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1 - 12 Growth and characterization of dual ion beam sputtered Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)(4) thin films for cost-effective photovoltaic application
Sengar BS, Garg V, Awasthi V, Aaryashree, Kumar S, Mukherjee C, Gupta M, Mukherjee S
13 - 18 Comparison of high efficiency flexible CdTe solar cells on different substrates at low temperature deposition
Salavei A, Menossi D, Piccinelli F, Kumar A, Mariotto G, Barbato M, Meneghini M, Meneghesso G, Di Mare S, Artegiani E, Romeo A
19 - 22 Suggestion for using the thermal stable thermoelectric glasses as a strategy for improvement of photovoltaic system efficiency: Seebeck coefficients of tellurite-vanadate glasses containing antimony oxide
Souri D
23 - 28 Lipid derived diamide phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage
Floros MC, Kaller KLC, Poopalam KD, Narine SS
29 - 35 Cu(In,Ga)S-2 absorber layer prepared for thin film solar cell by electrodeposition of Cu-Ga precursor from deep eutectic solvent
Cao Z, Yang S, Wang M, Huang XP, Li HX, Yi J, Zhong JX
36 - 46 Vacuum evaluation of parabolic trough receiver tubes in a 50 MW concentrated solar power plant
Espinosa-Rueda G, Hermoso JLN, Martiez-Sanz N, Gallas-Torreira M
47 - 57 Resource assessment for hybrid solar-biomass power plant and its thermodynamic evaluation in India
Sahoo U, Kumar R, Pant PC, Chaudhary R
58 - 67 Optimization of process parameters to achieve spectrally selective TiAlC/TiAlCN/TiAlSiCN/TiAlSiCO/TiAlSiO high temperature solar absorber coating
Jyothi J, Latha S, Bera P, Nagaraja HS, Barshilia HC
68 - 80 Experimental analysis of the effect of dust's physical properties on photovoltaic modules in Northern Oman
Kazem HA, Chaichan MT
81 - 84 Single stage high gain charge pump assisted micro-inverter
Zhao B, Abramovitz A
85 - 99 Shadow-band radiometer measurement of diffuse solar irradiance: Calculation of geometrical and total correction factors
de Simon-Martin M, Diez-Mediavilla M, Alonso-Tristan C
A1 - A1 A hybrid grid connected PV battery energy storage system with power quality improvement (Retraction of Vol 125, Pg 180, 2015)
Ahmad T
100 - 107 Novel high efficiency quadruple junction solar cell with current matching and quantum efficiency simulations
Hossain MJ, Tiwari B, Bhattacharya I
108 - 115 Modeling and optimization of the feedstock melting for industrial photovoltaic multi-crystalline silicon ingot
Li JD, Chen YF, Hong RJ
116 - 129 Irradiance prediction intervals for PV stochastic generation in microgrid applications
Scolari E, Sossan F, Paolone M
130 - 141 Predictive current control in multifunctional grid connected inverter interfaced by PV system
Boukezata B, Gaubert JP, Chaoui A, Hachemi M
142 - 148 Experimental verification of the rate of charge improvement using photovoltaic MPPT hardware for the battery and ultracapacitor storage devices
Rajani SV, Pandya VJ
149 - 156 Design and optimization of spectral beamsplitter for hybrid thermoelectric-photovoltaic concentrated solar energy devices
Skjolstrup EJH, Sondergaard T
157 - 170 Multiple-inlet Building Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal system modelling under varying wind and temperature conditions
Rounis ED, Athienitis AK, Stathopoulos T
171 - 178 Validation of a simple dynamic thermal performance characterization model based on the piston flow concept for flat-plate solar collectors
Deng J, Yang M, Ma RJ, Zhu XL, Fan JH, Yuan GF, Wang ZF
179 - 189 Efficiency determination of tubular solar receivers in central receiver systems
Ebert M, Benitez D, Roger M, Korzynietz R, Brioso JA
190 - 198 Effect of polyelectrolyte interlayer on efficiency and stability of p-i-n perovskite solar cells
Yang HF, Zhang JC, Zhang CF, Chang JJ, Lin ZH, Chen DZ, Sun X, Xi H, Han GQ, Hao Y
199 - 212 Optimization of a PV fed water pumping system without storage based on teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm and artificial neural network
Elkholy MM, Fathy A
213 - 220 Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy approach for power optimization in standalone photovoltaic systems
Palaniswamy AM, Srinivasan K
221 - 227 Forster resonance energy transfer and energy cascade with a favorable small molecule in ternary polymer solar cells
Xing S, Wang HY, Zheng YF, Yu JS
228 - 237 Power generation quality analysis and geometric optimization for solar chimney power plants
Li JL, Guo HJ, Huang SH
238 - 248 Chemically deposited cubic SnS thin films for solar cell applications
Chalapathi U, Poornaprakash B, Park SH
249 - 257 Experimental investigations on heat content of supercooled sodium acetate trihydrate by a simple heat loss method
Kong WQ, Dannemand M, Johansen JB, Fan JH, Dragsted J, Englmair G, Furbo S
258 - 265 TiO2-chabazite semiconductor composites for photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine under sunlight irradiation
Ramirez-Aparicio J, Samaniego-Benitez JE, Ramirez-Bon R
266 - 277 Thermodynamic performances of a solar driven adsorption system
Islam MP, Morimoto T
278 - 289 Photothermal conversion efficiency of nanofluids: An experimental and numerical study
Jin HC, Lin GP, Bai LZ, Amjad M, Bandarra EP, Wen DS
290 - 296 Humidity controlled sol-gel Zr/TiO2 with optimized band alignment for efficient planar perovskite solar cells
Bu TL, Wen M, Zou HY, Wu JQ, Zhou P, Li WN, Ku ZL, Peng Y, Li Q, Huang FZ, Cheng YB, Zhong J
297 - 308 Energy analysis of solar blind system concept using energy system modelling
Vadiee A, Yaghoubi M, Martin V, Bazargan-Lari Y
309 - 317 Prospects and challenges of perovskite type transparent conductive oxides in photovoltaic applications. Part II - Synthesis and deposition
Riza MA, Ibrahim MA, Ahamefula UC, Teridi MAM, Ludin NA, Sepeai S, Sopian K
318 - 327 Micro- and electronic structure optimization of Ru-doped TiO2 electrodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Lu WH, Chou CS, Chen CY, Wu P
328 - 336 Concentrated solar radiation aided energy efficient protocol for oxidation of alcohol using biodegradable task specific ionic liquid-choline peroxydisulfate
Gadilohar BL, Deshpande SS, Pinjari DV, Shankarling GS
337 - 354 An advanced solution to boost sun-to-electricity efficiency of parabolic dish
Giostri A, Macchi E
355 - 364 Novel Fe-2(MoO4)(3)/g-C3N4 heterojunction for efficient contaminant removal and hydrogen production under visible light irradiation
Yu JX, Nong QY, Jiang XL, Liu XZ, Wu Y, He YM
365 - 380 Coupling 2D thermal and 3D optical model for performance prediction of a parabolic trough solar collector
Huang WD, Xu Q, Hu P
381 - 388 Shading-induced failure in thin-film photovoltaic modules: Electrothermal simulation with nonuniformities
Nardone M, Dahal S, Waddle JM
389 - 397 A novel experimental method to study metal vapor condensation/oxidation: Mg in CO and CO2 at reduced pressures
Hischier I, Chubukov BA, Wallace MA, Fisher RP, Palumbo AW, Rowe SC, Groehn AJ, Weimer AW
398 - 411 A 1.2 MWth solar parabolic trough system based on air as heat transfer fluid at 500 degrees C - Engineering design, modelling, construction, and testing
Good P, Ambrosetti G, Pedretti A, Steinfeld A
412 - 425 Potential advantages of a multifunctional complex fenestration system with embedded micro-mirrors in daylighting
Gong J, Kostro A, Motamed A, Schueler A
426 - 432 A simple method to evaluate the effectiveness of encapsulation materials for perovskite solar cells
Wilderspin TJ, De Rossi F, Watson TM
433 - 443 Design and performance of a small-scale solar ice-maker based on a DC-freezer and an adaptive control unit
Torres-Toledo V, Meissner K, Taschner P, Martinez-Ballester S, Muller J
444 - 451 Photodegradation of orange G by the hetero-junction x%Bi2S3/TiO2 under solar light
Boumaza S, Bellal B, Boudjemaa A, Trani M
452 - 457 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 using nanostructured Cu2O with foam-like structure
Ovcharov ML, Mishura AM, Shcherban ND, Filonenko SM, Granchak VM
458 - 466 Color tunable nanopaper solar cells using hybrid CH3NH3PbI3-xBrx perovskite
Jung MH, Park NM, Lee SY
467 - 474 Degradation modeling of satellite thermal control coatings in a low earth orbit environment
Liu TY, Sun Q, Meng JR, Pan ZQ, Tang YZ
475 - 483 Silver nanoparticle plasmonic effects on hole-transport material-free mesoporous heterojunction perovskite solar cells
Nourolahi H, Behjat A, Zarch SMMH, Bolorizadeh MA
484 - 488 Efficient inverted-type perovskite solar cells using UV-ozone treated MoOx and WOx as hole transporting layers
Tseng ZL, Chen LC, Chiang CH, Chang SH, Chen CC, Wu CG
489 - 505 A method for obtaining the I-V curve of photovoltaic arrays from module voltages and its applications for MPP tracking
Spertino F, Ahmad J, Di Leo P, Ciocia A
506 - 517 Design and implementation of a solar plant and irrigation system with remote monitoring and remote control infrastructures
Kabalci Y, Kabalci E, Canbaz R, Calpbinici A
518 - 523 Manipulating multicrystalline grain size in CH3NH3PbI3 thin films for application in photovoltaics
Chen CC, Chang SH, Chen LC, Cheng HM, Tseng ZL, Wu CG
524 - 532 The morphological stability and fuel production of commercial fibrous ceria particles for solar thermochemical redox cycling
Gladen AC, Davidson JH
533 - 546 Performance characteristics of a perforated shadow band in the presence of cloud
Brooks MJ, von Backstrom TW, van Dyk E
547 - 556 Understanding structure-property correlation of metal free organic dyes using interfacial electron transfer measurements
Panicker JS, Balan B, Soman S, Nair VC
557 - 568 Assessment and control of a photovoltaic energy storage system based on the robust sliding mode MPPT controller
Yatimi H, Aroudam E
569 - 580 Thermal modelling and experimental validation of hot spot in crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for real outdoor condition
Rajput P, Tiwari GN, Sastry OS
581 - 590 Influence of local shunting on the electrical performance in industrial Silicon solar cells
Somasundaran P, Gupta R
591 - 598 Fabrication and characterization of microcapsulated phase change materials with an additional function of thermochromic performance
Wang H, Luo J, Yang YY, Zhao L, Song GL, Tang GY
599 - 607 Degradation analysis of thin film photovoltaic modules under outdoor long term exposure in Spanish continental climate conditions
Silvestre S, Kichou S, Guglielminotti L, Nofuentes G, Alonso-Abella M
608 - 621 Modified geometry of line-focus collectors with round absorbers by means of the inverse MCRT method
Serrano-Aguilera JJ, Valenzuela L, Fernandez-Reche J
622 - 632 Multi-objective optimization of a residential solar thermal combisystem
Rey A, Zmeureanu R
633 - 639 Predicting intra-hour variability of solar irradiance using hourly local weather forecasts
Huang J, Davy RJ
640 - 649 Dual-loop H-infinity controller design for a grid-connected single-phase photovoltaic system
Chowdhury MA
650 - 665 DC/AC conversion efficiency of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters in central Mexico
Rodrigo PM, Velazquez R, Fernandez EF
666 - 675 Design of a cost-effective wind/photovoltaic/hydrogen energy system for supplying a desalination unit by a heuristic approach
Maleki A, Pourfayaz F, Ahmadi MH
676 - 694 Exploitation of thermochemical cycles based on solid oxide redox systems for thermochemical storage of solar heat. Part 5: Testing of porous ceramic honeycomb and foam cascades based on cobalt and manganese oxides for hybrid sensible/thermochemical heat storage
Agrafiotis C, Becker A, Roeb M, Sattler C
695 - 710 Exploitation of thermochemical cycles based on solid oxide redox systems for thermochemical storage of solar heat. Part 4: Screening of oxides for use in cascaded thermochemical storage concepts
Agrafiotis C, Roeb M, Sattler C
711 - 722 Computations of diffuse fraction of global irradiance: Part 1-Analytical modelling
Tapakis R, Michaelides S, Charalambides AG
723 - 732 Computations of diffuse fraction of global irradiance: Part 2-Neural Networks
Tapakis R, Michaelides S, Charalambides AG
733 - 743 Effective tube-in-tank PCM thermal storage for CSP applications, Part 1: Impact of tube configuration on discharging effectiveness
Belusko M, Tay NHS, Liu M, Bruno F
744 - 756 Effective tube-in-tank PCM thermal storage for CSP applications, Part 2: Parametric assessment and impact of latent fraction
Belusko M, Tay NHS, Liu M, Bruno F
757 - 769 Sunlight availability and potential food and energy self-sufficiency in tropical generic residential districts
Tablada A, Zhao X
770 - 775 Inverted polymer solar cells using CdS fabricated by thermal decomposition of cadmium xanthate precursor as electron transporting layer
Li C, Yang CY, Tong JF, Li JF, Zhang P, Xia YJ
776 - 786 The effect of PV siting on power system flexibility needs
Tabone MD, Goebel C, Callaway DS