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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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Interactions between nascent proteins translated by adjacent ribosomes drive homomer assembly
Bertolini M, Fenzl K, Kats I, Wruck F, Tippmann F, Schmitt J, Auburger JJ, Tans S, Bukau B, Kramer G
5 - 5 A little better all the time in 2021
Thorp HH
6 WHO probes coronavirus origin
Brainard J
6 Repairing frayed US-Chinese ties
Brainard J
6 AREAS TO WATCH What's coming up in 2021
Brainard J
7 Reactor aims for energy gain
Brainard J
7 A sharper view of proteins
Brainard J
7 Webb telescope nears launch
Brainard J
7 New rovers for Red Planet
Brainard J
7 Drugs tailored for COVID-19
8 New clues to ancient societies
Brainard J
8 UN to protect high seas
Brainard J
8 Gut health for malnourished kids
Brainard J
8 Cancer drug nears approval
Brainard J
8 Stingier vaccine injury payments
Brainard J
9 - 10 COVID-19 Fast-spreading UK virus variant raises alarms
Kupferschmidt K
10 COVID-19 Pfizer's vaccine raises allergy concerns
de Vrieze J
12 - 13 VOICES OF THE PANDEMIC A health economist confronts Kenya's pandemic
Nordling L
13 - 13 CONSERVATION BIOLOGY Alaska oil bid alarms scientists
Cornwall W
14 - 14 GEOPHYSICS Slowdown in plate tectonics may have led to ice sheets
Voosen P
15 - 15 U. S. SCIENCE FUNDING Congress backs research in 2021 spending bill
Mervis J
Brainard J
17 How does open access benefit authors?
18 Are publishing fees affordable for authors?
18 How does open access work for authors?
19 Who has qualms about open access?
20 Are publishing fees affordable for universities?
20 Is open access the future of scientific publishing?
25 - 27 COVID-19 and cancer in Africa
Addai BW, Ngwa W
27 - 28 The puzzle of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa
Maeda JM, Nkengasong JN
29 - + RNA-targeted drugs for neuromuscular diseases
Ferlini A, Goyenvalle A, Muntoni F
31 - + Why polyamide reverse-osmosis membranes work so well
Geise GM
32 - 33 Detecting oxygen changes in the lungs
Zacharias W
34 - 36 Mapping the global threat of land subsidence
Herrera-Garcia G, Ezquerro P, Tomas R, Bejar-Pizarro M, Lopez-Vinielles J, Rossi M, Mateos RM, Carreon-Freyre D, Lambert J, Teatini P, Cabral-Cano E, Erkens G, Galloway D, Hung WC, Kakar N, Sneed M, Tosi L, Wang HM, Ye SJ
37 - 37 The Knowledge Machine
Yanai I, Lercher MJ
38 - 38 Every Life Is on Fire: How Thermodynamics Explains the Origins of Living Things
Mukamel EA, Glaser AM
42 - + Clocks, cancer, and chronochemotherapy
Sancar A, Van Gelder RN
43 - + Structural basis of antagonizing the vitamin K catalytic cycle for anticoagulation
Liu SX, Li S, Shen GM, Sukumar N, Krezel AM, Li WK
44 - + Steps toward translocation-independent RNA polymerase inactivation by terminator ATPase rho
Said N, Hilal T, Sunday ND, Khatri A, Burger J, Mielke T, Belogurov GA, Loll B, Sen R, Artsimovitch I, Wahl MC
45 - + QRICH1 dictates the outcome of ER stress through transcriptional control of proteostasis
You K, Wang LF, Chou CH, Liu K, Nakata T, Jaiswal A, Yao JM, Lefkovith A, Omar A, Perrigoue JG, Towne JE, Regev A, Graham DB, Xavier RJ
46 - + A rechargeable zinc-air battery based on zinc peroxide chemistry
Sun W, Wang F, Zhang B, Zhang MY, Kupers V, Ji X, Theile C, Bieker P, Xu K, Wang CS, Winter M
52 - 57 Airway stem cells sense hypoxia and differentiate into protective solitary neuroendocrine cells
Shivaraju M, Chitta UK, Grange RMH, Jain IH, Capen D, Liao L, Xu JM, Ichinose F, Zapol WM, Mootha VK, Rajagopal J
64 - + A tripartite mechanism catalyzes Mad2-Cdc20 assembly at unattached kinetochores
Lara-Gonzalez P, Kim T, Oegema K, Corbett K, Desai A
67 - 71 CDC20 assists its catalytic incorporation in the mitotic checkpoint complex
Piano V, Alex A, Stege P, Maffini S, Stoppiello GA, Veld PJHI, Vetter IR, Musacchio A
72 - 75 Nanoscale control of internal inhomogeneity enhances water transport in desalination membranes
Culp TE, Khara B, Brickey KP, Geitner M, Zimudzi TJ, Wilbur JD, Jons SD, Roy A, Paul M, Ganapathysubramanian B, Zydney AL, Kumar M, Gomez ED
76 - 78 Achieving large uniform tensile elasticity in microfabricated diamond
Dang CQ, Chou JP, Dai B, Chou CT, Yang Y, Fan R, Lin WT, Meng FL, Hu A, Zhu JQ, Han JC, Minor AM, Li J, Lu Y
79 - 82 Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in Kenyan blood donors
Uyoga S, Adetifa IMO, Karanja HK, Nyagwange J, Tuju J, Wanjiku P, Aman R, Mwangangi M, Amoth P, Kasera K, Ng'ang'a W, Rombo C, Yegon C, Kithi K, Odhiambo E, Rotich T, Orgut I, Kihara S, Otiende M, Bottomley C, Mupe ZN, Kagucia EW, Gallagher KE, Etyang A, Voller S, Gitonga JN, Mugo D, Agoti CN, Otieno E, Ndwiga L, Lambe T, Wright D, Barasa E, Tsofa B, Bejon P, Ochola-Oyier LI, Agweyu A, Scott JAG, Warimwe GM
83 - 85 Aerosol invigoration of atmospheric convection through increases in humidity
Abbott TH, Cronin TW
86 - + Evolution of fold switching in a metamorphic protein
Dishman AF, Tyler RC, Fox JC, Kleist AB, Prehoda KE, Babu MM, Peterson FC, Volkman BF
90 - 95 Low rattling: A predictive principle for self-organization in active collectives
Chvykov P, Berrueta TA, Vardhan A, Savoie W, Samland A, Murphey TD, Wiesenfeld K, Goldman DI, England JL
98 - 98 Saying yes to help
Zhang AQ