique for PV arrays power enhancement under mutual shading conditions
Horoufiany M, Ghandehari R