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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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325 - 325 Target student mental well-being
Leshner AI
326 Trump's presidency ends with flurry of controversial moves on science
Brainard J, Kaiser J
327 Biden unveils big COVID-19 plan
Brainard J, Kaiser J
327 Captive gorillas test positive
Brainard J, Kaiser J
327 Saliva signals worst outcomes
Brainard J, Kaiser J
327 Geneticist named as Biden's science adviser
Brainard J, Kaiser J
328 Scientist with China ties charged
Brainard J, Kaiser J
328 'Mole' heat probe lost on Mars
Brainard J, Kaiser J
328 Drive honors paleontology pioneer
Brainard J, Kaiser J
328 Rock climbing reveals good news on rare butterfly
Brainard J, Kaiser J
328 AAAS offers open-access route
Brainard J, Kaiser J
329 - 330 COVID-19 New mutations raise specter of 'immune escape'
Kupferschmidt K
331 - 332 COVID-19 Disgraced COVID-19 studies are still routinely cited
Piller C
332 - 333 ANIMAL RESEARCH Controversial study says US labs use 111 million mice, rats
Grimm D
333 - 334 BIOMEDICINE What causes IBS pain? Maybe immune flare-ups
Couzin-Frankel J
334 CLIMATE CHANGE Global temperatures in 2020 tied record highs
Voosen P
Leslie M
340 - 341 Drivers of mosquito mating
Manoukis NC
341 - 342 Snapshots of a light-triggered transition
Kogar A
343 - 344 Thermopower and harvesting heat
Shi X, He J
344 - 345 A host metabolite promotes Salmonella survival
Lynch JP, Lesser CF
345 - 346 Racing against unwanted isomerization
Malcolmson SJ
347 - 348 Sex differences in immune responses
Takahashi T, Iwasaki A
349 - 349 Masatoshi Koshiba (1926-2020)
Nakahata M, Suzuki A
350 - + Rethinking immigration policies for STEM doctorates
Roach M, Skrentny J
353 - 353 A Most Interesting Problem
Milam EL
354 - 354 The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women-and Women to Medicine
Stark L
355 - 356 Mediterranean sharks and rays need action
Milazzo M, Cattano C, Al Mabruk SAA, Giovos I
355 - 355 Shortfin mako sharks speeding to the brink
Sims DW, Mucientes G, Queiroz N
356 - 356 Tilapia farming threatens Brazil's waters
Charvet P, Occhi TVT, Faria L, Carvalho B, Pedroso CR, Carneiro L, Freitas M, Petrere-Junior M, Vitule JRS
361 - + Mapping the molecular and cellular complexity of cortical malformations
Klingler E, Francis F, Jabaudon D, Cappello S
362 - + JARID2 and AEBP2 regulate PRC2 in the presence of H2AK119ub1 and other histone modifications
Kasinath V, Beck C, Sauer P, Poepsel S, Kosmatka J, Faini M, Toso D, Aebersold R, Nogales E
363 - + Regulation of the Dot1 histone H3K79 methyltransferase by histone H4K16 acetylation
Valencia-Sanchez MI, De Ioannes P, Wang M, Truong DM, Lee R, Armache JP, Boeke JD, Armache KJ
364 - + Developmental cell programs are co-opted in inflammatory skin disease
Reynolds G, Vegh P, Fletcher J, Poyner EFM, Stephenson E, Goh I, Botting RA, Huang N, Olabi B, Dubois A, Dixon D, Green K, Maunder D, Engelbert J, Efremova M, Polanski K, Jardine L, Jones C, Ness T, Horsfall D, McGrath J, Carey C, Popescu DM, Webb S, Wang XN, Sayer B, Park JE, Negri VA, Belokhvostova D, Lynch MD, McDonald D, Filby A, Hagai T, Meyer KB, Husain A, Coxhead J, Vento-Tormo R, Behjati S, Lisgo S, Villani AC, Bacardit J, Jones PH, O'Toole EA, Ogg GS, Rajan N, Reynolds NJ, Teichmann SA, Watt FM, Haniffa M
365 - + Bifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation
Lichtenber T, Drazkowska J, Schonbachler M, Golabekt GJ, Hands TO
371 - + Ultrafast nanoimaging of the order parameter in a structural phase transition
Danz T, Domrose T, Ropers C
375 - + Unraveling CO adsorption on model single-atom catalysts
Hulva J, Meier M, Bliem R, Jakub Z, Kraushofer F, Schmid M, Diebold U, Franchini C, Parkinson GS
380 - + Iridium-catalyzed Z-retentive asymmetric allylic substitution reactions
Jiang R, Ding L, Zheng C, You SL
386 - + Convergent evolution of pain-inducing defensive venom components in spitting cobras
Kazandjian TD, Petras D, Robinson SD, van Thiel J, Greene HW, Arbuckle K, Barlow A, Carter DA, Wouters RM, Whiteley G, Wagstaff SC, Arias AS, Albulescu LO, Laing AP, Hall C, Heap A, Penrhyn-Lowe S, McCabe CV, Ainsworth S, Silva RR, Dorrestein PC, Richardson MK, Gutierrez JM, Calvete JJ, Harrison RA, Vetter I, Undheim EAB, Wuster W, Casewell NR
390 - + Nanoscale localized contacts for high fill factors in polymer-passivated perovskite solar cells
Peng J, Walter D, Ren YH, Tebyetekerwa M, Wu YL, Duong T, Lin QL, Li JT, Lu T, Mahmud MA, Lem OLC, Zhao SY, Liu WZ, Liu Y, Shen HP, Li L, Kremer F, Nguyen HT, Choi DY, Weber KJ, Catchpole KR, White TP
396 - + Transvection regulates the sex-biased expression of a fly X-linked gene
Galouzis CC, Prud'homme B
400 - + Host succinate is an activation signal for Salmonella virulence during intracellular infection
Rosenberg G, Yehezkel D, Hoffman D, Mattioli CC, Fremder M, Ben-Arosh H, Vainman L, Nissani N, Hen-Avivi S, Brenner S, Itkin M, Malitsky S, Ohana E, Ben-Moshe NB, Avraham R
405 - + Glycolysis fuels phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling to bolster T cell immunity
Xu K, Yin N, Peng M, Stamatiades EG, Shyu A, Li P, Zhang X, Do MH, Wang ZQ, Capistrano KJ, Chou C, Levine AG, Rudensky AY, Li MO
411 - + Clock genes and environmental cues coordinate Anopheles pheromone synthesis, swarming, and mating
Wang GD, Vega-Rodriguez J, Diabate A, Liu JN, Cui CL, Nignan C, Dong L, Li F, Ouedrago CO, Bandaogo AM, Sawadogo PS, Maiga H, Silva TLAE, Pascini TV, Wang SB, Jacobs-Lorena M
415 - + Ancient balancing selection maintains incompatible versions of the galactose pathway in yeast
Boocock J, Sadhu MJ, Durvasula A, Bloom JS, Kruglyak L
434 - 434 A department terminated
Bierman P