Solar Energy

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1 - 14 Improved photon to current conversion in nanostructured TiO2 dye-sensitized solar cells by incorporating cubic BaTiO3 particles deliting incident
Moghaddam HA, Mohammadi MR, Reyhani SMS
15 - 24 The characterisation of crystalline silicon photovoltaic devices using the manufacturer supplied data
Ghani F, Rosengarten G, Duke M
25 - 37 Preliminary survey on site-adaptation techniques for satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation datasets
Polo J, Wilbert S, Ruiz-Arias JA, Meyer R, Gueymard C, Suri M, Martin L, Mieslinger T, Blanc P, Grant I, Boland J, Ineichen P, Remund J, Escobar R, Troccoli A, Sengupta M, Nielsen KP, Renne D, Geuder N, Cebecauer T
38 - 50 Shape optimization of free-form buildings based on solar radiation gain and space efficiency using a multi-objective genetic algorithm in the severe cold zones of China
Zhang LW, Zhang LL, Wang YT
51 - 63 An algorithm for elimination of partial shading effect based on a Theory of Reference PV String
Forcan M, Durisic Z, Mikulovic J
64 - 72 Application of sputtered TiO2 thin films as HRT buffer layer for high efficiency CdS/CdTe solar cells
Hernandez-Rodriguez E, Rejon V, Mis-Fernandez R, Pena JL
73 - 83 An adequate required rate of return for grid-connected PV systems
Del Fabbro B, Valentincic A, Gubina AF
84 - 95 Study of the effect of truncation on the optical and thermal performances of an ICS solar water heater system
Benrejeb R, Helal O, Chaouachi B
96 - 102 Relationship between photovoltaic and diode characteristic parameters in the Sn/p-Si Schottky type photovoltaics
Ozkartal A, Temirci C
103 - 113 Dissecting surface clear sky irradiance bias in numerical weather prediction: Application and corrections to the New Goddard Shortwave Scheme
Zhong XH, Ruiz-Arias JA, Kleissl J
114 - 128 Daylighting performance and glare calculation of a suspended particle device switchable glazing
Ghosh A, Norton B, Duffy A
129 - 142 A novel Grouping Genetic Algorithm-Extreme Learning Machine approach for global solar radiation prediction from numerical weather models inputs
Aybar-Ruiz A, Jimenez-Fernandez S, Cornejo-Bueno L, Casanova-Mateo C, Sanz-Justo J, Salvador-Gonzalez P, Salcedo-Sanz S
143 - 149 Investigation of parasitic absorption and charge carrier recombination losses in plasmonic silicon solar cells using quantum efficiency and impedance spectroscopy
Thouti E, Komarala VK
150 - 164 Evaluation of uniformity of solar illumination on the receiver of compound parabolic concentrator (CPC)
Ustaoglu A, Alptekin M, Okajima J, Maruyama S
165 - 172 Physical device modeling of CdTe ultrathin film solar cells
Kuhn L, Reggiani U, Sandrolini L, Gorji NE
173 - 187 A statistical approach for hourly photovoltaic power generation modeling with generation locations without measured data
Ekstrom J, Koivisto M, Millar J, Mellin I, Lehtonen M
188 - 202 Theoretical elements for the design of a small scale Linear Fresnel Reflector: Frontal and lateral views
Barbon A, Barbon N, Bayon L, Otero JA
203 - 213 Optical analysis of glass bead retro-reflective materials for urban heat island mitigation
Yuan JH, Emura K, Sakai H, Farnham C, Lu SQ
214 - 220 Balancing surface area with electron recombination in nanowire-based dye-sensitized solar cells
Li LP, Xu C, Zhao Y, Ziegler KJ
221 - 235 High PV penetration impacts on five local distribution networks using high resolution solar resource assessment with sky imager and quasi-steady state distribution system simulations
Nguyen A, Velay M, Schoen J, Zheglov V, Kurtz B, Murray K, Torre B, Kleissl J
236 - 246 Identifying statistical properties of solar radiation models by using information criteria
Linguet L, Pousset Y, Olivier C
247 - 256 Analysis on the performance of a flat-plate volumetric solar collector using blended plasmonic nanofluid
Jeon J, Park S, Lee BJ
257 - 266 Copper-alloyed spinel black oxides and tandem-structured solar absorbing layers for high-temperature concentrating solar power systems
Kim TK, VanSaders B, Caldwell E, Shin S, Liu ZW, Jin SH, Chen RK
267 - 278 Evaluation of copper nanoparticles - Paraffin wax compositions for solar thermal energy storage
Lin SC, Al-Kayiem HH
279 - 293 Performance analysis of a micro gas turbine and solar dish integrated system under different solar-only and hybrid operating conditions
Semprini S, Sanchez D, De Pascale A
294 - 309 Numerical study of wind effects on combined convective heat loss from an upward-facing cylindrical cavity
Shen ZG, Wu SY, Xiao L
310 - 320 Solvothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanorods to enhance photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Kathirvel S, Su CC, Shiao YJ, Lin YF, Chen BR, Li WR
321 - 331 Maximum power point tracking algorithms for single-stage photovoltaic power plants under time-varying reactive power injection
Carrasco M, Mancilla-David F
332 - 344 Validation of models that estimate the clear sky global and beam solar irradiance
Ineichen P
345 - 356 Detecting clipping in photovoltaic solar plants using fuzzy systems on the feature space
Fernandez FS, Munoz-Garcia MA, Saminger-Platz S
357 - 362 Hut-like pillar array Si solar cells
Cabrera-Espana FJ, Agrawal A
363 - 372 Theoretical and experimental study of the heat transfer inside a horizontal evacuated tube
Zhao CY, You SJ, Wei LL, Gao H, Yu W
373 - 385 Photo-catalytic H-2 evolution, structural effect and electron transfer mechanism based on four novel [2Fe2S] model complexes by photochemical splitting water
Zheng HQ, Wang XB, Hu JY, Zhao JA, Du CX, Fan YT, Hou HW
386 - 394 Modeling of flat-plate solar thermoelectric generators for space applications
Liu L, Lu XS, Shi ML, Ma YK, Shi JY
395 - 404 SnO2-TiO2 hybrid nanofibers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Wali Q, Bakr ZH, Manshor NA, Fakharuddin A, Jose R
405 - 414 Latent heat storage by silica-coated polymer beads containing organic phase change materials
Feczko T, Trif L, Horak D
415 - 429 Performance of a solar-assisted solid desiccant dryer for oil palm fronds drying
Misha S, Mat S, Ruslan MH, Salleh E, Sopian K
430 - 441 Solar resource assessment in Seville, Spain. Statistical characterisation of solar radiation at different time resolutions
Moreno-Tejera S, Silva-Perez MA, Lillo-Bravo I, Ramirez-Santigosa L
442 - 452 Innovative system for energy collection and management integrated within a photovoltaic module
Grzesiak W, Mackow P, Maj T, Polak A, Klugmann-Radziemska E, Zawora S, Drabczyk K, Gulkowski S, Grzesiak P
453 - 466 Air-PCM heat exchanger for peak load management: Experimental and simulation
Stathopoulos N, El Mankibi M, Issoglio R, Michel P, Haghighat F
467 - 492 Search for the optimal window-to-wall ratio in office buildings in different European climates and the implications on total energy saving potential
Goia F
493 - 502 Variation of P2 series interconnects electrical conductivity in the CIGS solar cells by picosecond laser-induced modification
Gecys P, Markauskas E, Zemaitis A, Raciukaitis G
503 - 510 Template-free synthesis of nickel sulfides hollow spheres and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zuo XQ, Yan SN, Yang B, Li G, Zhang HJ, Tang HB, Wu MZ, Ma YQ, Jin SW, Zhu KR
511 - 517 Fe doped TiO2 thin film as electron selective layer for inverted solar cells
Kosemen A, Kosemen ZA, Canimkubey B, Erkovan M, Basarir F, San SE, Ornek O, Tunc AV
518 - 537 A guide in installing large-scale PV power plant for self consumption mechanism
Senol M, Abbasoglu S, Kukrer O, Babatunde AA
538 - 546 Designing a new robust sliding mode controller for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic cells
Mojallizadeh MR, Badamchizadeh M, Khanmohammadi S, Sabahi M
547 - 557 Toward low-cost large-area CIGS thin film III: Effect of Se concentration on crystal growth and defect formation of sequentially electrodeposited CIGS thin films
Yeh MH, Ho SJ, Chen GH, Yeh CW, Chen PR, Chen HS
558 - 569 Uncertainty analysis of a radiative transfer model using Monte Carlo method within 280-2500 nm region
Belluardo G, Barchi G, Baumgartner D, Rennhofer M, Weihs P, Moser D
570 - 586 Energy and exergy study of unglazed transpired collector-2stage
Rad HM, Ameri M
587 - 590 Defect distribution in InGaAsN/GaAs multilayer solar cells
Kosa A, Stuchlikova L, Harmatha L, Mikolasek M, Kovac J, Sciana B, Dawidowski W, Radziewicz D, Tlaczala M
591 - 605 Investigations on thermal performance characteristics of wire screen packed bed solar air heater
Chouksey VK, Sharma SP
606 - 616 Comparative performance on photovoltaic model parameter identification via bio-inspired algorithms
Ma JM, Bi ZQ, Ting TO, Hao SY, Hao WJ
617 - 627 Jumping maximum power point tracking method for PV array under partially shaded conditions
Chen YT, Jhang YC, Kuo TH, Liang RH, Hung CW